Monday, November 28, 2011

Maurice Dishes on "Bensonhurst" Visit

Patrick Wymore/ABC
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Shooting has sometimes been intense, he says. “There’s a scene where Sonny sees himself as a little boy. And the young actor they got [Aramis Knight] was dead on. There was a point when he was bawling and it reminded me of my son crying. And I started crying.”
As serious as filming may be, Benard still manages to have fun on the set, thanks to the script itself. “It’s got kind of old-movie type of writing. We say the lines quicker. It’s fun,” he says. “And I’m working with an actress who, for me, is as good as it gets.”
Sullivan took over the role of Kate (originated by Megan Ward) this past September, and Benard says she was perfect from the start. “I had auditions with her and it was like, Whoa! My first day with her, we were feeling each other out. I knew she was good, but I didn’t quite know. But boy, in a matter of couple weeks we’re just clicking.”


  1. I want Sonny to step into a shower with Kate #2 and have the episode end there. THen I want the episode the next day to start with the shower door opening and Sonny and Kate #1 stepping out. Then I want Kate #1 to stick around

  2. It's probably still too little too late. I have never FF through so much in my entire life. I swear I remember Bobbie saying things that Carly is now saying. Recycled scripts. I hate seeing what is happening to GH. It's just heart breaking!