Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boardwalk Empire: My Fave Primetime Soap

In it's second season, HBO's Boardwalk Empire has stolen my heart yet again with it's great twists, stellar acting and period-set perfections.  The show is very complex and offers tons of drama!! It's good to know some real history of Prohibition because there are many real life characters that continue to pop up during the show.  Al Capone, various goverment officials and even  the main charater, Nucky Thompson (Steve  Buschemi) are based on real life people. 

 Richard Harrow (Jack  Huston)

If you are a fan of this show, one of the best things to check out is HBO's "Extras" for BE.  There is a LOT of CGI going on that you'd never realize while watching. Entire backdrops can be digital and because of the seamless nature of it, you'll never notice. Richard, the war veteran, sports half  a face and when the removes  his mask, that too is done with digital art. When Jimmy's wife was painting him, it was almost heartbreaking in it's grim beauty. 

This season has Nucky going after the Commodore, trying to pull Philadelphia into the distribution mode, double crossing, Jewish against Irish against the Italians which makes for a great gun fight or two. You never quite know who's double-crossing whom at the time.  

Michael Shannnon
The most compelling side-story has to be Lucy and Agent Nelson Van Alden.  He's a crazy OCD Jesus Freak that likes to self-flagellate (and  drown one of his own men during a baptismal scene) that's keeping his very pregnant loonie mistress a secret from his poor childless wife that lives in another city. Well, if you watched Sunday that all came to a head in the form of a neatly stacked bowl of lemons.

Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams)

One of our soap stars from One Life To Live, Kathy Brier has appeared on the show as the singer, Sophie Tucker. Since the nightclub scenes are rotating, we can only hope Kathy's on again!!

Catch it on HBO Sundays at 9:00. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to cable, and I ordered the channel just to watch this season of BE. That means it's pretty dang good!! Between this and Mad Men (which better hurry up), I'm living in the past and I love it!!

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Mamaspat Ole said...

Boardwalk is my favorite show and I too ordered hbo just for this show.Last week was sooo good.I would have lost it if that had shot his self.Is it wrong to feel for him?