Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GH: Sept 23rd-November 8th. HoneyMoon From Hell

Sept 23rd-26th: Jasam Marry at the Chinese restaurant ...Franco dances with Sam's dress JaSam go on their "short honeymoon" 

Sept 28th: JaSam look at the stars on their way to their honeymoon to Hawaii. 

Sept 30th: Franco kills his "model" (JaSam  not in Hawaii yet)

October 3rd:  JaSam Arrive in Hawaii... Franco lurks

October 12th: Still in Hawaii, Franco Paints.  (Last time Franco is seen for 2 weeks)

October 17th: Carly, Shawn and Joss arrive in Hawaii...

October 28th: Yep, you guessed it...STILL THERE!! 

October 31st--November 8th: Suddenly, time JUMPS to Halloween Night. It's Maxie's birthday, and then it's suddenly Carly and Joss' birthday--and Elizabeth's--and on the same night, Kristina's going away party is in action-- Michael Remembers Claudia's shooting!! 
If you look closely, it Halloween never ended yet time evolved to include 3 other November birthdays. 

November 4th.... Jason is trapped by Franco
Sam is discovered by Jason Nov 8th. Can their  Honeymoon be over NOW?
Will Halloween ever end? 
I hate to point this out, but the Scrubs Boat Trip was in this timeline too. 
That lasted 10 days. 

*Although Franco was shown in late Sept,  he was only shown 3 times the entire month of October.
 *On  Halloween night Sonny was visited by: Alexis, Diane, Kate...Kate again... then had a party for Kristina, then went to Jake's to dance with Kate and fight with Carly--then showed up at Olivia's. 

*During this entire 6 weeks, Ethan has basically stared at a light in Wyndemere and carried around Lasha's portrait.


Anonymous said...

Lord what a stupid show so glad I missed it well except for the EW scenes on YouTube

kdmask said...

It actually would have been powerful if it had happened in like 7-10 days

Anonymous said...

Will a drunk Liz show up to Sam's place and tell her: You were raped, I was raped, we're the same now aren't we?!

Leesy said...

I think I heard Liz say the only thing she and Maxie had in common was their birthstone (referring to the bracelet Matt bought Maxie and gave to Liz when Maxie behaved so badly)...so that doesn't mean they shared a birth DATE, only a birth month. Still a bit too cluttered and convenient for my taste.

kdmask said...

Leesy--still if Liz was born in November and Maxie in October, that's wrong too.

Their bdates are Oct 31st, Maxie, Nov 1st Liz.

Leesy said...

AHAAA! didn't know the exact dates...well looks like continuity goofed again! stupid stupid stupid!

Anonymous said...

GH has been purposely written into the ground the last 3 years, so fans would not care when it is finally canceled.

Anonymous said...

And Claudia's birthday because she was killed on the night of her birthday party!

Brender said...

argh. Now I am really confused. Josslyn was born on Halloween too? With Maxie and so close to Liz's birthday? I have a headache.

Anonymous said...

Do all the women in PC suddently have their birthdays in common? This is the first I am hearing it. I agree with Gh being run into the ground so we wouldn't care if it was cancelled. However I still care.