Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soap Fans Occupy Llanview!

Yep... Looks like FU ABC from Facebook and other Soap Groups! Read it all on Associated News  Yahoo!    ANY WUBBERS out there doing this!!???

Still stinging with the absence of All My Children from their daytime screens, the team at FU-ABC is taking a page out of another group of disgruntled Americans' proverbial book, and plan on launching "Occupy Llanview" outside the Upper West Side studio where One Life to Live films from Nov. 14th through the 18th, as the show tapes its final ABC scenes. 

"Occupy Llanview" is not, however being presented in the way that other "occupy" movement is, however. In an interview with FU-ABC spokesperson Kimberly Blackburn, I was informed that this event is slated to "...only last five days. We are going to be celebrating and commemorating the contributions of (OLTL and AMC creator) Agnes Nixon and One Life to Live, all at the same time." That would presumably be a welcome change from the scathing comments which have been directed at ABC, and in more recent weeks, the network's parent company, Disney, particularly with regards to the abysmal ratings of The Chew, which replaced All My Children. Also in contrast to their brethren a few miles to the south, soap fans do not plan on sleeping outside the studios (though I am sure the audience for The View, which often waits overnight outside before taping in the same building, wouldn't mind the company) during their week-long vigil to maintain awareness about the changes in store for OLTL.

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Anonymous said...

Do you get WPIX in Rochester? In NYC it is the station that the CW runs on. Anyway, Jackie Zeman was on their morning news today. (It had nothing to do with GH). A couple of weeks ago, I read that she had some bad plastic surgery and that was one of the reasons why she has not been on GH lately. I don't know about the plastic surgery (other than it is obvious that she has had some...even was 10-15 years ago), but she didn't look hideous or anything, just old.

Btw, she is on an online soap called The Bay. She plays the mayor's wife.