Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GH: The Way It Should Be

Want to be really sad? Watch this great clip of the Q's Thanksgiving in 1995, there is a WHOLE GANG there. You know, when the entire town actually did stuff together? So fun..


AntJoan said...

Karen, once again, you knew JUST WHAT TO DO TO SAVE my day. Today was the WORST Thanksgiving episode EVER, it was HORRIBLE, I felt that Jason throwing the table at us was a giant FU to all of us, not from the actors, but from TIIC.

The whole episode was sad, depressing, awful. Couldn't we see one family--say Robin, Patrick and Emma--having one beautiful holiday together before this show throws in the towel? I was so sad and depressed after the show, then I saw your video clip, which you said would make us sad, but IT MADE ME HAPPY, it is something I want to remember, not that horrible thing I saw today.

Melodybluez said...

I second what Joan has said, Karen! Thanks for the blast from the past. I often encounter past GH episodes on You Tube and have a glance, if I have the time. All a viewer has to do is compare the past with the present and the difference in quality is so present! It's not the actors many cases, it is the same group of folks rocking scenes because they actually had good material to work with! They still have a good ensemble cast which isn't used effectively. We could have seen a lot more of PC today than Sonny and Kate, Dante and Lulu, the Q's, and Shawn and Carly! Where were the Davis and Drake families?

As Joan said...I'll try to keep GH as it was in my mind and not the hot mess its sadly turned out to be. Holidays shouldn't be depressing!

Happy Turkey Day :-)

Mamaspat Ole said...

Happy TurkeyDay to you Karen and all the wubbers.I just read that Prospect Park fell thru for sure saw it on Msn so sad today about Matthew there whole show was done so well today.So sad to see them go.