Saturday, November 19, 2011

So Where is Dr. Ewan??

We've seen a chest...feet...and not much more. WHERE is this guy??
from SID: Nathin Butler is joining the "General Hospital" cast in the contract role of therapist Dr. Ewan Keenan. According to a recent tweet from the actor, he taped, "Moonlit beach scenes this week. Dreamy character intro," and will begin airing in a few weeks.

From Sept 28th. SEPTEMBER 28TH!!  Will this turn out to be another "Valentin"?? I thought maybe he WAS going to end up being Valentin Cassadine. He saved Liz, he's the mysterious footprints so why the big WAIT? ugh.

Taking bets ON WHEN we finally see him.... what say you Wubbers?? Christmas? New Years?


Frank Strovel III said...

Maybe he'll be Katie Couric's co-host.

kerinah said...

I read that he will go to see Liz on christmas...........well i was waiting from october 24th. to my dissapoinment i was still seeing feet yesterday and those dang black pants. worse off that womn i still wearing that dang white polyester like dress UGH!

kdmask said...

FRANK LMAO!, I haven't seen any spoilers on him at all!

There has to be a washing machine in Wyndemere right?

Anonymous said...

In answer to your ? it's GH they are masters at failed buildups but I'm ready for him to show himself to EW.
She needs someone the last couple of wks have been horrendous--he is a really nice looking guy so give him a whirl with your best actress GH.
I saw that they were filming together and it is xmas stuff--and I don't care if he's a Cassadine as long as he doesn't screw her over.
with JJ gone-finally-it's wide open for BH and I'm looking frwrd to seeing this guy with her. Show yourself man and prove EW right. We all want to see those ripped abs. lol

sonya said...

10 months?!!?!?!?! We have to wait for the man in white in 10 months? Damn! I want the man in white and the woman in white to be a couple!! W&W for the WIN! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks a little like Greg Vaughan!