Thursday, December 1, 2011

Announcement Coming on Jill Farren Phelps Exit?

Late last night ...Soaps In Depth tweeted the info that Producer Jill Farren Phelps will be exiting GH and Frank Valentini from One Life to Live will be in. What does this mean for us, the viewer? 

Short term: Great... FV takes chances  and hopefully will fix this. Will he bring head writer Ron Carvalti with him? You know how I love One Life to Live so yes, it's great news to turn things around. 

Long Term: Not hopeful. Lorainne Broderick came to AMC to "sweep up"... the show was over. GH isn't even listed on my station's fall line-up.  That makes me the saddest. 

There should be a press announcement coming soon regarding all this shake-up. I'll update when I can. Raven has rumored JFP out for months, I'm surprised it took this long.


My2Cents2 said...

Karen, also was released almost a year ago that Guza was out, yet we have come to learn his hand is very much still in the cookie jar. So I have 'mixed' feelings about anyone being 'let go'.

I also find it interesting that anyone else would know months in advance that JFP was out, yet no statement from Jfp camp?? If you knew you were going to be 'fired' you would resign.
Or make an announcement.
Save yourself embarrssment.
JFP OUT, or just handing the position over to someone else??
Big difference.

GH isn't on the fall line up??
Not at all?? Why bring in anyone new then?

kdmask said...

It's not on MY station's fall line up. Can you call your station and ask? Mine said no comment but I know someone that works there. We have The Chew, Revolution, Couric and Oz in place.
THE JFP thing? Who knows...she should have been let go eons ago, although with Frons in the mix?
I just don't know what to think.

My2Cents2 said...

I wasn't aware you could call your local tv station and find out a fall schedule so far ahead of time. Not calling mine. I am going to 'assume' GH is done. I have been assuming that for 6 months now, unless I hear different, I expect they will be gone.
My question is, why bring in someone new to the position. Was JFP in charge of daytime or GH??

I agree, JFP along with Frons should have been let go along time ago.
I will await any updates.

kdmask said...

IN NYS the don't usually let it out. Orlando FL already announced theirs. a lot of people on twitter report their stations have put their's online. So, it depends where you live. They have to buy the shows to fill the time-- and that's mostly already done. The ABC affiliates were given the 3pm slot to fill themselves.

LindaV said...

Do we really know Guza is still aroud - he isn't in the credits at all? JFP may be leaving on her own - you know, the sinking ship, LOL. She seems to be well liked but GH could sure use help from someone who made OLTL so great from what I hear. Not that it really matters anymore.

kdmask said...

Yes, Guza is still listed as a producer

Robert said...

It seems like the writing is on the wall in regards to GH's tenure. At the very least we can hope with this major change at the top that we can at least have a short semblance of what most of us used to love about this soap. If Carlivati will follow, maybe GH can wrap on a high.

My2Cents2 said...

Very well said Bruce!

Karen I will check on line.
Will get back to you in a few hours. Mom is sick in hospital.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that Jill or anyone else behind the scenes had much influence over what Frons wanted on his 'favorite' soap. Guza gave him all the gangsters and molls and Phelps produced those overdone, usually tragic sweeps 'events', but judging from Guza's earlier work--well, he actually could write some interesting tight stories. But not in a long time, not since Fron's influence there. I was never that fond of his stuff because he was also a destroyer of characters, but it was a more watchable show some years ago.
The irony is that when TPTB let the Labine's go as writers (back when the show had heart), it was said the reason was that they wrote depressing stuff. You know, like Monica's breast cancer story.

Barbara Rusnak said...

I don't hold any hope that GH will be saved but I do hope between FV and RC they could make the end watchable.

I tuned out weeks ago because it was so awful and depressing.

I would love to tune back for good story telling, even if it is only the ending.

Would be ironic that GH would get a great ending while AMC and OLTL were robbed of their original endings with the hope of going online.

LindaV said...

Hope your mom feels better, My2Cents2. Thanks Karen about Guza. He was the head writer for Wendy Riche, and those days were really good, so maybe he isn't entirely to blame for the mess this is now.

kdmask said...

Looks like headwriter Ron is coming too.

Amy said...

I am so happy and sad about this news. I am happy because OL totally rocks, and I would love to see some of that energy and creativity on GH. I am sad because I feel the deja vu with AMC. They are coming in to close the show. It was all so obvious how TPTB tricked the fans.

They cancelled AMC/OL. GH fans panicked, complained Guza was destroying the show. Guza was fired, Wolf was hired. He dangled the "carrot" of Alan, Jason Q, Monica, Skye, etc. in front of us that change was a-comin'.

Change did come! JJ quit! KMC quit! MB is most likely leaving, and God knows who else. Now we get a NEW son for Sean, NEW doctors, NEW trampy Christina, NEW lady in White, and probably a lot more new people.

My only hope is that those idiots who have intentionally hit the iceberg have not burned enough bridges with out lovely, talented cast (new people excluded) for them to be able to come back and say good-bye to the fans.

My2Cents2 said...

Thank you LindaV for your well wish'. This part of life is not fun having to watch a parent suffer. Aren't they suppose to be the parent forever?? Been on the phone all morning with Dr's. etc...

I HOPE that all this switching around means that abc cares enough about the GH viewers to give them what they want for the end.
YES the end. It is happening.

Karen, you live in Orlando?? YES I did read there line up did not include GH for the Fall. I am going to assume that most will follow that line up as well.