Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daylight!! GH found the sun!

Helloooooooo sunshine, Kate's office was blinding! LOL.... 

I got home at 3:27 as far as watching the show. So, I saw SKate talking about Michael and being  the 'first love"
So it was about them!!

Awwww...there's a doggie!! HE's so cute!! Alberta Wubs loves him already!!

Lulu and Olivia..too cute. 

Mulva has a cold case going....ok, whatever. How stupid is it to have her start to undress?? hahahahhaaaa. What the. She's all Kate Castle about her sister, which might have been interesting if we knew it was going to continue. Sonny didn't even BLINK when she was unbuttoning her shirt! I do like the fact Sonny told Dante about Michael/Abby.

I think Kate is talking to Mr.  Big. Or Jax. I bet Jax.

Sam and Pat having a convo about being married...interesting. There are 2 people you don't see. Ah,  I GET IT though, cause Jason and Robin are conversating!! Ok. Well,  Jason should listen to Robin cause she is a doctor. I still say it's a giant banana implant in his head from Franco.

Will Abby HAVER funeral?? ahahaa GET IT?? HAVER? oh I crack me up. (that's her last name)



  1. Delores undressing was disgusting. Has she ever heard of an inside voice? Sorry she's so shrill she puts Lulu to shame.
    Loved how Carly got Shawn a dog and I loved Lulu freaking out at her own cooking being so gross. Love Lulu/Olivia scenes.

  2. Mulva and Dante: Uh Mulva is nuts trying to take off her clothes! Man with her fire I want her and Sonny to argue in Spanish. :) Does she know Spanish? :) Oh look Sonny shows up ROFL! Karen, Mulva and her sister storyline is not going to continue?

    Sonny and Kate: Sonny doesn't know how to relate to Michael now that Abby died? HUH?!!?!?!?! That is so stupid! Sonny off all people should be able to relate!!! Come on writers!

    Sonny and Dante: So now Sonny wants Dante to talk to Michael? HUH?!?!!?!!

    Jason and Robin: Oh great scene!!!! :)

    Lulu and Olivia: Great scene hahahaha! Lulu can't cook sauce ROFL!

    Sam and Patrick: I was so distracted by the sign behind Sam. Her head was in the way. What did it say? Isobella? :)

    Carly and Shawn: Carly was talking to Morgan on the phone YAY! OH WILMA!!! Er Wilson ROFL! A DOGGIE YAY! Look at that dog!!!! Beautiful dog! Look at that face!!!!! Oh oh Shawn rejects dog so now Wilson feels rejected and growls!!!! Shame on you Shawn!!!

  3. Anyone watch OLTL? Someone needs to slap Jack. What a horrible way to talk to his mother. Todd is a horrible father and killer and he is making hi son just like him. Instead of making his son take responsible for his actions, he teaches him that he can get out of anything.What a bad example the writers are setting for those kids that may watch. Terrible!

  4. GH is getting better BUT who noticed that after Kate entered her office today after being ouit of town for days she proceed to pour coffee from a french press? Who made it? Does she have someone go to her office 10 mins before she shows up to make coffee for her or is it cold, leftover, week old coffee?
    Delores is growing on me and I agree with Sonya, her arguing with Sonny in spanish would be great.

  5. Frisco said... Delores is growing on me and I agree with Sonya, her arguing with Sonny in spanish would be great.
    Yeah it would be HOTT! :)

  6. Gigi & Rex & Shane!
    Rex and Grandpa Clint!

    happy tears for me!

    that kid is an amazing actor

  7. Whoops I meant Shane & Grandpa Clint.....

  8. How hard is it to open a jar of Prego?? Pasta Mama to the rescue. AGAIN.
    She don't work at the metro court no more?? I can't remember the last time I saw her in a scene there. Although New Years there will be a party there, so she will have her job back.

    I think Kate is talking to her shrink on the phone. jmo.

    Why is Sonny walking around the evidence room? The biggest crook in Pt Chuckles and they let him roam around the place alone?? WTF?

    I am liking Mulva less and less each day. I also don't think she is a great actress.

    Carly was talking to Morgan. Gee how did I know he was going sking this holiday?

    I watched GH in 18 minutes today.
    See I was 'spoiled' last week with having 2 good days. Today was back to normal.
    OLTL: boring today. With the exception of the end when Shane realized Gigi was his mother and he called her 'mommy'.
    Like her or not, Blair is a great actress.

  9. Daytime finally hit PC! That was one heck of a loooong night!

    Mulva's really changed. Her hair's gone down, her whole demeanor changed with it. When she first arrived, I honestly didn't notice that much of an accent in her voice, as I do now. I kept watching today's scenes with Dante wondering how long it'll be until he boinks her! (Of course Lulu's going to get shafted in this relationship...she always does, unless the new GH staff has other plans.) So, Mulva's got a sister who was killed? There's something up with this woman...don't tell me, another closet psycho! Well, at least this one is not blonde/blue eyed and not a doctor! Her taking her clothes off was waaaay over the top! Geeze, I hope the new writers write their women with tons more class than the present staff! Oh...and just where the heck did Sonny come from???

    I keep wondering who Kate is having all these secret chinwags with! Maybe it's Coleman! :-) I somehow doubt that!

    I like Lulu and Olivia's scenes. Lulu hasn't had a job in months...in all fairness, we rarely see people actually at work all that often, as I guess it would be boring. The only people we actually see at work are the GH staff! Ok...so Lulu didn't inherit Laura's domestic genes. Not everyone can be like Olivia...that woman can do anything! Even fix boat motors! It is nice to see Lulu at least has a mother figure to turn to in Laura's absence!

    Musical partners today with Sam/Patrick and Robin/Jason. I do wish Robin would tell Patrick what's up, but I am guessing she won't...we shall see.

    Wilson the dog...very cute! I thought it was a nice point about rescuing a dog from the shelter! He was certainly a cutie! The dog, I mean! :-)

    Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

  10. At first I thought Delores showed some fire and backbone , not taking crap from the "guys" on the police force. That was erased the moment I saw she was willing to have sex with Dante just so he wouldn't reveal the fact that she's going through case files in the hopes of solving her sister's murder. Has she done this before at other precincts? SAD. GH writers managed to trash another woman on the show. I also was turned off by Sonny walking in and her shirt was still open. It is ridiculous that Sonny walked into a room with police case files.
    We should form are own RIDICU -LIST like Anderson Cooper and that scene would be on it.

  11. I like that Ridiculist idea, Lisa! Instead of a small segment, like Anderson Cooper has, we could collectively come up with enough material to fill at least an hour, if not more! Off of the top of my head...

    People just walking into other people's houses, especially Sonny's; the town mobster. One would think a person couldn't get past security Sonny would have, the guard dogs or at least Max and Milo.

    No scars following surgeries and gunshot wounds. I guess the make up department would go nuts with people like Sonny and Johnny, considering the "war wounds" they must have by now. Besides, it wouldn't be very sexy to be all scarred up!

    Mac Scorpio being able to speak when he was recently on a ventilator after being shot.

    Ethan being able to speak pretty well right after getting shot in the neck.

    Josslyn Jax's speedy recovery following a kidney transplant.

    Doctors sneaking into the showers and having some kinky time while on the job. (Well, ok, maybe that does happen somewhere in the world, but not if people want to keep their jobs!)

    The famous PC time machine that magically transports people in seconds!

    I am sure other folks can add to the list! :-)

  12. Melody, oddly, we actually DO see people at work a lot of the time on GH, as compared to other shows (even comedies that take place in the workplace almost never show people actually working, which I think is the joke behind "The Office").

    That is why people on soaps have exotic jobs, so we can actually watch them work.

    Examples: Maxie/Kate/Lulu at Crimson; Mac almost always is shown working; Alexis and Diane shown working a lot as lawyers; Spinelli shown working a lot on computers/private eye cases, the latter along with Sam; Bernie shows up for meetings (where he gets shot) and accountant business. Of course, GH, as you said, they actually are shown working, not just having drama w/each other.

    Coleman, and other barkeeps before him are always working, Olivia and Carly shown working at the Metro Court.

    I think one reason I always have loved GH is that women are shown in strong, professional roles--actually none of them ever are housewives like on the sitcoms. Despite a lot of the sexist crap on all shows, Tracy, Monica, Alexis Diane--almost all the women on GH, in fact, are strong and speak their minds.

  13. Oh, and for whom Kate is speaking to, I think we're being led to believe that she has a child stashed away somewhere, just the way she looked when she made the point to Sonny yesterday that she is "childless."
    (Seemed to be thinking, "At least as far as you know, hahaha. . . ."). Of course, this may turn into a false lead or a dropped story, but I think we are supposed to believe she has a secret someone stashed away, she's not just speaking with Coleman. . . .

  14. RIDICULIST: all things sonny

  15. PLEASE no more children for Sonny!

  16. Agreed! No more children for Sonny! That man is a walking sperm bank for Pete's sake!!

  17. Kate is probably talking to Jax. Aren't evidence rooms supervised and not accessible by everyone? Anyone could go in and tamper. Mulva annoys me - just one of several newcomers with a secret agenda. Who cares? Lulu and Olivia were great. I noticed Dante wasn't wearing his ring when he was talking to Mulva and then it miraculously appeared when Sonny showed up. The doggie was so cute!

  18. I saw the band on Dantes finger while talking to Delores.
    YES she has an agenda. Finding out what and who was involved with her sisters murderer. Do we care??
    Not I! She went from a ugly nerd cop to a ravishing long haired beauty over night. Get real Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza!

    Hopefully her and the lady in white will be hitting the exit sign soon!

  19. I don't know if Mulva's story about her sister is true, or just a cover.

  20. Anonymous 9:44am....LOL "Agreed! No more children for Sonny! That man is a walking sperm bank for Pete's sake!!"

    Too funny and too true.