Monday, December 12, 2011

Boardwalk Empire Finale: Full Measure

Yes, I used a Breaking Bad reference there. I know a lot of you don't watch but for those that do, I'm going to give my thoughts on the stunner last night. So many tweets of "you lost a viewer" when I say bravo to what had to be one of the gustiest choices ever.

Lately a lot of shows seem to be taking the chance or telling the story without regard to character 'importance' or the fact they are a main part of the story. Part of me wondered if Nucky was going to be killed in the end last night. Then, I started to think about the clues:
Jimmy told his son about his 'secret place' and gave him his dog tags
He told Richard he died 'over there'
He didn't take a gun or Richard with him to the meeting...
Jimmy knew...he knew he was a gonner. You could see it in the way he walked--talked and acted. He did the last thing he could for Nucky, (getting him off of the charges) and then took his medicine. He already got his wife killed. It was his time.
I loved Jimmy--I so hoped he'd be the loyal one Nucky held on to. But, as in everything, blood seems thicker than water and snake Eli was the one chosen. He does have to do some time but that's his punishment.
Like Nucky said he's not looking for forgiveness. 

Margaret-ever the crafty one, knew once Nucky killed Jimmy he wasn't exactly happy with 'just the family' like he said. She signed the deed over. Whoops.

And who's seen Layer Cake? Well, in Layer Cake there's a line about not leaving anything ANYTHING behind. The same with "Full Measure". Because Jimmy didn't tell Nucky the whole story about his mother, she's going to wait like a vulture. I'm half expecting her to finally tell Nucky Jimmy was really his son after all.  Richard? Well, Richard is going to be on  Jihad I'm sure. Nucky needed to take care of them too. Those dangling threads are your enemy.

BTW, The land deal/highway so reminds me of our lovely congress and government today. To the victors go the spoils. Only this time, Nucky was out smarted by a little Irish Lass with a wedding ring and a pen. 

Great show last night. The rain, the blood-- the white light. Ah, TV at it's finest.


Anonymous said...

They certainly haven't lost this viewer and it isn't Jimmy's demise that bothered me. It was that Nucky looked stupid believing Eli. I was hoping to the end; he'd move that gun and take out his brother. Maybe its just cause I hate Eli so much. :)

kdmask said...

I wanted Nucky to toss the gun to Jimmy, Jimmy turn around and shoot Eli and Nucky turn around and shoot whatever that butcher guy's name is. BUT-- it also shows that Nucky isn't a nice guy that we were "hoping deep down" he was..

lisa said...

Karen, WOW!!! What an ending. Jimmy knew that he would be killed as he gave his soldier tags to his son and made sure his son would inherit the home. I wondered if Nucky believed ELi and I thought that he didn't believe him. I just think that he felt Jimmy had crossed him and that he couldn't forgive that. Nucky is not a 'good' guy. He may do some good things for people but it is only done to benefit himself, as he does with margaret. By the way, did you see what his new wife did with the deed to the land?! She signed it over to the church. Nucky has his money tied up in that land! He will be livid! I am going to miss Jimmy next season!
Karen, I wanted what you said, to happen. Eli is terrible and so is Manny H. ( the man who killed Jimmy's wife ).

kdmask said...

I did see her sign the land over. She knows what's up! They always could have flashbacks next season. I can't wait to see what Richard does

Mamaspat Ole said...

I was sitting there screaming at the tv noooooooooooo now his son will be raised by his sick mama.....I hope Richard gives them hell.....

kdmask said...

What if Richard and his mother, you know. ;/

Anonymous said...

@Mamaspat that's the firts thing I thought his son will be raised by his perv of a mother. I hope Richard goes on a major killing spree next season. Nucky is beginning to remind me of Sonny and Victor where he never loses. I hope Margaret signing over the deed cripples Nucky! Jimmy was the main character that got me hooked on the show I don't know if I'll watch it next season if I do it won't be a priority it'll be just because I happen to turn on.


Anonymous said...

Did you know Tip O'Neill's grandson is on Boardwalk Empire?

lisa said...

I remember now when Jimmy told Nucky in the first season that you can't be half a gangster. It was in reference to Nucky not getting his hands dirty but asking Jimmy to do it. Now we've come to see Nucky's progression to being a gangster/killer.
In the first season we see that Nucky resents Jimmy for having enlisted and fought in the war. I think Nucky felt it was a slap in his face as he paid for Jimmy's education and was a pseudo father figure. Sad that Nucky doesn't know of Jimmy's mother abused him prompting Jimmy to run off to war. Sadly, Jimmy became even more broken than he was before he left. The realty and horrors of war, becoming a killer, extinguished his light. He was forever changed, and as he said, died in the trenches. He returns to be the "enforcer, haha GH jason style ". His Lady Macbeth mom pushes him into seeking the power she so desparately wants, pushing him to betray Nucky. He regrets his betrayal and decides to right the wrongs by forcing others to recant their testimony against Nucky, leading to charges being dropped against Nucky. He makes the decision to give up his life knowing that this was the only way he and Nucky could end things. I suspect that if Jimmy had really wanted Nucky or Manny Horvitz dead, they would be.
A tremendous story but what will next season be?

Anonymous said...

They didn't lose this viewer either over Jimmy, but Michael Pitt is one fabulous actor, that I hate to see go.

I was sure that Margaret would turn up pregnant and I really expected the beginnings of a wtd s/l before the finale.

No, Nucky isn't good "deep down," but for the first time in his life he deeply cares about something, and I believe he was truthful to Margaret when he said he loved her.

September 2012 can't come soon enough. I did watch the preview episode of "Luck," but found it a little cold and drab.

JPink said...

*** SPOILER ALAERT *** I read in an interview this morning that next season will open 3 years in the future, and a lot of it will focus on the rise of the Chicago mob, which historically would be Capone. My theory is Richard will go back to Chicago, where he's orginally from and work with Capone to take down Atlantic City. BTW, I think the actor who plays Richard, Jack Houston is the latest member of the great Huston family of actors including his aunt Angelica Huston!