Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Tomas is No Mas"

"Yes, I'm chained to the desk, but I'm listening. Well, when I'm not 
thinking about Franco."

OLTL was hysterical today...especially with David Vickers in the mix. Roxy was all buddy with Destiny "text us"! she says. "See how Soaps bring us all together" awww.
David to Destiny: "Good GOD woman, you're ENORMOUS"!!

GH: OMG, those seats on that plane are HUGE!! and no one is on it. LMAO.... I know it's first class but bajeebus.
That Matt and Lucky scene was just...random, imo. Ushering Lucky out and getting Matt in. Matt acting like he was in love with Liz. Weird I think. 
Liz with the newbie Ewan, rescuer of her from the lake. He's Australian-- so was Jax. Too bad they aren't on together to compare hang-outs. She thinks he's a patient. He's not a patient!!! Matt's going to hate it when he shows up at GH!
Josslyn is soooooooo cute! 
Patrick and Maggie are just going on too long-- I wish Patrick would go be a surgeon. LOL. Maggie gets more airtime than anyone else on this show!
How many hours of visiting time does Jason get? LOL...and no one ever needs to use the PCPD conference room. I do LOVE the Jason/Robin connection. Thanks for showing it! That's what Guza dropped, all the friendships and connections that were around.  Can't Carly just Shut it for a minute? "I need Jason"...ugh.!! She stomps in on Jason and Robin and Jason loses it.  ahahaaa He shut them up. I did picture Sarah Brown in that role with Jason/ would have been great. Such an old triangle!!  Speaking of:

Sarah Joy Brown at the NO8 event last night.

 What's your verdict on Dr. Ewan?? Sexy? Don't care? I'm hoping he's a Cassadine just because I want the Cassadines back.

Tweet of the day:  Matt said it's the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, he's at SB, Lucky w/baby at a dr appt, Robin & Carly are at the jail.Stupid writers  @matchboxginny


Hope/soapbabie said...

David Vickers has a child!!!

Melodybluez said...

Hello....I am happy to see a few bits of bright news about GH; Finola returning, Lexi possibly coming back. That's great! As I said in a previous post, I am not currently expecting miracles with GH. That won't come until the new year.

I suddenly feel as though various people are being chem tested on GH, but that's probably not the case.

I felt the most sorry for Jason Morgan today. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to buy him a stiff drink, two aspirins or a pair of earplugs! Jeeze, Carly...could you maybe go Christmas shopping or take Joss to see Santa, rather than butting your face into Jason's business so adamantly! I pray the new GH folks start toning Carly down just a bit. I was half expecting her to land into the wall today, and quite honestly, I may have applauded that! I know that sounds Grinchy! Wait until Carly finds out Sam and Michael skipped off to Chicago...Carly's head might explode! She seems to often forget Michael is 19 and technically an adult. Though, a phone call, if one is leaving town no matter what age, is nice.

While I'd be upset if a nutjob was sending my kid presents, really, if Carly took five minutes to think and not speak, she'd realize what Franco is doing is what he usually does...use the people around Jason to push his buttons. Little Joss just fits the bill. Joss does have a good protector in Shawn, so she's in pretty good hands, even if SuperJase is locked up!

Shawn and Joss...very sweet scenes. He's a better parent than the one Joss already has! I keep waiting for Jax to show up!

Robin/Pat...she keeps wanting to tell him, and she should, but keeps getting foiled. I get how she feels about wanting to spare her family, but as was said today....sometimes running away isn't the best option. Personally, I'd rather see the writers send Robin off. She doesn't have to die. If Kim wants to come back...they could have it where Robin went to France or wherever and finally did receive a drug treatment that worked. France works wonders on this show, considering Laura's been there for some time!

Lizzie seems like she's got a stag line of potential suitors forming! I suppose the artist dude is Dr. Ewan in disguise. He's ok...nothing that makes me go weak in the knees, but ok.

Lucky...they're giving him a pretty stale exit story. It seems he'll go off to "find himself" ala how Dad does. Jonathan taped his last scenes around November 17th, so I would guess Lucky's time in PC is not much longer.

I was again happy for a bit of a Bensonhurst break! Thanks, Santa! :-)

sonya said...

Liz and Ewen: Blah blah blah time. Blah blah blah painting. Zzzzzzzzzz. Oh hey Matt showed up! It made the scene so much better! :) I know his name is Ewen but I used the closed captioning to see his name. :) I hope Liz gets back to painting! Karen, Ewen is okay.. He's cute. I love his eyes. Altho I think other men on GH are better looking.

Lucky and Maggie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lucky and the red headed woman: What the hell?!!?!

Jason and Robin: Oh!!! Another fantastic scene!!! Oh so Jason is the one who donated money to the bridge!!!! :) Jason what the hell is wrong with you?! YOU NEED A CHECKUP!!!

Joss: Adorable! She was talkative today! Did she say ready set go? Hahaha! It sounded like she copied what Carly was saying to Shawn! :) Avoidance or something. I forgot what Carly said.

Lucky and Matt: Lucky thinks Matt has feelings for Liz haha! Yeah Matt do you have feelings for Liz? :)

Patrick and Maggie: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Patrick and Robin: Tell him Robin!!! Tell him what is wrong!

Frisco said...

Now that Sean Kanan is unemployed bring him back to GH, pair him with Liz and watch Carly's head explode.
BRING AJ BACK. Turn Carly, Jason and Sonny's world upside down. Give Michael a storyline that does not involve him being a mobster-wannabe. Rebuild the Q's. Put him in business competiion with Tracy giving her a non-Luke storyline. Monica knows and has been visiting him which explains all of her out of town trips in recent years.

kdmask said...

Frisco I agree, but only if AJ is written strong.
Thing is FV is friends with Billy Warlock, that's how he got on OLTL

My2Cents2 said...

Lucky and the red headed woman: What the hell?!!?!
Has me wondering too. We seen her twice today.

I think Maggie needs to go buh bye. I don't like this Patrick & redo Lisa (Maggie)

BOTH shows were 'eh' today.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Has me wondering too. We seen her twice today.
Yeah we did! Who is this woman?!

I think Maggie needs to go buh bye. I don't like this Patrick & redo Lisa (Maggie)
Yeah Maggie does need to go buh bye!

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya- Who eles wore a red cap? Did Sio own one??
I am so tired of Lucky and whining.

Maggie and her skipping when she walks.

And when did Uncle Shawn turn into a Nanny?

I hope Sam & Michael stop at Garretts for popcorn while they are in Chicago. Yummy.

Anyone have an exact date Jax is coming back?

AntJoan said...

So Ewen is from Down Under? Like Jax and Ethan? Add Robert, Anna and Mac, and we have almost as many Brits/Aussies in PC as Americans--kind of odd for a small town in upstate NY.

I do find I am enjoying the show more--more is going on, more quickly, wider scope of characters, including vets, interacting. Seeing Robin and Jason together is awesome, but, like someone else said, Lisa Jr. is hogging all the screen time. It is pathetic that we have to beg to get even a few minutes with our beloved vets--Monica, Edward, et. al--the ones who haven't gone missing altogether--yet get hours of newbies' screen time shoved down our throats!! Score one for cheap labor. . . .

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya- Who eles wore a red cap? Did Sio own one??
Yup she did own one!!

AntJoan said...So Ewen is from Down Under? Like Jax and Ethan? Add Robert, Anna and Mac, and we have almost as many Brits/Aussies in PC as Americans--kind of odd for a small town in upstate NY.
I love it!!! :) Now we need a from down under bar in Port Chuckles! :) I love accents on men! :)

Frank Strovel III said...

Josslyn was definitely a talker today and not into what Shawn was saying at all. That sentence she kept uttering...what was it?...sounded like "Aisha gone" or something like that. Funny.

Frank Strovel III said...

And while I'm thinking of it...was KM wearing a little more make-up in today's ep than yesterday's even though it was a continuation of her scenes with Jason in the PCPD? Continuity!

Aubrey said...

New doc is kind of cute, but if you wanted a cute aussie.... KEEP INGO!

Red head with the red hat was so random... I get its going to be some connection to Siobhon (sp?) but was just odd.

So happy Finola is coming back! Makes Kim leaving that much harder though. Now we just need Tristan to join her!

JPink said...

OMG, how hot did Roger Howarth look in that vest today? I actually let out an audible "whoop" when he first came on screen. :)

My2Cents2 said...

Aubrey-my thoughts exactly, why not just bring back Ingo fulltime?
Or has age caught up with Ingo per GH? We know how they like younger people.

Mrs. B said...

Sean Kana is not AJ to me. There is only one AJ!

My idea is to have Ewan be jerry in yet another face transplant, but not until Liz falls for him.

And please santa just Send Carly away all together unless Tamara can come back. I adore LW but she has worn me out for months.

My2Cents2 said...

Mrs B-as a long time fan of Carly, all I am asking is they return their characters to whom they were original written as.
This Carly now, I FF. Maybe Jax made her a better person?

kdmask said...

I LOVED RH in that outfit!! Forgot to mention it!! thanks! xxxoo ;)

sonya said...

Oh Carly didn't say avoidance. She said deflecting! That Shawn was deflecting. And little Joss copied her hahahaha! Adorable. :)

LindaV said...

Would love to see SK back as AJ. Billy Warlock was too smirky for me. This would b a good time since Jason seems to still be suffering the effects of that accident. Robin was wearing fresh makeup when she went to the hospital, which was plausible since she had been crying and maybe had to re-do it. Josslyn is so cute and Carly was the usual big pain in the ass. Maggie needs to go. Since when does a pediatrician hang around a nurses' station all day? The new doc seems ok but I really like Matt and Liz together, if she can't have Lucky.

My2Cents2 said...

WHO is David's child? Is this a cliffhanger to PP? (which isn't)

LindaV-I like Matt & Liz too. From what I am hearing it is to be Liz & Matt, but with all the changes, who knows.

How could they possibly write AJ back? And would they if the show is ending? Is the showing ending?

Still so many questions and no answers.

Karen...anything new on the tweet front?

Brender said...

I think I am on board for Matt and Liz. They seem more of a fit than Maxie and Matt.
If they were to bring an Aussie in to entice Liz, why didn't they just keep Ingo? Liz and Jax have more history together and would be a great fit.

Karen-can you do a big favor and, when you remember, remind us to hit the Amazon ad for you? I come and read the scoops then, later go to Amazon and forget that I should go to through your site. I have so much on my mind right now, so I forget things a lot easier now. :)

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...WHO is David's child? Is this a cliffhanger to PP? (which isn't)
I hope it's not a cliffhanger for PP! UGH!