Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Giant Fronkey Monkey needed!

Cassadine Nostalgia ...

HELLO!! Spoilers are interesting lately- just because we know what's happening basically until Jan (outlines)-- and I think January will be a throw-away month and Feb a transition month.  Don't quote me on that-- LOL.  I know there are more than a few people behind the scenes in a little panic right now. *sigh* we shall see. 

I've been looking for a giant sock monkey for my Mom who's giving to a church family. Everyone says Walmart but both ours don't have them. Booo, we need one by Sunday-- KMart doesn't either. Any other ideas?? Ironical--  the Fronkey-Franco tie in isn't it? LOL 

OLTL: Clint and Vicki talking about 2-3 afternoon SOAPS!! Not winning the "Daisy" --and talking about Megan!! woot!! Such Fun writing!!!!! Who remembers that soap they had within the soap on OLTL? One was Fraternity Row.
PIE contest!!  Gigi's hair all dark LOL 
Clint and Vicki kiss --awww they were adorable!! Erika was playing it PERFECTLY!
WHAT A TREAT TODAY! Roxy screaming at the end...AHAHHAAA. I got a little scared :)

GENERAL HOSPITAL: So sad about VMG and her baby (see post below)... the tweet said it's her second this year. I hope it's not the baby she was carrying since June or earlier. That picture she just tweeted didn't look like she was very PG, so perhaps she wasn't far along. Either way, it's sad sad news. 
 I'm still mad Sam hasn't gone to the doctor on this show.  
Sean moving in..whatever. I don't care about them.
SONNY'S HOUSE OF PAIN!! Deke has been done to death. Maurice can bring the acting but let the character move on. SONNY Trended today in the US!! on twitter.
Knowing that JJ wanted Liz/Lucky to work  and watching today made it all the more idiotic. Why not put them together for a time--give him some lighter moments? It's not like anything else is working. What idiots.  Lucky thinks  "being there" is going off to Ireland whenever he wants? Okay.
The Mayor is on with Diane?? Weird. He's taking over the paper and she's writing "Port Charles  Confidential"...okay. kinda like Access Llanview ??? But Newspapers aren't really where it's at. She should be blogging. Guess the MAYOR will be the abusive hooker-guy. Did you see him look at Sam?
GEESH. If that ain't a hint...

INGO's tweets: 
Week and half left in LA then back home to Hawaii. Can't wait. Start training for Molokai ski race? I start at least.


Happy said...

I got my giant Fronkey at Walgreens. He makes a great body pillow. LOL

Brit said...

The Rite Aid's in my area have the Giant Sock Monkeys. You might want to check them out!

Julia said...

Got a Cracker Barrel nearby? They have sock monkey EVERYTHING including the giant ones

Anonymous said...

No poll? Bum.mer.

Do a poll who Wubbers think deserve the biggest lump o'coal this year.

sonya said...

OLTL: I remember Fraternity Row! I love that soap!!!! I love the Daisey awards!!! OH NO FRATERNITY ROW IS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 ROFL!

Liz and Lucky: Great scene!! Very sad. I want them back together but it will never be. :( I think Shadybrook is coming for Liz soon! Oh look more pillow writing. I guess you can say it's pillow talk ROFL!

Jake's: Oh look it's the Mayor! :) Er ex mayor. And he is with Diane. Coleman yum! :) Sam and the stripper girls! :) Oh along comes Michael bulldozing in upset! DOH!

Carly's home: Shawn you think that Carly is going to follow your rules?! ROFLMAOPMP! I love how Carly talked to Michael! Yeah Michael you need to give respect!!!!!

Jason and Sam: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Sonny and the cop: DAMN! I love this scene!!!!! Another cop thinking that Deke is all that and a bag of chips!! First Taggart and now this guy. And there is a lie going around in the neighborhood that Sonny was the one to beat his mother and Deke is the good guy? WOW!!!!!! Hey Sonny tell this jerk the truth!!!!! Damn Deke must have told everyone that lie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How's this for a twist to the Sonny angst stuff: His version of history is wrong and EVERYONE ELSE's is true. Deke really was a good guy and Sonny really was/still is a punk with an attitude.

lisa said...

Lump o'coal should go to Frons who even after 'stepping down' ended up still promoting his 'realiity tv shows , the chew and revolution' which are replacing soaps. He is an arrogant and ignorant man where soaps and soap fans are concerned.

Hope/soapbabie said...

please, please, please santa, show us some Fraternity Row flashbacks....

sonya said...

Anonymous said...How's this for a twist to the Sonny angst stuff: His version of history is wrong and EVERYONE ELSE's is true. Deke really was a good guy and Sonny really was/still is a punk with an attitude.
OH! That would be a GREAT twist! :)

lisa said...

Kelly Monaco looks way too skinny. I know in dirty soap Steve approached her about it and hired a trainer to go over nutrition with her. She needs to weight gain a little. When I watched the clips online, her legs looked so skinny. She is a petite lady but this is too small even for her.

CareyN said...

Feeling nostalgic now. :(

"Here’s to the shows, those daytime shows,
To each and every one of them that everyone knows…
Here’s to the dreams, the laughs and the screams,
When you find out that everything is not as it seems…

Where your sister’s your wife,
Or your brother’s your dad.
The baby you brought home was someone else’s,
Too bad!

Five days a week you know that that’s how it goes,
On those fabulous daytime shows
(we love it)"


OLTL always had awesome writers....

Anonymous said...

I watched those dirty soap episodes and Kelly weighed in at 95 lbs and she did not realize it until her mom challenged her. She is trying to weight gain but she doesn't look like if she has. She certainly can't afford to lose anymore weight. I think a lot of us have the opposite problem of weight gaining too easily, LOL.

My2Cents2 said...

Haven't watched GH yet, however OLTL ROCKED today. I do not remember the soap everyone was glued to, but could there have been enough DIGS about on line soaps?? lol Clever.

Vicki & Clint! FINALLY I am so happy!!!!!!
NOTHING compares to a romance between them. Kimmie, stay away!

kdmask said...

I am going to do that poll!! thanks Anon!

Aubrey said...

OMG the nostalgia on OLTL today! Made me so sad :(

I hate the storylines for Sonny & Liz right now... but damn, Maurice and Becky were great! Again, makes me think of their great stories of the past and it makes me sad.

Thanks for ruining my guilty pleasures of the last 35 years, Mr. Frons.

sonya said...
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sonya said...
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sonya said...

CareyN!!!! Thank you for the Daisey award song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I love the song! It's been so long since I have heard it! :)

sonya said...

Hey Karen! What happened to the last poll? You didn't give us the results. Why not?:)

Melodybluez said...

I really cannot say anything further about GH which Karen and everyone else hasn't eloquently said!

Was still an emotionally heavy day, for the most part, but the Jake's stuff at least broke it up a bit! Anytime we get to see Diane is great! Mayor Floyd is stepping down...does that mean Mac is stepping up as mayor of PC?

Sonny's trip back to Bensonhurst...Maurice is wonderful with the scenes, but as has been said, Sonny's past demons have been done to death, so it is hard to really get into the scenes.

Liz/Lucky...some really good scenes, but what annoys me is making the woman look like a pathetic victim who wants to hang on to her man! Let's hope the new crew coming to GH know how to write women as far more than the victim!

Michael...Geeze Leweeze, I am beginning to loathe this kid! I watch his scenes today thinking, "Please take a valium, switch to decaf or go back into a coma!" At least Carly acted like a mom should today and didn't let him just rant about her personal biz without saying something! I see they are trying to connect Sam and Michael as victims of Franco's shanningans.

Jasam...talking about it, going for a drink, etc, etc, isn't going to make it all go away. As someone else said, it is ridiculous that Sam never saw a doc to confirm if she had been assaulted or not.

Carly and Sean...I would like to be interested, but I just cannot get into it. It just seems forced. Just my perception.

People have been singing OLTL's praises and I just keep hoping the powers that be coming to GH bring some of it there, because it's needed desperately!

My2Cents2 said...

Oyyyy I better get watching. Sounds like a good show today? Or is that exagerrating?

My2Cents2 said...

The GOOD, The BAD &

GOOD: Everything Liz & Lucky
The BAD: Everything else.

Why is Liz luney?? IMO she is the most normal I have ever seen her.
She is speaking the truth finally.

BAD:those dark scenes with Sam & Jason in that ally.
Everything Carly & Shawn-STUPID. Michael too.


So now we have Spinelli, Matt, Floyd as suspects for the serial killer, yet I hear the story was 'canned'.

While I was FFing thru today, which took me about 15 minutes to watch, I couldn't help but get a tiny bit excited thinking all this nonsense is ending. abc wants to KEEP GH and that is why BF was fired. They are taking this show into a new direction.

I can't wait. (and hope I am right)

Cosmoetica said...

sonya said...

Anonymous said...How's this for a twist to the Sonny angst stuff: His version of history is wrong and EVERYONE ELSE's is true. Deke really was a good guy and Sonny really was/still is a punk with an attitude.
OH! That would be a GREAT twist! :)

December 6, 2011 5:31 PM


Sonya, don't you think that IS the truth? If you've watched GH over the years you know Sonny LIES all the time: he owned strip clubs, was a pimp, throws things, treats women like dirt verbally and emotionally. Is it really a stretch that OFF CAMERA, in scenes not shown on the show, he would physically abuse women? Look at the women he is with- do you really think Carly, Brenda, the Brenda clones, etc, are the type of women whoe would NOT be codependent and lie for him?

I have always believed Sonny was a misogynist and psychopath- recall that scene, a few years ago where he ordered Jason to take out 9 rival mobsters?

If GH is to have any real cred b4 cancellation they NEED to OUT Sonny as the monster he is, and drop the pretense he was abused and misunderstood.

This wd not only be reality, as Mobsters are not the types who have those kinds of childhoods- serial killers are, and they are a diff sort of psycho. Sonny's profession houses liars who create scenarios of them against the world- but it wd make Sonny Corinthos the greatest villain in soap opera history.

What other villain has been so well plumbed? Adam Chandler? Todd Manning?

Anonymous said...

I really like John Bolger, loved him with Linda Dano years ago on OLTL. I will hate it if they make him the stripper stalker. And it was a little too obvious. Just as I was thinking 'how nice to see John again', he starts eyeing the girls at the table. I liked him years ago on Another World, too. He made a good leading man. He would have made a good match for Alexis if they hadn't ruined his character as mayor.

Karen, do you know if when Frank and Ron come to GH, Guza will still be one of the producers? As long as he is around, I wonder if the show can really change to the true soap values? It has gone so far in trying to be all hip and tough and stupidly dark, that I wonder if it can actually be given new life, with some sunshine and humor and warmth....

LindaV said...

I agree with all you said, My2Cents2. Taggert believed Deke was a good guy, too. Nice to see the now ex-mayor with Diane. Michael is a jerk. On a different note, on B & B, Jack Wagner (Nick) was taking his boat out and mentioned going up the coast to Frisco, haha. And they were playing a song sung by him. At least he was smart enough not to ever come backto GH.

My2Cents2 said...

Hi LindaV-I thought of Felicia yesterday. I wonder where she is in life these days.

The Mayor and Diane scene was bizare. Of course most everything is bizarre on the show, but to throw him in all of a sudden? With Diane??
Was he called in as diversion for the serial killer storyline that may not happen now?

Anonymous said...

Cosmoetica: Well said!Sonny is not a misunderstood lost soul. He is a sociopath who does not feel remorse. The writers wanted to create a trouble soul as a romantic lead; a bad boy with a good heart. But, as you pointed out, he is a brutal serial murderer. He is abusive, selfish, and manipulative. Someone with a "good heart" does not consistantly lie, steal, kill, etc. and blame it on a flawed childhood, or their career choice or bi-polar disorder or the victim.

I must be one of the few who does NOT see the goodness in Sonny. He has moments but they are usually self-serving.

My2Cents2 said...

I don't see goodness in Sonny.
I feel MB is an excellent actor, and for that I say KUDOS

Anonymous said...

My2Cents2: AGREED. Maurice is a very talented actor, as are many of the GH cast members. Unfortunately, the writers have failed the actors and the viewers.

My2Cents2 said...

Anon=GH has always had a talent for picking the best actors.
I always said that. Thing is, once we fall in love with the actor the writers put them in a back closet on the top shelf.
So they leave.

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Do you have a Target? They have the sock monkey's.