Friday, December 2, 2011

Freaky Friday in Foam Land...Frons is Fizzled.

Actor DaJuan Johnson is guesting on Prime Suspect, airing December 15th. DaJuan played Asher Cauldwell for a few eppies on GH when ELQ was around. 

I decorated what I could without hauling the big stuff up... I always say I'm going to cut down or get rid of some of my stuff and I never do. LOL. Pier One had some fun things in it.

I watched the Banger Sisters today!! Love that movie. You don't think about your past until your future is slammin' full force. 

Notice I'm not talking much about the soaps? I'm soaped-out right now. Too much to think about, but you know I'm writing my Sunday Surgery in my head. OY! It's also weird to think about watching GH now knowing it's going to change so much in 2 months. These stories? eh. Dead in the water probably. Maybe we'll see who owns the feet in Wyndemere soon? ugh.... 

Molly was wandering around Feta-Land. Sonny was angsting over DEKE DEKE DEKE! ugh. I guess we know it's "the city" From the graffiti and the sirens LOL
Monica, Tracy saved the day. MONICA SLAPPED Luke and said to Paddy and Steve:
"I'm the only one of the three of us that DIDN'T have sex with Lisa Niles"!! ahahahaa
Maxis was on...who thinks they'll ever sleep together?  I don't.
Hate Maggie. Did I already say that?! 
CHICAGO....huh. Interesting. Abner is toast
Lady in White looks like lulu redux

My name is Sonny
I live on the second floor
I live upstairs from you
Yes i think you've seen me before
If you hear something late at night
Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight

AND the FRONS news broke at 3:00pm how fitting. Heh-- well... That probably also signals the total end of GH. We shall see...I will keep you updated. The guy taking over for him is a reality based guy. Not really great news, but karma? You bet. 

I want GH to go out Novella style. Let FV and RC write a bang up ending Mini-Series. Hire me to help. I will do it for free!! 
Nancy Lee Gran on the Frons news: "I can see my life flashing before my eyes"

Steve Burton:  "Just crazy around here today"


  1. That's right, Nancy Lee Grahn, your soap life on GH is indeed over. Non-scripted tv is ABC's plan and they clearly told us by the division taking over.Frons stays until january 2012 to make sure the new division is up and running. Mission accomplished Anne Sweeney and Frons. Thanks , disney for demolishing daytime soaps. They all sicken me.

  2. Monica: Woah she still has her fire!! Hahaha! She gets the line of the day today. She tells Steve and Patrick she is the only one in this room who never slept with Lisa Niles ROFL! And then she slaps Luke for Jake's death. I still love you Monica! :)

    Robin: Robin is no longer chief of staff!!! She won't even fight for it! Patrick says he will fight for her but she doesn't want him to. So is Robin going to go back to being a doctor?

    Michael and Tracy: Love their scene!!! Tracy blackmails and Michael blackmails right back!! :)

    Michael and Abby: Abby wrote in dates on what they are going to do for the next year until next new years!!! You know what that means don't you? They are gonna break up soon! :)

    Wyndemere: Molly hahahahha! I love Alexis being a strong mother!!! Molly is half Cassadine Alexis! :) Molly and the romance crap again UGH! STOP!!!! Ethan is alone and sees the woman in white!!!!!!!!!!! WE GET TO SEE HER FACE!!!

    Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'm interested in Sonny's storyline. Kate doesn't need to be there!!!! Go away Kate!!! They talk wayyyyyyyyyy too much!

    Alexis and Mac: She wants to help his girls!!! :)

  3. I didn't see today's GH yet, but Sonya's comments have me interested to see Monica! :-) This week, the news surrounding soapland and ABC was far more eventful than GH. It does have me wondering what, if any, changes we'll see with the show with the changing of the guard. I am doubting all of this will change GH's fate in the end, but I'd rather see the soap I've loved for decades go out with a bang and not a pathetic whimper!

  4. The Official Jason Cook Page
    ‎" @arie_fire : @thisisjasoncook have you spoken to Kirsten since she took her medical leave? Miss seeing you two on screen!" //She is consumed with resting and getting better. As soon as she is feeling well again we'll be talking. I'm hoping like everyone that she gets better soon.

  5. I'm confused about Lucky not understanding that Luke was staring at the scotch bottle when Lucky spent DAYS on the carpet staring at a pill.

    And why in Liz mad at Luke now? All of the sudden...she wasn't mad at him a few months ago. And are they really sending her to Shadybrook? Why do all the women on this show need to go to mental hospitals all the time? It's not a spa for crying out loud. Laura, LuLu, Lesley, Brenda, Robin, Liz, Carly, Monica, we have any female characters who haven't had to go? Being stressed out is not the same as needing psychiatric care.

  6. GH is so inconsistent it makes no sense!!!!!!!

  7. I couldn't believe that "lady in white," I thought she was Maggie, all these blondes are confusing me. . . .

  8. Monica ROCKS. I agree Sonya!

    Alexis & Mac...I like the sound of that. Anything to get them together.

    FF Bensonhurst memory lane.

    Luke is USELESS. I hope Liz does slap him. But wouldn't she have done it already, if that was the plan? The day Monica slapped him?

    Lulu-'cocktail hour' time.

    Uncle Mac is clueless about Robin. Robin is going to admit to killing Lisa because she thinks Patrick did it. She feels since she is dying, she may as well go to jail, and let Patty raise Emma.

    I HATE Maggie too.

    Changes are a coming for GH. I (who is never right)am hoping that this is the last attempt to save this show. I am hanging on to that thought. If it was done and over, BF wouldn't be leaving. Sounds to me like they can't afford to lose anymore viewers in the daytime. So what if this person writes reality?
    As long as we get our fav's back, and something descent to watch, who knows where this could take us.
    Or am I getting my hopes up??

  9. Oh yea..Molly needs a spanking.

  10. So who else is coming over from OLTL?
    Any actors? Eddie Alderson as a SORAS'd Morgan? Michael Easton to help Mac at the PCPD? Erika Slezak
    (who cares as long as she is on screen) Destiny and the whole family (GH needs diversity)Who else do you think should come over and who should they play?

  11. I don't see any actors from OLTL coming over until they decide if the show is staying or going.

  12. Melodybluez said...I didn't see today's GH yet, but Sonya's comments have me interested to see Monica! :-)
    Haha! Start watching! :)

    AntJoan said...I couldn't believe that "lady in white," I thought she was Maggie, all these blondes are confusing me. . . .
    Yeah lady in white does look like Maggie and the rest of them!!! What the hell?!?!!

    My2Cents2 said...Monica ROCKS. I agree Sonya!
    Go Monica!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. I doubt they can afford to bring OLTL people over to GH...

  14. "I'm confused about Lucky not understanding that Luke was staring at the scotch bottle when Lucky spent DAYS on the carpet staring at a pill."

    Oh I am SO glad I am not the only one who lost it over that!

    Monica and Tracy were the best part of the show today. I agree about Abby, that little date book is the sign of her impending doom. "Love lies bleeding" here we go. Sonny, Kate, Dante and Lulu were all tedious to watch. I want Robin to actually tell Patrick the truth. As it is, who wants to bet we don't even see Robin til mid next week and she doesn't come clean about anything? SMDH.

  15. I am liking the Ethan and LIW and Wyndamere "story". *runs*

  16. NOT betting Adora....because you are right. She will admit to the murder, she will not tell him she is sick.

    How could anyone even watch Bensonhurst reruns? I squirm even FFing thru it.

    Great point about Lucky/Luke. Pot-Kettle. However, that is soaps.
    Hypricrates, etc...can't blame Wolfie for that, ALL writers write like that!

  17. Wouldn't it be nice if, if they are ending GH, that they would pick up all the dropped story lines and finish them? And bring back all our fave vets--why not?? Why not make the fans happy, and reward us for DECADES of loyalty?

  18. AntJoan....that I can assure you won't happen.
    Those people are dead in GH world!

  19. I'm sure I saw "Big Alice" behind the bar in this week's Prime Suspect too.

  20. Anyone see Michael going back to ELQ? FINE. I will buy it. Better than him playing with coffee beans all day


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