Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday in Port Charles

Tweet from last night: Nancy lee Grahn: Re GH changes; Am sad, happy, worried, confident, helpless, hopeful, nervous, unruffled, frustrated, & encouraged. Just like every other day.

TODAY (and it landed on SOD's website) 
Tweets by Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) seem to indicate just that. This morning, the actress said: "I hear that Sam is Preggers. I guess me and Danny Devito (explains Sam's height) are gonna be Grandparents. Oh joy!" And "I hear the baby will look exactly like @1steveburton but have Franco's career." A spokesperson says, "We do not comment on storyline." Grahn then added: "Please ignore all morning tweets. I was just kidding...or drunk..or menopausal...or so much trouble... quick someone hide me!"

Chrissie Fit tweeted that "Mercedes" will be seen in about 4 weeks or so!  

Hillary B. Smith: On a plane heading home to pack up the dressing room. So sad. It will feel permanent! I don't think I can go to the floor and look at it. Miss my crew! Needles? Where are you??

(Jax) is on Hawaii 5-0 tonight at 10pm!! 

OLTL: WOOT! Gigi is gigi...thank god the doc could tell she didn't get surgery. Everything else was pretty boring.

House o' Pain

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  I still like my Lady in White idea with Helena being her! She's not going to talk for how  long I wonder??
Scrubs angst-- interesting. Paddy thinks they did it! Or one of them..
Liz going off on Luke. Little too late? Wasn't she ok with him? That was a huge melt-down. Guess that's what gets her in Shadybrook.
MAXIS!! And Mac has more than 3 lines today! JJY must have gotten his script and fainted lol. Nancy got in a "Democrat" quip as well.  Nice scene.
FREEKIN' LULU ugh...god, she's as  annoying as Carly lately. They keep having the same conversation over  and over and over. Is it supposed to be ironic that Lulu worries about Dante as much as Sonny-Jason Bots worry about them? She drinks on the boat that's a murder scene. Uh.. what.??
Luke's going on another vacation!!

Naughty Mama
WHO SAW Boardwalk Empire last night? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! wowza. I was yelling NONOnononooOOOOOOOOO   So much going on, and so naughty and dark!! Next week is the finale. Can't wait.

BUT my new fave show is: BREAKING BAD! I watched seasons 1-3 like an obsessive troll on NetFlix. Now I have to watch Season 4 when it re-runs on AMC starting Sunday. It's probably the best written show I've ever, ever seen--and you know I've seen THEM ALL! lol AMAZING. No spoilers, but if you watch it let me know!!


sonya said...

Ethan and woman in white: Wow this woman in white person talks to much! She won't shut up! She won't let Ethan talk!!!! :)

Luke, Lucky, and Liz: Wow!!! Liz is so angry!!! :(

Luke and Lucky: :'( Lucky asks a good question to him. What's a mistake? Falling in love? Or letting love go? Luke didn't answer him and walked away! :'(

Lulu and Dante: Why can't Dante wear a bullet proof vest?!!?!?! Come on Lulu bring it up!!! She tried to give the ring back to him. :( And here she goes making love to the alcohol again.

Alexis and Mac: Hahahaha great scene. :)

Luke: Luke is leaving again! :(

Anonymous said...

Karen I agree Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on TV and it keeps getting better. You'll enjoy season 4, I'm certain!!

As for GH...we'll see...

Melodybluez said...

Today's GH was "heavy" in the emotion department, but was at least somewhat engaging. GH was mostly conversational today. We had:

Ethan and the Lady in White: well, that was a one sided conversation. She didn't say a word! At least we saw her completely today!

Patrick and Robin: What annoyed me what that I think she had news for him (maybe about those test results in her hand) but she was derailed from telling him because he fessed up about tampering with evidence in Lisa's murder. When we keep hearing, "Lisa's dead, all is fine, we can all get back to normal." we know the reverse will probably happen.

Alexis and Mac: Ok, so even the head honcho isn't beyond messing with evidence. Well, that just sums up the crooked PCPD!

Luke/Lucky and Liz...This was pretty much to set up Lucky's exit. He'll pull a "Luke" and decide he'd rather hit the dirt than deal with Liz and the kids because he doesn't want to go "there" again with her. I cannot say I blame him, since Liz has burned him a few times. However, he does have kids/responsibilities too, especially with Aiden, so is taking off really the right thing to do?

Lulu and Dante: Oy! This is going to culminate with a marriage close to Christmas, so I've read? The arguments are seemingly pointless. He's a cop sooooo devoted to his job; it's his passion (Ok, I can buy that; many people have jobs that are their passion; they are lucky to have a job that is in this day and age.) and she has an inane fear of being left and being with a cop makes that more of a possibility because of the danger level of the job, added to the fact that Dante doesn't dodge bullets very well! They both had good one should make someone give up something they love to do. Any one of us could die at any time. His point is that they should focus on the quality of life together, and not the quantity. Ok, fine. Lulu, yes, people SHOULD stop treating you like your mother. I'm sick of the comparison! Lulu being the fragile little flower that could go bonkers at any time dates back to Jolu. Isn't it time she grew up? One thing on my Christmas list for the new folks in charge is to allow that. Dante pretty much nailed it: she's got to find out who LULU is. She was in a job she really didn't like and spent so much time making sure her family was happy. Let it all go, Lulu, what will happen, will happen. You have far too many unpredictable people in the Spencer clan. Funny, a lot of Lulu haters claim she's a selfish shrew that doesn't give a crap about anyone else. She has her moments...everyone in PC does. However, sometimes, she cares TOO MUCH. She did with Johnny. She went to extremes to try to get him a job when he tried to go straight and help him build his garage biz up, that backfired on her big time. When you care too much, you get hurt. Gotta find a balance, Lulu. Mmmm...Balance, the old crew at GH never did that well. Let's hope the new one does.

Is Luke heading for winter break? It seems like Tony wasn't around much at all this fall. I was hoping we'd see some great scenes with Jon and Tony before Jon leaves. Maybe this was it today? Well, your kids inherited your best stuff, Luke. Lucky's taking off and Lulu's boozing. Nice work! Oh, and you really think your life with Laura and your family was a mistake? Geesh...that's as bad as him very recently referring to his children and domestic life as "Laura's project." If I was a child, I'd hate to have those words used in conjunction with me..."mistake" and "project." It's a wonder your kids aren't even more screwed up than they are, Luke!

The seeds are being sewn for what's to come; at least it felt like that today.

My2Cents2 said...

Thank you for sharing NLG tweet for those of us who don't read tweets! lol

I may not like the character of Liz, however today, she gets an A+ with her performance.
Since I remind everyone weekly how much I DETEST Luke, I want to say it again since its Monday. On the road again, that is Luke. How dare him tell Lucky how to live his life considering all the mistakes Luke has made?

Am I 'sniffing' a Mac & Alexis future?? This will be a wait & see.

FFing thru Wyndemere bullcrap.
NO interest.

Lulu, I feel for you. You are afraid of more loss in your life. One can understand why your 'hitting the bottle' like you are.

Don't know what to make of NLG post other than she is as confused and worried like the rest of us.
OLTL-really did anyone think that was Stacey?? Where is Cutter getting the money to go anywhere?
Wasn't he a paperboy not that long ago??

Yea OLTL was boring today.

lisa said...

Karen, Boardwalk Empire was so disturbing! I kept saying no no no as well, LOL :) ! Jimmy Darmody's relationship with his Mom! So twisted. Shocking show and can''t miss the next episode!
I used to watch breaking bad but fell off of it. I need to watch them back to back! I absolutely love doing that! Great shows!
GH : been off it for awhile , but saw my girl Liz and loved that scene with Luke. She needed to unleash her anger, long overdue.She may have been in shock and blaming herself when Jake initially died but grief puts you through so many emotions, even later down the road. Glad she told Luke what she thought of him. His bitterness towards falling in love sickens me. He belittles what he and Laura had.

Anonymous said...

Yes Board Walk Empire was disturbing but I was so happy when Jimmy started choking the mess out of his mom. She never wanted any other woman near him (now we know why....eeeeww!) and for her to say that in a month his son wouldn't remember his mom. I was yelling at the screen for him to kill the bitch! It doesn't look good for Jimmy I just hope that if and or when his time comes that he keeps his son away from his mother because that chick is sick!!!


lisa said...

LaTanya, I had the same reaction during that scene, LOL, choke her! His mom is one cold bitch. Aweful!

Mamaspat Ole said...

I fast forwarded thru that nasty crap with Jimmy and his mama and when Jimmy looked up and his friend was cutting up his father into sushi I felt good for Jimmy ......

Di said...

I just saw Ingo on Hawaii 5-0. It's on right now.

I love Boardwalk Empire too. Last night had so many twists.I cringed when Jimmy's mom made that crack at the end about her grandson "growing up" so fast. That was really disturbing and twisted.

Lulu still drives me crazy. All they have her doing is rehashing the saw stuff over and over. YELL- Drink- YELL -Drink. I wish she was the one leaving!

I LOVED Alexis and Mac. WE need more of them and less of Lulu the schrew!

My2Cents2 said...

Anyone watch REVENGE?? Or is abc off topic? lol

lisa said...

My2Cents, I absolutely love REVENGE!!! I can't wait for the next episode! Now that is hoow a soap should be written! LOL, :) !

mindymoe said...

Breaking Bad is one of the best written shows! I am in the middle of Season 3 on Netflix right now. When does season 4 start re-airing? I love this show.

It's right up there with Dexter and Lost for me =) The Wire is still THE best written tv show EVER! It was robbed of awards for being too "complex" and too much like a novel . You should check it out.

Di said...

I also love Revenge! It would be beyond awesome if GH was written like that!!

My2Cents2 said...

REVENGE is pure soap opera class act.

I think someone needs to start a blog about that on here!!
Anyone think that Emily's boyfriend is really her brother???

What about that compound they live in!

LindaV said...

I really enjoyed yesterday except for the LIW - why does she wear a nightgown all day anyway? Best of all, no Sonny/Kate, JaSam or Carly. Really great acting by Julie B. and Becky H. Lante may be tiresome but Julie knocked it out of the park. Loved Lucky and Luke and so sad that it won't be here much longer. Scrubs and Mac/Alexis were great, too. Some really good dialogue and acting there, too, especially from Kim M. This was one of those rare episodes that show quality and care. Too bad they are few and far between.

kdmask said...

Mindy, it starts re-airing THIS SUNDAY!! 10pm!! It will be weird to watch with commercials. They also must have put in some Fbombs and boobies for NEtFlix, that couldn't be on AMC

Breaking Bad baby! The end of Season 3 is awesome.

My2Cents2 said...

Ditto LindaV.
On every account, especially the stupid Wyndemere storyline that I hope 'wraps' faster than its debut!

RH, JMB STOLE the show on MOnday.

My2Cents2 said...

Carly!!!!!! I found Jax....!!
This is what I think happened!
I think Jax was in Hawaii because you heard You & Jos were chasing Jason & Sam. STILL.
Hurry back to Hawaii!! Bring him back to you! HURRY!
I HATE this new Carly.

My2Cents2 said...

sorry, because HE heard you were in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

When is Kirsten Storms coming back as Maxie? Was it really endometriosis that has her away?

My2Cents2 said...

Who knows anymore. I did believe she was sick in the beginning,but there is no update on a return date. She also bailed out of DS half way thru. Can't figure it out why no statement or updates.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that strange? Normally there is an update...

My2Cents2 said...


LindaV said...

I really miss Kirsten. That disease is very serious so who knows if she will ever be able to work again. I hope so. Hasn't it been at least 3 months already?
I wish Jax was back with Carly - they were the perfect match to me. Not that he deserved her crap either, but they do have a child together and had great chemistry.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually enjoying the LIW/Wyndamere thing. It's something different and I want to find out what the deal is. And I like Ethan, so that probably has something to do with it...

Chris said...

Cool, that was my post to NLG on her Facebook page about Danny DeVito being Sam's dad, and explaining why Sam is so short compared to Alexis.