Thursday, December 1, 2011

What A Day in Soap Land!!

Phew...Twitter blew the hell up!! LOL Everyone wants this or that for GH--with a dash of OLTL cast coming in.  Word has them coming in January. That means the changes should kick in Feb. Sweeps. Can you wait it out?? Frons is 'ALL HAPPY' about this change. What a liar. He doesn't care. GH is probably cancelled anyway. I'm still upset OLTL isn't coming online. This is the next best thing though. My fave head writer headlining my show. wow. Can't quite grasp it.
WOLF and Altman will stay on the show, script writers. 

One Life To Live today: Didn't see much because I was busy on twitter. LOL... I know that Todd is finding out that stupid Jack may have set the fire.

GH: I just hope they bring some of Llanview over. We'll have months to speculate on  what's  going to happen! Many people want to know if JJ will stay now...I think Kim is gone to direct. I'd love for Nora and Bo and Tea to come over to Port Charles. Destiny and the Evans...*sigh*...I have a long list. Infact, I'd rather have some GH people move to Llandview!!
I'd love for GH  to go out in Boardwalk  Empire, Breaking Bad and other great cable shows do. People die all over in shocking ways. If it's leaving make it a bang-up. Then, have Luke/Laura dance in Wyndams. 

Molly and Alexis-- too cute.  "I don't need a man, I need a nap"  Alexis speaks my language!!

SKate boring boring ...they've been coming in and out of that hotel room for eons.  Not showing us anything they do! They went out, came back, changed clothes, went out, came back, changed and talked about where they went..for DAYS NOW!!!! ahahhaaaa.  killed me.

Wyndemere IS SO BAD! ahahhhaa..bare feet all over!!!


Melodybluez said...

Not to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I am not feeling any more confident about the future of GH because of all these shake ups and changes. The main dude, Frons, is still in charge and he wants the soaps gone...and gone they all will be. It's hard to keep positive when the idiots in charge have basically been lying to the viewers for ions now.

GH is all over the place. They have so many storylines going now...

Who killed Lisa?
Franco Freaky Frenzy
Robin's illness/exit
Possible serial killer
Wydemere/Lady in White
Sonny and Kate
Dr. Steve's Memphis secrets
Lucky's exit

I probably forgot some in the list, but those are the main ones I could think of!

Maybe, just maybe the writing will improve if we have some OLTL people on board, but will it be done to save the show? Nah...don't think so. It'll be done to give it a swan song, like the two soaps before GH that have hit the chopping block. Raven's been pretty right on with all she's said months ago and she's said the writing's been on the wall for GH for a long time now...the viewers just aren't being told about it.

In any case...Another weird day on GH.

So, where'd Matt go to?

The Metro Court doesn't look too busy...reminds me of the hotel in The Shining. But, then, GH reminded me of Haddonfield Hospital in Halloween II yesterday. Patrick bought Emma in and the place looked like a ghost town! I am not sure where all of this Franco stuff is going, but hopefully it'll go somewhere worth watching and not be like JF's last few visits to GH. My feeling is it will all culminate with a visit from the stork for Jasam.

I just cannot get on board with most of these newbie's they have on the show. None of them are likable. Delores...well, the only good thing about her being there was we got to see Johnny shirtless. (JZ? Where the heck did that come from? I barely knew he was a strip club owner like Sonny used to be...they just seemed to throw that in randomly a while back.) Beyond that, I could do without her. She's now Dante's new partner. Guess he needs one with Lucky going. Uh Oh...Lulu, you have yet another problem. Married or not, and I believe she did say she was married, Delores is probably going to be "insert a third party" for Dante and Lulu. That'll send her running for the bottle more than they have her doing now.

I turned the channel to a Queen concert each time Sonny and Kate came on...I just want to nap during their scenes. At least the music kept me awake!

Spinelli's going around town with a basketball, like Ethan was walking around town with a painting. I really hate the idea of potentially making Spin a killer. With the brain issues, they could make it that he doesn't recall what he does, but it is such a shame to see him go out like that. I found the character to be a pain in the pajamas sometimes, but I liked him for the most part and like the actor.

I think we finally find out who is barefootin' it around Wyndemere tomorrow. Poor Molly put herself in the wrong place at the wrong time in search of romance.

I see Robin had lab results. I think she'll be replaced as chief of staff, from her talk with Monica. That is all happening so fast!

Was nice to see a few more characters today...Alexis/Mac and also Max and Milo. I was not sure why Mac was running off all the motives for people maybe wanting to kill Lisa. Maxie? Why would she want to kill Lisa? Robin being the killer would be a "fatal attraction" ending where the wife gets the last word. I'd really prefer they didn't kill Robin off, as others have said.

The new powers that be headed to Port Chuck have one heck of a challenge on their hands! I am interested to see what they'll do with it!

kdmask said...

Queen Concert! yeah!! ;)
I hear you-- you know me, I'm a cynic but at least I know I love Ron's work!

My2Cents2 said...

Karen, first I want to say I hope you are sending your 'ideas' to the powers to be. You really know all our hearts and minds, and can express it so well. That would be such a tribute to save the soaps on your end. lol

GREAT news with the 'behind' the scenes people coming to GH. Its a win win situation for us. If GH is cancelled, which in all likelihood it is, then at least we get great storylines to wrap up this show and this show's history.
Or...(I doubt this) This is a FINAL attempt to save GH.

My2Cents2 said...

The GOOD, BAD & UGLY today.

The Good: Uncle Mac, Alexis, John, Max & Milo.

The Bad: Everything else.

The Ugly: What a PIG to write a show with all cameras on a man's crotch and shirtless body. BELCH!
Robin about to get fired??
Are we suppose to think now that Matt is the the serial killer??
I can't wait for Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza to make their exit.
OLTL...tell me I am having hearing problems. Did Gnat say the word honest today? She is mad at Jawn for not being honest?? YIKES!!!!
This coming from a trouble maker since she came to town with one lie after another??
Nah...It has to be my hearing....

sonya said...

Johnny and Mulva: Hahahaha great scene. :) He still flirts with her and he took off his shirt YUM! He asks her if she has a boyfriend. :) Come on Mulva yell at him! :) Show some fire!

The hospital: Matt cancelled all his counseltations at 3 am? HUH??!! What is going on with Matt? Monica is there?!!?!?! Why is she working? Isn't it still Thanksgiving? She should be home resinging the thanksgiving song and eating!!!!! BAH! There is a meeting that Monica was in about Robin! Patrick is acting funny too.

Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Sam and Jason: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Metro court: Oh come on Shawn! You should know Carly by now. She doesn't listen to anybody but Jason. Max and Milo! ROFL! Trying to be all scary hahahahaha!

Alexis and Molly: They are back home!!! :) Mac shows up needing Alexis's help for Robin and Maxie! Mac thinks they made need a lawyer. Sounds like the actress playing Molly has a cold.

Wyndemere: Uh. So the man in white is walking around with a candle. Be careful don't burn your chest! :) So now he is sitting and asleep? Woman in white walks up to him and grabs the book and puts in on the table and walks away quickly. Man in white wakes up? I'm so confused. Later Molly shows up oh oh! :) I like Molly there. Damn too bad Stefan is dead. :(

My2Cents2 said...

Awwwww Great send off for Brody today. So much better than turning him into a pyscho.
I actually liked Gnat when she went to see him!!

Anonymous said...

Great now we have two mouth-breathing shut-ins recapping.

Anonymous said...

GH is still going to be off the air soon, but hopefully with a new regime it will end on a high note rather than the dismal mess it's been the last decade.

Adora said...

"Great now we have two mouth-breathing shut-ins recapping."

WTF? What is "mouth-breathing" even supposed to mean? Honestly, at least people are contributing something about the damn show. That IS what this blog is about, if I'm not mistaken. Calling people nonsensical names while hiding behind a computer screen is really just an insulting waste of every reader's time.

The best part of this whole week for me has been Robin and Mac, but it's been soured by the fact that everyone keeps discussing a Thanksgiving none of us got to see! If they bring it up one more time, and I am sure they will, my head might very well explode. It looks to be Robin's last Thanksgiving, no matter what may be to come. Why on EARTH can't they just shut up about it if it wasn't even filmed - which right now is the only explanation I can think of for not showing it. Getting everyone together would have been too expensive to cut, I would think.

Matt said...

One idea they could do, would be one big last event. Such as the last evil attempt of the cassidines. Then, following that would be the follow -up at the hospital, some characters die, some have miracles and survive. And then to lighten the spirit, they would bring back the nurses ball.
One idea for a crazy plot twist, would be if Helena in her last few moments from dying,that she amits to Luke, that she hates herself for having feelings for Luke! Showing that not only she hated Luke, but she fell for his Charm!

Cosmoetica said...

That the OLTL team is coming is good. recall the late 80s, early 90s was a bad period and then things turned around with the Scotty-Dom and BJ death arcs. It CAN and HAS been done, so there is hope.

Anonymous said...

If GH gets cancelled they ought to do what "Little House on the Prairie" did. So their town wouldn't get in the hands of the bad guys,they blew it up. That would be a cool way for GH to end. Blow up Port Charles.

My2Cents2 said...

Adora..the person who hides behind 'Anon' makes no sense and shows their ignorance. She is only trying to get attention.
Don't play into it. I know who she is, and she lives to start trouble.
How sad is that to live a life like that??

Robin & Mac scenes by far were the best of the week.

Last time I was this happy about a new writing team, Wolfie showed up.
Look what happened with that! lol

LindaV said...

I agree the best of yesterday was Mac, Molly, Alexis, shirtless John and Max/Milo. Mulva needs a new hairstyle - that ponitail looks painful and it isn't flattering. I absolutely cannot watch one second of Sonny and Kate. No wonder MB is plugging his scenes with Kelly S.-they are sleep inducing. And I don't want to see the regurgitation of his life in Bensonhurst-been there, done that. The comings and goings in Windemere are idiotic. Are those two white-clad individuals a couple, aware of each other's existence or who even cares?

Melodybluez, Maxie is a viable suspect because she was held captive and terrorized by Lisa in the hospital when Spinelli was shot.

As far as the new writers goes, looks like Wolfie was just there until they could get some real talent. I don't watch OLTL but I don't want to see cast members brought over. All the talent, great writing and producing there was not enough to save that show, although I wouldn't mind some of the newbies on GH replaced.

James. said...

I like the mystery at Wyndamere. Even if it's new people. It could have something to do with the history of the show.

My2Cents2 said...

Shirtless Johnny...YUMMY!

I am surprised they have aged Molly yet. Maybe they just wanted a new Kristina with BIG BOOBS?

Wyndemere looks stupid.