Monday, December 19, 2011

Fraternity Row Hysterics...OLTL is a KEEPER!

We have a new LUSH store here and it's SOAPY HEAVEN!! Have you ever seen or heard of it? They have giant bath bombs and really fun handmade soaps.

One Life To Live --Doing Fraternity Row: CLINT and Vicky are the help!! LMAO.... OMG, I so love this!! I laughed so hard--- Wubby Hubby was like WTF!! "You are having too much fun"!!
Tea's accent.... AND PLAYING WITH HER BOOBS!! ahahaaa.Wait until you SEE JOHN as a preppy tennis player. There are so many surprises!! The "real" Todd-- pffffffffft.  Dani "We need a Dah-Nah" test!! And "M. Povich" on the DNA pocket.
My belly hurt. Still hurts. Joyful at it's best. Thank you writers!


GENERAL HOSPITAL:  HOUSE of Pain again. They are getting a lot of usage out of that stoop in "Bensonhurst". Kate decorated all nice for Sonny. All of these Bensonhurst memories are just ... TOO MUCH.
Sam and Michael are good together. They are alone too much but I can still deal with them. Shawn is so undercover. He's Greg Morris from Mission Impossible. 
Scrubs-- would Robin leave before Christmas? It's just too weird. 

Ok, I'm not watching any more today as my negativity is just all over the place on this show today. Sorry.  
Liz in Shadybrook...UGH.



  1. and Nigel, dont forget Nigel

    who looked great by the way!!!

  2. OLTL was hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Todd in a mullet! Nigel as a woman! Roxy's character slept with three men! ROFL! Love the show today!!!


    Sonny and Kate: Sonny's scenes were great! I wish it was someone else with him other than Kate. It's great that his childhood home is going to be a woman's shelter! :)

    Sonny's office: Wow! What's with the men in masks? ROFL! Mugger hit men! ROFL!

    Sam and Michael: Great scene!!! And look Jason is listening in!! So Jason, now that you heard that Sam can't talk to you because you are so angry and have a lot of guilt, are you FINALLY going to get yourself checked out?!

    Carly and Jason: Jarly scene YAY!

    Patrick and Robin: Come on Robin tell Patrick the truth!!

    Robin and Matt: Woah! That was a great speech!!!! GO ROBIN!!! Poor Matt. :(

    Liz, Lucky, and Matt: Go Matt!!! :) You are soooo in love with Liz!! :)

    Liz and Ewen: Hmmm his room went from painting central to his office ROFL!

  3. I guess I don't see things like most people. I thought todays episode of OLTL was so stupid I turned on "Days of Our Lives" I hate slap stick comedy and this episode made everyone look so foolish. Maybe I am just preparing for January when OLTL goes away.

  4. It's true Nathan Parsons out According to GH Happenings. Will the Lady In White be out?

  5. There was a tweet about it, I tried calling today to verify. No OFFICIAL word yet. But looks like it's probably true

  6. PS. about OLTL, I found it so fun and just a poke at the people that think Soaps are stupid. They aren't doing it every day and we got to see some really fun acting from the cast.

  7. Don't forget about the "Mazda" brothers...LMAO! I love OLTL!

  8. KD Poke all you want but please get it straight. I don't think soaps are stupid. I said I thought this EPISODE was stupid. I am a firm believer that everyone has a right to their thoughts but really object when they read something and then change the meaning.

  9. I also didn't care for the episode today on OLTL and FF thru it until the end. It was bitter/sweet to see David & Roxie hand in hand walking out the empty set.
    For that, I applaud the episode.

    Why is Ewan painting in his office?
    S T R A N G E
    I will say, I think him and Liz are adorable together.
    Liz is so excited about going home with Lucky. She has to realize they will always be a family, but that doesn't mean he is comming back to her. For now, her manipulaion worked. She is in for a surprise since he is leaving. I don't think she will cry over Lucky too long.

    Remind me never to be a patient when Dr Matt is on duty. YIKES is he unprofessional and LOUD!

    Why doesn't Patrick put 2+2 together? Is he really that dumb?

    Nice we finally get to see Bernie and he gets shot!!
    Karen, I have to agree, Shawn is reeking like an undercover agent. This could get good! Once he gets over his anxiety attacks!

    FF thru Sonny & Kate. B O R I N G

    I want the rape story to go away.
    I want Franco dead.
    I want Pajama lady gone.

    I want Carly back.
    I want Jax back forever.
    Michael needs to get healthy.
    GEEZ its Christmas! Hanukkah!
    A New Year beginning!!
    ENOUGH of this crap!

  10. Oh think Matt is in love with Liz??
    They only know one another professionally. I want happiness for Matt.
    Not sure if he is in love with Liz though.

    I'm still in love with Johnny though. lol

  11. Ruh roh. LLC on Twitter, talking about some soup she made:

    lisalocicerogh lisa locicero
    And if my husband should comment that he notices the lack of coriander in this batch, I will simply accuse him of being gay. Problem solved.

    No, problem not solved. Problem just beginning.

  12. My2Cents2 said...I want Pajama lady gone.
    Who is pajama lady? :)

    Oh think Matt is in love with Liz?? WHY?They only know one another professionally. I want happiness for Matt. Not sure if he is in love with Liz though.
    Because of the way Matt is acting! Even Lucky thinks Matt is in love with Liz! :)

    I'm still in love with Johnny though. lol
    Hahaha I love Johnny too! :)

  13. Sonya you are a romantic!
    Love takes time to build! I am sure there is an attraction, or rather Liz is nicer to him than ditzy Maxie.

    Pajama lady is the women in white at Wyndemere. Totally senseless.

    So anyone know did Nathan quit or was he asked to leave??

  14. I didn't see GH today. But, I will say, I liked 2 Cent's "I want..." list! I'd like a lot of the same things!

    I read Lisa LC's comment. I think she was being funny. I swear Twitter and Facebook may spell the death of some people though...or their marriages, reps, and/or careers! When someone makes a comment, it's in black and white; we don't hear the voice or see the face to know how a comment was actually intended. In some cases, those social networking sites have cost people jobs and marriages. We have politicians posted obscene photos of themselves and teachers voicing opinions which get them into trouble. I guess those sites ought to come with "Post at Your Own Risk" as a caveat!

  15. Anon..I wasn't being nasty to you, I was saying why I liked OLTL that's all. Plenty of people didn't like it. (As I saw on twitter!!)

  16. Just got finished watching GH (waiting for my husband to complete a late shift at work tonight) and a few things were exciting...Bernie getting shot (Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good old fashioned mob ambush!), the Doc. Ewan reveal (They couldn't have found him another office of some sort? I guess Shadybrook is rather unpopulated, so using a patient room worked!) and Sam and Michael's least she's talking, though she should be talking to a professional. Too many people on this show blame themselves for things out of their control. You were drugged, Sam...the situation was out of your control.

    Um...did no one think to tell Carly that Abby, her son's girlfriend, is dead? That'll become another "Why didn't you tell me!" thing for Carly to explode about, I guess!

    I felt so sorry for Matt...the poor guy always seems to get pushed aside by women he likes!

    Is Robin leaving before Christmas? I guess not. I thought she wanted to have one final, great Christmas for Emma and Patrick. I don't like that she's not telling just seems very unfair. I know she wants to save her family the heartbreak of her perhaps dying, but just seems wrong.

    Liz/ painful to watch. I have a feeling it'll be "Let's give the boys a great holiday, then, see ya!" Will Lucky tell her it was Maxie who did the decorating?

    Skate...Very sweet and festive, but sorry...Just not interested.

    Kate, Liz and Lulu all personify what I've come to dislike about the way the parting GH staff handles women. All of them are compromising themselves for a man who doesn't deserve it. Kate...why would this woman even tell Sonny the time? She was tossed aside like kitty litter when Brenda came to town. Now, she's Sonny's savior. Liz and Lucky have both done things to hurt each other, but you cannot fix something that just does not work. Lulu and Dante...I cannot believe they are going through with a marriage. And, at Ground Zero...a site where a lot of officers lost their lives in the line of duty. Nice reminder for Lulu...that'll make her feel better about the marriage!

    I think like some viewers, the show is coasting for now until we see what 2012 brings!

  17. Re Nathan Parsons, another slap in the face from TIIC. First, they bring on newbies, WHICH WE DON'T WANT, WE WANT OUR VETS!! But, they bring on the newbies anyway, and, of course, we get to like/love some of them, after all, all the actors were newbies once! Then, after we get attached, they fire the person!! Let us count the ways that TIIC are TRYING to hurt us and make us angry. . . .

    Karen, yes, I know about LUSH, it's been in NYC for several years, and they have a great web site.

    Re Shawn, if he is an undercover, then I think maybe he's faking the anxiety attacks--they can give him an excuse for not killing or hurting anyone even though he is a bodyguard/mob enforcer--he'll just get too freaked out.

  18. Melody...isn't that the Hanukkah spirit for Bernie to get shot?? I remember past Hanukkahs where we watched Bernie celebrate his holiday. Now we see him getting shot. How dark can this show go??

    Comment about Kate, Liz & Lulu.
    Kate from 3 years ago would NEVER give Sonny the time of day. It has nothing to do with the actress, but rather the writing. LOVE both actors, however I FF every scene of them. This isn't Kate Howard.

    Liz is going to be hurt a little. She should understand that Lucky made what he wants clear to her, however they share a family. They should all be together for the Holiday. Liz don't suffer long. She will be into someone else real soon. Trust me. We are talking Liz here.

    Lulu and ground zero. All I have to say is that when I heard they were visiting ground zero it for me was very emotional.
    Unless they write her to accept Dante's job by showing respect to those who lost their lives, it will be below tacky. Would GH use a tradegy like 9/11 for ratings?
    Hopefully Lulu will come to terms that there are hero's in this world. And not all in the form on sports, or notible occupations.. Some are dangerous. And those are the real heros.

    Nah Robin isn't leaving until February. Her story is just beginning.

    Nobody told Carly about Michael, which I can understand! Who needs her drama when Michael needs consoling??

    On my list of things I want to go away, I forgot to mention Maggie.
    She isn't working for me in the least. She looks and walks like Tams, yet she is another Lisa in the making. Don't like any of it.

    I will say, tptb from OLTL will do wonders with this show if it is sticking around.
    Lets be patient!

  19. Its late, but I have to say one more thing, just watched OLTL again, at the end, when David took Roxie's hand and was so sweet to her, it really got to me, again, it was not David and Roxie, it was Tuc Watkins and Ilene Kristen saying good-bye to us..

  20. I AGREE Hope/Soapbabie....that part, whether you liked the show yesterday or not was CLASS and GRATITUDE. LOVED it!

  21. Can't watch SOnny and Kate. If that house was really vacant for so long it would be crawling with vermin, dirty and disgusting. And does no one else live on that block? I also was wondering why Jason didn't tell Carly what was going on with Michael. Love seeing Lucky smile for a change - I so dread seeing JJ leave. I really like Matt and think his quirky dialogue/personality are well written and well acted by JC. Bravo to the lovely Becky for having Liz go without makeup during her hospital and SB stay. Can't believe they bring Bernie back to get shot. Happy Chanukkah to all!


    I don't think JMB is leaving. jmo.
    Luke, Sonny, Jason & Carly will be on the show until the final curtain call. Or the FAT LADY sings.

    Concentrate on Spencers? What Spencers? Jake is dead, Lucky is leaving and Luke is OFF half the year. Who is left?
    Isn't Ethan Roberts son? lol

    Less is More. Let's hope that tptb feel the same way and clean house thoroughly, and utilize the talent they currently have.
    Oh yea, bring Ric Lansing back.
    He could only ADD to the show!

  23. Hope said it best - the OLTL ending was so sweet.

  24. My2Cents2 said...Sonya you are a romantic!
    ROFL! Yeah. :)

    Love takes time to build!
    Oh yes it sure does! :)

    I am sure there is an attraction, or rather Liz is nicer to him than ditzy Maxie.
    Matt should dump Maxie!!!

    Pajama lady is the women in white at Wyndemere. Totally senseless.
    Hahahahaha ohhh you call her pajama lady! ROFL! Too funny. :)

  25. Sonya...I only hope when Ethan leaves, pajama women leaves with him. IF they even continue with that icky storyline.


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