Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When Your Blog is WAY More Interesting than the Soap!

Oh my gosh...LOL... come on now,  it is a bit comical to read through yesterday's comments. I'm not picking them apart to delete any so--there it is. Blogger has tracking stuff on it (and deeper stats if you want them) so I suppose I could look up everyone's addy-- but come on, it's way too fun to watch. 

GH is dull as dirt, I can't even get through the whole show, so I understand why people would want to snipe at each other--why bother talking about GH?!! 

I have a few options: 
*I can turn off the Anonomys sign ins. I leave that up because some people don't have accounts that hook into Blogger. It also helps when the Google sign-ins go haywire. 
*I can "preview" each post before I hit "publish (that's when it says "your post is awaiting moderation"). Who am I kidding? I don't have time to monitor posts. 
*I could have  that captcha thing where you have to duplicate the letters before posting. I hate those on other blogs I post on and they are mostly to keep the spam away. 

I do have a question: If I don't mind people posting multiple times or having conversations, why should anyone else? It's very easy to skip comments you know you won't like. I don't have a message board (can you guess why??) so this is kind of used as that. Plus, 99% of the 'conversations' have  to do with the show...ergo, they are fine.  I don't even care if you talk about your other stuff either. I do care about other posters telling other posters what to post and how to post it.

I probably should just be like the "bigger blogs" and ignore all the comments. But you know me too well, can't keep my keyboard shut!!  So, play away-- just try to be kind to each other, life's damn short. 

OK! That's it for the lecture!! Today it's POURING RAIN here in Rochester, which for us is the exact opposite of what we usually get this time of year. No one knows what to do. LOL. If it was snow coming down, it  would be a blizzard for sure. Getting my hair done later, maybe I'll stumble in for GH. I'll at least leave a post up where you can all frolic!
PS. I missed the Maxie/Liz cat  fight yesterday? Dang!!


  1. It wasn't a catfight, it was more of the same "someone badgers Liz, as she sits and takes it." I was disappointed, but not surprised. Here's hoping we can get a more feisty, take charge Liz in the new year... of course after Lucky leaves.

  2. Dang when People said "cat fight" I thought they meant drag out fight!! with slappin'!!
    oh wellll.
    the way they are writing Liz is criminal, imo. Just plain stupid.

  3. it seems that Liz has been the victim for too long, its like the actress is being punished....

  4. Yeah, I got a good chuckle out of it too. But after a while it became a bit sad. That My2Cents chick needs to learn to ignore the negative comments made towards her, because she obviously does not know how to handle it well.

    Also, why don't the anons just write their name in when leaving a comment? Like I'm doing. That could help with confusion too.

  5. Indeed, but I guess we can give them that they're pretty consistent? LOL... even w/ two different headwriters, more of the same criminal writing.

    Maxie barges into Liz's house while Lucky left for a second, yells at Liz for faking a breakdown to get Lucky's attention (as Liz stumbles and stutters on words), Lucky shows back up (overhearing everything) and tells Maxie to leave, tells Liz he can't believe she would play him like that, and then he leaves. Blah.

    THAT was the catfight lol.

  6. They've made Liz destructive for too long, let alone the victim. It just doesn't make any sense. She's the fall guy, scapegoat, punching bag, whipping-post, etc. If there's a crisis or bad event, somehow someway you can assure Liz is the pathetic culprit. There's no balance. They've systematically made Liz unbearably sad, pathetic, and depressing since '07. I'm tired of it.

    There was a time I could make a defense for the character and her complicated well-meaningness, per the writer's genius, not everything was exactly what we seemed. But now? They don't even try to mask their dislike for the character. It pisses me off. I've been a Liz fan since '97, I WAS SEVEN. I took an active role in trying to get her job back... for this?? I now rather they'd killed her off.

    I won't even get started on what JJ's return meant for Liz's character. I've NEVER seen Liz this pathetic and miserable w/ anyone else. But I'll leave it there, I like JJ...

    Sorry Karen for the rambling.

  7. 'I do have a question: If I don't mind people posting multiple times or having conversations, why should anyone else? It's very easy to skip comments you know you won't like.'
    From the amount of personal emails I received last night, more people read posts than write them here. It wasn't until I got the emails last night did I realize how much some people enjoy my posts and are 'outraged' by Tealita statements.
    Tealita is mentally disturbed. She is obsessed with me where she has taken to hacking an old computer of mine. This may be entertaining for you Karen because it draws hits to your blog. The Police have been involved for the past 2-3 weeks with this person. I personally have enough 'drama' in my life right now that I don't need to deal with it on a blog that I enjoy coming to and relaxing.
    How you could allow someone to make a statement about cutting open Jossie as entertainment on here is beyond belief. I understand you get credit for these 'hits' the pages take, but one should draw the line somewhere.
    When someone starts talking about my terminally ill mother as a defense, and that is allowed, is also questionable about standards here.

    For me to play into a mental disease, I am no better than Tealita.
    The police were notified this morning. The Police did inform me, if you chose to, you have the power to eliminate anyone from posting with their IP address.
    With the proof of her hacking my old account, there really is enough for a charge right now. However, the police, want more. Because of that they are tracking her IP address.
    Like the police told me, she will SLIP. And they will get her. They are following all her activity. Not just on this blog.

    I will not respond to her ignorance anylonger, and give hits to this blog on my watch.
    She WILL slip. All on her own. And in the meantime Karen, you are winning!

    I am done with this subject.

  8. '2cents chick here'

    Mel..I should have ignored the posts. I agree. The people who private messaged me said as much to me. What you don't understand is, this is not an argument over Liz or whomever. This 'wacko' has hacked my ip address acount. She is everywhere. The police had to be brought in.
    The Police told me this morning to let them do their job. She will slip up.

    Glad I could entertain all of you though!

  9. Wow - I am new to posting and reading comments on this blog, and from what I have read in the last two days I'm afraid that the spirit and intent of the talented individual who writes this blog is being lost. If one truly believes they are being harassed and that they are the victim of any crime, perhaps the best thing is to do is not engage the supposed perpetrator. More often than not, bullies and individuals who love the the "drama" will get bored when they are not receiving the attention they are craving and they will move on. I cannot speak for others, but I for one just wish everyone would move on and not turn a very enjoyable blog into their own person flame war.

    Neve M.

  10. I am one of the people who has recently pretty much stopped posting. I still read the blog everyday,but more often than not skip the comments. I stopped because of all the petty arguing and back biting that has gone on in the recent past. My reason for not posting has nothing to do with how often one person posts, but rather the overall tone of the posts. If somebody wants to post 40 times, go ahead, just keep it civil please.

  11. I hoping that now with the new team starting that JJ will be back, and that Liz and all the other actors will be written true to character.

  12. Hi Neve and Welcome!

    Nice post and you are correct with every word. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    Up until yesterday, this was a civil blog. Besides being a blog about soaps, it was personal as well. Kind people here. For the most part.

    For those of you who skip posts that bother you, thank you.
    That is what I 'usually' do too.
    I NEVER read a Anon post unless they sign their name.
    Not everyone is going to like everyone in life or on a blog, so the best thing to do is pass up the posts that bother you.

    Your choice if you find a few people who enjoy corresponding back and forth and you chose to do so with them. I do.
    If it bothers people, then perhaps they are on the wrong blog.

    (NOT saying to leave either!)

    My only thing, is this is a police matter. It is personal. Nothing funny or entertaining about any of this. Sorry Karen.....

  13. I so agree, Karen. The way they write Liz is plain awful. No sense to it. She was a lovely, artistic, fresh-faced, young heroine for the show, then Guza got to making her look loose (one night stands) and somehow pathetic. She wasn't that for years, but now....

    I've always liked her, liked her with JJ and Lucky; she should be the show's young leading lady, but they sabotage her at every turn. Obviously Guza preferred nasty bitchy Carly for a leading lady and slimy, criminal Sonny for a leading man. Gave us no one to root for, and now they continue to mess with Liz's root-ability...

  14. I want GH to be my favorite show! It's gotten so boring!! I switched to OLTL thanks to Karen (I used to watch back in the days!) and thanks to RH coming back, I tuned back in and it's become my can't miss show!

    Get on with Jason's story. It's like make a decision and go with it! Don't leave us hanging. Sonny and Kate, I do like the new Kate, but this story took so long I don't really care!

    Okay, on to other news, o.m.g. I have been coming to this blog for years. I stopped posting comments, because I had trouble signing in and it was just a pain. But I come here almost every day. I tend not to read comments, but sometimes I like to read what people think of certain storylines, and it's hard to sift through all this non-sense. We get it. Now get over it. Deal with it privately, don't post it over and over again. Hopefully everything will work out as it should. Nobody should be mean to another person or cause another harm. I would choose to ignore. Those are my 2 cents.

  15. lol Andrea......!!

    I for one believe GH will be making some awesome changes by next month!! I know I said that about Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza at one time, but this time we have proof we are getting new head writers as well as Frons has been 'flushed' down the toilet!!

  16. I had high hopes too. And I really don't mind the gangster stuff. I actually jumped out of my chair when they shot Benny because I wasn't expecting. I like that. But move on with the storyline. Geez!

  17. Just wanted to add that I agree with what everyone has said about Liz and the writting for her. Hopefully the new writting team can lighten up on her and actually write a good storyline that doesn't make her the doormat for everyone else to walk on!


  18. Hahahaha Karen your blog is soapy goodness!!!! ROFL!

  19. I love to read this blog and I always enjoy reading the comments. But I must admit it is disinteresting when comments turn to unrelated topics or conversations between posters.... sometimes it turns me off from reading comments further, but mostly I just skip.

  20. I hate what these writers have done to Liz. She was one of my favorite characters when I first started watching. Liz and Lucky were my first shipped romance. I still remember watching their first kiss in front of the box car. The thing that makes me angriest is what they did to Lucky. I LOVED him when I was a kid, and when he was 'killed' off I cried, something that I didn't/don't do very often when it comes to a television show. I was so excited when I heard that JJ would be back as Lucky, but now I wish they never brought him back. If they no longer wanted Greg Vaughn, they should have fired him and killed off the character. It would have been more humane than what they have given us since bringing JJ back.