Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fake Snow On Soaps....

TMZ reports that 'Dr. Jeff  Webber" aka MacGiver aka Richard Dean Anderson broke down on the Malibu Highway and ordered a tow-truck. I had heard before the switch they were talking about bringing him back to GH. I wish it was so!

I wish I could invent snow that looks like REAL SNOW for TV. Geeeeesh. We need it!! OLTL looked like coconut flakes today! LOL...
Sorry...but Charlie, and then even Kimmy with Clint. I love Clint and Vicki but Kim is just a riot. Gigi's finally having flashbacks. THANK GAWD. hurry up already!!

JPL was totally out of Ritalin today. LMAO. He was Mr.Hyper. 
Cat Fight in ANGEL SQUARE!! They took their earrings off...heh. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Liz checked in to Shadybrook 'until she forgets about Lucky"-- AT CHRISTMAS TIME?????? Uh..no. not even Liz would do that lol. By the way, they are writing her so badly. ugh.
Robin and Jason, I'm glad they remembered they were friends and have a past! He was fuging during their talk. SHE KNOWS something's wrong!! Of course, Robin went to him for help and he's thinking about Franco.  heh. Robin thinks Lisa replaced her meds long enough to up her viral load. Interesting. and..told ya so! I'm really not sure Robin would just ditch her family like that though. It's like Pam on Dallas.
Dolores and Dante...please don't let this happen. Thanks. And now she's out of her uniform all of a sudden. Note she was on the phone to her 'construction worker' hubby who's 'out of town'..and it sounded to Michael like Abby was at a 'construction site' that collapsed? DOT to DOT! 
Patrick talked to Maggie all show about Christmas presents for Emma and Robin? 

TWEET of the Day: @mgicchick: If Maggie turns out to be Lisas sister I need them to have a brother name Bart. lol


  1. Jason and Robin: Great scene!! What is wrong with Jason?! He spaces out and can't hear anything?!!?! Robin's viral load is low. :(

    Michael: Oh oh Abby is hurt!!! Oh Karen I didn't even put two and two together about Mulva's construction worker hubby and Abby being at the construction site!!!! Do you think Mulva's hubby died too?

    Mulva: Hmmm so she might not see her hubby for Christmas. The mystery hubby!! Time to divorce the mystery hubby!

    Lucky and Liz: :( Sad scene. :( She is in Shadybrooke now. :(

    Patrick and Maggie: Zzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Heading home to watch GH. I did catch that snow falling so beautifully on OLTL. And baby had no hat on in his stroller! In real snow, one can't push a stroller thru snow.
    I am enjoying this show soo much. It is bringing comfort to me.

    I do wish it would snow here too.

    WOW did Shane grow up on the show!

  3. I enjoyed OLTL soooo much today and loved Kimmys fight at the end.......And My2Cents2 I noticed Shane grew up myself ....Im going to miss this show

  4. Oh Mama...I can't help but wonder if the writing was as fast in the past as it is now, would there even be a cancellation?

    Clint...YES! He is Vicki's man.
    LOVE how these storylines are moving! lol

  5. Can I ask why Liz is at Shadybrooke? I have to believe she is there to manipulate Lucky. Why is would she go?? Nothing wrong with her. She is angry. She has that right, without thinking she is looney.

    I can't stand LJ. LisaJr. YUCK!

    Sonya...Mulva's construction husband and Abbey?? OMG. Genious thinking. No I don't think he will die, but now you have me thinking there is a connection. I also don't trust Mulva. Sneeky.

    Jason & Robin scene, any scene with vets together is enjoyable.

  6. Didn't get a chance to watch today but from your recap I can see that their still writting crap for Liz so I didn't miss anything! smh


  7. My2Cents2 said...Sonya...Mulva's construction husband and Abbey?? OMG. Genious thinking.
    That is Karen's theory. :) Sounds really good. :)

  8. I must have missed that theory of Karen's. Too busy dealing with bullcrap on the one place I come to, to relax.
    Sorry Karen, I will go back and check out your theory. Then..I need to go to bed. Long bad day.

  9. OMG! RDA!! I just saw that Karen!

    He got old. So did I!

  10. Robin talking to Jason, so sad it almost broke my heart. Didn't realize Lisa actually has killed her if she did replace her meds. And I guess she doesn't want Patrick to know Lisa will be responsible for her death, as he would feel guilty FOREVER.

    Suddenly, everything seems to be moving in new directions. Liz in Shadybrook? Leaving her kids alone during holiday season? She got up from crying and looked like she was up to something, kinda reminded me of the old Liz, the bratty one that first came on the show. . . .

    What is Matt up to? Where is actual Maxie? We've had a nice break from screechy Carly and Cybourg Shawn, and Skate.

    Abby getting killed at a construction site? Random, or murder?

  11. Oh, and chem test with Patrick and Lisa Jr?

  12. Why would Liz check into Shadybrook? Where did she leave her children? How long can Gram watch them?? This writing doesn't make sense!

  13. AntJoan said...Oh, and chem test with Patrick and Lisa Jr?
    The chemistry between them is zzzzzzz.

  14. Tuesday's GH had some good conversations. A few characters are taking a "breather" from their situations.

    I liked Jason and Robin. Something's definitely up with him brain wise. Knowing at least one person who had a terminal disease, I get that Robin would want to spare her family going through what she did with watching Stone get sicker and sicker until he died, even though abandoning her family seems a bit extreme. The meds thing sort of makes sense because I do think it would be crucial for an HIV patient to faithfully take their cocktail of meds or else they could throw things off. Kind of like how antibiotics may not work if you take them, stop taking them, then take them again. In that case, developing a resistance to the drugs might be possible.

    Lucky and Liz, I found more painful to watch. Not too many people check into the looney bin to recover from a relationship. It's not like Liz has recently been acting all hysterical lately. It just smacks of an old Guza thing to stick a woman into Shadybrook when he really doesn't know what else to do.

    Dante and Mulva...I smell a problem here. Her hair went down and it's as though her demeanor also changed. It would be interesting if there was an Abby connection with Mulva's husband and Abby. I kept waiting for her to say that his latest job was in Chicago. I guess Abby is on her way out, as has been recently said.

    Patrick and Lisa Jr...not really interested. We had a Lisa and now a Maggie...where's Bart? :-)

    Matt and Maxie...not sure what's up with him. I think the story about doing something related to the paper he had published is a front. Maybe he was trying to get rid of some evidence, though, being that he was drunker than a skunk on the boat, I have a problem believing he had anything to do with offing Lisa. He could hardly stand up, much less attempt to kill someone.

    A Bensonhurst break was nice on Tuesday! Since our Thanksgiving episode was a bit of a downer last month, I keep wondering what they'll do for Christmas. Obviously, no reading of the Christmas story at GH, unless they surprise us. Some warm, fuzzy family moments would be nice!

  15. They show Shadybrooke like it is a hotel you can check in and out of. Of course no one else was around except the painter. Wouldn't Liz need a doctor to refer her? It's these non-well thought out scenarios that make me nuts. Mulva is looking very suspicious. I don't think she is all that great looking but she has beautiful hair. Hopefully she is a baddie, too, and won't be around very long. Lucky was a much better partner for Dante. Too much Lisa Jr., but never too much Patrick, LOL.

  16. Maybe I should go to Shadybrook if you don't need a Doc's recommendation!!!!!!! I certainly feel like I need to be there!

  17. My2Cents2 said...Maybe I should go to Shadybrook if you don't need a Doc's recommendation!!!!!!! I certainly feel like I need to be there!
    We can go together!! Let's go! We can go in your car. I ride shotgun! :)

  18. Sonya...we can be roomies. Comb each others hair and fight over that new Dr Ewan. YIKES was he sweet to look at.

    Which direction do you live? I hope West..lol

  19. My2Cents2 said...Sonya...we can be roomies. Comb each others hair and fight over that new Dr Ewan. YIKES was he sweet to look at.
    Haha he's okay. :) I love how Matt keeps showing up tho. :) Matt is yummy! :)

    Which direction do you live? I hope West..lol
    Hahaha I live in the East coast! :)

  20. Sonya if you live on the East Coast you will have to pick me up.
    I'm on the way West. lol

    I am liking the new Doc. Cutie. You can have Matt & I will go for Ewan..

    Don't forget to come pick me up!

  21. My2Cents2 said...Sonya if you live on the East Coast you will have to pick me up. I'm on the way West. lolI am liking the new Doc. Cutie. You can have Matt & I will go for Ewan..Don't forget to come pick me up!
    Hahaha I have to pick you up? Okay on my way! ROFL!


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