Thursday, December 29, 2011

"You Pissant"

Gigi calls stupid Jack a pissant. heh... YOU GO POST Coma GIGI!! It's been such a good few weeks on OLTL. Can't even stand thinking it's going to end. :HITTINGHEAD: OLTL on a bad day is Oscar material compared to GH on it's best lately.
Clint finding out Gigi was alive and clutching his chest like WHAT? Who's heart is this? what? !!! LOL

Man, Feb can't come soon enough!! IT's the DOG DAYS of Port Charles!!
Tracy and Lulu!! woot!!  love them. Lulu dropped her diamond in the sauce. And Lulu has the same cooking outfit on as yesterday, they totally edited that wrong. LOL. They were already done with dinner. Tracy didn't even know Lulu was married. :eyeroll:

The lady in white has a white sweater set!! Ahaha, and a closet somewhere. At least Molly and Alexis walked in. Then weren't on for half the damn show.

Carly lied RIGHT TO MICHAEL'S FACE. Right to his face. What a wench. I hate her more and more each day. They write her so terribly. Why were Carly and Michael in Jason's apt?  Then Carly and Sean were in there!! 
Michael heard Carly say Jax is alive, that was the only exciting nano second on today.

Geesh,  Can Maggie HAVE ENOUGH AIRTIME??? WTF@@!! she's the new Amy cause she's in everyone's biz. 

I think Dante had heartburn from Lulu's cooking. Heh.

We still don't know who Lucky saw in that graveyard. Not that I care...but... geesh.  
AND IF ANYONE BITCHES about me BITCHING about GH TODAY...sorrrrry but it was just REALLY REALLY BORING AND BAD all round!

GH PUPPET THEATER for the 2012 audition is HYSTERICAL!!


sonya said...

Wyndemere: The lady and white and Ethan is so boring!!! The note writing is so dull!!! Come on writers!!! Oh Alexis and Molly show up!!! WOAH MOLLY HAS A PICTURE ALBUM WITH STAVROS AND STEFAN IN THEM!!!!! :0 *Jumps up and down* I want more scenes with Molly and the picture album!!!!

Maggie and Liz: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Ewen and Liz: Zzzzzzzzz. Oh does she know Ewen saved her life? I think she is starting to realize.

Michael and Carly: Carly won't tell Michael that Jax is alive!!!! I want to see Jax badly!!

Shawn and Carly: They talk about Jax being alive and Michael overhears!!!! DOH! Michael is gonna be one pissed off boy!

Dante and Sonny: Damn I want Mike back!!! I want Mike to meet his grandson! Sonny worries about Dante. Sonny says you are not fine are you okay? ROFL! Who wrote that odd line? :) Sonny should have asked you are not fine what is wrong? :) Dante and his lungs! Did the doctors really take out half of his lung? Or does Dante have 1 lung? :)

Tracy and Lulu: Tracy thinks Luke gave her that diamond!! I think it's Papa Z! Oh oh now the diamond is in the sauce! ROFL! Yeah you are right Karen!! Lulu and Dante already had dinner!!! Why is Lulu cooking?! BAD EDITING!!!

Pink said...

Saying OLTL is Oscar material compared to GH is BULLSHIT! OLTL is a FUCKING JOKE and has the WORST actors on tv.The actress who plays Gigi is the WORST actress i have ever seen.So is the actor who plays Rex.Even the vets are not that good.GH may have bad writing but at least the actors can actually say their lines the right way.I HATE OLTL and am glad it was canceled.

Anonymous said...

Actually I don't have a problem with Carly not telling Micheal that Jax is alive because remember this is Micheal we're talking about. The first thing he would do is go tell Sonny and we all know Sonny wants Jax dead! I do have a problem with the spoilers saying Micheal goes off on Carly in front of everbody for keeping the truth a secret. I may catch slack for this but I'm tired of him disrespecting his mother I wish they would have her go off on him and slap the mess out of him in front of everyone. There were times where I didn't like what my mom did and she might have been wrong but if I would have talked to her the way Micheal talks to Carly I would have gotten knocked out!


kdmask said...

Geesh, Pink, I think I got it. LOL

Anonymous said...

Bitch away. The new regime cannot get here soon enough.

Mike said...

Pink, did you forget your meds today?

JPink said...

FYI Pink is not me JPink who posts here frequently. I love OLTL and will miss it dearly. I even think the Jack stuff has been good lately. He and Neila (sp?) had decent chemistry and he seemed his most natural with her. On GH, Ewan & Liz seem to have great chemistry. Hopefully, we'll get some steamy scenes! Love in the afternoon!

Punky said...

I get that GH is not what it was. I really hope they do fix it. I think that emotions are high because OLTL is going bye bye. Karen its your blog so you get to blog on. I just think that knowing things might change for the better there are better ways to express it. Oh well as I said your blog so blog on I still like reading it at times and your spoilers are the best.

kdmask said...

OH THERE are NEW SPOILERS UP by the way!!

Not really exciting ones... Olivia sees Maggie hug Steven. You know, boring stuff lol

mosbp2003 said...

good Lord Pink- how about some anger management classes?

Anonymous said...

The lady in white is the worst storyline ever. Ethan needs his best friend Kristina back! I did enjoy seeing the picture album with Stavros and Stefan -- now THAT is a storyline I want to see! Hopefully Molly will be flipping through that album very soon! YEAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes - the Wyndemere note writing is horrible. So she says she is noone -- okay -- as long as that is true in a couple weeks I will be a very happy fan.

And not to sound old-fashioned but lady, it's after Labor Day - time to put the white away. ha ha - maybe I'll write that to FV/RC -- no LIW after Labor Day! lol

Mamaspat Ole said...

I can share my prozac if you like Pink :))

sonya said...

kdmask said...OH THERE are NEW SPOILERS UP by the way!! Not really exciting ones... Olivia sees Maggie hug Steven. You know, boring stuff lol
ROFL! And also Jason almost kills Michael! But I'm sure Carly will forgive Jason. :)

Melodybluez said...

I think I watched GH in about 15 minutes or so FF through most of it.

The only good thing about the Wyndemere stuff was Alexis and Molly showing up...then they were gone! I am not sure what they plan to do with this storyline when and if Ethan exits. I thought I recall reading that Spinelli would get interested in Wydemere. Why not just kill the darn storyline altogether instead of inserting someone else in it?

So, Carly knows Jax is alive and well...not a surprise. How many times have we been reminded recently (even by Carly herself) about her lying skills? Yup...she's good at it. It is understandable, as someone else said, for her to lie to Michael about it. He'd be over to his daddy's in two seconds with the news!

I am getting sick already of seeing Lulu stuck in a kitchen trying to make sauce. Did she try it a second day in a row? Go buy Prego or Ragu! Who the heck of her age group actually makes sauce anyhow? Some people may still cook from scratch, but not a heck of a lot in her age group. Most are lucky to be able to boil water! Take Tracy's advice, Lulu...stop being something you aren't just to please Dante. He didn't marry Rachael Ray! I'd rather see Lulu work on securing a career of some sort than stuck in the kitchen trying to learn how to be an Italian cook...a career she actually enjoys!

I think AZ was Tracy's Santa Claus as well. He's supposed to propose to her and ask Maxie/Cookie to help with the wedding...she should enjoy that! Are Luke and Tracy technically divorced now?

I like Ewen and Liz, but it's a little unrealistic how they are portraying the doctor/patient relationship. Showing up at someone's house, giving them gifts, etc. would not be normal activity for a professional. Then again, why am I asking for realism with GH? It's like beating a dead horse!

Dante/Sonny...the same boring (in a Darth Vader voice) "Dante, I am your father" chinwag they've been having since after Sonny plugged him! To most of your kids, you are a sperm donor, Sonny. Parent/child respect is earned, not expected automatically.

Michael and Carly...every time Michael talks to his mom, I have visions of my mother either whacking me upside the head or telling me what I am saying is none of my damn business when he starts prying into her personal life! If he were my mother's kid, he'd be back in the coma by now! The butt whooping Michael needs, I see, will come from Jason, who's going to flip out on him. And yeah, I see Carly forgiving him for that one. Maybe anger boy will finally go get some help.

Jax, come out, come out, wherever you are! I guess we may get that New Year's Eve party tomorrow, so maybe he shows up there!

kdmask said...

LULU put about 9 gallons of oregano in that sauce while she was talking to Tracy lol

Anonymous said...

For only watching 15 minutes you sure go on and on...

TheGirlWithTheStarTattoo said...

Could Ewen be Stefan'S son?

sonya said...

TheGirlWithTheStarTattoo said...Could Ewen be Stefan'S son?
OH! Nice twist. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes - they should definitely drop the LIW/Wyndemere storyline. I don't like Spinelli and sticking him in there in Ethan's absence would be STUPID.

I like Ewan/Wyndemere story though -- it has potential!

Anonymous said...

KD Since I can't find an e-mail address for you I will put my question here. Everything I have heard is that next year GH will be cancelled to make room for Katie Couric's talk show. Why then are TPTB going to all the trouble of revamping GH and bringing in Ted King and Michael Easton? Seems like a wasted effort if the show will be cancelled in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

I like the Ethan/LIW storyline, I just wish they would speed it up instead of doing the stupid note writing back and forth thing!

Mrs. B said...

Why bring Ewan onto the show, when we have Jason or JJ for Liz? Why bring Maggie when we had BFF Emily? Why bring lifeless boring Shawn when we had prince Nik or Jax? It breaks my heart. Why give Jasam a wedding when it was the worst in soap history and then any sentiment they did have was ruined by a rape? I am just sad, disppointed and angry after watching this show for 31 years.

Mrs. B said...

Oh and I have to add that the new Kate sucks. That's right, SUCKS. And please give a little Jolivia if Steve wants maggie.

LindaV said...

I agree with Mrs. B about having to endure Shawn when we could have Nik and Jax. Shawn is so stiff that I found it hard to watch him. Acting is not his forte - maybe with his looks modeling should be. I like Dante's new haircut. It was nice to see Lulu and Tracy and an appearance by Alexis and Molly, especially with the photo album. I do have to agree with Pink about the acting on GH. The few times I have caught a smidgeon of OLTL I wasn't that impressed. GH has a very talented cast, if lousy writing.

Batgary said...

Sonya said Sonny says you are not fine are you okay? ROFL! Who wrote that odd line? :)

The writer had to be from the South, I've heard, and said, that before ;)

sonya said...

Batgary said...The writer had to be from the South, I've heard, and said, that before ;)
Ohhh people from the south say it? :) You are from the south? What part?

Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe Maggie is being given alot of air time lately because she is the replacement for Robin when Robin goes off the show.
She has had scenes with Patrick and Liz (Robin's husband and best friend). Just a thought.

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya...I see Maggie & Liz becoming bff's. I think they may very similar personalities.

Alexis told Molly 5 books. The kid left with 8.

This whole Jax thing is pitiful. If Carly loved him like she says, she would have gone searching for him. I don't blame Michael for being mad. How do you lead people to believe someone is dead?

You can survive fine with one lung. I believe he either has tissue (nerve) damage or it was Lulus cooking.

Dante take the freaking money!!!! You could put a down payment on something a little bigger than an efficiency.

Papa Z proposes to Tracey NYeve.
She accepts. Not because she wants to either.

I am praying that GH gets good next month. However, ME only signed on for 6 months. That tells me that GH just may not be long term, no matter who is doing the writing.

The swearing? How classy! NOT!

OLTL deserved to win best story for Shanes suicide attempt and the bullying. It was a great subject and Shane did very well in the part.

Haven't watched today yet, I watched yesterdays today.
I know Ethan is gone. So I can only hope the lady in white storyline is in the garbage by now.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya...I see Maggie & Liz becoming bff's. I think they may very similar personalities.
ACK NO!!!! I don't want them to be BFF's! I want Maggie gone!!

Alexis told Molly 5 books. The kid left with 8.
ROFL! Molly never listens. :)

You can survive fine with one lung. I believe he either has tissue (nerve) damage or it was Lulus cooking.
Hahaha yeah it was Lulu's cooking!!! :)

Dante take the freaking money!!!! You could put a down payment on something a little bigger than an efficiency.
Yeah!! You can buy a house!!! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya, make NO mistake, I want Maggie gone too. Something tells me we get our wish. Whatever happen to the storyline with Steve and Maggie & the drugs?

Molly NEVER listens. I don't think its cute either! Where is new Krissy? Not coming now?? I can only hope.

Something tells me, Shawn is a fed. He is in town to take Sonny down. So why not take the money??
LMAO. They could eat out more, instead of wasting money of Lulus cooking.

Anonymous said...

All the characters on GH are so despicable and so loserly that maybe the end of the show will be them all killing each other, or the breakout prisoners will swarm into PC and kill them all!