Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Sunday" Surgery: Rescheduled

Tomorrow being the Yuletide Holiday, Christmas or just plain take a day to eat, drink and be merry, I really needed to get the blog up today. I hope you'll allow me a day to reschedule the whole thing!!
This week was very uneven on GH-- Bensonhurst (sitting on that stoop), Abby's death (which became a conversation for rape), Maxie/Liz cat fighting-- Sean's freak-out...Bernie's shooting, Lante wedding, Lucky leaving and Q/Scrubs Christmas cheer.

 BRAVO to Chad Duell!

Poor Liz...what terrible writing they are having for her. Geesh... and we know JJ didn't want to say those lines. LOL..he left FOR REAL because the writers didn't put L&L2 back together.  Having Lucky leave 2 days before Christmas was lame. Just stupid. Like he wouldn't have waited a few days to have the holiday with Cam and Aiden. By the way, that reinforces what Liz said about him "being like Luke" and taking off. The whole thing was written wrong, imo.

SCENES OF THE WEEK: I couldn't choose just one, and they all come from Friday's show!
Lante Wedding: Liked the whole thing. Yes, Lulu didn't have family there but it was still joyful, romantic and even humorous. Loved Priest Tommy. Maybe he can leave the Church and come to PC??  I really thought the wedding would be lame--they proved the cynic in me wrong. See, I can say it. I was WRONG!

Q Christmas: Yes, there were only 3 left...talking about the dead Qs...BUT Tracy made a gesture to go get Monica and Edward gifts that meant something to them. Added fun of Alice saying they weren't from her!!

Scrubs with Emma: Darling!! Robin crying over the land Patrick bought was so...*sniff*  A lot of overshadowing-- which made it even more touching.

Kate, showing Sonny her "skating" moves.
NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: The 400th "talk" SKate had about what they did in NYC. This time it was Ice Skating. Watching them in their "hotel" room describing  their adventures and the old hood was just....borrring. 

It may not have been the perfect Christmas show with the story at the hospital but it still was enjoyable. The only thing really out of place was the Lucky in the graveyard scenes. They could have waited until next week for that. I'm hoping the rest of the cast gets some holiday cheer like Maxie and Spinelli, Max...Alexis and the rest. 

I wish the best for you and yours no matter how you celebrate. We have a sprinkling of snow here, making it festive and looking like Christmas. Just think, soon it will be 2012--and who knows where we'll be on the GH front. At least the New Year brings new writers and a new EP.  That's reason enough to toast a big one to the future of our show! 

Thanks for reading, clicking and commenting. Follow me on twitter @wubsnet or join facebook Wubs Net or Alberta wubs. I wanted to show you a new photo I found from the summer:

Alberta and Kim...thanks to Terri 


a giant thank you to HD General Hospital recaps for all the photos they provide for the week's shows!! 


  1. I was very surprised how much I enjoyed the Christmas episode, especially since the Thanksgiving episode was so damn depressing.

    My big complaint is the way they treated Lucky's departure. My mom keeps telling me that my dad had planned on doing the same thing when he left in 2001 (He was going to leave a few days before Christmas 2000), but she made him stay until after Christmas. My brother and I were older than Cam and Aidan (I was 14 and my brother was 11), but that is no way to spend a Christmas (or any major holiday).

  2. I think they punished JJ --LOL. They could have block taped in a second and done their christmas before he left, then inserted it.

  3. Yes Karen we sure did get a sprinkle of snow in Rochester! :) But it's melted but there is snow in the air. :) It's shocking that we haven't had a snowstorm yet!!! :) Can you believe it? :)

  4. Karen says he left FOR REAL because the writers didn't put L&L2 back together.
    ROFL! No there was more to it than that for the reason JJ left! :)

  5. I didn't see the episode yet, but what denomination church is that supposed to be? I thought the priests only wore red for Pentecost. They don't wear read to look like St Nick lol...they wear white.

  6. 2 days this week I watched the show in its entirety.

    Wedding was beautiful. Great time for the Spencers to reunite. (Bobbie, Luke, Lucas, Lucky)Pitiful Luke didn't watch his only daughter get married. SHAME SHAME
    Does AG even work for GH anymore??

    Doesn't Edward look old?? Maybe because my mom is so sick that I am taking special notice to him. I was hoping for flashbacks at the Q's with Lila. That was disapointing to not happen!

    Isn't it nice not knowing any future storylines??
    All we know is McBain & Tomas is coming to GH. RDA turned down the offer. JMB? She staying or leaving?
    Nathan is done taping, did he take the lady in white with him? Lets hope.
    Glad JJ is gone. Please no more grave scenes with him. You wanted out, buh bye!

    We know Jax is back next week, Michael flips out (AGAIN) and Jason is in yet another accident.
    We know there is a NY party at Metro Court that lasts and lasts and lasts for days. Oh boy.

    Please end the story of Franco. Please allow him to DIE. ASAP.
    Sam needs to know she wasn't raped and move on with her pregnancy.
    That and the lady in white is gone, is all I am hoping for now.

    Weren't we getting a huge storyline for Dr Steve and the drugs? What happened to that??

    Anything is possible in the year 2012 for GH...I wish it much success!

  7. Love4Dogs, I imagine it is supposed to be Catholic. The Church I went to when I was growing up would have red robes for Christmas.

  8. If yall get bored over the holidays check this out is a very young Vicki and her sister Tina off OLTL

  9. Elizabeth, I don't remember that from back in the day, but it could have been. I went to my Catholic Church tonight and sure enough...white robe. Looks nice anyway!

  10. I was happy to watch Friday's show. I very seldom watch a whole episode anymore. My son went to visit his father this afternoon and it was my Christmas guilty pleasure to see it. I just wish that it was that good more often...sniff..I for one am not happy that JJ left. I hope that Frank is able to get him to come back for a proper story with Elizabeth.

  11. my2cents who is RDA ...I am stumped

  12. RDA is Richard Dean Anderson.

  13. I'm sorry Carrie...RDA is Richard Dean Anderson. I posted that on the other blog. I HATE initials and nicknames, so ME bad!!
    Richard Dean was the original Jeff Webber. When he came to GH he was married to Monica. He was so cute.
    I had a crush on him. When he left I cried. He then went on to McGuyver. Not sure what he does now, nor do I understand why they never replaced his character. Hopefully, going forward they will.
    I 'read' but can't verify that Clint Buchanan may take over as Jeff for a brief stint. Again, not sure how authentic that it.

  14. I don't think Nathan is done taping. Haven't seen that anywhere.

  15. Michael Fairman site reported that Nathan was done as well as

  16. Still don't believe it. His contract isn't up until next month, and it sounds like he decided to leave, rather than being given a pink slip. I would think he would have an obligation until next month. Guess we'll see.