Saturday, December 31, 2011

Suggestions for a Happy GH 2012

  Spread the Airtime...Spread the Love 
In My Humble Opinion, I respectfully offer up these suggestions to the NEW GUYS comin' on over to shape up our soap:

1. Please throw the spray tanning and booths away. There are too many orange people hanging around this supposedly Western NY Town. Ron C knows how we look; pale and pasty. We like it that way. 

2. Buy some lights. Guza and Wolf had some weird idea that the darker the sets were, the worse the writing could be and maybe we'd not notice. We noticed. Some of us bought night goggles to compensate.

3. For the love of GOD, please get rid of 1/2 the newbies and make the PCPD a working, functioning entity.  After this last head banging incident, Jason could be ready to become a rogue agent. We'd buy it.

4. I will personally loan you my talent to redecorate the Metro Court. It's terrible and makes me sad everytime I see it.

5. Have Tracy take over Crimson in a deal with ELQ industries.... get Lucy Coe back. The Qs need to get back into the game. 

6. We really like Bob the Badger. He lives in Sonny's office. Feel free to feature him much more. There's also a bartender, Conan attached to that hang out.  He's missed. 

7. Please save Robin. We get that Kim McCullough wants to leave but have her go some other way. Not dying from that disease.

8.  Stories that have a beginning, the middle and an ending. Characters that stick around and don't get involved in dropped ideas and disappear.  Some excitement and love-- a bit of joy. GH has been so dark for so long we need a little fun. Families and friends have been fractured and blown apart. We need some synergy and threading of our history. 

PS. Lexi Ainsworth is  Kristina....keep her!

Happy New Year. Here's to a great 2012 in SoapLand. Port Charles needs a huge overhaul, and we are hoping you are the ones to do it.

I resolve to watch GH and not be such a nasty, cynical beeatch for the year.


  1. Spelled Kim McCullough's name wrong, but other than that I agree with your suggestions. Please no more gloom and doom every day, and get rid of Franco.

  2. Kimberly McCullough...

  3. Fire that person who is in charge of continuity they suck. Other than that I agree especially about Conan love him.

  4. Good gravy I even googled it LMAO!

  5. I hope that Cartini brings back Lexi Ainsworth -- even if it's just to escort Nathan Parsons off of GH!

    Drop the LIW storyline -- it's stupid!

  6. Karen,
    I was sitting here really depressed and your night goggles comment made me laugh thank you.


  7. Happy 2012 Karen! No matter what 2012 brings, you have made 2011 a lot more fun with your blog. Even though the future for GH is uncertain, it's nice to have a place to come and chat about our show. Thanks for all you do!

    Happy New Year to all the Wubbers! All the best in 2012!

  8. I'm with Anon 11:09. I've been in a funk since midnight and that was the best i've felt since the ball dropped.

    Here's hope for a great 2012--and that tonight was the worst night of the New Year (even if it was good for you, if this is the worst night, all the others will be even better).

  9. you can fire the 5 in the picture they won't be missed

  10. I hope for genius writing. GH has an excellent staff of actors. Utiltize them and the show will be great. It all comes down to how the show is being written, not how the actors carry their storylines out.

  11. I love your spray tan comment. I would add:

    1) Rebuild the Q's. Bring back Ned, Dillon, Skye and Jimmy Lee even if it means recasts.

    2) As per rebuildpng the Q's, bring back AJ...Perhaps Alan and Monica had him in rehab all this time (expalining Monicas absences)...we don't care how you explain he was alive this whole time just bring him back. Let AJ make Sonny's life a living hell and Micheal reunit with his true father and the Q's.

    3) As per rebuilding the Q's. bring back Jake. Like AJ above, we don't care how you explain it. Perhaps when helena returns she reveals she had kidnapped the dying Jake and sent him to some secret medical clinic.

    4) Keep Tracy away from the mob story ala Anthony Zaccahara. If she gets involved in the mob have Ned or Dillon force her out of ELQ and take it over themselves.

    5) Have Anna return as kick-ass spy not lame roadie. Her last visit she was investigating Alckazar. Have Alckazar return and reveal he is working undercover with Anna to take out the Corrinto's and Zaccahara's mobs.

    6) Make Sonny pay for his crimes. IF this actor is so great (which I don't think he is) give hima great storyline like being convicted and sentenced to death. He can throw something, Jason can stare...we can all rejoice at the end of the Sonny era. Perhaps have Alexis be Governor and refuse his pardon.

    7) Give Carly a stable relationship with someone other then Shawn and/or mob. Perhaps have Jax return or pair her with recently returned Ned or Jimmy Lee. Have her storyline focus on family...bring back Morgan and Bobby.

    8) Keep Robin (KMc) whatever it takes. Keep Robin and Patrick together. this show needs one stable, happy family.

    9) Do some unexpected pairings. Carly with Ned or Jimmy Lee. Liz with Jax or Johnny. Maxie with Johnny, Milo, Jason or Michael Quartermaine. Tracy with Jax or Mac. Lucy with Jimmy Lee. Jason with Sarah Webber. Bobby with Mac or Coleman. Helena with Edward.

    10) Give supporting characters like Milo, Max, Colemans and Big Alice more air time. they usually bring them much needed humour. Make the shows best actors like NLG (Alexis), KMc (Robin), JT (Patrick), JE (Tracy) front and centre...put over used characters like Lulu, Dante, Jason, Micheal on the backburner for a while.

    11) Re-open the Brownstone. Have Micheal, Sarah, Matt, etc. live there. Have a Q (Michael) living in the gatehouse.

    12) Get rid of Shawn, Sonny, Kate, Spinelli, Sam, Lady in White, Maggie, Delores, Ewan, Floyd/Preston, Anthony (funny but getting tiring). While I like their connections to core families also get rid of Steve, Matt, Dante and Luke if necessary to free up budget to bring back others Morgan, Bobby, Dillon, Ned, Skye, Jimmy Lee, real Kristina, Lucy, Anna, Robert, Scotty, Alcazar, Ric, Sarah. Don't bring back boring characters like Laura and Nicholas.

    13) Bring back Christmas reading at the hospital, Nurses Ball and karoke night.

    14) Stop stunt casting re: Franco and block taping.

    15) Have characters stop wearing their shoes in the house and build some kitchen sets. Have someone other then Olivia shown in the kitchens. In real life people hang out in their Alexis putting away groceries or Mac making a casserole as backdrop for a scene.

    to be continued...

  12. 2 of 2

    16) Have Carly not always be dressed in glam dress when just in the house or running errand...a pair of pjs and bed head like the rest of us please.

    17) Keep the dog. Add more pets. Emma needs a bunny and Molly needs something all Cassadine like that will freak Alexis out...maybe some sort of reptile.

    18) Stop burning down sets ie., Scorpio house, hospital nurse's stations, Spencer house.

    19) Stop using PCPD interegation room like Welcome Wagon lobby. In fact, stop people from walking in off the street and right up to officers desks with evidence and files on them. Put survellience cameras on evidence room.

    20) Have people stay at home on stormy nights and/or take driving lessons.

    21) Have a special event where someone does not get told off and/or shot at.

    22) Give Sonny a vasectomy.

    23) Have a pregnant woman go full term without falling over a set of stairs.

    24) Fire the wardrobe department for seasonally inappropriate clothing and/or skank wear.

    25) Make a woman a heroine not a victim. Robin and Alexis are great candidates.

    26) Send a guy to Shadybrook... Jason perhaps.

    27) Show the kids like Cameron, Jake andEmma more.

    28) Bring back Audrey for or use Edward for an Alzhemier's storyline.

    29) If Spinelli stays diagnose him with Asperger's. Show how one can still function with it.

    30) Celebrate (and show) holidays like easter and Halloween... especially feature the kids.

    I could keep going and going but I will stop before it sounds like i hate the show I actually love to watch...

  13. GREAT idea about re-opening the Brownstone!
    No not great, BRILLIANT!

  14. We all have suggestions after watching this once great soap decline into a depressing mess.
    To start:
    Tell Franco if he asks to come on again, that NO, we don't need him. EVER. Send him to B&B or Y&R! (Was GH paying him half their budget?)

    Love the comment about the lighting, but it goes further than that--the grey, black, white, and dull clothing, the brown, grey, beige, and black rooms. I think Guza wanted to make GH look like an old black and white Warner Bros movie (if only he'd had the talent!) but maybe GH can buy some of that sparkling, colorful OLTL wardrobe from PP--I mean, just waiting to see what Dorian was wearing today was fun suspense.
    Build sets with natural-looking walls, not cement brick or dark panels or brown brick or other gloomy stuff. I want COLOR! LIGHT! NY people do not all live in ugly lofts.

    And boy, are you right about the Metro Court. Boring, dull, tan, ugly. Who would consider that a elegant place to eat???

    Send the costume and set designers to NY once in a while to get an idea of climate, decor, fashion. Send them in the winter so they'll know why girls don't wear sleeveless, backless or frontless outfits in January. Or sweaters with cut-outs, or sundresses...

    And Crimson! That place looks more like a magazine stand than a up-and-running, successful, trendy magazine office. It's a disaster. UNbelievable.

    But most of all, GH needs Ron's sense of humor. We haven't even had a smile in months, let alone a laugh. LIGHTEN up!!

    I have faith Frank knows all this--we have seen all this good stuff on OLTL. With Ron telling the stories in a fresh way (And, boy, FRESH is the important key!) and the cutting out of certain newbies, with some returns and rethinking, GH could be turned around. I do so hope so....

    I have faith Frank knows all this, though.

  15. The Robin death arc can be done well and finally will show that AIDS is just not another 'soap disease.' Realistically, they're pushing the envelope on Robin being around 2 decades later.

    Yes, some folks make it, but the stats say Robin shd've been gone long ago.

  16. 1st suggestion - get rid of (or deeply reduce the airtime) of the 5 people in the picture. 2nd suggestion - bring love and romance back. 3rd suggestion = bring back iconic vets & fix the damage Guza did. 4th suggestion - bring back the Qs.

  17. My wish for the New Year is the storyline issues. They don't seem invested in these stories and if they aren't invested, why should we be?
    This is what I think should happen for the New Year:
    1.)I would LOVE to see Lucy come back, then that would stage the way for Scotty and Serina (or is it Sabrina) I can't remember because it has been SOOO long since they have been on. This could also lead the way for more Mac and Q's.
    2)Thereare 3 Q's left. USE THEM.
    3)No Michael. Or if he has to be in, quit making him such a BEOTCH.
    4)Tone down Carly.
    5) Do something with Liz. She seems to be the punching bag for the writers right now and they don't seem to know what to do with her. Think of the possibilities. She is a single mom with two kids. You can play on that! Show how strong a woman can be WITHOUT a man.
    6) See how I didn't have to talk about Sonny and Jason? They don't have to be on my screen all the time! I actually prefer that right now.
    7)Finally. Use the hospital. quit bringing in doctors that are used for a storyline and then just vanish. Maybe more good hospital storylines would have kept Kim here...
    Happy 2012 to all. Here is hoping the writers get it together so we have many more years of GH!

  18. Oscar...what about Magic Johnson..he's been hiv positive for longer than Robin. I think it gives people hope.

    Having said that, you sure don't hear about 'safe sex' being practiced anymore on soaps.

  19. I MUST agree with Love4Dogs...

    Taking care of yourself properly, living healthy there is no 'time' frame on death when you contact HIV. Robin's story is very real and true to the facts. People live long lives with this dreadful disease.

    That is why I refuse to believe she dies. She will go to another country to get help, or the new writers will have something that works for her. She has taken great care of herself, there is no reason she needs to die as a result. She hasn't even developed aids yet, which is the step following HIV.

    Robins case will only be 'unique' if they let her die. I have more faith in the new writing team than to subcumb to something that isn't real.
    Old writers....YES. They were ignorant. These new folks are not. They will get the facts out about this disease.

  20. 1. Have Jason and Johnny get together professionally to end the mob in Port Chuckles by hiring a gay hitman played by George Takei to kill Sonny and Anthony.

    2. Either bring back Laura for Luke, or put Luke and Alexis together.

    3. Mac and Diane

    4. Bring back Kevin and Lucy...I remember Kevin being Mac's best friend, and they were funny...imagine the trouble Lucy and Diane could get in together.

    5. Keep Jax, Lucky, Robin, Anna...bring back Robert, Sean & Tiffany...find a way to bring back Tony, maybe they faked his death to go work for the WSB.

  21. I like Chris' suggestion of a Luke and Alexis pairing!
    The actors work so well together. And a Spencer and a Cassadine teaming up--how lovely, how ironic.

  22. I am only asking for better writing. Someone who acknowledges we have intelligence and deserve to be entertained.

  23. I would love it if the "heroes" were heroic instead of mobsters. Can we bring back the WSB and the brownstone?