Friday, December 30, 2011

Last New Years in Llanview.

 You know Farah wish it was for reals!! 
"The DNA in this town is worse than that on Fraternity Row" Roxy Says on OLTL !!!
"My heart belonged to a stark raving lunatic"! Says Clint
"You look good for a dead woman" says Nora!!
Awww, Rex and Gigi's wedding should have been what JaSam had--something like that not China cookies. 
Vicki looked so good in that dress...not matronly at all. It was a fun wedding and so fast. 
LIGHTS OUT!! BOOM! IS evil coming?!! IT WAS A GIANT CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Everyone is out of Statesville! LOL..
Only TEN episodes left!! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I hate that Crimson is sooooooooo dead in the offices. 
GOD Carly's dress was all sorts of fugly. Too short, too puffy...too gray. weird., Sonny buys a restaurant. Whatever. I still say if Brenda walked in, he'd drop Kate like a bad penny in about 3.4 seconds flat!!
Ingo was back today!! 

Spinelli and Sonny-- LOL. He got him gambling money. Sonny don't care!! 
Scrubs with EMMA!! Emma is so damn cute. Robin's hair was all ribboned up!
JaSam... such depressive stuff. END THIS FRANCO SHEEZE  
POOR TRACY! She thought it was LUKE!! Now, AZ and she are stuck in the elevator. The elevator was stuck then Michael walked out ?? Are there 2?? 
Michael is DOING A SONNY just like he did with Claudia!! GO MICHAEL GO MICHAEL...and did you see Alexis all of a sudden pop up behind him?? LOL. 
Sonny and Kate need to STFU. GOD!! Sonny you DID TRY TO KILL Jax!! geesh!

Michael  laying bloody in the snow,  Happy New Year from GH

LULU looks so cute!

I LOVED Maxie's hair comb was gorgeous.


  1. While the MetroCourt scene had drama I think it was totally misplaced. In this instance I am 100% Team Carly. Sonny is a KILLER but people are mad at Carly for lying to protect Jax's life?

    And someone needs to bitch slap Michael and tell him to grow up...when they SORAed him I guess it was physical only, not maturity.

    Today's show also made me HATE Kate all the more...she is not helping Sonny she is enabling him.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE for the love of God let the new writers make Sonny pay for his crimes.

    Also, I don't get it. Sonny is suppose to be rich and wear expensive italian suits or some crap but all his suits look cheap, all shiny with visible stitching and silk shirts that went out in the 80's.

    Also, would it have been too much to ask to have Mac be at the party with Alexis? Carly made some pretty serious statements re Sonny chasing Jax around town with a gun, shooting it off in Robin's living room. Isn't this enough for him to be arrested or at least called in for questioning? If Alexis is now Sonny's lawyer why didn't she step in and tell him not to admit to such statments? Or, hey, Dante, you are a cop aren't you? Step up and arrest the man.

    the scene would of beenm uch more dramatic if there were a few more people there. Perhaps Johnny, Mac, Kristina, Delores, Robin, Patrick.

    Has Alexis seen Sam since the wedding?

    As per Jason scenes, I skip them.

    I HATE SONNY (and don't think the actor is all that great either).

    Sorry for the rant I just found todays show so frustrating...Sonny is never held to account...Saint Sonny. STUPID.

  2. Metrocourt: Woah Michael!!! How could you do that to your mother?!?!! Why the hell are you so angry Michael? I thought you didn't care about Jax? Well I want to see some cat fighting come on!!!!

    Tracy and Papa Z: Delicious scenes with them! He purposed to her!!!! :)

    Ethan: Zzzzzzzzzz. Enough waiting for the woman in white!! What does he write on the cup? He leaves and oh there is the woman in white. Zzzzzzzz.

    Spinny and Maxie: Maxie is jealous of the mystery woman hahaha! Come on Maxie and Matt break up already! Obviously Maxie still loves Spinny! She is so jealous of the mystery woman! Spinny gave money back to Sonny! Spinny where did you get the money from? Spinny sees the lady in white and pretends she is the mystery woman that he is meeting! Maxie doesn't like that! :)

    Jax: JAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Jax is looking at a picture of Joss!! He is coming home! YAY!!!!!

    Jason and Sam: Oh give me a break!!! Sam begs Jason to come home! Jason just go home for crying out loud!!!!

    Jason and Michael: Another car accident?!!? COME ON! Ah well, at least Jason will go to the hospital and will get checked out finally! I hope Michael will be okay. Carly will forgive Jason of course. :)

    Patrick and Robin: Sweet scenes with the fam!! :) Especially with Patrick and Robin lying on the couch!!! :)

    Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzz. Altho Sonny trying to blow on that thing was funny. :)

  3. I don't like Carly at all but I loved when she said to Kate that Sonny is a remorseless killer and if she didn't know that then Kate doesn't know Sonny at all. Kate really is foolish! For her to actually say that Sonny would not have tried to kill Jax if Carly had told the truth is stupid. Carly keeping the truth from Morgan is cruel. Sonny saying he'll get the truth from Michael sums up the fact that he is willing to use Michael and play on Michael's feelings for his father. I hope Carly tears a strip off Sonny for saying so. They both are pathetic and I think they deserve eachother. Michael is so disrespectful to his Mother but she taught him this by being so disrespectful of others herself. Jax should have come back in the open, as the old Jax would never leave his daughter and would stand up to Sonny. Michael will not be seriously injured by the crash but the stress of everything will cause jason to collapse at GH , so say spoilers.
    I find I am just wishing for the next two weeks of GH to pass , so that stories can move along.
    Cute kid award goes to EMMA! She is always smiling! Bright light of the show in all this doom and gloom.

  4. Look at the way Michael spoke to Carly , calling her by her first name. My parents would knock my head off my shoulders and I am an adult. He is so disrespectful! I agree that you teach people how to treat you and he watched their example growing up. She is very disrespectful to others and she really didn't discipline Michael. I still remember jason disciplining Michael for how Michael spoke to Lucky , telling him to quit acting like a little bitch and Jason also said he was embarassed for Michael. I was happy to see Michael get a dressing down.
    I would be happy to see Sonny, Michael and Carly be put in their place. Nonsense has gone on far too long.
    I do think that Sonny iswrong and would have continued to try and kill jax.They honestly all need a good slap, LOL!

  5. Sorry I'm also team Carly on this one! I have 2 sons and I wish either one of them would try to talk to me like that I would hand the PCPD a assault case gift wrapped after I beat their behind in front of everyone and then confess to it and swear that I would do it again. I live by the motto I brought you in this world and I'll take you out!


  6. LaTanya, You are so right! LOL!!!

  7. New Year's Wish: Michael and Jason dead.

  8. Ingo speaks on SOW about coming back to GH. He said it's not much but there are some good scenes. He was in talks to come back at the end of january but doesn't know since there has been a new regime change in charge of GH.
    Robin will ask Liz to replace her in Patrick's life. That is what I don't like about Robin, her need to control everything in her life without consulting her partner. I can see asking somebody to be your child's godparent in case of death but not to replace you as your spouse's wife. That is too much pressure for anyone and would not be fair to Liz or Patrick. Liz would be a fool to agree to that. I would say that I can look out for your child but not make promises about your husband that you can't possibly keep. I hope the new writers change this.

  9. You are right , Karen! You know Farah wished the wedding was real, LOL!!
    Carly's dress was a NO for me, but I liked most of the other dresses.

  10. Michael was being a little bitch today, I don't care if he just lost Abby. He had no right to talk to his mother like that, I don't care if she is a bitch. She did the right thing by lying about Jax to protect him from Sonny.

  11. Happy New year !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Karen, WISHING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALL THE BEST IN ,2012! Thank you for your blog!

  13. Happy New Year to all!! We must give each other good wishes, as GH gave us all a giant middle finger!! What a HORRIBLE SHOW today, F minus minus minus!!

    So depressing, let me count the ways: Tracy heartbroken by Luke again and deceived by AZ; Michael's HORRIBLE scene ruining everyone's New Year's Eve at the Metro Court, I know he's grieving, but he didn't need to ruin EVERYONE's night; Ethan, who by now has grown on us, waiting for someone who won't speak to him, with all of us knowing he's leaving; Sam/Jason misery; the only happiness shown is Robin/Patrick, with all of us knowing she likely is dying; and, to top it all off, the piece de resistance--Jason running over Michael with his motorcycle! Happy New Year to the idiots who wrote all this stuff, I hope that 2012 brings them all the joy that they just gave to us.

  14. Oh, and, as this night likely will go on for weeks, we have so much more joy to look forward to!

  15. I actually really like today's GH. :/ The stories moved along quickly and we got some pretty good dialogue. The kid who plays Michael killed it again. His anger was palpable. I loved when Carly told Kate off it was brilliant.

  16. Oh & BTW when Todd kissed Blair... that was smokin' hot. Made me toes curl. :)

  17. Well, the one thing I like about Carly is, she calls Sonny on his shit when others won't. But, when Sonny is on her good side, she will pull a Kate and back him up just as easily.
    Boy are they making Kate just another woman that is all in Sonny's rear. Come on! That man is a killer. You were shot in your wedding dress. Your nephew was shot in the chest by him, he DID try to kill Jax. I guess you can't be mad at him until he does actually kill Jax...Just STUPID!!
    Michael to me is Jack to Karen. I can't stand the character. I roll my eyes when his mouth opens. I ff when he is in a scene. I don't think I am lucky enough for Michael to go back in a 2 year coma from this accident with Jason.
    Alexis-I love you. I love seeing you. I know you are mad at Carly, but it would have been nice for the writers to have Alexis on Carly's side after Carly explained why she kept Jax a secret.
    If I were Lulu, I wouldn't want to be at the Metro Court for a big occasion. Last time she was there, she was held hostage.
    On a different note, found an old videotape that had GH episodes when old Kate was on, Lulu killed Logan, and Robin's mom was on chasing Mr. Springfield when Robin was pregnant. Back then I remember that the writing was getting bad. I had no idea back then that the writing was going to get MUCH worse....

  18. Ethan can't catch a break! He tries to say hi to Maxie and she doesn't even pay attention. The "Good talk" line was hysterical though!

    Ethan should be hoofing it to New Haven to see his best friend or maybe even just spending time with Johnny. Something other than this ridiculous LIW. I hope she never speaks and we never see her again once the new regime starts.

  19. OLTL-where did Gigi come up with a wedding dress so fast? And red shoes?? Tacky.
    You would think Shane would get his hair cut first.
    Coles's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carly you had every bad word said to you today deserved. I been saying that since the beginning of time. Why wasn't Jax looked for?
    Either way, he is here for a very short stunt. Sadly. He did ask the writers if he could come back the end of January, no answer yet.
    Carly who sends her son away sking for Christmas rather than come home.

    I know. Its the lazy writers fault, still.......

    Was that Diane in the corner? Surely she had more scenes and they cut her.

    Lulu looked GORGEOUS. What a dress!

  20. TheGirlWithTheStarTattooDecember 30, 2011 at 8:37 PM

    WTF was Carly wearing??? It wasn't a dress, it was bathrobe!

  21. Frisco,
    You're not the only one who doesn't think that MB is a great actor. The biggest disappointment of the year for me wss that he didn't leave as rumored.


  22. Frisco..I agree with you 100% and wish the character of Frisco was still on the show because he would have kicked Sonny's dumb ass already and he would kick Dante the dumbass off the force!I am 100% on Carly's side and hope she teams up with The Z's to take Sonny DOWN!Lulu looked beautiful too bad she is married to a FUGLY TROLL!

  23. lisa said...Robin will ask Liz to replace her in Patrick's life.
    WHAT?!?!?! Are you serious?! That is ridiculous!!!! Why would Robin do that? That makes no sense come on now!

  24. Its true Sonya. How sick is that? Liz was after Patrick when he first came to town........WTF is Robin thinking?

  25. Maxie please move away from the ugly aka Spinelli!

  26. I thought the same thing about their wedding how on Dirty Soap thats all she talked about so I guess she got what she wanted lol

  27. Was it just me or did GH seem better today? I was interested for a change, paid attention most of the way thru and though I can't say it was exactly entertaining, there were things I did like--like people wearing clothes in actual COLORS (not just black and grey) and some stronger lighting. Robin looked wonderful in the green dress. And the continuity seemed better, and we had a roomful of people there, even the mayor, though he was in the background with Diane. Surely with having brought all these actors in to work, the scene will continue on what? Tuesday? Or Monday?

    The downer was Sam and Jason. I have never been a Sam fan, but this whole Franco thing has to GO. It is tedious and pointless and we never even see this 'famous' actor who is supposed to be on the show. PLease, end it. Fast.
    So good to see Jax, but the shaved head thing is not flattering at all. Ingo is knock-down gorgeous when he has hair that is gold streaked. And please, NO mustache.

    Has Frank Valenti taken over yet or does he start in Jan? The show just seemed to be smoother today....

  28. Had they have really mourned Jax it would have felt more realistic. no funeral, no visit from lady jane. No scene SHOWING Morgan crying himself to sleep.
    And of course Carly and Sonny had to be at the center.

    I thought Kemo looked great with her ponytail yesterday. Love when they beautiful women being normal looking (minus the 10 lbs of make up, lol).

    Kirsten, please hurry back! And new writers please get rid of Maggie, Ewan, and awful new kate. Anyone sticking up for sonny in yesterdays eppy made me sick. he KILLED him for crine out loud (or so they thought)

  29. Obviously the rumor of the old Kristina coming back are not true if they're getting rid of Nathan. They suck!

  30. I must agree. Nobody ever mourned Jax. Alexis forgave Sonny in 5 minutes.

    I laughted at Gigi's wedding as well. This is all she wants in life. For JPL to marry her. So what if it isn't ligit being done on a soap. She got her wedding dress and she got Rex to say 'I do'. LMAO

  31. To me Carly was in a no win situation. She thought Jax was alive and there was no funeral since a body wasn't found, but she really didn't know for sure. When Michael saw Jax she should have said there was a chance it was him. Sonny was so vicious in his vendetta against Jax that he should never have been told about the possibility of Jax being alive. Didn't like Carly's dress although whoever put her in that sweater earlier this week that made her look like a tank should be canned. Kate's dress seemed ill-fitting, too. Robin, Lulu, Liv and Alexis looked fabulous. Emma is so adorable but why do they keep carrying her around - surely she can walk?

  32. LindaV..I have noticed throughout the years, you never see children walk. I am thinking its a law?? Remember Marcy carrying Tommy around? He was bigger than she was. You never see Joss walking. She is being held or in that portable crib.
    I will agree, Emma is the cutest kid yet........

    Carly was one of my favorites for years. She is no longer being written like she use to be. If there was a man out there who I claimed to love, I would at least look for him.
    She wasn't worried about his safety from Sonny. Not sure what her motive was for keeping quiet. Or rather the silly writing of the writers.

    So tell me.......who is all at Statesville beside Cole & Lindsay?

  33. It's almost cruel to have Farrah & Rex's characters get married. OUCH for her!

    Kate was dressed like she still lived in the Bronx. I love LW's shape, she is built like a real woman vs a child like kemo or robin or liz but some of those outfits they put her in, ugh.

    This is the soaps ladies, they have a memorial or a funeral for everyone feared dead, just to let the tears flow. Jax & Ingo were dissed.

  34. My2Cents2 said...Its true Sonya. How sick is that? Liz was after Patrick when he first came to town........WTF is Robin thinking?
    Liz was after Patrick when he first came to town? I don't remember that. Yeah I have no idea what Robin is thinking!!!

    soaplover said...So good to see Jax, but the shaved head thing is not flattering at all. Ingo is knock-down gorgeous when he has hair that is gold streaked. And please, NO mustache.
    Ingo/Jax is hot no matter what, but yeah I like when he has more hair and it's spiked. :) I wish he would stop having his hair cut so short.

  35. Happy Almost New Year!

    Had a family over yesterday, so I didn't get to see GH until last night on Soapnet. The show was at least, um, eventful!

    Like father like son (here we go again!)...when I watched the Metro Court Mayhem (way to ruin a holiday event!) I kept thinking about how Sonny used Claudia's birthday party to "out" her and humiliate her publicly. I am hot and cold on Carly as a character. Sometimes I like her and sometimes I don't (I really like LW regardless though.) Lately, I haven't so much. In any case, Michael has been way out of line with his mother lately. Yes, Carly is a liar extraordinaire! She admits it! Sonny...well, Sonny is what he is. You can put a rat in a tuxedo and it's still a rat. I do understand why Carly kept the Jax issue under her hat...Jax would be fish food if she hadn't. It was a case where no one was right actually. What bugs me is the same thing that bugs a lot of people...the women (like Carly) get called on the carpet for their crap, but the men don't. Kate...she's turned into the typical mindless mob moll. One wouldn't think the woman's been shot twice, once at her wedding to Sonny. That, coupled with the fact she was dropped like a bad habit when Brenda came to PC makes her support of Sonny ridiculous!

    A few things seemed out of place...

    I guess Mac wouldn't have come to a party where Sonny would be there, but it would have been nice to see Alexis have an escort.

    What the heck was the lady in white doing outside Kelly's? At least she got out of the night gown. I can already see they plan to shift the fascination with her on to Spinny because Ethan's going...just ridiculous.

    Saves of the day...

    Scrubs with Emma...very sweet. Robin made me tear up telling Emma she would always be with her, no matter how far away she is. Please tell your husband what's wrong, Robin. I feel so sorry for Emma and Patrick, knowing what is ahead.

    Tracy and Papa Z...hillarious!

    Lulu...LOVED the dress. She looked stunning!

    I didn't see the end coming...when I read Jason would hit Michael, I was thinking it meant with a fist, not his motorcycle. Wow...this is going to be interesting, I think.

    I stopped wishing for the warm family, festive moments of old with GH...we're not going to get them anymore. I am not sure what the new year will bring for GH. With the new staff coming, I guess there is always a small bit of hope. I still think its days are numbered. I just keep praying for an exit that goes out with a bang and not a whimper.

    Happy New Year to Everyone and Your Families!

  36. Patrick Drake Shamelessly Flirts with Elizabeth Webber- clip on You TUBE. Please watch. I got tired of reading posts with people saying Liz was chasing Patrick. Not True. When Patrick came to town he was chasing many women. He was a total player and made no secret of this. EVERYONE, including Robin, knew this. That's why Lisa Niles was able to get between them.
    I don't want Robin to hold Liz to an impossible promise. Robin is trying to control Patrick's life , not telling him she is sick, trying to manipulate him by pushing Liz to replace her is wrong on every level. It is in keeping with Robin's control freak personality.

  37. I watched , what a horn dog! See "Patrick Drake's first Day" clip on you tube. Robin first meets him by walking in on him having sex with another staff member in an OR room.
    He has come a long way since then. He still has a huge ego but he was a total "man ho ". If Robin dies or leaves, he will probably go back to his old ways.

  38. My2Cents2 its Cole and Jessicas daddy .....sorry can't think of his name oh yeahhhhh Mitch Lawrence

  39. I see that happening too with robin gone. Patrick will turn cold and probably spin out of control bedding every woman he can.

  40. lisa said...Patrick Drake Shamelessly Flirts with Elizabeth Webber- clip on You TUBE.
    Okay I just checked. Now THAT I remember. :)

    Please watch. I got tired of reading posts with people saying Liz was chasing Patrick.
    Yeah no wonder I don't remember! Cus it didn't happen! ROFL!

    Not True. When Patrick came to town he was chasing many women.
    OH HELL YEAH HE DID! :) He was something else. :)

  41. Liz was all over Patrick when he flew into town. Yes he was a ho, but she was married at the time. Lucky reached out to her because his partner was killed, and Liz was busy checking out Patrick. Lucky than started to use drugs, (on his own accord) and then started to sleep with Maxie.
    The first Christmas Patrick was in town, he mentioned he was going to Kellys. Liz quickly got the night off, dropped the kids off at 'Grams' and sat at Kellys writing out her holiday cards so she could run into Patrick.
    I guess we all remember what we chose.
    I also hope Robin doesn't die, just written off the show.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, lets remember Jax is aging. Maybe he wears his hair short now to cover his growing baldness?
    Either way, it is a treat to see him. I hope the new writers make room for him in the upcoming months.

    Uncle Mac will show up at the party. The party lasts for days, which only means weeks in our time. Surely he will be there.
    Lulu looked like a Princess. Very Beautiful. I hope these 2 can stay happy for a while.

    'What the heck was the lady in white doing outside Kelly's? At least she got out of the night gown. I can already see they plan to shift the fascination with her on to Spinny because Ethan's going...just ridiculous'.
    Mitch is at Statesville? Why do I always think he is dead? Linday & Cole will be here this week.

  42. Ohh no Sonya, it DID happen with Liz chasing Patrick.
    Very much so. I don't go to Ytube, so I am unable to pull anything up. But dig. Its there.

    Some people, dispise how the writers chose to write for RH still can't accept the character and the bad bad writing they inflict upon her.

  43. Anonymous said...I watched , what a horn dog! See "Patrick Drake's first Day" clip on you tube. Robin first meets him by walking in on him having sex with another staff member in an OR room.
    Okay I checked. Yeah I remember this so well! :) At the time I didn't find Patrick attractive and I really didn't like him all that well. But now I find him attractive and I like him. :)

  44. My2Cents2 said...Ohh no Sonya, it DID happen with Liz chasing Patrick.Very much so. I don't go to Ytube, so I am unable to pull anything up. But dig. Its there.
    Hmmm well then I got selective amnesia! ROFL! You should go on youtube and check out old old GH! :) It's fun! :)

  45. I am computer illiterate. I just learned or rather found a site that I can watch old Housewifes episodes.
    If I were to watch any old episodes of GH, they would be back in the day with Tony Jones, Frisco, Felicia, Bobby, Lucy Coe, Dr Alan.
    Not Liz or Patrick.

  46. My2Cents2 said...If I were to watch any old episodes of GH, they would be back in the day with Tony Jones, Frisco, Felicia, Bobby, Lucy Coe, Dr Alan. Not Liz or Patrick.
    Well youtube has what you want!!!!!!!!! :)

  47. I saw your email. lol girlfriend!

  48. My2Cents2 said...I saw your email. lol girlfriend!
    Hahaha have fun! :)

  49. Robin and Patrick had a thanksgiving fantasay where they had different lives. Robin was seeing Matt and Liz was seeing Patrick. Liz met him at jake's and later breaks up with him because she needs someone that is good with children.
    Then there's the drunk party with robin, liz , emily, laine, and the lady that plays the OBGYN doc. They get drunk and all fantasize about having a man with nostrings attached and it is patrick in their fantasy. It's fun.
    Patrick chased after all the women. Lucky was in high on drugs and paranoid thinking Liz was with patrick when they were not at all together. Clips/episodes are all on you tube. Fun to watch.

  50. That Emma is the cutest thing! She does look WAY to big to be handed off and constantly carried. In fact, in one scene, you could see a high chair in the background. She is not high chair material.

    Kids used to walk all the time, especially in the Christmas parade at the hospital, toting IV poles no less. I think it's a bit of a ploy to give the feeling that she's really not all that old, even though the cute actress looks like a solid 5+ yr old.

    Jake walked right out the front door! (stupid!!)

    On Young and the Restless, the kids walk all the time.

  51. mytwocents just wants to hate on Liz every chance she gets. What a surprise!

  52. YEP u know my2cents. U wish.

    Watching the same episodes, you tell me how the writers are portraying Liz in a good light?

    U telling me Carly isn't being bashed on this blog? Its the writing. For all characters. Don't waste my time today with your idioitic comments. Not in the mood.
    It is what it is.. Don't like my truths, skip over them. We been thru this before.

  53. WHY does alot of people say 'Poor Liz'. Liz is a character who is being written in a very negative light. Who ever doesn't see that, is watching another version of GH.

    Why don't I see posts saying 'poor Carly'? 'Poor Sam'? Poor Jason'?
    Its all the same writers for all the characters. You can't HATE on 3or 4 people and then take offense when someone hates on a character you like. Makes absolutely no sense.

    The writers are writing these actors in the light they are to be portrayed. Lets remember, this is fake TV show.

    Whoever your favs are, hopefully they will be written going forward in a better way. Unless, like me, the damage has already been done and can't be fixed.

  54. Liason 2012 WOOO!!!