Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frank Valentini Gives First Interview On GH Stint

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He’s coming in with a gameplan for the show, which has heard criticism from longtime fans about the emphasis mob-related story lines and violence. “But I don’t think it will change dramatically,” he says. “I have to come in and assess what’s working and see what can be made better.”

It’s too early to know if that means any Llanview residents might be taking a trip to Port Charles but Valentini, who says he’s been a fan of GH, isn’t looking to upset the balance right away. “It’s an incredible group of actors and a great crew [at GH]. One Life is it’s own book.” The final episode of OLTL airs Jan. 13.

His message to GH fans?  “At this point, during the transition, I ask the audience to be patient. Come along for the ride, and enjoy and love their show.

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Anonymous said...

“But I don’t think it will change dramatically,”

Why not Frank? Sonny, Carly, Michael & Jason in a limo. BOOM! Jax drinks champagne. Voilà! Problem solved. >:)

Adora said...

"Sonny, Carly, Michael & Jason in a limo. BOOM! Jax drinks champagne. Voilà!"


I am surprised to see an interview out so quickly, talk about a busy day in soap land. I am a little sad to hear him downplay everything, but I suppose it's for the best as I lost my hope for miracles with Garin's arrival. The lack of ego can't be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

At least he's not seeming to make promises he can't keep, like other people, ahem... We all know this is all a red herring, similarly to what they did just before they canceled AMC and OLTL, but I'll watch just to see how or if any changes are made, for better or worse, until the lights go out.

lisa said...

The show is ending and he is slated to take it to its finish trying not to lose too many viewers in the hopes that they watch the reality tv line-up. Sad. There won't be changes with mob because those are the main characters with contracts. He will fall under Frons' thumb and be asked to use the cast they have primarily.
Funny how he asked the viewers to stay tuned and enjoy the ride like Garin did when he first started.

DJ Rogue said...

"Funny how he asked the viewers to stay tuned and enjoy the ride like Garin did when he first started."

I thought the exact.same.thing Lisa.

Shirleedee said...

I will stay to the end and 'enjoy the ride', but wouldn't it be wonderful if that 'sick puppy, Frons' would, for once in his miserable life, just stay out of the way!

My2Cents2 said...

Have to give this guy credit where credit is due.
He is making no promises.
Why would he bring OLTL people over when the show is over?? I don't see that happening.

I believe, and boy do I hope I am wrong, that he is writing the end to GH.

If only Frons would stay out of the way.

AntJoan said...

Karen, no one answered me: Was there a second episode aired the Friday after Thanksgiving after the rerun, that included Robin and Patrick's Thanksgiving dinner, as claimed by one poster here?

Thanks for any info.

Liz said...

This popped up on my facebook newsfeed. For people out of the NYC metro area, wcbs-fm is a local oldies station.

Anonymous said...

AntJoan, no there wasn't. They skipped over that. Too bad; would have been better than what we actually got.