Friday, December 23, 2011

Lante "NO Frills Wedding"!! Bravo!

Well...OLTL filled me with Christmas JOY!! Jack was arrested!! GiGi and Rex!!! Clint and Vicki!!! Sam and Santa!! The note from Victor "if you're reading this, it means you kicked me out" LOL!  
Nice show!! 

You know MY DRESS choices were way better than this....but she did look really nice.  I so wish ANYONE from Lulu's family could have gone. TRACY? (since her brother, mother  and dad are all MIA). Ethan??  Despite that, the wedding was very touching.
I did like the Priest guy Tommy, very natural actor. Olivia got there in an hour LOL...okay. Lulu looked nice in her sweater I thought but she looked gorge in her dress too. 
LOVED Olivia and the iPod. I thought she was pulling out a lasagna!  The vows they said were so nice..sniff. The Falconeris running in was fun--I wasn't sure if I'd like that part.

The Q's: "She's made something for everybody this year. Crab, melancholy and bitters," says Alice about cook!! 
Monica "maybe in 2012 you'll get a soul" she says to Tracy. 
OH and Tracy got Monica and Edward Gifts!! sniff...ahhh!! That made me tear up. But, it wasn't Tracy said Alice so it was...Santa!? 

Robin and Patrick. Emma snuck up !! awww. Too cute. That was a good long Scrubs scene and Kim made me cry with the land gift. sniff.

Sam and Jason: He gave her a phoenix and she gave him a dragon...awww. 

Lucky was on today.... that was a surprise. In the graveyard. Maybe he's living there. A surprise person coming in? Has to be Luke, right?? hmmmm.

THE WORST part of Today for me? EWAN going to Liz' house! Geesh, Lucky just left. Give us all a minute will ya? Even if they just showed Liz on the phone to Sarah or something.

I so miss the Hospital Christmas tradition from this show. Oh well. Today was good.

**NOTE: Julie Berman wrote the Lante vows that they said to each other!! :) How fun is that?! 


  1. GH was the most enjoyable it's been in months! I lovd it and haven't been able to say that in a while! Have a very happy holiday everyone and may you all have a healthy start to the new year

  2. Today's episode was so good and cheerful. Loved the Lante wedding.

  3. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a graveyard. Great surprise at the end though. I was hoping for a Luke and Lucky scene before JJ leaves...this had best be it.

    Lulu and Dante wedding was great but really, was there no one Lulu wanted to be there? Tracey? Maxie? Aunt Bobbie? Heck, waht about Ethan? Ethan could of brought Laura's p[ortrait as his "plus one".

    Q's scene was great. A phone call from or even mention of Ned, Dillon or Maya would have been nice.

    When Big Alice said the gifts wer enot in fact from Tracy all I could think was, oh no, is Franco spying ont he Q's now too? I was searching the set for those wierd camera things Franco had in Hawaii, haha.

    I guess Carly could not be part of today's show as the absence of Morgan would have been too obvious.

    Speaking of which, I thought Christina was returning during the holidays? Has the recast been put on hold...let's hope so...bring back LA!!!

    I still would have liked to seen the Davis girls however, maybe with Diane thrown in. Mac and Maxie were also missing for me.

    Best part of today. No Lady in White, no new Doctor (don't even know here name) and best of all - NO SONNY!!!

  4. Bad editing job- the appearance of Lucky and Ewan barging in.

    No sense of rhythm, bad storytelling.

    The Goodfella priest was the best thing today.

  5. Hurray Frisco is posting again! I've missed you and ANTJoan. I agree that graveyards are not exactly a joyous holiday setting but at least no one was shot. And for me nothing says Merry Christmas better than an episode without Soinny. Happy holidays to all and especially to Karen - thanks for all you do.


  6. Yeah, Lucky just left, but technically Liz has been single for almost TWO years now. Two years! She hasn't been in a relationship since Lucky broke up with her for cheating on him with Nik. Although, you wouldn't think so based on how many people harp on her and her slutty ways. lol

  7. I actually watched on TV while visiting family for holidays. The show had some joy today! Sad that Lucky didn't care to be interested even though he was told of the engagement before. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

  8. WOW!!! Happiness on GH for Christmas?!!?! :0 I didn't think we would have that!!!

    Lucky: Woah! I didn't think we were going to see him again! I thought we would see more of Johnathan Jackson with his wife and kids at the airport. I guess not. Who is there with Lucky? Hmmm.

    Cameron and Liz: Your lying! That's why dad left! OUCH!!!! Hey Ewen! Stop pushing! Liz doesn't want you to be her therapist!

    Lulu and Dante's wedding: That was actually awesome! :) Love how the Falecanari family showed up at the end of the wedding hahaha! I want to see them again!!! :) Karen, Julie Berman wrote the vows for Lante?!!? I had no idea awww! :)

    The Q's: Great scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is the mystery person giving them gifts?! LOVE IT! :) It was interesting when Tracy said Jason is acting like a Quartermaine. Hmm forshadowing?

    Sam and Jason: Wow!!!! Happy times for them!!!

    Robin and Patrick: Awww great scene!!! See that red thing Emma? That's Rudolph's nose! ROFL! Awww! :) Patrick bought land!!!! For their dream home!!! Awww! :)

  9. Frisco said Lulu and Dante wedding was great but really, was there no one Lulu wanted to be there? Tracey? Maxie? Aunt Bobbie? Heck, waht about Ethan? Ethan could of brought Laura's p[ortrait as his "plus one".
    Hahahaha Laura's portrait could have been his plus one! ROFL! Good one. :) Yes she could have been. :)

  10. No hospital Santa reading the Christmas story--What a sham--too politically correct-- Once again removing Christ from Christmas--Looks like it wont be long before this show joins the other soaps on ABC!!!!No Tradition anymore----

  11. Missed OLTL (Christmas party at the kids school) but I did see GH. Today was a very good show I didn't mid Ewan being at Liz yes they could have waited until after the New Year but hay at least it was dealing with Christmas! I don't like or hate Lulu/Dante but I have to admit the wedding was very nice and even the campy Falconary (sp?) ending was good. I just wish that Laura was there. They could have kept the Lucky in the cemetary scene and I have no doubt it's Luke who is gonna show up and give his blessing for Lucky ditching his kids. Either way today was a very good show. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!!!


  12. It hurts that they no longer do the Nurses Ball, the traditional Quartermaine Thanksgiving, and now...nobody reads the Christmas story at the hospital?

  13. the traditional Quartermaine Thanksgiving PIZZA is what I meant to say.

  14. Anon, I don't think the reading of the Christmas story was left out due to "political correctness" at all. It's been gone for a number of years because GH has no heart. AND Alan died, then Tony died.
    Budget-- also, they'd have to have all the cast on hand at the SAME TIME.

  15. Nicholas did the reading and I believe Steve and Patrick have done it too--They could have had someone read the bible to the kids---I thought the show was pretty lame for Christmas--OK for just a regular day--nothing special--no male angel coming to get lucky and Liz together in the woods??Or Carly with Jax? Tacky wedding-nice dress-I guess everyone in Benzonhurst was there at the end--all tacky-especially the priest dancing with Lulu---LOL

  16. Frisco...nicely said. Nothing like graveyard scenes for Christmas Eve.
    I thought JJ was gone for good, not sure what the sense of those scenes were about.

    Lulu looked GORGEOUS. As did Dante. The first thing I thought of, is where is Lulu's father?? Why couldn't he be there to look at her? Why wasn't Luke there? Why wasn't he written in someway, somehow. would have been a nice way to bring Aunt Bobbie back. Missed Opportunities.
    Either way the words the wedding was beautiful. Well done.

    I fell in love with Emma all over again. I could 'eat her up' she is so cute!! As is her parents!!
    I won't mention there was no Uncle Mac or Matt there as planned.......

    'Cameron and Liz: Your lying! That's why dad left! OUCH!!!!'
    YEP Sonya, even my mouth dropped open with that one!!

    I believe the invite was from Anthony to Tracey. I also was waiting for a phone call from Tracey's boys and Alans ghost to resurface!! Or a Jason visit.

    Glad there was no Carly. Without a mention of her son these past few months, that would have been disgusting.

    Good Show...lots of bumps in the scenes, however, the 'just' of it was suppose to be HAPPY. NOT dark.
    I will always miss Dr Steve/Dr Alan at Christmas at the hospital.
    I was hoping GRAMS would be sitting on the couch at Lizzie's house. Lots of room for improvement, but it was a descent show today.
    WOW-Today could have been the last day. They wrapped up everything except Todd. And I honestly don't want to see the show end on his going to jail.

    So happy to see them reunited!
    Been wanting this since their divorce.

    Gigi's sister killed Gigi in reality. Jack will be home soon.

    Beautifully written, well explained show today. Well, alittle OFF but we will pretend not to care!


  17. Missing Kirsten--show isn't the same without her--hope she feeling better and comes back soon --at lest before show gets the ax!!

  18. I actually liked GH better than OLTL today. I enjoyed both holiday shows though

    The only thing I would have changed is I would not have included Lucky's scenes. I don't think it is too soon for Ewen either. Liz has been single now for 2 years and I also happen to like Ewen.

    Loved the Lante wedding...loved the Q's...Sam and Jason were kind of boring, and lacking in festivity without any decorations etc...And I really loved the Scrub Xmas...A great show for a change.

  19. I liked the Lante wedding, although I was more than a little offended by the way his relatives were dressed. They're Italians from Brooklyn so the women must dress like skanks? The writers need to stop relying on Jersey Shore for the way Italians dress and act.

    The best scenes were Scrubs/Emma. That kid is just adorable. I loved the thing about Rudolph's nose.

    I could have done without the Jason and Sam scenes, but I definitely think that what Tracey said is foreshadowing. I would love to see Jason back with the Quartemaines and leaving the mob (Sonny, Carly, and Sam) behind. There is no need for the amount of violence on this show.

  20. kdmask said...Anon, I don't think the reading of the Christmas story was left out due to "political correctness" at all. It's been gone for a number of years because GH has no heart. AND Alan died, then Tony died.Budget-- also, they'd have to have all the cast on hand at the SAME TIME.
    No heart is the right answer Karen! Budget, they say it's budget but that is full of crap! If it was REALLY the budget then they wouldn't of been able to renovate the hospital!

    My2Cents2 said...YEP Sonya, even my mouth dropped open with that one!!
    Liz better talk to Cam! With everything that has been happening he is probably all confused.

  21. I'm still watching, but I paused the DVR because I just had to say that, so far, I LOVE the Lulu/Dante wedding, the acting was amazing, all of them, Dante and Lulu were so real, but I thought Olivia stole the show!! Her emotions were amazing, even when she ran out to get the family, if you watch the play of emotions across her face--any woman who's been a doting mother or doting aunt can relate to her, bravo, job amazingly done!!

    That said, how sad that the 2 longtime male leads of the show--Luke and Sonny--who are great actors and legacy characters--were not present at the joining of their children. This is history, but the new generations without the preceding generation dishonors the show and the fans.

    Robin's Christmas was so beautiful, I can't bear to think that she'll be leaving.

  22. Someone from Lulu's family should have been at the wedding. As a 30 year GH fan, I could care less about Dante's family being there. A Spencer should have witnessed the daughter of Luke & Laura getting married. Fail.

  23. Sonya-Cam confused? WHY? Wasn't it just Halloween when his mama left and now she comes home the day before Christmas??
    Can't blame the kid for being confused. I know I am, and I am older!

    I have to say, I didn't notice or care what Dante's family was wearing. The point they were there for him is all I could see.

    I am not writing Robin off so fast as dying. I will accept she goes to another country for treatment, but not death.

    AntJoan..EXCELLENT statement. When I read what you wrote I had tears in my eyes. You are so right.

    'That said, how sad that the 2 longtime male leads of the show--Luke and Sonny--who are great actors and legacy characters--were not present at the joining of their children. This is history, but the new generations without the preceding generation dishonors the show and the fans.'

  24. Too soon? It's about time Liz gets therapy and a new man!!

  25. Wasn't a bad holiday episode on GH today. True, a lot of the old traditions are shot to one reads the Christmas story at the hospital anymore, no little elves walking around at the hospital. (Yes, maybe some political correctness and budget issues at hand there.) That's all gone and I doubt we shall ever see it again. In fact, it might be strange to say this, but I kept watching the show today, thinking, "This might be the last GH Christmas we ever get." And, it might be!

    That said...I did like the family moments with Scrubs and the twisted family moments with the Q's. Scrubs was bittersweet, knowing what is ahead though. I assumed Anthony Z was the gift giver for Tracy, but I am not sure. I kept trying to read what the note she received said.

    Lucky was a surprise! I thought he was finished the other day when he was at the airport. I did wonder if it happened to be Luke he turned around to see, but alas, no Luke/Lucky scene to be had!

    Liz...they seem to be rushing her and Dr. Ewan a bit! One man leaves, another man pops up at her door!

    Sam/Jason...The phoenix and dragon was a throwback to their Chinese restaurant themed wedding. Very sweet.

    Lante...Well, it was a very simple, yet nice affair. I agree SOMEONE from Lulu's side should have been there. Luke only has one daughter. It was totally absurd not to have him there. I thought the words Lulu and Dante said beyond the normal vows were lovely. I don't know how Lulu felt, but as I am an only child, I think the sight of all those Falconeris pouring into the room would have made me a bit skittish! Here a Falconeri, there a Falconeri, everywhere a Falconeri! I do admit to shedding a tear or two today during the nuptuals. Not often that GH moves me that way these days.

    Indeed, there was an absence of core characters today (Carly, Sonny, Luke...I recall a few years ago when they had Luke singing "My Way" for the Christmas show.) and who knows why the absence was...did they have to pay them more for a holiday show?

    In any case, it was a bit warmer and fuzzier than Thanksgiving, so that was fine!

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful holiday! :-)

  26. ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting that, Michael Easton maybe coming to GH as his alter ego John Mcbain. And also coming Ted King in late Januuary. No word who he will play yet.

  27. I meant as a viewer it was TOO SOON for ME TO HAVE Ewan come to Liz' house on Christmas eve when Lucky just left. It was like some weird guy just showing up. Plenty of time for him to "visit" her. Today should have been for Audrey, or Steve-- or... I don't know maybe one of Liz' friends.
    OH AHAHHHA right, Friends. This is GH what am I thinking!

  28. Good morning, everyone. Just wanted to add (if anyone still is reading comments on this post), that, as a psychotherapist who practices in Brooklyn, NY: 1) Mental health professionals DO NOT make unannounced house calls (unless maybe someone is being committed), nor can we give gifts to our patients. Nor are we allowed to become romantically involved with them, we can lose our license.

    And, 2) as far as Bensonhurst goes, people there really do dress like that and look like that, it was a good representation of an Italian extended family, I think that none of my patients who live there would be offended.

  29. AntJoan....I believe most 50 states have those same laws.
    Besides breaking HIPPA laws, morally it is just not done.

    I will try to rewatch the episode. I still didn't take notice of the clothes the people were wearing was such a conversation piece.

    Yep we are seeing Jawn on GH...I wonder if he is moving his family out to LA or he will be living on both coasts. Should JMB decide not renew, she will be recasted as well. Any ideas with who? lol
    Could Ted play anyone other than Alcazar?? That will be interesting to see.
    RDA declined to come back as Dr Jeff, so there is 'talk' of recasting his character.

  30. AntJoan, I am Italian and my family is from Brooklyn--we used to spend a lot of time in Bensonhurst (up until about 5 years ago). I don't know anyone who dresses like that.

  31. Karen has put up spoilers!!!! :) if you don't want to know, don't read what I say. Close your eyes. :)

    **Molly is interested in the Cassadine side of the family
    YAY!!!!! :) Damn I wish Stefan was alive!!! I think Molly would love Stefan and vice versa!

    **Spinelli takes a very big interest in the Woman in White
    What nickname would he give her? :)

    **Alexis is furious with Sonny for with holding the truth about Jax
    OH! A Sexis scene YAY! :)

  32. Elizabeth said...AntJoan, I am Italian and my family is from Brooklyn--we used to spend a lot of time in Bensonhurst (up until about 5 years ago). I don't know anyone who dresses like that.
    Wait what?!?!! Bensonhurst is real?!!?! :) I had no idea. Well I just learned something. Thank you Elizabeth! :)

  33. I loved yesterday's show! Dante and Lulu had one of the loveliest and best acted weddings on GH. She looked gorgeous. Loved Olivia and the family, too. Robin, Patrick and Emma were precious. I was so glad to get a little bit more Lucky and hopefully his dad had walked in to see him. The new doc at Liz'a was just plain creepy. Loved the Q's. It doesn't take much to put together a good show - why are they so few and far between?

  34. Really loved Fridays episode. The Q's are always fun to watch, great moments between Scrubs and JaSam and new doc Ewan is cute, but Liz needs to be by herself for a while. Loved the Lante Wedding, it was so real and heartfelt and Olivia is the best mom/mom-in-law ever!! I still wish some of the Spencers could have been there though. Even if Luke, isn't a big fan of marriage, he could have at least been there to support his daughter, and where was Sonny? Kate is a Falconeri, so they could've been there. Too bad Lucky is dealing with so much and Ethan is stuck with the Lady in White at Wyndemere, they could've put that aside to be there for their sister, but hey glad they finally got hitched, now let's hope it lasts. GH needs to bring the romance back.