Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Life To Live is Rocking the Soap World!

 Erika and Ron..two of my faves.

So sad's a pic of the empty OLTL set. SO stupid, so frustrating. Watching the show now makes me just get verklempt. Roxy getting all upset--and Nigel. The Fraternity Row parallel is perfect. Roxy wants Clint to buy Fraternity ROW!
Geesh, I'm not even going to go through it all, just know it's priceless. Erika is just doing it UP--all of the cast is just having a great time. OMG, the waitress recognized Gigi from "Dirty Soap"!! Clint acted just like Oprah "Why would I put money into an institution who's time has come"??!!  The View will salute One Life on January 13th ...

IF THEY bring this much fun to GH I will SCREAM in delight!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam's Pain, Sonny's pain...Michael's pain... Lulu's pain.... We all in pain. DEEP PAIN! 
Franco Flashbacks...sigh. They lasted a LONG TIME... lol
Maybe Diane will go undercover as a stripper. LOL 
MacDaddy is on, too bad Mulva is on as well. She's such a useless character. She did look very nice when she has her hair down though. 
Mac's been on more in the past few days than all year! 

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Melodybluez said...

"I feel your pain..." Yup...that pretty much sums up GH! I know we're waiting for a changing of the guard at GH, so I am just sort of coasting with what I see now.

Sonny...Maurice rocks the scenes, but we've been there and done that with Bensonhurst demons, so it's pretty much boring me. I find Skate 2.0 boring as well.

Jason and Michael ought to be the poster boys for anger management issues! Jason assaults someone and then just expects to walk away? Well, yeah, Dante's been known to issue an occasional pass, so I can understand why it was expected for Dante to just let it all go. Not when the ex-mayor wants to press charges though. Sorry Jase. I am still teed off at the fact that Jasam's pain could have been avoided by a trip to a doctor. They know full well that Franco's into illusion. Did it not occur to them that Sam may not have been assaulted? I bet she wasn't!

Lulu and Maxie...Ok, nice to throw the frienamies in there, but honestly, maybe I am asking too much of the current writers to go back and recognize history, but wasn't Maxie's boyfriend, Jesse, shot in the line of duty as a cop? Could they not have had a good galpal chinwag about that? They had Lulu distracted by her pain and Maxie distracted by her pain with Matt instead. I do think basic advice..."Make up your own mind for a change..." is good for Lulu. She needs to rely and depend on herself. They've had her running to Carly, running to Olivia, etc. Sure, we all need advice once in a while from someone, but they overdo that with Lulu to the point where it makes her look immature. Figure it out on your own, Lulu...your heart will tell you the right thing to do. Of course, a clear head wouldn't hurt either, but they seem intent to make Lulu keep turning to that bottle like dad!

They dolled Delores up a bit! I keep she going to be third party Lante angst or maybe pushed to Johnny. I kept thinking in the scenes...with her hair down, she looks like Claudia. Maybe Johnny will develop another Claudia fixation. In any case, seems she is not in too happy of a marriage and the hubby is always away.

We had just a bit of Jake's today...livens up things a bit! Is everyone leaving their jobs to become writers and reporters?

Searching for a bunch of killers and attackers with Franco, the girls at Vaughan's and Lisa's murder. Port Chuck is a busy place!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched GH for about three months (or so). But, I came home early today and decided to turn it on to see what's happening. The first scene I see is Jason/Sam/Michael on the "docks". They are all angst, clingy and weirdly beligerant with each other.

Then, Dante walks up and says "Jason Morgan, you are under arrest."


Seen it one-hundred-million times already!!!!!!

Inbal said...

great acting by Steve/Mo/Kelly M
the issue is that its too much sadness all at once balance needs to be also happy stories w/Sad stories..

GH IS ALL DARK if you watch it you need some happy

sonya said...

Sonny: AHHH Sonny made me cry!!! :'( Maurice Bernard BRAVO!!! That was fantastic acting!! Great scene!! But then Kate had to come in and ruin the scene! Go away Kate!!! Now they are gonna have sex UGH!

Mulva: Well there ya go! :) Out of uniform and her hair is down. :) Mulva are you really married or are you lying?

Mulva and Johnny: Okay they have got to have a fling! :)

Jason: Uh how long is he going to keep yelling at Franco's signature? Come on Jason go find him and kill him!!! I love when they show Steve Burton's eyes close. :) It's so blue. :)

Maxie and Lulu: I like Maxie's outfit. Just listen to Maxie, Lulu!

Dante and Lulu: :(

Mac and Maxie: Awww! :(

Sam and Michael: Come on Sam! Just tell Michael what happened! Or what you think happened.

Anonymous said...

Chinwag...she said chinwag.

Too bad Wubsnet is better than GH.

Wubbers, show some wub and use the wubsnet link when doing the AMAZON shopping!

My2Cents2 said...

' verklempt' lol

Sonya-Mulva not so bad looking in civilian clothes. She kinda did a 'Lucy Coe' on us!!

Anon-Wubster's is better than GH!
I agree! lol
OLTL-genius whoever is behind this soap story/real life show. I applaud. However, how sad will it be when someone funds the on-line version and all the residents are happy. (Clint?)
And then...Curtain call.
No on-line soaps.
Not for now at least.
Still I am applauding the creativity of the end.

Was AMC like this??

Frisco said...

Someone mentioned in an earlier posting that if Lulu does get married that Laura had better be there. I think the wedding will happen but Laura, no, I think if we are lucky we might get the Laura wig. There isn't even any guarntee that Luke, Lucky, Nicholas, Spencer, Lesley, Bobby, Lucas, Liz, Aiden, Michael, Morgan or Jocelyn will be there. We might get Carly or Tracey...perhaps.
I suspect the wedding will be Sonny front and centre, flanked by NuKate. Olivia will be there, Ethan and perhaps Maxie. Sounds like must see tv...NOT.
If Ronnie or Mulva are there god help us.

My2Cents2 said...

I wouldn't expect much of anything good until January or February.
Today there is a new focus on the show. We won't see it until next month.

Why was this show written so dark this time of the year? Its depressing me.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya-Mulva not so bad looking in civilian clothes.
Yeah she is pretty. :) I wonder if she got her hair cut. I could have sworn her hair was longer.

She kinda did a 'Lucy Coe' on us!!
I didn't even think about that! You are sooooo right!! :)

My2Cents2 said...

SONYA-U old enough to remember Lucy Coe the ugly librarian?

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...SONYA-U old enough to remember Lucy Coe the ugly librarian?
Hahahaha yes I am! The ugly librarian was just a cover for the hot vixen that she was! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I would care about the whole Sonny trapped in a closet in Bensonhurst if they would have done this before Brenda came back then maybe it would've had an effect on me!


My2Cents2 said...

Sonya you must have been very very young when Lucy Coe disclosed herself!

My2Cents2 said...

Karen...Variety magazine (per daytime confidential) is stating they want to still run with OLTL & AMC?

Any truth to this or they blowing smoke up their ass again?

LindaV said...

I remember when the mystery with Lucy Coe and her murderer boyfriend was on I couldn't wait to see GH every day. That was a great storyline. Too bad Mulva doesn't have the personality of a Lucy Coe.

Anonymous said...

I feel kind of bad for the actress who plays Delores aka Mulva. I don't like her character at all. Even the actress said in SOW that she stays away from the message boards now because she thought it would damage her self esteem.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya you must have been very very young when Lucy Coe disclosed herself!
Disclosed herself! ROFL! Good one. :) She came on in 1985 right? :) I was 10/11 years old depending on what month she came on. :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya you are a PUPPY! xoxo

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya you are a PUPPY! xoxo
Hahahaha well, you are way older than me right? So yeah. :)

My2Cents2 said...

HEY - NOT way older....about 15 years Sonya! lol

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...HEY - NOT way older....about 15 years Sonya! lol
ROFL! 15? That's all? Then I'm not a puppy! ROFL! :)