Friday, December 2, 2011

GH Actors React to New Deal

Lisa LoCicero: Love Jill Phelps. She's been like a den mother a dear friend and a fearless leader all at once...Will be forever grateful to her..
Have also had the pleasure of knowing and working under Frank Valentini. Guy's a force of nature, and if anyone can make GH work, he can..

 VMG at the airport!

Vanessa Marcil:  HOLY SHIT! Today is a good day. Make sure you treat EVERYONE the way that you would want to be treated. cause clearly GOD is back from lunch.

Nancy Lee Grahn: My life is flashing before my eyes. 

Kim McCollough:  Oh the times, they are a-changin"

James Franco: (which is hard to read because it's actually hysterically funny)
Jill is a pro.  She is experienced, innovative and loving.  I had nothing but great experiences with her for two years.  She was open to experimenting on General Hospital in ways that I have not found on any other film or television project.  Jill helped create daring story lines that blurred the line between fiction and reality — she allowed us to do a special episode at MoCA in LA for which they won day time Emmys, she was always open to taking the show in unexpected directions.  She and I plan to work together in the future because we enjoy collaborating so much.  Anyone in Soaps would be a fool not to want to work with her.


My2Cents2 said...

SHUT UP Franco. You have no say-so in anything.

mindymoe said...

My thoughts exactly, Cents!

Franco and his buddies obviously don't know what soap fans want. We don't care about a your stupid story that "blurred the line between fiction and reality!" All we want is Love, Suspense, Drama, laughter, VETS, and HISTORY! Write stories that use our vets and that honor our show's history and we are happy. Throwing us a CRAP story wrapped in an A-List movie star will NOT FOOL US!

So, like Cents said "SHUT UP Franco!"

My2Cents2 said...

Why thank you Mindy!!!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean MAYBE Kim will re-consider? And maybe Jonathan too, if they give him some lighter material?

BTW, has there been any investigationn into how Lisa woke up from that coma? Or is the PCPD forgetting that little fact?

Carrie said...

If Kim doesn't stay GH is deader then Robin will be.

Amy said...

Yeah Mindy & Cents!! I couldn't have said it better myself!

I am so worried about this news. Had they replaced Frons with...say...Agnes Nixon, then maybe I would be celebrating! lol! It worries me that Daytime is now in this new catagory, and it will be all reality.

I do hope that we get the end to GH that we deserve! Hopefully the new people in charge will be able to bring a lot of people back for cameos!

My2Cents2 said...

Amy..I honestly believe we will get the end we deserve.
I am hoping against dead hope that maybe it could be saved??

NOT sure when it would air though.

Adora said...

Wait, when was that picture of VMG taken? Is she not pregnant after all?

That aside, yeah I am (or at least WAS) a Franco on GH fan, but that was a a painful and bizarre comment to read.

When did Lisa work with Frank??

I can't imagine Johnathon or Kimberly really changing their plans as a reaction this this, but it would be nice if they got things rolling in time to have some impact on her exit story. I think they have more hope at doing it justice. Sadly I fear they won't, since word I saw says they don't start until Jan 9th, which would mean her exit could even be filmed before they start.

Nancy always makes me smile, I hope she's not as nervous as her comment makes her sound!

Anonymous said...

Is Claire Lebine still alive? Hell bring her back to GH too! She is drama gold - writes with real emotion and heart.

Anonymous said...


Our girl Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) just tweeted that she will be on the next season of True Blood!!!
"Guess who's gonna be a fab new vampire with a Texas twang on True Blood? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?" I can't wait I love Carolyn and I looooooove True Blood......waiting sucks!!!


Mamaspat Ole said...

I read Franc's comment and I said outloud What the F*** Ever

My2Cents2 said...

I wouldn't count on any actors that we are familar with from daytime to come to GH. I hope this change means a possible 'stay' for GH, but I can't imaginee at this point the show bringing anyone over.
Most daytime actors are aware that GH is more than likely over.

Anonymous said...

Now that Frons in gone...does this mean certain actors/actresses that were his "favorites" can go away or at least fade into the background? Maybe we can get those he didn't like back....for example...Kristina?

My2Cents2 said...

Brandon (John) got engaged last night!
Now there really is no chance for us!!!!!!!

kdmask said...

Brandon? John? Huh?

I think Vanny is PG and that's her belly

Anonymous said...

vm announced back in july she was pregnant, if she is that the smallest baby bump ever. is

My2Cents2 said...

Brandon Barash (Johnny) is engaged.

Michelle E said...

Great news that Frons is history, it's a shame they waited for him to kill daytime before he left. I have to wonder if daytime now falls under the sydication dept. (if I read that right)if that means that GH maybe will continue but be sold into syndie, There are just too many "I wonders" and "what ifs" right now, so I'll just celebrate the door hitting Frons in the butt and congrats to Brandon. Oh, and Nancy was hillarious on twitter last night. She should drink and tweet more often.

Adora said...

"Oh, and Nancy was hillarious on twitter last night. She should drink and tweet more often."

lol~ This is a great ad for twitter~ I have no idea what I missed but it sounds fun. ^^;

"I think Vanny is PG and that's her belly"

Wow Karen, really? I guess the angle could be masking any real depth to her stomach... if I look long enough I can almost convince myself there's a bump~ At a glance she really does look as thin as ever though. Either way, she looks incredible and airport security is as out of their minds as ever.

My2Cents2 said...

I don't tweet! Heck I am trying to learn a laptop, so please EVERYONE share NLG tweets!

Mamaspat Ole said...

check this big peice of crap about Frons.....

My2Cents2 said...

He failed miserably is what his statement is saying and he was 'asked' to step down.
Let's see what can happen now.

Anonymous said...

If you prospered under JFP and Frons ( lots of air time, big storyline, publicity ) then you may not have a bad word to say about them or you have good things to say like Lisa and Steve and Franco. You may not even comment, as if it didn't happen, like Kelly Monaco ( not a peep from her, LOL :) ).
I wish I felt that this change will make a difference but because there are insiders who revealed long ago that Disney, ABC wants to be rid of soaps , I am not hopeful. I re-read Frons' statements on Fairman's site about his decision to cancel OLTL and AMC and he clearly said the plan is to move away from scripted tv and do self help programming. I don't think they have changed from that. They obviously know they have lost viewers and may try to get them back into GH as a lead in to other shows and then pull the plug on GH.

Anonymous said...

GH ratings are laughable! People didn't want to tune in to see the jasam wedding again. Boring. 5th again, and that's where they should be. Frons did as Anne Sweeney and disney wanted and now he's moving on with a bigger paycheck no doubt. The only thing they didn't realize is just how much fans love their soaps.

Anonymous said...

I still remember Susan Lucci swearing up and down that AMC is not cancelled, on tv, just as the statement from Frons that AMC is cancelled was released. They made her look like a fool! I felt very sorry for her and the rest of the cast. I'm sorry, but all the shake-ups don't have me believing in ABC. If GH is still on in Sept. 2012 and no statement is made then maybe, but I don't think it will. They are not interested in pleasing fans, or the history of GH. They create their own idea of GH separate from history. perhaps new younger viewers will enjoy this storytelling. I don't.

My2Cents2 said...

YES are right. Jason & Sam are the reason why the ratings are low and OLTL/AMC were cancelled.

Tracey said...

Yes time's are changing and GH will have to change 2 yes we love Jill but we have to keep up with the times sometimes change is a good thing

Anonymous said...

My2cents, why are you making the leap that jasam killed GH or linking it to OLTL? No one on the blog said that. Jasam wedding was shown the thanksgiving week. Who wants to watch that again. It was not good.JMO.

My2Cents2 said...

Anon if you want to have a conversation, STOP hiding being Anon.

YOUR quote states 'People didn't want to tune in to see the jasam wedding again. Boring.'

IMO that is putting blame on the actors/characters, NOT she show.
There are alot of scenes that I am bored thru. I FF thru them.
But I certainly do not blame the character/actor, I blame the writing.
This is a story if you remember

My2Cents2 said...

YES Tracey, times are a changing.
And its all going to be 'he said she said' until we have confirmation of anything.

Get ready for RUMORS to begin!!!
Because NOBODY knows anything right now. Except who is ever going to run this new 'division'.

Anonymous said...

My2Cents, that is my opinion. Jasam is boring, and on that day many people did not tune in and that's a fact. You are welcome not to like my opinion but stop being hostile against people posting as ANON as it is an option like any other. You have your opinion and I respect that but I do not criticize you for posting as My2Cents ( hardly your real name ).

My2Cents2 said...

Anon..No 2 cents isn't my name. However I don't hide behind 'Anon'.
My name is Debi.
With you it is constant with Jason & Sam. You are obsessed because the writers chose what they thought viewers wanted, Jason & Sam. YES, most viewers did want them. But not like this.
Regardless of who they chose Jason to be with, Jason or Sam or Liz or Carly or Luke are not the reasons viewers do not tune in.
That I can assure you.

Tired of listening to your dislike of Jason & Sam and you blaming them for the ratings.
Its NOT just them.
Its the writing. ANON.

Hostile?? YEP I am. I am hostile when people critize the same people for the failure of the show.
I LOVED Carly. Now I ff her scenes.
Can't stand Shawn. Hate how they have written LIz. But you never hear me blame them, I blame the people behind the scenes.

Love4dogs said...

I'm sorry to say that if Vanessa announced she was pregnant in June, it looks incredibly doubtful by that picture that she is still pregnant.