Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sonny; "Who's Abby"??

Hannah and kids
Charles Barkley shows his love for soaps on Conan! Take a gander, it's great.

I found a Feb. 2002 Soap Opera Update mag ( I don't even think they are in biz anymore) with Tams and Mo on the cover. It also has Tyler Christopher and Eva Longoria's Vegas wedding in it!! Wow...memory lane.

GH: Robin isn't going to want Chief of Staff. Monica and Robin's talk was nice...poor Robin having to hear "so many years left".
Thank God LULU Invites Olivia... 

Michael and Carly-- Carly didn't even know about Abby.  
Sonny knew NOTHING about ANYTHING because the characters on here are so isolated, we have to play catch up every other day. Good lord. Ok, he knew who Abby was but that was about it. No real reaction. LOL Michael's talks with Carly and Sonny were good but I couldn't help thinking Carly was kinda happy. LOL
I think Franco implanted Jason with a micro chip. A Micro-Fronkey. You wait!

I have to's 3:33 and wow..this is just...


  1. I wondered why the heck Lante even ended up in NYC? Crash, boom, bang there they were. Lulu was making far more sense than Dante today. I just resent that she seems to have been pressured to put aside her feelings and marry the schmuck, which I have a feeling isn't going to end well! I guess he didn't mind taking a bit of time away from the job he loves so much. It would have been nice to have actually seen them visiting Ground Zero, but I do realize the scenery for that, even if it was just to make them look like they were there, just isn't in the budget, so we once again had the characters talking about an event after the fact, kind of like Jake's memorial that we never saw!

    I feel badly for Michael. At least his mom was supportive, even if she didn't like what Abby did for a living. Sonny, you'd have thought Michael told him his pet hamster died.

    A Monica sighting and a Brenda mention today. Robin contacted a doctor in Italy to see if anything could be done about her resistance to the AIDS drugs she's experiencing. I am guessing she won't die, but will go off to seek treatment somewhere, which will be fine with me. Robin's exit will hopefully be a lot more eventful then Lucky's. Open gifts with the kids, Ethan (who should shut his trap about Luke/Laura because he knows NOTHING) shows up to babysit, then see ya! I have no idea why Lucky would trot off again to Ireland. As long as we don't have to see the Oyrish stone ouija board anymore, that's ok by me! I would have just liked to have seen some good Luke/Lucky scenes before he bolted! I don't think the viewers hardly recognized that Luke was back this autumn. He spent most of the time hiding in the shadows!

    I also never got the impression that Elizabeth had a breakdown to even fake. She had a time out. What happened to Laura or Lulu following the Logan murder, THAT was a breakdown! The writers aren't being convincing with some of the stuff they are presenting. Just like I am not convinced Lulu should run out and join AA because she's had a few drinks when she's felt stressed. That, in my mind, was only an attempt to draw a connection to dad in some way, which is something they like to do on GH.'s all starting to wear thin. He needs medical attention to find out if he's got a head issue and she needs to seek some counseling. Endless discussions, temper tantrums, outbursts, and ignoring the issue isn't going to make it any better.

    Poor wonder the guy is leaving! He keeps getting shafted all the time. Didn't Maxie just accuse Lulu of jerking men around because she was weary of marrying Dante? Pot meet kettle! If they have dropped the serial killer storyline and planned it to be Spin, I am actually glad about that. He's a sweet guy and I'd hate to see him leave like that.

    Dropping the lady in white won't bother me either. It wouldn't be the first time GH has started something to just drop it in the bin. Whatever happened to Sam's "Everyday Heroes" and Amelia's plan to get even with her? How about Carly's plan to screw Dante over with Spinelli's help? Happens frequently and a blog could be written just on that topic!

    I'd love to see Sean, Alcazar, Dillon or Ric come back...even Robert! I'd imagine we might see some blasts from the past come back next year. I did see news which said we may be saying goodbye to Steve and Olivia. Wonder if they meant the actors or the coupling?

    I guess the Christmas episode is tomorrow. Seems like we may get a quickie Lante wedding. Olivia would have had a coronary if she wasn't invited! Lulu, she really has no one else left in town, other than Ethan and Tracy. The previews say a wedding and Robin gets a surprise phone call. Maybe from Anna? Or the doctor biz in Italy mentioned today. Let's just hope we get a bit of warmth and fuzziness!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Lulu and Dante: They are going to get married and Lulu doesn't want any of her family members at her wedding!!! She didn't even bring up her mother!!! UGH!

    Robin and Monica: Robin doesn't want to be chief of staff! That's okay Monica can be! Yes ladies something is so wrong with Jason!!!

    Michael and Carly: Wait so Abby was walking when she died? I thought she was in a car.

    Michael and Sonny: Oh great Michael!!! Abby's death is an excuse now to work with Papa Z! UGH!

  3. Maxie and Spinelli - just so cruel!!! Maxie would never have done that to Spinelli. Just awful, awful writing.

  4. Yes Abbey was walking I assumed in downtown Chicago. I can visualize it, maybe that is why I find it believable. Lots of construction going on down there, though NOT now during Christmas when all there really is are displays and beautiful figurines.

    Me bad. Why did I think Sean would surprise Carly with Morgan instead of a tree?? Morgan, the other son. I don't even want to hear he went on a ski trip this Christmas. If they don't know what to do with the character then write off Carly for a week going off to visit him.

    Anyone notice yesterday that in Sonnys office there was still a photo of ol Kristina?? Isn't new Kristina suppose to be debuting?? Is that still happening I wonder?

  5. My2Cents2 said...Yes Abbey was walking I assumed in downtown Chicago. I can visualize it, maybe that is why I find it believable. Lots of construction going on down there,
    Oh! Well yeah that all makes sense! :)

    Me bad. Why did I think Sean would surprise Carly with Morgan instead of a tree??
    I actually thought it was Jax at the house to surprise Carly. :(

  6. Sonya, I thought (and hoped) it was Jax at the house, too.

  7. LindaV said...Sonya, I thought (and hoped) it was Jax at the house, too.

    My2Cents2 said...Jax is next week.
    YAY! :) When next week? :)

  8. My2Cents2 said...Jax is next week.
    YAY! :) When next week? :)
    Not sure, knowing GH 2:53 on Friday!

  9. What about Lulu's Aunt Bobbie, and cousin Lucas? And, yes, she didn't even mention her Mother. She has so much family on the show, it's not believable that she would have a wedding without them.

  10. My2Cents2 said... Not sure, knowing GH 2:53 on Friday!
    Hahahahaha! Well that isn't just on GH. That's what they do on soaps. :) All that soapy goodness and then you have to wait!!! :)

  11. OMG I am just finishing Oltl. This could have been the last show!
    YIKES was it good!