Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Viral Load

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Viral load is a measure of the severity of a viral infection, and can be calculated by estimating the amount of virus in an involved body fluid. For example, it can be given in RNA copies per milliliter of blood plasma.

Robin's on her way, folks. As much as I love Kim, I'm glad she's going after her dream of directing. I don't know how I'll feel about Robin's death until it actually takes place. If the story is there, I'll embrace whatever happens. I am thrilled "Anna" will be back and I'm sure "Robert" will come as well. I can't imagine Tristan saying no when there's a new regime at GH. This week was a mixed-bag. On the one hand, I love they honored the Jason/Robin history and friendship but I wish it wasn't interrupted by Franco Fugue States!! *sigh* Abby dying--which I did know about on the  surface but didn't realize how it would play out. More SKate angst in "Bensonhurst"-- whatever. I'm sorry but they needed to be done when Brenda was around instead of wasting months and months with her in "Italy" being chased by The Balkan. Maxie and AZ really had me intrigued, loved their little interaction. More please. The Woman in White? Becoming the White Elephant. zzzzzzzzzzz. Wow. Way to kill any suspense. Ewan is promising, although I wish Jax were around to swap stories over Fosters. Lucky and Liz have gone on too long with this pathetic "break up" -- No wonder JJ said get me the hell out.
Alexis and Jason were entertaining. NLG is fun in whatever she's doing. Even her "Mayor Floyd" scenes made me chuckle.
Dolores/Mulva looks way better with her hair down. That's about all I can say with that.

Random Bensonhurst part of my week on GH!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Michael embracing a dead Abby...Chad did a really wonderful job in that scene and the ones after....I even was a little teary! I also didn't know they were going to show that morgue scene so it was a little surprise.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Pointless Lucky/Liz interactio bitch-fest in Shadybook. We get it. LUCKY DOESN'T WANT LIZ....LIZ is desperate. Let's stop talking about it for weeks. Thanks.  I'm also giving it to the multiple  "Woman in White" staring into space. I don't want to call them "scenes" however. More like bothersome tics. 
 And..PS THIS character is getting WAY TOO MUCH airtime. 

 Lante Wedding Photo..guess they didn't go with my dress choices! 

The Lante wedding is going to be pretty flat with no one there from Lulu's family. I mean, really. Luke's gone (again) and Laura's still MIA. *Sigh* I do want to see the Falconeri crashers though. Might be fun. Will they serve Lante Cupcakes?


Anonymous said...

I tried to watch the J&R scenes but the jm stares into space part was stupid so I FF most of it but I did hear some of it KMc is good when given proper material-I'll miss her. I'm hoping FH & TR both come back it will be great to see them.
I'm sick of the L&L2 crapola also but BH is so good in those scenes--JJ is the one dragging the whole thing down--be glad when he is gone and please nu guys don't bring him back.
I like Ewan and I loved how he drew EW out and I want him to get her to see lucy is so not worth days in SB.
I didn't see any of the other stuff FF x 5 for all that. Though I did catch the tail end of maxie in Ew's home decorating for LS--WTF was that?

kdmask said...

Maxie decided to decorate for was a weird thing. LOL

My2Cents2 said...

Yes Robin is on her way out, yet we don't know that she dies. We know she is sick, hopefully she will leave the country and try some other new remedy in another country. Thus, IF GH stays on the air, the door is open. I am actually counting on that. For the actor to be pursuing her dream, I wish her the best. GET OUT of GH!

Karen I usually agree with you however Brenda helping Sonny in Bensonhurst?? Really? She could barely take care of herself. Her portrayal of Brenda was extremely immature. She was as helpless as they come. She reminded me of a 14 year old locked in a women's body.
Not that I am watching Skate in Bensonhurst. Not watching a scene. I am tired of Sonny's troubled childhood. And Bensonhurst. And as much as I like NuKate, this isn't the same Kate of 3 years ago. That Kate wouldn't go sniffing after Sonny like this one does.

I too was shocked with the way Abby's passing took place. Chad did a 'knock out' job portraying grief stricken. However, there were alot of bumps in that storyline. Like WHAT actually happened??
Now we will see Michael get even angrier with life than he has been in the past. Will the new writers do that to us??
I wish Andrea the best. I have seen her in primetime with better writing, and she is a good actress.

The women in her WHITE PJ's and Franco BOTH need to go away. ASAP.

Why is Liz at Shadybrook? To manipulate Lucky? She all but admitted that, but what about being home with her kids during the holidays?? That isn't selfish on her part???

Delores looks gorgeous, Delores has a story of her own. Could be interesting. I know I like her with my man Johnny! Since I can't have him.

Thank you for not showing much of Carly & Shawn this week. BELCH!!
I expect Jax to be back any day now. :)

Did I say KILL off white PJS lady and Franco?? Please NOW!

Just about 3-4 weeks we could be seeing good things on this show. EXCITING.
SAD-it will also mean the end of OLTL.

My2Cents2 said...

Cute photo of Franco on your spoiler section Karen! Made me laugh!

About 'the Wedding'. I hope, going to Ground Zero is turned into a positive for Lulu with coming to terms with Dante being a cop.

Several people from the NYE party end up at GH, still in their formal wear.

Michael has been injured. Sonny and Carly discuss his condition with Patrick.
Jax lurks outside of Michael's hospital room.

Sonny, Ronnie and Carly get into a confrontation in the hospital hallway.

Alexis slaps Carly.

Olivia and Kate argue.

Johnny brings Carly home from GH.

Monica, Jason, and an unconscious Sam are at GH.

Matt and Ewen end up at Liz's house with Cam.

Maxie gives Anthony a kiss on the cheek!

Patrick confides in Liz; he has tears in his eyes.

Maxie becomes distraught during a conversation with Robin at GH.

"There are a lot more changes still to come, especially with the stories. I've heard they're tearing stuff up as speak. A lot of people are nervous." --An Insider to SOW

Metome said...

Karen excellent blog!!!

YES, YES, YES, to BRENDA being the one who should be helping Sonny in BH. She was the one who knew all of his demons with Deke first. She saved Sonny's life more than once and would have been the perfect one to help him. Anyone who thinks Brenda couldn't handle Sonny didn't watch GH from 1992 on. Go to YT and see for yourself how strong, smart, brave and feisty Brenda was. Sorry this BH story is awful, resolves nothing for Sonny and yes with S&B's history should have definitely been done when Brenda was there last year. They are using S&B history for this pathetic SKate 2.0 storyline and Kate will never be Brenda....ever.

My2Cents2 said...

I remember the Brenda from back in the day. They should have left her in the past. Because they ruined her character bringing her back last time. She was portrayed in a pitiful way. AGAIN, the WRITERS are at fault. However, the last Brenda, though played by the original actress couldn't handle too much besides giggling and snorting out her nose. TPTB ruined her.

Anonymous said...

I love Sonny but I Fast Forward thur all those scenes, I just don't like him running back to Kate and the storyline. I hate that Robin is leaving but at least she wasnt fired. I kinda hope they don't kill her off so she could maybe come back one day or maybe Jason fakes her death. I have always love Lucky/Liz together but the writing makes me just want it over. They ruin them together a long time ago. I dont like that the character is it doesnt make since for the person who Lucky is or was. I dont like recast (mostly)but for the sake of Luckys character I wish they would and just let Liz move on and BE HAPPY. I wish they would get the storylines moving faster.

My2Cents2 said...

I LOVE Sonny too but FF thru his scenes!!!!!!

I think, in the end, Lucky will come back for Liz. jmo

skeebob said...

Good column, as usual. I like the titles of your Sunday Surgeries. When the show finally does get canceled, you planning on titling that Sunday post "Time of Death?"

Anonymous said...

Just read Nathan Parsons is leaving GH, too. Damn. All of my favorites have been fired or are leaving. I won't be able to watch the show anymore. :-(

My2Cents2 said...

Who is Nathan Parsons? Ethan?

Anonymous said...

Yep, Ethan.

My2Cents2 said...

That surprises me Ehan leaving..
just when a 2nd life is coming to isn't like he is that popular an actor....No biggie...I hope he takes the women in her white pj's with him.

My2Cents2 said...

You know with the turn of events and Lulu & Dante getting married, obviously some new material is already beginning to show.

imspncycl said...

Why is the woman in white always in white nightgowns? Doesn't she have any real clothing?

My2Cents2 said...

Karen..and everyone else....check this out about James Franco.
What a freakin BABY!