Friday, December 23, 2011

SID Says There's a Chance of McBain and Ted King in PC!

ABC's Soaps In Depth is saying there's a rumble that both Ted King and Michael Easton may head to GH when the OLTL team take over. Easton would reprise his OLTL role as McBain and join the PCPD (get ready to NOT solve cases!!). King, it's unsure who'd he come on as but you have to assume it's Alkazar. Is this just the start of the One Life migration? Hmmm. We shall see! I'd love Vicki and Clint to come and buy the newspaper and try to take ELQ on with BE!

What say you Wubbers? You psyched for  a melding of casts? I just want the STORIES to be stellar, the rest will follow. Of course, Roxy's Porcupine Morris is welcome to sit next to Sonny's Bob The Badger any day...heh.


  1. I could handle those 2 pieces of eyecandy....they make Sonny look like a 7/11 cashier

  2. ok nothing against 7/11 or being a cashier was just a funny

  3. This news broke earlier in the week. I think Ted will be back as Alcazar.
    RDA refused offer to come back. :(
    'Rumors' of Clint replacing him in guest appearances.
    While this is great news as well, I would love it if they brought 'Vicki & Clint' over instead!
    I don't see Erica moving out west, but, never say never. I would settle for 'guest apparences'!
    She will be for me the most missed from OLTL.

  4. Absolutely no disrespect to OLTL fans, but I would rather bring Back GH people that we loved than do this. Keep Robin, JJ, & nathan. bring our kristina back, robert, laura, Felicia, etc. Love John Mcbain but been there, done that. I would only accept that if Mac got equal airtime. Lord I want our Kirsten back, let's hope her tweet was a huge hint to that. And please someone end this awful Jasam story. Find a witness or someone who admitted Franco didn't lay a finger on Kemo and lord move on from any baby talk and just give them a baby so they can be interesting again. This was the worst repairing of a couple in GH history, and it didn't have to be.

  5. I would love "Vicki and Clint" in Port Chuck but.....I am still keeping hopes that Robert Scorpio will return and that Kimberly M will stay.....sigh......
    yes, Sam and Jason need to have THEIR baby.
    And Franco needs to be permanently dead. ( as opposed to the temporary deaths of some soap characters. LOL )

  6. I want to see Ted King--but not as Alcazar, not as a ruthless criminal! I can see McBain in PC, but he always solves cases and the PCPD never do, so what would he DO??
    Richard Dean has 'grown' abit so might not want to get back on TV.
    I think Clint would be perfect as a ruthless BE businessman wanting to take over ELQ--I mentioned this a few days ago. I do not want to part with Jerry verDorn! I wouldn't at all mind if he was still playing Clint B--maybe Bo could come later then, along with Nora (2 of my favorites), and Erika could do guest spots as Clint's wife.

    So many Ghers have gone now, so there ought to be some room. And maybe JJ will return if the stories improve. Just don't forget Alexis!

    They have Jason in a state of change now so take it all the way, make him give up killing people and let him be a real hero (and Sam could die in childbirth. Sorry, but I've never liked the character and I certainly don't want to see a baby story..) Be nice if Sonny and Kate married and moved away to his damned island--what a relief that would be.
    I think I could enjoy a combined GH/OLTL, as long as I can't have OLTL by itself.

  7. I would like to see only the BEST of OLTL come to GH. That being Vicki & Clint. Who knows, maybe they would be up for guest appearances? Bring Nigel along?

    I would though, like to see more Uncle Mac if we get McBain. If its one over the other, I would chose Mac. However, sounds like McBain is on his way to Pt Chuckles. PUHLEZ leave Natalie behind!

    I also want Ric Lansing back.
    Franco DEAD.
    Luke GONE.
    Bobbie back. (I think she is)

  8. Early Christmas presents (if it turns out to be true). I love the character of John McBain and heck, I'd even take Alcazar back if we could get Ted King. OLTL is amazing and if we could get some character infusion, I'd be happy.

  9. RDA refused to come back...dang, well at least I knew they were talking to him!!
    LOL on 7/11 and cashiers

  10. The last time FH (Anna) was back she was supposedly investigating Alckazar...another dropped storyline.
    WHAT tie up lose ends, not bring more mob to Port Charles and Sonny finally having to pay for all his crimes...what if, Anna made a deal with Alcazar for him to act as an informant? Alcazar has crossed over and is now working for Anna. Sean of course is also undercover and working for Anna. anna become the James Bond "M" character with Alkie and Sean working for her...cleans up Port Charles and maybe has a little fling with Alkie as well!!

  11. I, too, laughed my ass off at the 7/11 cashier comment Mama, thank you for that! <3

    I am not sure I care to see Lorenzo back, but Ted King is a good actor and familiar to the viewers so that seems like a good move.

    I am more hesitant about the John McBain idea. I was a huge Michael Easton fan growing up; he was on a couple shows no one's ever heard of in the mid 1990s (prior to his time with OLTL) and I was just hopelessly in love with the guy. I'd had no idea he moved to OLTL until earlier this year when Karen's praise for the show led me to turn it on. I was very confused about why the guy looked so familiar before who he was to me finally clicked. I was sad though, that - from what VERY little I saw - I really didn't care much for his character on OLTL. I am not sure if I just didn't watch enough, if age did him no favors for me, or I genuinely disliked the character but I was sad that I didn't find myself as taken with him as I had once been. I am pretty sure I want him on GH either way, but I do think I'd prefer he was given a new identity. The PCPD could use a good cop, there's no denying that. I guess we shall see.

    I for one hope that this rumor comes true. I doubt either man will be given the role I would like to see them in (which I don't honestly know what would be myself) but I would much rather see them on screen than more newbies.

    Happy Holidays to all the Wubs readers as well as Karen and family! <3

  12. Not disappointed about RDA after seeing that picture of him, LOL. I agree with the others who would like to see Ted King and other GH favorites come back instead of actors from OLTL. We should always have room for core characters like Ric, Nik and Jax. GH has a tremendously talented cast and actors like NLG, LC, JY and CH should be utilized more.

  13. I will always be disapointed RDA didn't come back. I mean, I've been waiting 25-30 years! How long should I wait before I give up?
    Who are they getting for the role of Jeff Webber? Clint Buchannan?

  14. I agree with Mrs. B. Too many good GH actors out there that we're let go or treated unfairly and what a sap that would be to them to bring oltl actors on,

  15. Dear Santa, if the OLTL actors are coming to GH,PLEASE, can Bo come too?
    he could really help Mac get the PCPD straightened up and I love him!

  16. I agree..I would like to see some of the vets from GH return before I see OLTL shoot over to GH.

    Don't forget people, GH is done in CA and OLTL was done in NY. Not many people want to 'up & move' when there is so much uncertainty in soaps right now.

  17. Richard Dean Anderson-original Jeff Webber.

  18. I too want the vet GH peeps to return instead of getting OLTL people on GH. And I hope somebody can talk Nathan Parsons into staying. :-(

  19. I've always said that the Alcazar boys should have been triplets, not twins :)

  20. I think it would be kinda cool if John McBain came to PC. He and Dante Falconeri are the sexiest detectives in soaps IMO. Talk about some serious eye candy at the police station, LOL. Perhaps Alcazar could come back but don't know what he would be doing without Skye on there. Maybe she could come back with their daughter Lila. I bet he would have some revenge against Sonny and Jason like he did in the past though. Once OLTL goes off the air, guess we will see if these rumors come true though.

  21. McBain and Alex!! Ted King HOT HOT HOT!! Jasam NEEDS to come to an end! I was nmever a fan but it was watchable but now YAWN! UGH It has been way to long end it already! Maybe Alcazar can give Anthony a run for his money!!! Something needs to happen PALLEEEZZZZZ!!

  22. I am protective of my OLTL people. I don't think I want our characters going to GH. They will just get sacrificed and ruined to make Sonny, Carly, Michael, Jason, and Sam the heroes. I would prefer to remember them as the characters I love on OLTL.

    I was a huge AW fan and I didn't like the Jake, Cass, Marley, Donna transfers to ATWT. Killing Viki totally turned me off from following my AW characters to ATWT.

  23. I agree Mindy. With the exception of Vicki, Clint or Dorian, there is no place on GH when we would love to see some VETS returned to GH.

  24. Ok...I am a big big Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton fan..I have watched them since 2004... Before they got together and the bonding after the death of Baby Lila...

    I'v seen them adopt baby Hope in 2005 only
    to see them loose her.
    Then in 2005 all their Bonnie&Clyde moments.
    The 2006 mess the 2007 mess minus the sexy
    Lusam sexiness.

    I adore Jasam and what them to be parents
    all the other lead female characters have kids
    but Sam...
    But I would like to see the sexy Michael Easton
    come to GH..I would like to see a real triangle
    between Michael Easton Kelly Monaco and Steve

    I would make him a lawyer or prosecuter in the
    investigation in the death of crazy Franco...they
    did this on Y&R with death of Diane
    Once again, I love Jasam and Michael Easton.