Monday, December 12, 2011

SOS--Save Our Stories on MONDAY

SOS was on OLTL!! ahhhhhhhhh, loved it and I loved Roxy's trying to explain the whole Nat/John thing. hee hee.
Gigi needs to just shut up and go wait on Rex cause this has gone on too long!!!  Kimmy and Natalie are fun. Nat's being cold to McBain! geesh! You know she'll be in bed with him in no time. 
Tea's bitch-face was perfect when she left Blair!
WHO SAW CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wee!! :)

 Looks like the Habitat for Humanity Build with GH cast/fans went well!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dr. Maggie-ugh. :P
Ethan and The Lady in White is soooooooooooooooo. Bleck. I mean, I don't want to wait forever to find out who she is.
Random Brooklyn Lady!! busting up SKate---did you see her hair today? what was falling all over. "A thug is a thug" says the Bensonhurst lady LOL At least she mentioned the wedding shooting. Did you hear Kate get all "Brooklyn" accent. ahahaa. :cries:
Michael and Jason...yabber nabber...jabber 
Ethan and Alexis were cute-- the dialog was stupid but whatever. The Lady in White (who has to be freezing) writing in the dust. LOL It's going to be a LONG WAIT for Ethan to find out about this chick. 8sigh*
Watching Sam watch a video then stare at the disc for every other scene isn't entertaining. Um, we didn't see what was on it..ergo...I don't care. So there!
"Keep your hands off my kid, he's taken" Olivia says to Dolores. :) Yeah!! I wish she would have smacked her with a frying pan too, but can't ask for it all!

LAST WORD: If Sonny's going to be a mobster he needs to OWN it.
PS. For those DOOL watchers, Lisa Rinna's coming back... I have no idea about that show but thought you'd like to know. It was on twitter today.


  1. I'm not trying to be rude but I am honestly wondering... Why do you watch GH if you hate it/the current way it is written so much?You seem to dread the hour you have to suffer through it... Why don't you just turn off the T.V. or change the channel once OLTL is over at 2:55? Don't feel obligated to answer me I just find it interesting/odd that you watch a show you dislike to that extent...

  2. I have wondered the same thing Anon. It seems everyone on this blog hates GH. I have always been afraid to say anything for fear of having my comment deleted.

  3. I think it's because we long for the show it used to be and keep hoping it will improve.

  4. Anon 2 I have had the same fear but I finally decided enough was enough and that I was going to speak my mind and ask my question! Love4dogs I understand that but why not enjoy what you can get for what may be the short time you have left or not watch it because bashing the show will not help anything. -anon1

  5. We don't hate GH, we just hate what the writers are doing to it. Many of us have been invested in this show for years, me 10+. We all hope that it will get better and can't bring ourselves to give up. I was almost done when they fired Becky, but they brought her back.
    On a better note. I can't believe more people don't watch DOOL. They are so rich in history and are thriving on it instead of killing it. I'm happy that Lisa is coming back and I have heard there are more to come and I am loving it!

  6. I have 16 years invested in the show and my mother has many more than that. I understand the difference in the show but that is not a reason to hate or bash it.... enjoy it while it last because as all of you have stated a numberless amount of times because it doesn't seem you have any hope either GH will probably get canceled... don't let your last memories be bad ones!

  7. Anon...I've been running the WUBS Net for 11 YEARS.... ELEVEN. I've watched since...1978. YEP.
    I do love the show. I love the actors. HOWEVER I will say when I think the writing sucks. Why don't I turn it off? Ummm, same reason I still support the Buffalo Bills--they are my TEAM. Even when they suck.
    soooooooooo, that's me. I do praise the show when I think it deserves it. This isn't a "recap" blog, it's my own personal feelings on the show.
    Anon #2 I only delete comments when posters start fighting and calling each other names.

    Seriously... I hope you read my Sunday Surgery because I made a lot of GOOD POINTS about the show.

  8. LOVE Clint putting Gnatalie in place about how she was behaving!
    Gnat back living there??
    Why in Johnnies room was the sos?
    Why not Roxies or Landfair?
    Chas back so soon!
    How long is this Gigi stuff going to drag out?? Christmas Eve day?
    GH-DULL. Tell the boogeylady in her white nightgown to get dressed. So stupid!

    Wait until Floyd tells Mac that he knows about him and Alexis! lol

    Is Floyd a reporter now??

    Only part of today I found good is knowing that tradegy is ahead for Michael. This is the beginning...

    I can't wait for the new writers to get working over at GH! Yawn!

  9. floyd owns the paper and changed his name to PRESCOTT LOL

  10. I am not defending anyone on here, however, Karen posts what she see's. That is her job. What she see's is terribly, lazy, horrific writing. As a long time vet of this show, I share her frustration. As do many. If you go to other forums you see how low they are as people have lost interest in GH. It shows.
    I happen to think its awesome, those of us who grew up with GH and LOVED it at its best, have one another to share our distaste right now. Take a look around other forums. They aren't so different than this.

    Also, if it bothers you how some posts 'take' on this show, why would you come to this forum?
    I mean, people here are all on the same page. Or they go elsewhere.

    Most of us come here to read what Karen posts, because she posts what we are thinking!!

    If it isn't for you, then find another forum. I just want to warn you, there aren't many forums out there that have much praise for GH.

  11. It's sees...not see's.

  12. With 34 years invested in this show, I also am pained at what the writers have done but yet I continue to watch even as I complain because like Karen says "this is my show" and I never stop hoping that it will return to its former glory. We love our kids but we don't hesitate to voice our frustrations. Do we give up on them? No. This is karen's blog. If it bothers you don't read it. It is also not a forum on grammar...that is just being mean. We need to stick together as fans people!!

  13. I started watching the show in 1981 and I'm still watching mostly out of hope and habit. I love the old GH so when I see what's on my screen now it disappoints me. I love reading Karen and other blogs that tell it like it is. There's no reason to sugar coat crap because if you do how do you expect change. Now do I think tptb are gonna read our comments and all of a sudden make a dramatic! But there's no reason to be quiet and except the crap that is shown. Of course no one wants to be Debbie Downer everyday but when you see the stuff that they put on the screen you have to just think....OMG REALLY!!! Not trying to argue just wanted to give my point of view.


  14. I have watched GH,as well as OLTL, since it's inception. I understand what Anon means. It is very disheartening to read some of the unfavorable comments on this site. I agree that everyone has a right to say what they think and feel. I feel it unjustifiable for a poster to tell some to go away and not read this site because they don't agree or like what is written. That's Karen's job. Chasing someone away who might hit an ad for Karen will hurt this site.

    As far as this not being a "Recap",there are some posters who do nothing else but recap the days episodes. If that's what they want to do,that their choice. When I get to those posts I just skip over them because I don't need a recap of what I have already seen. However I do like this site and enjoy reading some of the comments. Karen is very well informed and sometimes her take is spot on and sometimes I don't agree(my choice).

    Thanks for all you do Karen but maybe some lite chatter would help.

  15. I started watching in 1962
    and reading Karen from day one that she was posting...
    I hate what they have done to 'my soap' not the soap itself...
    so I come here every day. for the good conversation and this is a good group, we are all feeling the same pain, and when its good again, which I will probably learn about here, then I will stop ff and start watching...

  16. Blogs, messageboards, forums are all for entertainment. For me personally, I find it great that I have a place to come vent about a soap I've watched for over 30 years. No one has to agree with points made and no one has to respond to why we watch or why we complain. Frankly, with GH, there's much to complain about and it is painful as a long time viewer to see the soaps die and also to see the quality go into the toilet. It has many folks frustrated. Hence, the heated debates. I can like something or be a fan of it, but I don't have to like everything about it. That's where many of us seem to be on GH.

    I'm deciding to be on a "holding pattern" with GH for the remainder of the year. I know we are still seeing things before the changing of the guard took place, so I don't hope to suddenly tune in and see it immediately get won't. In the new year, hopefully a different story! So, I still, when I tune in, expect to see Who Killed Lisa? resolved (soon, one would hope), Adventures in Bensonhurst, Franco/Jasam Frenzy, What happened in Memphis?, Magical Mystery Tour in Wyndemere (Good one, Alexis!), and what we're seeing now. Is it awe inspiring...nah. I think most of us watch through force of long term habit and also holding out to hope that maybe, just maybe, it'll change before the party's over!

  17. I agree Melody these blogs and forums are for entertainment. When it stops becoming entertaining, then one knows to move on.

    You would be hard pressed these days to go to any forum, where there is postitive feedback about GH. Also, I am observing that people aren't posting and commenting as much because they are 'tired' of the writing on the show. Per ratings which are at a all time low now, I have to give credit to whomever writes a daily blog about this show.

    SoapOpera Network is a blog I use to go to. No stories are beinng written over there. Just news.

    Daytime Confidential has very few active members posting regularily.

    The point that someone comes here, daily to write a blog, and hasn't given up on this show, IMO speaks volumes.

    GH SUCKS the life out of me.
    Yet, it is the only remaining soap that I ever watched, and I will see it to the end. With complaints!

  18. I agree Melody these blogs and forums are for entertainment. When it stops becoming entertaining, then one knows to move on.

    You would be hard pressed these days to go to any forum, where there is postitive feedback about GH. Also, I am observing that people aren't posting and commenting as much because they are 'tired' of the writing on the show. Per ratings which are at a all time low now, I have to give credit to whomever writes a daily blog about this show.

    SoapOpera Network is a blog I use to go to. No stories are beinng written over there. Just news.

    Daytime Confidential has very few active members posting regularily.

    The point that someone comes here, daily to write a blog, and hasn't given up on this show, IMO speaks volumes.

    GH SUCKS the life out of me.
    Yet, it is the only remaining soap that I ever watched, and I will see it to the end. With complaints!

  19. I totally agree with the first two posters. I have wondered for awhile why you watch GH if you dislike it so much. Some of you pick apart every tiny thing instead of enjoying it. Last week was very good every day in my opinion. I liked the discussions among the characters and the emotions shown. I have watched GH for over 35 years as well and this blog has become tiresome with all of the complaints especially by the same people day after day. You say you are not giving up on the show and yet that is exactly what you are doing with all the negativity. If I were a first time watcher and checked this site out I would never watch another episode. Since a few of us have been invited to leave like the first two posters maybe that is what we should do.

  20. Daytime Confidential does have a problem with it's board that's well-known to those not posting right now.

  21. thank you anon who posted at 8:25pm I agree with you 100%. I appreciate every1's comments but have a hard time believing them because of exactly what that anon said.I am done with this discussion now.-anon 1 (first posted at 4:38)

  22. The same problem is happening on this blog: it's being crushed by the same person who crushes every board she posts on. Lots of people know.

  23. Um if you are talking about me the first anon to post... I haven't posted on this board or any other board b4 so if some1 else is causing a problem I swear to you it's not me... I have just read this blog for a while and decided to ask my question... I'm sorry if that bothers you!- anon1

  24. Dante and Mulva: Hey she stole his card!!!!! What is she up to?

    Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzz. Oh look the Bensonhurst neighborhood lady is insulting Sonny. Yeah Karen, Kate went all accent on her hahahaha!

    Sam: Hmmm? She has a gun. Why? What was on the dvd? We are not going to know? Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Michael: Hmmm he is on the phone with Abby and it sounds like she is in town ROFL! Oh oh what happened to Abby? Car accident? She shouldn't of been talking and driving!!!

    Ex mayor Floyd and Alexis: Hahaha he wants a date with her hahahhaha! Too funny. :)

    Ethan: He is so desperate to be the caretaker for Wyndemere. :)

  25. I LOVE "PRES" AND ALEXIS!!! Imagine a love triangle between him, Alexis, and Diane. hehe

    I thought they had good chemistry..

  26. ANON--No, I'm not talking about you. It's one of the regular posters. I've never posted here either. But I have watched over the months as many, many people stopped posting here--as they do on other forums because of her. I'm really more of a reader; of thriving boards, that is. But when people with different opinions are told to go away, I'll step in.

  27. Can't we all just get along????just a wisecracking joke here .lol

  28. It seems that everyone complaining about this blog chooses to remain "Anonymous." Kinda hard to respond: "Oh, Anon #1, or Anon 8:52 a.m."

    If you want to add to the conversation, why remain anonymous? Karen works really hard, and it is her blog, she can say whatever she wants. I've never seen her twisting any arms to come over here and read her/our stuff. Most of us don't leave GH due to long-time habit and loyalty, what would prevent someone from leaving a blog they don't like?

  29. well.. I really hope you also read my OTHER posts. I do post the news, tweets from stars, photos and try hard to bring most of what I find on the net or hear on my own to you. There are a lot of charity posts as well.
    Sorry if my GH negativity isn't for some people. I don't know what to say.
    And again I NEVER delete comments unless people start with personal insults which I can't stand.
    see you later!

  30. Karen, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone who has anything negative to post on YOUR board. What NERVE of these people!
    Proves our point, they are bored with GH so they have nothing else to do than to attack.
    Right Tealite??

    Not aware of any drama at Daytime or any other forum. I do know that I subscribe on FB to many, and very little information is being released these days other than by WUBS.

    I also am aware of a delete button. Should you not want to receive updates you can stop at anytime.

    Why would people come here to post, they say, for the first time when its negativity toward Karen?
    Or anyone else on here?? Makes you wonder??
    I can't speak for Karen, but as a contributor to this blog who has friends here, I am going to tell you to 'pull up your big girl pants' and go play eleswhere.

    With all the negativity in the world, I don't want to come here and read disrespect rude comments from people who state they don't ever post here. Yea right.

    Tealite..haven't seen you on DC lately. Did ya get the 'boot'?

  31. I APOLOGIZE for the trash that has found its (her) way over here.

    There is a person who LIVES on the forums all day long, studies them, and stalks and harrass's people.
    Instead of her going by the name she goes under on DC she has 'chickened out' behind the name Anon over here.

    She has nothing useful to contribute on DC or anywhere on any forum other to start problems.

    She went to ABOUT and made a statement towards me, as well as gave proof that she is harrassing and stalking me. I LOVE it, because as erry as it is, the Police are now able to watch her comments and follow her.

    IGNORE her. She is mentally sick. She started on Karen yesterday and it escalated to me by the time she was done. Responding to this person only feeds her SICKNESS, however, fYI she is being watched by the local police here and where she is from. (Police wouldn't give me that information)

    I can take care of myself, but when she went after Karen yesterday, it pissed me off. All the hard work Karen does for this blog, tweeting, fb, etc...she doesn't need critism. She runs a great blog and most everyone loves coming here.

    Don't let IGNORANCE stand in your way of posting here. Ignore this useless animal.

  32. I've been watching GH on and off since 1964 and even though I can be critical, I still watch for the occasional episodes that are outstanding. And I really like watching certain cast members act regardless of the quality. Thanks to Karen we have a great forum to discuss. GH isn't something I duscuss with friends because I don't know anyone who watches the show. GH is a habit or addiction to some I guess, and although it will be broken in the near future, we still watch with optimism that it will one day return to what each of us considers the good old days.

  33. I've never gone after Karen, JAQ. Never. I've never had one negative thing to say about this column because until yesterday, I never posted here. I've always just read the column. Don't confuse me with other anons. Yes, I am tealita, and yes, you are the notorious JAQ--who has been banned repeatedly for intimidating other posters and bossing people around.


    And don't forget it!!!!!! lol

    Banned? From where?? I will meet you over there. NOW.

    Please leave Karen's blog alone.
    Don't bring your dirt, anger, ignorance here. Show some respect. I would say class, but you don't possess that quality.

    OK Sonya...I am waiting for something clever from you now!

  35. wait, you mean you guys go to OTHER FORUMS besides this one ? Should I be jealous??!
    hee hee.
    Let's just have a good day. Kirsten Storms tweeted, one of my faves Chrissie Fit's taping today (Mercedes)...we're getting new writer/Producer.
    AND it's the holidays!!

  36. Let me tell you Karen, when news of PP broke that they were reneging on there promise, I started searching other sites hoping that I would find a site that said this is all a 'rumor' and its not true.
    I didn't find that answer anywhere!

    Then when Frons was FIRED I revisited a few of these sites, because I wanted ALL the dish on what was to be. Surprisingly, not every site commented on the changes.
    Personally I think that viewers have dropped by so much that these blogs and forums just aren't getting the attention they use to and they are falling apart by the numbers!

    I thank you for your hard work. Not only with the blogs and fb, but your humor and love and respect you show ALL of us, is heartfelt.

  37. My2Cents2 said...OK Sonya...I am waiting for something clever from you now!
    You are? About what? :)

  38. sonya said...
    My2Cents2 said...OK Sonya...I am waiting for something clever from you now!
    You are? About what? :)

    My Posts of course!!

  39. Calling people names? Like calling Abbie "Abner" because she has a raspy voice? So does Maggie. I'm guessing that you are not a fan of Lauren Bacall?

    Personally, I think Andrea Bogart is a beautiful woman, and find her voice to be sultry.

    As for negative comments about the show, I tend to agree most of the time. I don't think it would take much to make it better, and if they want to do a good murder mystery, it should be "Who killed Sonny?"...maybe a disfigured Lilly?

  40. I have seen Abbey on primetime. She is really a good actress. Again, its the writing on GH that is doing nothing for these actors.
    That is why they are leaving.

  41. 1. Just wondering how all the Anonymous people can follow their own comments. 2. Follow the WubQueen's tweets for the most up-to-date hilarious input on lots of shows!3. Johnnie and his dad offer some of the best moments on TV!

  42. First of all I am NOT Tealita.Karen I adore your column but please lets be honest.You said,"I NEVER delete comments unless people start with personal insults which I can't stand." The two posters Anon at 11:55 pm and Mytwocents keep throwing personal insults at each other. Since Mytwocents is your friend I guess she doesn't count to be deleted. Or did you mean if they insulted you? Again Karen I like your blog but you must be fair to everyone. If I am misinformed I am sorry and please inlighten me.

  43. ANON I don't know who or do I care at this point who you are.
    Obviously a coward to hide behind a name. GROW UP.
    I am sitting at a hospital right now watching my mother is so very ill.

    The last thing I want to receive are comments from an immature idiots you have no respect.

    I have contacted daytime confidential, the Main people in NY at ABOUT, about you. I am not the one who is being watched. You are. By them, by the Police.

    I am no more personal friends with Karen as I am with others on here. This is a small loving group of people. A fit that doesn't suit you. So leave.

  44. I am Tealita. Karen, for the record, I have never made one critical comment about your blog. I like your irreverent, witty style, and look forward to reading--if not responding to your blog. I don't think you are negative about GH, nor would I have said so if I did. I make a practice of never criticizing monitors. Besides, I think everybody has a unique style that "tags" them, and is easily discerned by others, despite whether they identify themselves.

    I personally DON'T care if you favor one "regular" over another, or allow one comment to stand and not another. That's your choice. I love your perspective and I adore the way you write.

    I jumped in out of principle, and because several weeks ago I let pass false accusations that I gave you some anon-stank about your blog.

    There is a long-standing feud between My2Cents2 and I that will not resolve here. I have my opinion and she has hers. I avoid her at all costs--unless she comes a callin' in ways she knows she shouldn't.

    Please excuse the interruption. Now back to your regularly-scheduled program.

  45. No Tealia you DID come calling here first.
    You came under Anon.
    Then you went to There is proof. There is a papertrail on you and your computer.

    You just wasn't counting on me contacting the authorities or the other hosts of the other forums.
    But I did. When you come to my favorite forum, and spread your hatred, I will step in.

    Now go back and crawl into the hole you came out of.
    Still due to your post on ABOUT you are burying yourself in legal drama.

  46. Okay Karen lets have some more insults and you not deleting their posts.
    Mytwocents you have no right to jump on me. Oh yes I forgot Karen wont delete anything you say.
    Also if everyone is afraid that people are hiding behind "anonymous" why doesn't Karen get rid of that option???

  47. When someone attacks me MIKE under Anon, I have every right.
    Don't forget it.

  48. MYtwocents sorry about your ill Mother however you have no right to call me an "Immature Idiot". I guess Karen doesn't call that a personal insult so I guess it is okay. You throw insults out there like its your right even though you have no idea who you are insulting. I am sorry that someone is stalking you(thats not right either) but don't forget to look before you leap. I will however take your advice. I will leave this blog and never hit another ad for Karen. Hope this helps you because it certainly will cost Karen.

  49. Here is my last post. MYtwocents just reread my last post and wanted to clarify. When I wrote "you should look before you leap" I didn't realize that kind of sound like a threat. It was not meant that way. I only meant that before you insult someone you should know who you are insulting. Loved your comment "DON'T FORGET IT".

  50. No JAQ, it was you who made the first move.
    You, under your moniker "JAQ" were banned from DC in July--to the relief of many.

    You assumed the new name "Sweetrevengegal" at DC, and began posting again in August. I tactfully called you out, and you made some shiz HERE about me insulting Karen as an anon.

    You were banned AGAIN.

    Now, you are posting at DC under "WTFGH," and will do yourself in there, too.

    It's all you, baby. I let you play here so long as you didn't cause me any trouble. But you can't hide from yourself an you don't see who you are. Everyone else does.

    To wit, my entire point.

  51. ANON-You are talking out of your ass. I have no clue what or who you are talking about. Nor do I care. Honestly.

    You won't 'let me do anything'? this is NOT your board. You came on here swinging at Karen.
    Karen don't play that game Tealite.
    You think you know who I am? Take it up with About or DC. They are awaiting to hear from you.
    They have been contacted about you today.As has my local police and your local police. Dont believe me? Call them. You are pulling things from websites from other people and posting them on sites I visit. That isn;t normal. And thankfully the law sees it.

    Not sure what your miserable life is about, but keep it away from me.
    To me, you are an emotionally damaged person/animal. And the more you post, the more you show how right I am.

  52. You let me play here??


  53. I never said a negative word about Karen or directed a post to here before now. And you can't make it so.

    But you don't deny being all in the same person at DC, and that's my entire point. You couldn't keep yourself away from there--despite repeated banning. I won't post there if your gonna crush the board by your presence. But you saw the crowd of people that defended the banning of JAQ, and they know who you are, too. That's enough for me.

  54. I'm at DC now. Come play. Where are you?? Banned? Did you get banned since Luke & Jamey were contacted?? Because I am over there playing!!

    YOU HIDING??? lol

    I am signing out of this thread. I have zero tolerance for stupidity & ignorance.

  55. I didn't delete because frankly, I can't be bothered to wade through these posts.
    Period. SO flame away


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