Sunday, December 11, 2011

Martha Byrne behind Daytime Fans FB Page

 Welcome to DAYTIME FANS UNITE!...DAYTIME FANS UNITE was created for and supported by Martha Byrne. It is also supported by many other soap stars past and present and behind the scenes people. This page is concentrating on uniting all soap fans as one! The soap fans NEED to be heard and what better way than through positive energy. Our main goal is to let everyone know that soaps still matter to us and to show how many fans we can unite together. Our goal is to get 100K LIKES on the page as we work together in the efforts to SAVE OUR SOAPS! 
Other soap stars have also joined the page: Carolyn Hennesy and Laura Wright from GH and Melody Thomas Scott/Daniel Goddard from Young and The Restless. I admit there are a lot of FB pages out there up to the "cause" but I joined this because it seems like a place everyone and the actors are posting the newest news/ideas about soaps.

If you're on Facebook give it a look. Hit the link.


My2Cents2 said...

Save the few soaps that are remaining or to bring back what has been lost?

Anonymous said...

I "LIKED" that FB page weeks ago and click on it eveeryday. Its a great site-photos, memories,reminiscing and a big effort to save the soaps, the genre!!!