Friday, December 9, 2011

Snow, Snow...Soapy Snow..

We got snow this looked like a blizzard for a bit out there. I know it's DECEMBER but still sad. No like the snow. It's been really nice thus far this season so I should shut up.

OLTL: Flo L was stellar today!! All the actors were awesome. Such a great show still. *sigh* 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:   I loved how Olivia was cleaning up around Dante's desk!! That's a mama...or a Virgo.  heh. I wonder if she improvised that.
Now I guess Mulva is wearing her hair down. Ok....she does look like Claire. 
Alexis tells  "Prescott" he's "Stupid" for changing his name. heh.  Yep  he is. Geesh, I think Jason has an "anger tumor" growing. 
They are all going to the boat...LMAO just like Ellery Queen if you are old enough for that!! Or Agatha Christie. It's kinda  funny....
What's the boat chick up to? You know that's the dead body Dante finds.
Olivia came back? WHY? 
Why are AZ and Johnny being so nice to each other? I think AZ did it.
Matt looks like he has on a Star Trek Shirt. 
This boat thing is hilarious. LOL.... Spinelli raising his hand!! IT was pointless.


TLT said...

First time in a long time I thoroughly enjoyed a full episode of GH! Start to finish was fantastic. I hope it's like this more often

sonya said...

Matt: Where the hell have you been?!!?!?!

Jason: What the hell is wrong with you?!!?!?!

The sex/horror boat: Blah blah blah. I did love the part where Spinny was thinking of everyone offing Lisa ROFL! And then with Maxie, she was going to but then didn't and smiled hahahaha! Olivia why are you sneaking on the boat later?!!?! Well your son caught you. What do you got to say for yourself?!

Johnny and Mulva: Oh just have a fling already! :)

Olivia: I love how yesterday she was telling Johnny that Dante would never cheat because she didn't bring him up that way! :) Good stuff. :)

The boat lady that was knocked out: Hmmmm? Who is after her?!?!

Sam: She watched the dvd and........... Hmmmm? Why are you crying Sam?!!?!! Is that a relieved I wasn't raped cry? Or I was raped because the dvd showed it cry?

Anonymous said...

Jason has real anger issues since AJ almost killed him. Remember when Scotty as DA used to poke at Jason and call him "Anger Boy" Looks like someone found the old script in the discard box and said this is a great idea!!
Will it take all that anger for Jason to kill Franco??

Anonymous said...

I've been computer-less for a week so maybe I missed this. Is the rumor section gone? I don't have a rumor box to click on now?


Melodybluez said...

Didn't see today's GH, but I am hopeful it might be halfway entertaining with some of the comments mentioned. Back on the boat today? I guess this "Who Killed Lisa?" thing, which was rumored to go on until February may indeed do just that at this rate. I wouldn't mind of they dropped the serial killer thing, but I wonder how they will now, because Mulva brought up about all these random attacks when she was giving Dante a feminist talk the other day, so they've made a toodoo about it now. But, that doesn't stop GH from dropping a storyline! Something like Valentin was mentioned, even by Helena during one of her visits, and was never pursued, until maybe now, if Dr. Ewan is going to be Valentin. I am glad to see Helena will be back early next year!

Have a good weekend :-)

Love4dogs said...

I remember Taggert originally calling Jason Anger Boy.

My2Cents2 said...

Havnen't watched GH yet, however I just finished watching OLTL.
HOLY SHYT! Here is a little 'Monday Morning' quarterbacking....Had this show, be written as excellent and as fast pace as it is now, we would not be losing this show.
Flo has always been a fantastic actress. So her performance today was nothing new. I just love her and will miss her.
The PACE this show is moving is primetime good!!
I can only hope that these writers, producers, editors can work these kind of wonders at GH. If they can, I don't see GH leaving abc.

OK. Now I am confused. Who killed Victor? Baker or Todd??
Now I go watch depressing GH...

Frisco said...

I find Delores suspicious. At first I thought she might be an undercover Fed or something but now I have a better idea. Let her be Gina Soleito, infiltrating the PCPD to to take down Sonny and the Zacharra's so her family can take over their turf! As much as I hate the mob this is the only way I can think of to give this boring character some life.

Frisco said...

Today's episode was okay with one MAJOR exception...Maxie throwing Robin under the bus. Maxie would NEVER NEVER NEVER do that.
As for Matt's disappearing act I can't wait to hear what lame story they come up with.
So I suspect Anthony paid off the first mate to kill Lisa. How long before the first mates body is found?!

lisa said...

Seems Abby will be killed, but will it be Franco? Will it be the port Charles killer?Sam will tell michael about everything and carly will see the DVD she is hiding from jason. Question, if the DVD reveals she was indeed raped by jason, will she lie and say everything is fine .Will the DVD be good news that she wasn't raped but she is pregnant.Hear that her pregnancy is medically complicated.Hear that Robin will be in medical crisis also and it comes down to Sam's baby or Robin. Makes me wonder if Robin is pregnant. They say 2 pregnancies and one survives.

lisa said...

Sorry everyone I meant if the DVD shows Sam was raped by Franco , will Sam lie and say she was not and everything is fine. It seems their story will be done soon and christmasw has them happy and re-connecting. Only thing is Carly will know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sam will be pregnant by christmas.

soaplover said...

Today wasn't bad. There was the scene on the boat with at least six, maybe seven people together on one set! That's startling. The scene on the boat may have been somewhat pointless, but it was more entertaining than usual.

I'm getting so used to new Maxie and she is doing such a good job that I can't quite remember the other one. I like her big eyes...

I wish they weren't making the ex-mayor detestable. J've always liked John Bolger, but of course on GH he had to be a nasty guy.

AntJoan said...

Frisco, you seem to notice the stuff that I do, yes, Maxie never would throw Robin under the bus, that totally threw me. Otherwise, the scene on the boat was really good--first ensemble acting in a while--much more than the actual boat party from Hell.

The new Maxie is growing on me, also, not that I don't love and miss KS, WHERE IS SHE, I hope she's OK!!

kdmask said...

Ok, I give you the cast on the boat, I just wish it was written better!

My2Cents2 said...

Not a bad show on Friday..nothing in comparison to OLTL though.

Mulva - Sleeping beauty has awoken.
Yes she is suspicious.

Did Papa Z start to make sense for a minute?? Maybe I was 'hearing' things? LOVED when he asked Uncle Mac to stop for lunch!

Sam was finally showing some acting skills! I also noticed she isn't dressed all slutty lately. She looked nice yesterday. (Friday) Of course she is preggers, I knew that day 1 of this silly story. Don't forget though, there are new writers writing as we are posting. Until something actually airs, take everything with a grain of salt. jmo. Hopefully they won't pull on us what they did when Jake died and edit out vital scenes and decide not to 'air' things unless they are going thru with something.

Yup Jason is pissed off. Soon Michael will be too. If its possible for that kid to even get more pissed off with life than he already is!

LindaV said...

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday too, and of course Sonny and Carly weren't there, which I always appreciate. I really liked the format and the way it was shot with all those close-ups. The gathering on the boat was fun and what a treat to have Mac on all week. Maxie did act uncharacteristically towards Robin. Glad Alexis is back in the fold as Jason's attorney. KeMo did a good job - get tired of her constantly looking up at the ceiling. Maybe Jason has another piece of the car he crashed in with AJ stuck in his brain? I also like the new, less annoying Spinelli. All in all, a good day for GH.

My2Cents2 said...

It was a good day LindaV. Better than I expected. After watching the great OLTL minutes earlier, I was anticipating misery.
Kemo showed some talent with acting.

Now, anyone want to discuss OLTL?