Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Neurosis and Water Wings, what did you think of this week's GH? Since there were no MAJOR drop-jaw behind the scenes announcements for once, I could just watch the dang thing and not be blogging every 10 minutes. 

Why did I like the "Mac Poirot" sequence Friday? (other than it was pretty dang funny) well...
1. It didn't deal with Jason or Sonny's Pain and...2. it didn't deal with Jason or Sonny's pain. 
Plus, Mac Daddy was there!! I swear, when they gave JJY the scripts for this week he was probably like, what! Now I have to cancel all my golf games!! LOL 
The boat scene was interesting, but no one told the writers that the cops put everyone in the room when they at least have an idea of what/who did it. This was an exercise in pulling everyone out of the hospital or wherever in the middle of DECEMBER  to  go on a boat that...basically doesn't even sway with the water. But, we did get Spinelli imagining each one doing Lisa Niles in-- and Anthony had some pretty fun lines as well. Now Olivia is going back (probably to look for an earring) and Dante catches her! ah HA! 
 Dreamy gloves
Let's discuss the other aspects of the show. The PAIN....the ANGST---the overwhelming need to go back to the place you were abused as a kid. I personally think that whole Sonny segment was to have he and Kate get into bed, but that's the cynic in me. I suppose it puts to 'rest' his deep-seeded issues. Maybe now Sonny will really import coffee and start a group for 'ex-mobsters'.  It's weird, but all I can see from the whole "week of Deke" are Kate's gorgeous red leather gloves. Oh, I need help..yes I do. 
 I'm mad as hell...and I see Franco.
Jason. Anger-Boy Quartermaine!! How Taggert would love thee!! Does he have a giant Tony-Jones type tumah growing in his head (shaped like Franco??) OR is there another piece of the car--say, the glove compartment still in there? I say it's Franco's ability to be a worm in his head --crawling in and forcing him to be all mad and pissy. Of course, we do have to remember Sam is the real one that deserves her pain-- and she did get a bit by herself while watching the DVD. I think Franco told her that she was carrying Franco Jr. Or, maybe he was dressed as a woman playing the banjo, who knows.  

The giant elephant in this week's show? Mayor FLOYD showing up with Diane. Changing his name to Prescott "Press"--get it? and oogling the strippers in Jake's. Um, I do give the writers credit because that info wasn't in any spoilers. He just showed up...which in a way was pretty comical.  If he IS the stripper-stalker it will be the least surprising thing ever.

I have to say it's difficult to watch now, knowing that it will all change after the new guys get to the helm. Giddy with anticipation -- and basically not even paying much attention to the stuff going on until Feb. The Lady in White thing? eh... although I'm happy as heck Helena will be on, I'm wondering if that's even going to go anywhere. Same with "Ewan"-- by the time his face is shown (instead of his abs) we really won't care. Carly and Shawn? eh-- whatever. Michael will have some PAIN soon to deal with so that might be sidetracked. Shawn's getting a little buddy of his own. Jax will pop back in. Luke will still be on vacation and Lucky will follow in his footsteps. yawn.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I'm going with the cop and Sonny in the old house. I loved that the guy knew Sonny as a kid, didn't recognize him and told him the whole "Deke" story backwards. Sonny's face, when realizing the entire neighborhood still thinks he's the bad guy in the story was awesome. Good use of history and unexpected.
RUNNER UP: The Boat Show...because I giggled a lot and Matt looked like he had a Star Trek shirt on! 

NOT the SCENE of the WEEK: I have to go with the one that made me laugh OUT LOUD for real-- and it certainly wasn't written funny. When SKate 'made out' and fell on the bed? I just-- burst out laughing. Not sure why, but it just seemed so... forced, inserted and weird. Sorry SKate fans but it was a miss with me. (maybe if Kate had kept her red gloves on I would have loved it?!) 

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My2Cents2 said...

I must disagree with you on one point. I find watching (FF) GH alot easier these days, knowing that this crud is coming to an end. I also don't believe, this show can get anyworse.
Let me say though, I FF thru alot of storylines, so I am not deliberately putting myself thru torture.
As much as I ADORE MB, I can't bring myself to watch him these days.
I like NuKate alot, just not with Sonny.

I can't wrap my brain around the fact that Sam never went to a Dr.
So other than her breaking down on Friday, I have skipped thru her scenes as well.

FF thru MyGirl Carly. Can't stand the writing for her these days. Michael has been unwatchable for years, however, I am looking forward to the storyline involving Abbey.

I wish JJ would just leave already.
Luke, did he ever really come back in the Fall? Other than lurking here or there, what has he done?

I did enjoy Fridays show. Comic relief + Uncle Mac always = a good show. Great? NO!

When I don't FF thru Liz or Spinelli, you know I am beginning to 'settle'.
Its OK. It won't be for long. Another month and we will see changes. LIke I stated earlier, this show can't get worse. It has hit rock bottom, so up we go!

kdmask said...

LOVE your icon!! :)

Anonymous said...

since I don't watch I probably shouldn't comment however I love your view of what happened and it always make me smile to read you blog.


kdmask said...

Of course you should comment!! thank you!

Susan said...

Never mind the red gloves. I loved the red boots. That's what I was watching all week.

Aubrey said...

Karen, I swear you get in my head sometimes! I went out and bought a pair of red leather gloves yesterday because of Kate's!

ITA on the Skate scene, it was so awkward. I've never liked the character of Kate, but at least MW had some chemistry w/Maurice. I don't see it now. Maybe because she is so young it is just hard for me to see her as Kate. She's a good actress, just not liking her in this role.

I've honestly focused more on OLTL lately, it's hard to imagine it will only be there for a few more weeks. I haven't even watched it as faithfully as I have GH over the years, but it's just so good it's not fair it's going off the air. Maybe this will make saying good bye to GH easier....

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

'LOVE your icon!! :)'

I haven't found any 'dreidel's' that are as festive! lol

sonya said...

Karen says OR is there another piece of the car--say, the glove compartment still in there?
ROFL ROFL! Good one hahahha! Or maybe a piece of the tire. :)

AntJoan said...

Sonny was brilliant in his scenes, as slways. But that cop, who knew Sonny way back when? They gave him some kinda Boston accent, not Brooklyn at all. . . . C'mon, how hard is it to find an actor to play a walk-on role who is from Brooklyn? (Not to mention my ongoing problem with Sonny and Dom's lack-of-Brooklyn-accents.)

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Not to mention my ongoing problem with Sonny and Dom's lack-of-Brooklyn-accents.)
Dom? Dom who? Or do you mean Dante? :)

Melodybluez said...

Liked your comments on the week in GH, Karen!

The Clue game aboard the Love Boat on Friday was interesting! A lot of engaging banter! I never knew Johnny could tolerate his father long enough to share a meal with him, but I guess he's humoring the old man until he can take over the dynasty. It's sort of a love/hate relationship with those two!

Right now, as many have said, I am coasting through the month to get to the new year when the changing of the GH guard takes affect, holding on to some hope that the change will be for the better. As was said, it honestly cannot get much worse at this point. I still have doubts that these changes are in a quest to save GH from the chopping block ultimately, since I think the writing has been on the wall with that for a long time, but I do have hope that if it has to go out, it goes out on a much better note than we currently see now.

AntJoan said...

Sonya: Yes, I meant Dante, I thought the actor's name was Dom something.

Kat said...

I'm hopeing that JJ will change his mind and stay, now that the EVIL ones are going. He is the best Lucky that GH ever had. I'm sorry you don't agree My2Cents2.
Have you watched him since the Lucky was a little boy? I don't get it, the writers on the other hand have not written well for his character in awhile.

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Sonya: Yes, I meant Dante, I thought the actor's name was Dom something.
Yeah yeah! The actor's name is Dominic Zamprogna. :)