Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Lady In White: The Wub Story

With all the fairy tale shows on right now, how about a taste of that for GH? I think that the Lady In White should be: Helena Cassadine!

You see, she's been finding virgins and sucking the life out of them just to get their youthful essence. (aka Countess Elizabeth B├íthory de Ecsed)  She's now so young, she appears to Ethan as "The Lady In White" (name? Alaina). Of course, her natural  nastiness will eventually come out, horrifying all of Port Charles.

I love it! You know this is my story....not the reality but can dream can't one??

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the most evil of them all??! 


lisa said...

Bree Williamson may be cast as Liz Webber if Rebecca Herbst leaves. Rebecca may leave to act as Mac on Y&R. I would be heartbroken if she leaves but who could blame her? Constant character bashing and being cast as the victim, shadybrooke? Again? I wouldn't blame her moving on to a show that's doing better.I do watch Y&R and would follow her there. She also was fired and re-hired so ensuring that you have a job is a good thing. Bree does look like Liz and maybe that's for a reason.

Adora said...

I agree that the new pics of Bree do look like Elizabeth, though I was leaning more towards expecting her to play Sarah. (She reminds me of the first Sarah and would be more than believable as Liz's sister.) Since the role has been in talks for awhile I definitely don't think the original plan was Liz, but I do agree that if Becky decides to walk they have her replacement on hand.

I am hoping that they will be able to show Becky that they have plans for her to get some of her fire back and talk her into staying, but realistically it would probably be a lot safer to go to Y&R. I guess we can only wait and see.

As for the Wub take on the Lady in White - they have done far stranger stories, especially where Helena is concerned! I think this would actually get a lot less flak than where they appear to be taking the LIW story.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see an "origin" story for helena. How she was a nice, young girl who met Mikkos and when she met him she started turning very Evil during courtship and wedding due to some kind of tragic event.

her mother would be played by Florence Henderson. Who would be even MORE evil than Helena!

Frisco said...

I brought up the idea Bree playing Sarah in my comments on the Sunday Surgery post. If we are going to have new actors added to the show I'd prefer to see them play characters from core families...and in NON MOB related roles! Sarah Webber would be a great addition...maybe a great love interest for Ethan so he can stop chasing ghosts?! Or better yet, have Sarah be in a same sex is about time GH got with the times and had a same sex relationship.