Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Your Hair!! Can you see"?? says Gigi to Shane...just like a Mom. Awww. Stupid Jack Manning, I still wish he'd get the death penalty. His "shocked face" today was...well, there WASN'T ONE!! Neela said "I taped you" and he just stood there, like a  lump.
Rick to Starr "You got evil twin daddies!! Who needs the Kardashians"! WOOT! 

THAT NEW Show "Work It" looks horrible and so bad on so many levels. Didn't "Dressing like a woman being funny" go out in the '80's??!

GH: I do like Livvy and LOO LOO but it's the same talk today-- and it's so funny they are gabbin' over the money Sonny gave them for their wedding. Just take it. Dante and Lulu's dinner was boring.

Sonny and AZ and Johnny. *sigh* whatever. zzzzzzzz. 

Jason and Robin never moved in 2 days. LOL.  Robin should have hugged Michael-- she did help raise him after all.
Jason was more orange than ever today!!

Carly sucks the FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING. even the dog--SHE JUST RUNS her mouth. And there's a Sharly kiss.

Maggie, just take over Abby's stripper duties, you'd be way more entertaining! LOL And it's none of her business WHY Robin is upset. She needs to shut up.

3:37 mark and I'm outta here. GH is just a mess.


Hope/soapbabie said...

I truly laughed out loud when Gigi made the hair comment. just like a mom! I am so happy about this happy ending....guess I have said that before, but as Liason fan, not used to them!!!!

Anonymous said...

And tomorrow Ethan gets a message from the LIW. I hope it reads "Peace out" or better yet "Macy's is having a white sale -- see ya later!". I'm still praying that Lexi returns - even if it is just to escort Nathan off of GH. ETHINA IS LOVE!

Melodybluez said...

I don't watch OLTL and haven't in years. I used to watch with my mother though and it is sad to see another soap soon ending. I see they are now advertising The Revolution, set to begin on January 16th, which leaves GH as the last soap standing...well, wobbling is more an appopriate word at present!

Dull show with the same dull conversations...

Sonny, Johnny, and Anthony and the "my (blank) is bigger than yours" conversation. I just keep fearing Johnny's going to end up the dead man out of this; especially if Michael picks up his "I want to be a mobster" thing in his grief over Abby's passing. Sonny will surely go on the rampage for some Z blood after that!

Olivia officially became a mob moll cheerleader. OK, I get that eventually, we have to let the past go and forgiveness is a good thing. However, I am not sure I'd be singing Sonny's praises if I'd kept my kid safe from the mob and his dad for decades and then the same said dad nearly shot (point blank in the chest, as we're so often told) and killed my kid. My level of forgiveness might be closer to where Lulu's is! But, that's just me. If anyone really thinks Sonny's forture is all from coffee importing, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you! It surprised me that Dante gave the check back!

Lante...boresville following the nuptuals...normal for folks in PC! She'll be drinking and he'll be trolling for Delores in no time at this rate, unless Johnny claims Delores first. I wonder what Johnny's background check on Officer Padilla will turn up? I bet there are some skeletons there!

A Sharly kiss; uh oh...makes Jax's return a little sticky! Michael uttered the "I think I saw Jax at the airport" line to usher the idea in. I still think Wilson was the best thing about those scenes!

Robin...she's been TRYING occasionally to tell Patrick the truth, but someone's darn phone keeps ringing each time, so she doesn't get to spit it out! why did you come to PC? They seem to be going nowhere fast on "what happened in Memphis." So, why is this woman even in town, other than to butt in and be a rebellious troublemaker at the hospital? Will she be yet another newbie to fade away? Maybe she'll join Dr. Terrell in the lost closet of newbies!

I guess we may get some excitement at the New Year's Eve festivities coming on GH!

sonya said...

Carly and Shawn: Shawn doesn't want the dog but Carly insists. Then he kisses her. But oh wait they talk about Jax!!! :) I want Jax back. :( I want Jax and Carly to get back together, and I want Jax to be with his daughter!!!!

Robin and Jason: They both are stubborn! They both need to do the right thing!!!!!

Maggie and Patrick: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Johnny and Mulva: Come on writers! They NEED to have a fling!!! Instead of Mulva taking off her shirt to Dante, she should take her shirt off to Johnny!!! :) Come on I want Julva!!! :)

Lulu and Olivia: So awesome! Olivia is trying to help Lulu to cook sauce!! :)

Lulu and Dante: I meant to say yesterday that the blue shirt she has on, she looks pregnant. Hmmm Lulu and Dante should have a baby!!!!! :) Lulu and Dante's dinner together was awesomeness. :)

Carly and Michael: Michael saw Jax!?!?! We didn't see that scene! Damn it!!!!

sonya said...

Hey Karen!!! We (you, me, everyone in Rochester) finally got snow!!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

Anonymous said...

Is Sam's baby is orange, we'll know it's Jason's and not Franco's...

Anonymous said...

Dante & Lulu are the dumbest most BORING couple on the show and JMB is being waisted on this sh%T. She desrves a better pairing with better writing.They should put Johnny & Lulu back together ASAP.I think Johnny will find out about Deloris' sister.

My2Cents2 said...

I also laughed outloud at the hair comment to Shane. I have been talking to Minday about how it drives me crazy that doo he is sporting.
Speaking OLTL, there was still a death. Stacey. Because it was nasty Stacey will that excuse Jack?

Carly, your pitiful like you are. Can't you just hang on a few more days? Jax is coming back. I HATE this new Carly you have turned into. Panting after Shawn.

Mulva, Lady in white, Maggie, ALL need to be written off. Maggie is like listening to fingernails on a chalk board. Mulva can't act. Lady in white says nothing but write her name on the dusty table.
Is that story over already?

I can't help but wonder if there is alot of editing going on right now.
Can't wait for February.

Mamaspat Ole said...

OLTL is kicking some a** before its shelved.I didn't watch nthe chew and Im not interested in The Revolution either.....Loved Shane and Gigi too please let Jack go to prison

DJ Rogue said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Mamaspat. OLTL is killin' it. It's such a shame this show won't be around in a few weeks.

I am now forcing myself to watch GH. Man, this is painful. As Melody said, all these frickin people do is stand around and have BORING conversations about NOTHING.


It's funny...I had one episode of OLTL on my TiVo and I couldn't fast forward through the commercials fast enough to watch the show. I had two episodes of GH on TiVo and I tried...I REALLY TRIED not to fast forward through it, but I couldn't do it. Carly, Kate, Sonny, even Robin were boring me to tears.

...and this will be the last show standing. SMDH.

jaybeezer said...

But Jack didn't kill Stacy. She came in the basement willingly, to go after Gigi. So he will be off the hook, damn it! I hate that kid!

And the character of Jack Manning had such potential, if they would've cast a good actor in the role. It's a shame.

I can't comment on GH, because, well, I can't stay awake long enough to see an entire episode...

My2Cents2 said...

You are correct Jay. I never looked at it that way. She did voluntarily walk into the basement. However, he could be charges with 'attempt to murder' Gigi. Won't happen, not on the soap. In real life it would happen.

Lets hope Shane gets a haircut today.

Anonymous said...

Love the orange baby comment! too funny. What a bore I agree, but we have to just pray the new PTB will change this crapola

LindaV said...

I pretty much forgot about the lady in white, which is what most viewers probably do after seeing Wyndemere for once or twice a month. They might as well can it. Dante shoud have accepted the check since Lulu hasn't worked for almost a year and lives on what? Wilson needs to bite Carly's mouth off and sorry but I see no chemistry whatsoever with Shawn. We need Jax back with her badly. What idiot adopts a dg and doesn't know what sex it is? What a remarkably quick trip to New Zealand for Michael. Love the orange baby comment. For some reason Sam has never been a character to really care about, at least I don't. Magpie is just too yappy and flirty with Patrick - just another Lisa.

sonya said...

Mamaspat Ole said... please let Jack go to prison
Why? Gigi is alive!!!! :)

My2Cents2 said...

I like Jack

I just want Shane to get a haircut.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...I just want Shane to get a haircut.
Or at least cut his bangs so he could see! ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

My2Cents2 said...I just want Shane to get a haircut.
Or at least cut his bangs so he could see! ROFL!

He needs a whole new DO!

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...He needs a whole new DO!
Hahaha yeah. :)