Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soapy Holiday Driving and Stupid Lucky Exit

People's brains are OUT TO LUNCH!  The traffic is a nightmare. We have a street here that's PACKED and not a boulevard so left turns are a nightmare. I was just stuck in 45 min stop dead traffic from a 3 car pile up that was BAD. It's raining here so it was even worse. I made it back around 2:15--so missed a lot of OLTL.

I saw Rex thinking Gigi was Stacey-- and Kimmy leaving. Now, if you're Rex I think you could tell by her TEETH IT WASN'T STACEY. But, whatever. David's tattoo. LOL. "The nut makes him look more dangerous"...  I love Vicki and David's Friendship!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Well, here we go..take bets on how long I last. It's JJ's last day so I'll try to hang on. LIKE LUCKY WOULD LEAVE before Christmas. WTF..why didn't they either run him over...or have him go deep undercover or wait until AFTER CHRISTMAS? idiots. They block tape everything else... geesh. LUCKY leaves the house without saying goodbye to Liz...then ETHAN SAYS 'DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE LAURA, TRAPPING LUKE?? those F*K ups. God, thanks, trash both L&L and L&L2 because....what? You can?????? Luke loved having Lucky around-- Guza screwed that up with his big Luke has to wander crap because TG had to have time off.  Oh I am LIVID!! There was no reason to write Lucky out like that. None.
Jason and Sonny's talk was sooooooooooooooo..."I've done this wrong" I'm I'm I CAUSED MORE I DID!! 
Lante "went to Ground Zero" and we hear about it later--as a plot point for their angst. Shameful. I don't LIKE THAT. At all. BOO. You can do something else besides pretending they are in NYC and then talking about the "Visit" afterwards. Why did Lulu change her mind though? Did we get an epiphany I missed?

AHH! DURING the show I got a call for a job interview!! and they wanted me tomorrow but ironically, I'm actually working--consulting for School!! I'm so happy. It's been a long time coming. So, in Jan I go in to talk about the job. :) Big Grin! That means you may have to live without me and my snark of a blog--we shall see! Or I'll have to watch via DVR. LOL.  

END OF GH: Glad to see Hannah could make it to "usher" out Lucky. ;eyeroll: That's JJ's wife in real life. I hope they are happy and he has a good career outside of GH. This ending for the fans just sucked though.


  1. I actually enjoyed Lucky and Ethan today..wish JJ was sticking around so we could see more of that.

  2. Ethan and Liz: No Ethan! Laura did not trap Luke!!! SHE NEVER DID!!!! Oh and Ethan? It's Dante not Dantay ROFL!

    Ethan and Lucky: Great scene! Love how Ethan talked to Lucky about the lady in white. :)

    Lucky: Johnathan Jackson's wife and children are at the airport!!!! YAY! :) Well minus Titas. :) But the other two were there. :) I can't wait to see more tomorrow! :)

    Liz, Matt, and Maxie: Oh love the scene!!! Come on I want to see a cat fight!!! Love that Matt stuck up for Liz! :)

    Lulu and Dante: They are talking about 911!! :(

    Jason and Sonny: I loved this scene. :) Love that they are BFF's! Come on Jason tell your BFF what happened to Sam and then go get a check up!!

  3. I didn't realize JJ was leaving this soon. Why would he leave at Christmas?? He would do that to Cam? I understand wanting to get away from Liz but his kids?
    (are we getting a new Aiden?)
    Cam has grown so much!! BIG BOY!
    How can people call me out on how I see Liz's behavior? This is what the writers have wanted us to see of her for years. Manipulative. Selfish. Blame the writers, don't blame the Messenger!!! I will say how nice it was to see her turn to someone for 'help'. She is finally acknowledging herself. Maybe the new writers are going to write her different? That would be a welcome change.

    Sonny did you really lecture Jason on bringing his personal problems on the job? Sonny? Mr Manic Depressive, out of control Sonny?
    Sonny, your still standing because of Jason!!! Don't forget that!
    Great Great scenes with MB & SB today! Great acting! I so hope Jason shares with Sonny what happened.

    I must have ff'd thru Dante & Lulu going to NYC and getting a room and going to Ground Zero. Oh yea, and Dante's haircut. I liked the conversation about Ground Zero. Well done.

    Todays show was GOOD!

    Sonya...I may have to cheat on Johnny with Ewan. I LIKE him!

    No Carly, Sam, Michael, Spinelli today. THANK YOU!

  4. Oh yea....I read on soapcentral today that white pajama lady storyline is done. Not happening!

  5. My2Cents2 said...Sonya...I may have to cheat on Johnny with Ewan. I LIKE him!
    Hahaha I'm sure Johnny will forgive you. :)

    Oh yea....I read on soapcentral today that white pajama lady storyline is done. Not happening!
    Hmmm ah well. The white pajama mute lady storyline was taking too long anyway.

  6. think JZ will forgive me for cheating on him?? I hope so. I hate when things end badly!!
    But Dr Ewan!! I think I am in love.

    I hope the white pj storyline is done with. Not all I read over there comes to be.

  7. My2Cents2-- JJ said in an interview that his son will still be playing Aiden, which he was happy about because it means he can continue seeing his friends at GH somewhat regularly.

  8. I don't trust ANYTHING soapcentral says about anything. That place is a cesspool.

  9. OMG SoapCentral haD so many SPOILERS about 2-3 months ago.
    Not a one came true.
    Still I am not thrilled with this silly pajama story and writing on dusty dirty tables!! So I have to HOPE a little!

  10. Rainy day in the least it wasn't the white stuff!

    Didn't get to see GH today, but will watch since it is JJ's last day. The "Laura trapped Luke" thing is going to bug me too! Stop trashing GH history! TIIC have trashed the show enough!

    I used to go to Soap Central, but I don't trust the banter either, AND I kept getting viruses from visting that site as well as for some reason, so I don't venture there anymore. The blog here keeps us well up to date!

    Good luck with the interview, Karen! :-)

  11. I agree with you Karen about TIIC using the 911 memorial as Lante angst.It is B.S! Plus is is like spitting on the memories of the REAL/GOOD upstanding cops who died that day to have a LOSER like Dante even talking about them.Even though he is a fictional soap character he is a DIRTY cop with no real moral values and a disgrace to real cops.If they were going to really honor those 911 cops it should have been Mac doing it NOT Dante the dumbass.Thanks GH for spitting on the 911 victims.BTW i LOVE Lulu but HATE the Lante pairing.I feel TIIC had to throw Lulu under the bus and run over her 2 or 3 times,lower her IQ and really lower her taste in men in order to put her with a DUMB FUGLY man l;ike Dante.

  12. Yes, Karen, good luck with your interview!! And Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it!

  13. My2Cents2 think JZ will forgive me for cheating on him?? I hope so. I hate when things end badly!!
    ROFL! I wouldn't worry. It's all good. :)

  14. Spoiler from Karen.

    **Alexis finds out Jax is alive and throws a drink in Carly's face!
    She throws a drink in Carly's face! YES!!! Now I want to see a cat fight! :)

  15. yes, forgot to say new spoilers are up!

  16. Congratulations and the very best of luck on your job interview! It's so sad when even folks with a degree can't find a job.

  17. Good luck on your job interview Karen! :)

  18. Such a diss to L&L2 fans. Wow & ouch. The only reason many Lisaon fans got over the Jasam reunion was cause JJ came back. And we got a double smack in the face with this crap. Bahumbug!

    I won't even dignify the luke & laura Trapping.

  19. This whole thing with Jax is pathetic.
    How long did anyone mourn him?? 5 minutes? Carly should have gone looking for Jax if she thought he was alive. Alexis was so mad at Sonny for his involvment, yet how long was she mad? 5 minutes?? BAD BAD writing, and now they (writers) want to make up for it by Alexis throwing a drink? Yea we like cat fights, but really?

    Not for a minute do I think Lucky won't come back for Liz. Either the show is cancelled and he comes back or the show is such a success he will want to come back!

    I think in the past year we have seen so many things change in daytime, almost anything is possible. jmo

  20. Reading SPOILERS at GH2, WOW how can GH look so good when Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza was in charge of writing to air thru January??
    Is it safe to say the spoilers sound better than they will play out? I guess anything is possible, I thought the show on Wednesday was very very well written. We had some of the best actors at their best.

    I don't like to reveal OLTL Spoilers since Mindy has her board for that...but I think most of us will get our wish next week!

  21. My2Cents2 they (writers) want to make up for it by Alexis throwing a drink? Yea we like cat fights, but really?
    ROFL! Well if this is the old Carly, then she wouldn't stand for it! :) Come on Carly! Show your claws! :)

  22. Sonya...I know you like Shawn & Carly together. (Belch) Don't you think if they were going to 'do it' they would have by now??

    Is there hope for Carly yet?????
    I MISS Carly!!!!!!!

  23. I don't believe that JJ is gone for good. He didn't even have the rumoured last scene with TG. One real problem with Lucky's return has been the lack of the old adventure storylines with Luke. I'm glad he was able to showcase his range in the sad stuff, but they really needed to go back to their old relationship. Liking Ewan, but why do all the new docs have to hang around the lobby? Kemo looking really tired lately. Don't really care about Shawn, but it was good to see Max for a change. Ravenbeauty said to say goddbye to Olivia and Steve. Don't know if they are leaving or the romance is over. Would rather say goodbye to Maggie. She also said it looks like some actors from OLTL are coming over - Bree and Michael? I hope not - GH has enough talented actors and should be bringing back Rick H., Ingo, Tyler and Tristan.

  24. Hi LindaV...there may have been a good bye scene with Lucky & Luke. Like alot of scenes, they don't play out on air!! I do agree, JJ isn't gone for good. Where is Luke? On winter vacation?

    I 'heard' that Olivia is sick. Again, all this could change, maybe that is what Raven is talking about. Wouldn't mind Maggie dying either.

    I believe Tristan has signed for 16weeks, so he will be back for a bit.
    Would LOVE to see Rick Herbst and Ingo back!!!

    Michael from OLTL?? Senior moment here. Who is that?

  25. My2Cents2, Michael Easton I think his name is. Thanks for the update on Tristan! Love those Scorpios! Too bad it takes KM leaving to get them back. Raven also said some actor comes back without his leading lady - wonder who that could be?

  26. Ohhh Michael Easton. Jaaaawwn!
    I was hoping this was the last I have seen of him on OLTL! lol

    Leading Actor without his lady?

    I do believe we will see Bree on GH.
    I can't wait for the new and improved GH!

  27. My2Cents2 said...Sonya...I know you like Shawn & Carly together. (Belch)
    I do as a fling! :) I still want Carly and Jax together. :) Hmmm so Shawn and Carly make you burp? ROFL!

    Don't you think if they were going to 'do it' they would have by now??
    Yeah they should have had a fling by now! If Jax is coming back, then Jax and Carly need a scene together and they need to get back together!

  28. Now careful responding to me - people get jealous!

    Does Shawn & Carly make me burp??
    More like VOMIT!

    I am starting to like Shawn's character, however, not with Carly.
    Jax MUST stay in Pt Chuckles!!
    I do know that LW really is an advocate for Ingo to return!

    However, if Michael Easton is coming to GH, don't you think him and Carly could be HOTT?? Anyone but him & Gnatalie! I hope he don't bring her to GH!

  29. I don't think the actor returning without his lady is Frisco as Frisco has no lady, he and Felicia were split up. I am hoping it might be Sean Donnelly! Although did you realize the actor is now 75years old!
    P.S. I agree some people post on here too frequently. While we have the option to not read their posts it is still annoying to have to scroll through their one on one conversations that might be better suited for email. I am glad they are enjoying the site however!!! We all enjoy the site in our own way. Many times the comments are more entertaining then the show. Tks for all your hard work Karen.

  30. Maybe it is Sean who is returning.
    75? WOW.

    As far as people posting too much, REALLY?? In the world we live in today, with all the problems, hunger, child abuse, homeless, war, no jobs, people have the audasity to complain about someone posting too much??

    People never fail to amaze me.

  31. My2Cents2 said...Now careful responding to me - people get jealous!
    ROFL! Let them! I can post to you anytime I want to and talk about GH! :)

  32. My2Cents2 said...Now careful responding to me - people get jealous!
    ROFL! Let them! I can post to you anytime I want to and talk about GH! :)
    Bringing the BYTCH in me out.
    You never answered me the other day. Do you watch any of the housewife's??
    NJ, BH or Atlanta? I just started watching Atlanta and I want to know some history or find a place to view past seasons.

    Oh Oh We OFF TOPIC!!!

  33. Tiffany and Sean were back a few years ago on NightShift when Robert had colon cancer and he was dreaming about them. Had the old Scorpio house set and everything. It was cool.

  34. Yeah, it could be Sean. Jack W. is in a front burner story on B&B so why would he want to come back to a sinking ship? Could be Alkie without Skye, since he will be out of work soon. Or Dillon without Georgie, who is of course deceased.

  35. What about Dr. Kevin Collins?
    He was such a prominent part of the Stone/Robin HIV/AIDS storyline the first go around.

    Perhaps, he's coming back to help with Robin? And, maybe even Jason since he's experiencing anger/black out problems.

    If they have him return, it could be without Lucy Coe?

    Is Jon Lindstrom on another soap at the moment?

  36. I didn't realize that JW was on another soap............

  37. SPOILERS & RUMORS that sound very possible.....

    FV has no quick intention of reuniting LL2 (even if JJ returns)

    Richard Dean Anderson turned down coming back to GH

    Jerry ver Dorn's (Clint OLTL) name has been considered for a new Jeff

    Viewers may finally hear the name of Elizabeth’s mom then?

    RH (Elizabeth) is not going to Y&R. FV wants to keep her
    He considers her a legacy character & important to his vision
    1st order of business? RC needs to fix the mess she's in

    Ewen may be gone as well as several other new characters
    Maybe some vets too

    Michael Easten to possibly be in PC for 6 mths

    FV and RC have requested all the history on Liason AND Caleb/Livvie/Tess

    If JMB (Lulu) leaves Lulu will be re-cast
    I got these from Soapcentral....
    However...I do unfortunately believe RDA turned down coming back as Dr Jeff. Sadly. Which I will take a replacement. Just to get the Webber family back.

    JMB? Gee who could possibly be recasted from OLTL to play her??

    Jerry Van Dorn moving to CA? Or just a guest appearance?

    Apparently Nathan (Ethan) is gone. He is done.

    Sounds like Liz will be utilitzed finally as a descent person.
    But Ewan leaving?? NO!!!

  38. Tks for the scoops My2Cents2. Too bad the TempMaxie could not be the recast Lulu...I really like the actress.
    In terms of repopulating the Webber clan I would like to see Sarah Webber return.

  39. Frisco...I think Jen (nuMaxie) will have a great career. She is that good. She did a good replacement.

    Anyone know where little Morgan is for Christmas? Geez!!!!!!!
    TOUGH to be an 'outcast' for a son!

  40. Jack Wagner is just fabulous on B&B - he is a really good actor and looks great! I actually enjoy B&B more than GH. Would love to see Jon Lindstrom come back, too.

  41. Warning to anyone who visits! On Dec 17 I got a NASTY virus (XP Recovery) while visiting that site. This is the second time I got a mess by that site. 5 or 6 months ago I got a bad one on my PC AND Laptop at the same time. That cost me $300 in downtime and the tech bill. I stayed away but recently heard they fixed the virus problems and stupid me, I ended up visiting again only to once again get hit with a virus there. Please be very careful if you insist on going there.