Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday WUB in the Afternoon...

I am "out of the office" today so I won't be able to watch GH-- not that it's a huge deal for me. LOL. Hate tos say it but-- there ya go. 

If you feel like reading any more sheeze from Prospect Park and 'online deals' head on over to Daytime Confidential because they can explain it better than I can--and we have the same attitude. Enough already, quit saying yes then maybe then no then maybe again!!

I'm putting Mulva (Dolores) up because it just shocked me how much younger and better looking she was yesterday with her hair down. Not saying the LINES were delivered any better but hey. (I did at one point think she was KeMo when she turned her back!!!)


Anonymous said...

She looked like Claire when she was talking to Johnny. Still thinking her acting sucks.

CareyN said...

Anyone got a screen cap where I can see her? Haven't watched that epi (and probably wont). Thanks.

My2Cents2 said...

Genious with the writing and the description of how people feel about their soap. (OLTL)
Curious how it ends. I am only going to 'imagine' that it ends with someone leasing or buying the rights to the show, and it going on line. When OLTL closed down, that is what the intent was going to be.
Until the rug got pulled not only under us, but under the actors we have come to love on this show.
PP backed out because they couldn't reach an agreement with the union. It wasn't that the union wasn't trying. They were.

Now we hear that the PP wants to resume the show. Bring in a '3rd'
party from another country to help negotiate.
Not sure how much of this is true.
But I will say, if asking our actors or any of us to work under laws that aren't ''kosher' is a shame.
I would never support PP if that were the case. That is what Americans are now fighting about.
Their jobs, loosing their jobs and fighting for what they deserve.
I believe in 'Unions' and good work ethics, so NO, for me I could care less about PP if this is what they have planned now.

My2Cents2 said...

Jack Manning is a 'changed person' from last year.
Yea now he is a firestarter.

Hope/soapbabie said...

watcing one life with a friend, when I thought Cutter told Gigi the truth I was yelling out, YES! FINALLY!
my friend told me 'you are like that funny blonde lady' (Roxie)

Melodybluez said...

Hi There...

Karen, I find myself saying the same thing these days..."Have to miss GH today, Oh well, no big whoop!" Sad really, because I'm from before Tivo and VCRs! I hated to miss the show way back when!

Today's GH seemed to be all about setting things up...

Cookie and Anthony, um...I mean Maxie and Anthony! Good scenes and what they are doing with Maxie, Matt, Steve, Robin and Patrick is to make everyone and his mother look guilty so they can lower the boom as to the identity of the real killer. PLEASE do a much better job than with the text message killer, new writers!

Lulu and Spin...Really liked the scene and it was to set up Lulu's change of heart. Who am I and who have I become and why? Those are good questions to raise for Lulu. Stuff what "being a Spencer" means, Lulu...and learn to just be YOU. How did you get this way? Well...

Your mom left the family and went into a nuthouse when you were a kid.

Your grandma raised you because dad couldn't stand to deal with you because you looked so much like mom.

You came back into the family as an untolerable wild child and dad seemed to only pay attention to you when you acted out, so you did that A LOT!

You got preggars as a teen and terminated the of the many characters ruined by the infamous Summer O' Sleeze!

You found out your dad sexually assaulted your mom and their fairy tale wasn't just that.

Logan Hayes worked with Maxie and made a fool out of you. Later, he went bonkers and you offed him accidentally and it was covered up.

You then hooked up with Johnny Z, who has even more baggage than anyone in your own family and got tossed aside by him when you went nuts and weren't fun anymore.

You then got hooked up with Dante, who started out a nice guy and still is, but isn't too good in the trustworthy department and keeping things from you.

Hence, that's where she is. Screw You Lulu hasn't been around for a while.

Delores had her hair down again today! There's a story with that woman...I hope!

Ok...setting up what happened in Memphis, which won't stay in Memphis. Johnny hit a nerve today with Steve. I'm not sure I like how Johnny is being portrayed lately. He's great on the eyes, but I am not fond of his being played like a snarky little creep with a smug look on his face. Years ago, Brandon was asked if his character was a bad guy who has occasional attacks of niceness, or if it's the other way around. I don't think the writers have figured it out.

Skate might go skating...wish I was interested.

Franco stuff...losing interest in that!

Let's see what Cliffhanger Friday brings!

Anonymous said...

Say What, Say Huh? One Life to Live SNUBBED While All My Children, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless Grab WGA Nods?!THIS IS JUST CRAZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY STUPID.NANCY

Diana said...

I think Delores (Rebeka Montoya)looks a little like Terri Ivens (Simone Torres from All My Children).

My2Cents2 said...

I think Mulva is very pretty.
Surprisingly she has dark hair.
Didn't Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza like blond big boobs?

My2Cents2 said...

I am onlyt half way thru watching today, I was planning on FFing and it is keeping my attention. Good?
Not sure I would go that far!

sonya said...

Maxie and Papa Z: Delicious scene! :)

Kate and Sonny: So let's see, Sonny went from confronting his demons to being horny! UGH!

Spinny and Lulu: Yeah Lulu! What happened to you? You have changed!!! Come on bring out your Spencer for crying out loud! You lost her!

Michael and Sam: Oh look a dvd! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Maggie and Steve: Oh she brings up Memphis again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

My2Cents2 said...

Michael...was suppose to go back to elq per Tracey?
What happened? With that nasty army coat from the 70's he is still wearing!

When is Mr Grasshopper leaving?

Anonymous said...

IMHO Ex-mayor Floyd is your stripper serial killer and has been for a long time. The way he leered at the girls in Jakes was just creepy. He also might have killed Lisa by mistake thinking she was one of Johnny's girls.

My2Cents2 said...

The serial killer storyline was dropped. Or so I have been reading.

Frisco said...

JJY (Mac) cracked the top ten actors poll on Soap Opera Source! See what happens when you use your vets?! Give Alexis or Tracey a little more of an interesting storyline and I bet we would see NLG (Alexis) and JE (Tracey) soar in those polls as well.

It is freaky but I am seeing more chemistry between Sam and Micheal then I do Sam and Jason or Micheal and Abby.

LindaV said...

Mulva did look pretty yesterday but still nothing to be excited about there. Maggie is becoming Lisa redux - just what we need, another blonde dr. from the past with an attraction to her dr. friend and secrets. They need to stop this scenario or two years from now we will have another murder to solve. Wait, what am I saying - we don't have two years.
Starting to like faux-Maxie a bit but still wish it were KS. Can't watch one second of Skate. Two people alone in scenes for two weeks is not interesting, especially with a multi-regurgitated storyline. Olivia looked stunning yesterday as did Johnny.

My2Cents2 said... Mulva is a nice distraction from a blond. For that alone she is beautiful!

I laughed when you stated 2 years. I don't think we have that long either. lol

However, I couldn't agree more with Maggie being the new Lisa.
This is why the show is being cancelled. Repeat storylines.

I love NuKate however I don't like her with Sonny. My life is depressing enough, I don't need to watch Sonny go down Memory Lane again. So I have been FFing thru that. As well as the lady in a nightgown is downright stupid.
Sam in an ally talking to Michael is good writing?? lol

Is Kirstin coming back? Why can't I get an update on her status??
Why isn't her publicist putting out something? Does this girl not care about her career?

LindaV said...

The best thing about Mulva is the name that Karen gave her, LOL. The spoilers look pretty good but I won't get my hopes up. ! My2Cents2, I hope you get some cheer in your life by reading all of these ramblings here everyday. Mostly everyone here is humorous and entertaining.

My2Cents2 said...

LindaV...I am not I just don't want to watch Sonny rehashing his childhood. Again.
Or another rape story for which Sam doesn't even go to a Doctor for!

LOVE this site the best. Small, yet informative, easy to navigate around. Trying to get a friend of mine over here. Other sites are clicky, highschoolish, and too much aggrevation.

Anyone think Maxie killed Lisa?? Since KS is gone?

Love4dogs said...

I think ex Mayor Floyd is a great serial killer, if indeed there has to be one.

And I love the Mulva name Karen came up with. We could even give it an affectionate nickname...Mulvita. Mulvita Padilla.

LindaV said...

Love4Dogs, yeah "Mulvita" or litle Mulva. Love it!!