Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today is Tuesday!!

Just in case you don't know!! This week will be hard to keep up with things, as will next due to all the festivities!
Happy Channukah night ONE!! 

Wonder if we'll hear about it on our soaps. I think the only Jewish character I know on ABC is Nora from OLTL. Who remembers Jake from the old Brownstone/Bobbie days? 

 I watched RHOBH last night and boy, was it uncomfortable. Knowing that Russel would eventually kill himself just made it very hard to watch. The "uninvite" was bad enough but them all crowding around the limo? Geesh, way to make him even more angry at Taylor! Felt badly for Kyle, but her sister was also a tweek.  I don't like Brandi but Kim made me feel sorry for her (which I shall never forgive her for!!) Lisa's my fave and her 'I am NOT doing that" for the wedding and then does it. HEH. Plus, she's British so I excuse her for most things. The whole season is just a reality check in so many ways, imo.

OLTL: Oh, I so loved yesterday's show, I wish I could bottle it. I hope they sell it on DVD!! TOO FUN.  Parodying yourself is priceless. If more of the shows had fun like that once and awhile, they'd be a huge hit. Today wasn't as fun but I do like Paris, Texas stuff. Delphina! LMAO. Jack was trying hard to look adorable but he's still as wooden as a door knocker. The end of the show made me squeel!! xxoo!

SPOILER ALERT: ANGELFIRE is DOWN due to stupid FTP attacks or something, ughhhh. SOooooooo here's some updates here:
Carly gets the dog to help Shawn with his PTS attacks
Michael wants to work for the Zaccarah's again for whatever stupid reason--he'll be all pissy at the NYE party. 
Helena comes to Wyndemere!  With Nathan Parsons leaving, who knows what's going to happen with Ethan.  Can I hope he turns Zombie and gets walled up in the tunnels? I need something exciting to happen. Or, The Lady in White is a zombie and she eats him ala The Walking Dead. 

GH: How long will I last today?
Sonny's playing footsies with Kate....Jason's eavesdropping, and Liz wants Lucky to stay over night.
Shawn is PST'ding over Bernie. Carly's got her giant mouth FLAPPIN'! ugh SHUT UP!

Dr. Ewan finally exposes himself as a doctor, not a patient. SURPRISE..well, not if you read my spoilers. Loved Matt's face though.
Liz is looking way too psycho. Cling-on the whole thing. Knowing that JJ wanted them back together, this could have been so different.
I made it to 3:21.


  1. Bernie is Jewish. If memory serves me, one year "Santa" Spinelli gave him a lighter so he could light his menorah.

  2. Liz and Maxie: Oh great scene!!!! :) And then Lucky telling Maxie to leave, that was great! :)

    Liz and Lucky: So sad. :( Forgive her Lucky! Forgive her! :( Lucky don't run away! :(

    The hospital: A DOGGIE YAY!!!! :) Woah Shawn stopped being jumpy when he was with that doggie! :) Great scene. :)

    Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzz. Oh they are going to make love. Oh wait they aren't! Zzzzzzzzzz. Sonny warms her foot zzzzzzzzz.

    Michael and Sam: Poor Michael! :( Oh oh I think I'm starting to like him again. Redeemed? Maybe so. :) Altho Karen if it's true that Michael will want to work with the Z Camp, then UGH! He won't be redeemed afterall!

  3. Bernie is Jewish. You light the candles with match's. I remember one year him saying the prayer as he lit the candle.
    I remember Jake. He was Jewish. As were the Siegels back in the day when OLTL first debut. (telling my age) Nora. Bernie.

    NOT happy that Vicki walked in on Clint while that hussie was kissing him. Though we know, Vicki & Clint will end up together. lol

    Someone remind me why Gnat was mad at Jawn? She brought all her problems on herself, so wtf with her & John? Glad Jawn tooked Tea home and made Gnat wait.
    FF thru Skate. Like them alot. Just not together.

    Jason flew from Chytown to NY in a flash! What a quick flight. I like NuDoctor. Is he too young for Carly?

    Liz. Do I really need to say anything? Most know how I feel about this manipulative person. I hope Lucky calls Steve (out of the bed) to go to his sister. She isn't stable enough to be alone with her kids. She hasn't seen them since Halloween and she doesn't go up the stairs to see them in bed?? Call Dr Steve. Who knows what she will do next to her kids for attention.

    Matt is working my nerves. I hate it too since I use to like him. But his unprofessional behavior is sickening. NOT even cute.
    Though I love Maxie, and she wasn't wrong to confront Liz, doesn't Maxie have a life besides everyone eles?

    Soaps on Friday? Or Monday?
    Anyone know??

  4. Sonya-you know I LOVE those scenes with Maxie & Liz!! BYTCH FIGHT!

    I am even missing Carly bytch scenes!

  5. Nora is Jewish and I was disappointed because in Friday's epi she said "Hanukkah is almost over" and I was all like, "WHAT??!? It's hasn't even STARTED yet!!" Obviously non of the writers are Jewish...or own calendars!

    It's the only mistake OLTL writers have made. I forgave them right away because we had so many great flashbacks in Friday's episode...Natalie looks EXACTLY the same, and little Starr was so little!!

  6. I caught the boo boo on OLTL as well. Surprisingly.
    However, I will say, usually Hanukkah falls earlier in December. Just not this year.

  7. My2Cents2 said...Sonya-you know I LOVE those scenes with Maxie & Liz!! BYTCH FIGHT!
    Yeah come on I want a cat fight!!!! :)

    I am even missing Carly bytch scenes!
    Come on Carly! Yell at Liz! :)

  8. Let's see, so far on GH this week, in the holiday spirit, we have the aftermath of a tragic death (Abby), a mob ambush with Bernie getting a bullet meant for Jason, and a catfight today with Liz and Maxie. Ho, ho, ho! :-)

    Most people like a good, soapy catfight. When it comes to "faking things" and being manipulative, Maxie knows how to do that as well. She faked an entire pregnancy to lure Lucky in. So, at least she speaks from experience! I never got the impression (maybe because of the sloppy, choppy writing) that Liz just had a breakdown to even fake. (Just like Maxie was claiming she faked hypothermia.) She checked herself into Shadybrook to "recover" from a broken relationship. Not that many people do that! Regardless, I do think Ms. Elizabeth is in for a great fall pretty soon! I am starting to miss Kirsten. Rent a Maxie is starting to wear on me now. When I saw Maxie arrive at the house, I thought, "Doesn't anyone knock anymore on this show?" Guess not.

    Michael...again Chad is doing a fine job and tearing at the heartstrings! However, when I read the spoiler that he'll go all gangsta again, I wasn't surprised. A bullet to the head and an assault in prison did not cure this young man from turning to the dark side like daddy. It's very sad no one is allowed to triumph in PC.

    Skate...still am not caring. It unnerves me how a while back they were making the insinuation that it was Kate's fault that Sonny became a mobster because she left and stopped being his savior. About as crazy as saying Liz was responsible for Lucky relapsing out of recovery on drugs. Liz may be manipulative and the way Lucky was lured back into drugs wasn't his fault...it was that greasy dude who shot him up. But, thereafter, he put himself on a case involving drugs. Not a good move if you have an addiction problem. Men never take the blame for their own actions in PC, do they?

    I see now why Sean's getting a doggie from Carly! Therapy dogs are great! Oh...Dr. Ewan just showed up at GH? No one was questioning his credentials like they did Dr. Maggie when Aiden was ill. I like Ewan thus far...still wonder if he's really a Cassidine!

    Matt...His behavior is quite unprofessional at times, but he's not the only one who has ever acted unprofessionally at the hospital. I feel frustrated for the guy actually. At least they are finally using him more than they had been doing on the show. For a while, he was either never seen or used as a foil for Scrubs scenes.

    Sounds like we're in for a bit of mayhem at New Years Eve! I'm actually hoping for a bit of warmth and fuzziness this Friday after the week we've been having!

    Happy Hanukkah for those celebrating starting tonight!

  9. Oh Carly could chew up Liz and spit her out! That would be a Christmas/Birthday scene all wrapped together for me Sonya!

    Oh Melody....I haven't forgotten Maxie and what she is capable of dong as well! I happen to LOVE BYTCH fights! And slaps! I think I read Sam slaps Carly coming up.

    Nobody is answering me...Is Dr Ewan too young for Carly??

    I agree. love seeing Matt FINALLY on the show, however, I have a history of medical issues. Spent alot of time in hospitals. Matt's attitute does not belong in a hospital with sick and scared people. And it isn't just once, its almost a daily thingy with him. That is my pet peeve about him.

  10. Shouldn't Jax be back this week?
    And what about Cole on OLTL??

  11. yes, the end of oltl today and the look across the room, once again, made me puddle up!
    I remember all the Hanakukah scenes on those shows..that was a big deal then.We have been watching for a long time haven't we?
    of course we were 2 when these shows started!!!
    Now I have to go away and wont be able to watch or have access to a computer for THREE days...oh the angst....

  12. My2Cents2 said...Oh Carly could chew up Liz and spit her out! That would be a Christmas/Birthday scene all wrapped together for me Sonya!
    Yeah Carly sure could!!!! That would be so delicious!! Carly hasn't told a woman off in a while!!

    Nobody is answering me...Is Dr Ewan too young for Carly??
    Yes!!!!! :) But that's okay. Carly can be a cougar. :)

  13. Hope....I was 4!! lol
    Do you go back that far too?

  14. GREAT Answers Sonya!!
    Everything I wanted to hear!

  15. Thank You everyone for your Happy Hanukkah wish's!!

    But I was thinking, if there was anywhere I could go on Christmas on soapland, it would have to be Vicki's house. Its so beautiful every Christmas. YES I know Gnat would be there, but there is enough people where I could ignore her!!
    Something tells me, this is where we will see the show end. :(

  16. I really hope the new writters start having better storylines for Liz. Because it seems like no matter what my girl always get the short end of the stick and everybody and they mama get to go off on her!


  17. I will continue to read the blog but will stop reading the comments as it is turning into nothing more then a conversation between two posters. One has already commented 8 times on this one post! Enough already.

  18. My2Cents2 said...
    Hope....I was 4!! lol
    Do you go back that far too?
    yes! as it happens, the very first day! I had a day off, and there it was! (Hint, I was a bit older than 4, more like 28!) do you remember when Samantha was killed and Delilah carried her baby? I think that was the first time done on a soap....when we go to this party at Viki's I am going to get Bo under the misletoe, I have waited too long!!!!

  19. Anon 7:09-let me be the first to tell you, you aren't doing anyone any favors visiting this blog.
    You don't like my posts? Don't read them. You counting how many times Tealita I post?? Your obsessiveness with me is sickening.
    Why are you so obsessed with me? Because I detest you??

    Get ready, because I am getting ready to make more posts now. Anything to irritate you.

  20. Karen..I just finished watching Beverly Hills Housewifes.
    Why am I the only one who detests Kim soo much? She is full of anger. She is unladylike. She has 'issues' that are so bad she is almost unwatchable. YES I know she went into rehab recently, however. the show focus's on Taylor & Russel, when Kim is in as bad of a way. jmo

    I hope Kim gets fired from the show.

  21. my2cents - Turn off your computer and GET A LIFE. We all like GH but you are obsessive over this blog and ruining it for others.

  22. Hope-you are a hoot!! Deliah..Sam, omg I forget the storylines but I do remember the characters. Sam was so pretty. I wonder what she is up to these days? Do you know her name? Deliah as well!

    Seriously, how old were you when you watched the first day of OLTL??
    I was around 10, but my memory isn't as good as yours!

  23. Anon..GO AWAY. LEAVE. I can speak for others when I say you aren't wanted here. With your disrespect toward Karen. Your sickening.
    Get a life. STOP obsessing over me. Show repect to the person who runs this blog. Do you even know what respect mean? Your obsessive and mentally unstable. Time to get the police involved, once again in your city!!
    I understand the jealously toward me.(who wouldn't be?)but go play in someone elses sandbox!

    Buh Bye!

  24. Tealita is a very deranged person.

    For some reason, she has an obsession with me. Should I be flattered?? ICK!

  25. 1. It is not your sandbox.
    2. I have shown no disrespect to Karen. It is you who are overwhelming this blog with your constant posts that is being disrespectful.
    3. I am not tealita or whoever that is. I am someone who visit this blog regularly and am tired of seeing you try to dominate it with your constant barrage of comments. I have many friends who visit this blog who feel the same way. You seem to have an inflated sense of your own self importance. Post a comment or two, not a dozen.

  26. Tealita...give me a list of people who are tired of my posts.
    Actually let them come forward.
    I believe nothing you say. You are a 'wanna be' who is jealous of me.
    Don't like what I have to say? TOO BAD..GO ELESWHERE then!

    Because I am not leaving.

  27. Anon...stop hiding. Pick a name.
    Susie, Mary, Carol, anything but Anon.. You are making yourself look more of an idiot than you already are. lol

  28. Carly could chew up Liz and spit her out!
    Then Liz could take a scalpel, cut open Josslyn and take Jake's kidney back!!

  29. My2Cents2 said...GREAT Answers Sonya!!
    Everything I wanted to hear!
    Hahaha oh good!!! :) You're welcome! :)

  30. Anonymous said...
    Carly could chew up Liz and spit her out!
    Then Liz could take a scalpel, cut open Josslyn and take Jake's kidney back!!

    Go to your local Zoo!

  31. Anonymous 7:09 are you the post police? You can't tell people how many times they can post! This is Karen's blog not yours.

  32. Sonya...GREAT MINDS think alike. I been telling you that for months!

  33. Sonya...no need to defend me against a wanna be who gets jealous over how much someone posts! How sad is that?? How sad she is jealous of all of us who are friends on here!!!

    Did you see that latest post from the animal about Jossie?? Tell how normal that was!!!!!! lol

  34. Sonya private message me. I have to ask you something. Please.

  35. My2Cents2 said...I understand the jealously toward me.(who wouldn't be?)
    ROFL! Good question! Hahaha! :)

  36. I agree with anon. Some people posting way too frequently is a real turnoff for the rest of us. As for 2 Cents telling people to go away or stop visiting the site, does 2 Cents own this blog? 2 Cents is already turning people off now she is trying to drive them away? I am sure the person who runs this blog really appreciates that. When I first started visiting this blog all kinds of people use to post here. Since 2 Cents has essentially taken over the comments section I have noticed a decrease in the number of people posting. What difference does it make if someone posts under anon or under a fake name? Will 2 Cents think Anon's comments are more credible if instead of posting as Anon they start posting as 3 Dollars or Digital Clock or Snowy Day or some other name.

  37. sonya said...
    My2Cents2 said...I understand the jealously toward me.(who wouldn't be?)
    ROFL! Good question! Hahaha! :)

    THANK YOU! I just spit out my water laughing. Jealousy is UGLY!
    And I am wet!!

  38. Karen..am I posting too much??
    When I hear it from you it will have meaning, until then this IGNORANT person is meaningless.

  39. If you don't realize you are posting too much then you are the one who is ignorant of the obvious. You post obsessively and when someone points it out you tell them to go away. Open your eyes before Karen loses even more posters and readers because they are tired of your constant posts.

  40. My name is Anon 7:56

    PROVE Karen's numbers are down.
    I bet you can't!! haha
    In fact, I bet they are up from 6 months ago.

    lol :) You are soo much fun to irritate.

  41. Tell anonymous you don't pay my computer bill,your not my boss,you don't own this site. Until you pay my computer bill,then you can tell me what to do. Until then get lost.

  42. If Karen has a problem with me, she can email me and let me know.
    Until then, mind your own business.

  43. Thanks Jon...but Anon (Tealita) is making herself look like an ass.
    All by herself!!!

    Glad you jumped in though to let her know how assinine she is making of herself.

  44. Does anyone know of a site where I can go and download old seasons of Atlanta Housewifes?? FREE sites?

    Tealita...I will post and post and post and post.

  45. If you are trying to annoying Tealita for your sake I hope she is reading this because I am not she or he or whoever this Tealita character you seem to be obsessed about it is.

  46. Your Welcome my2cents.Just ignore them,there is always one in the bunch.

  47. Isn't it past your bedtime Tealita?

    Your right Jon...she isn't worth a second more of my precious time! lol

  48. A message from Tealita:

    Sorry Jaq, I can't take cre4dit for those other anon. posts; really I can't.

    Post away, Dear Heart. Post away. You can sit over here and "rip 'em" (visual pun intended) all day long, for all I care.

    I bequeath this sand-box to thee. I can't however, control what anybody else said.

    Que Lastima... the real tealita

  49. Don't be so hard on yourself. Of course you can take credit for the other posts. You have a 'sick obsession' with me. Everyone sees it!!!!!!! haha! Even the police in your city think you are a SICK FREAK. (yes they do)We're just waiting on how you 'word' something to me on here before they pay you a visit.

    JAQ-Jewish American Queen
    Don't forget that!

  50. Maybe it's you posting those other anon comments just to stir stuff up?

    You know I'm not the one who posted those other comments. Tealita

    Like I said, post away. I truly don't care. But you can't make people believe something that's not true--even the police.

  51. You know what JAQ? Now I've had it. if you ever try to connect my name to a post I did not make--anon or otherwise, I will call the police myself. That's fraud. it is you who are harassing and defaming me.

    I am asking you to desist. Stop it right now.


  52. Call the police Tealita. They know all about you in your city.
    They have evidence of you hacking my id #. They have evidence of other sites that aren't even soap related that you hacked me. So call the police. They are watching you already.
    I will be waiting.

  53. Stop making false accusations. I'm giving you a chance here, because "hacking" is not something I've ever done, nor do I know how to do. You have to know code for that, and I do not. I'm not that other anon. False accusations are a form of harassment. Consider them called, because you just crossed the line.

    Internet harassment is a crime--one in which you are very guilty of.

    When I (who I feel is and has been the harassed one), identify harassment and ask the harasser to desist, and they do not, it demonstrates that they are as guilty, or more. asked, desist.

    This is yet another formal request that you cease and desist--and the last one that I can reply to--because to do so would culpify me.

    Cease and desist.

  54. Oh my not much Christmas spirit here. I m not so sure either of you are acting like adults. Stop, take abreath and coun to 10.

  55. I have to say the comments today are more interesting than most of the crap being written for GH. It does seem to me that this Anonymous person is a little off balance and I really hope she gets some help. However, unless My2Cents actually has proof that Anon is this Tealita , I don't think the police will be able to offer any help. If she does, it seems like a good stalking charge in the making--cyber-stalking should up the charge from run-of the mill stalking depending on where you're from. (Also, in most states, you just have to offer proof of a pattern to be able to charge someone with stalking--in MA a pattern is 3 events, but i don't know about anywhere else.)

  56. GH has got to be the most depressing soap on the air these days. My mom had it on tonight, and each scene was about something sad. We had Shawn in a PTSD breakdown, Michael mourning the loss of Abby, Bernie getting shot, Liz losing her mind over Lucky. Then of course there are the storylines that weren't covered today: Jason's strange fugue/PTSD, Sam's rape/pregnancy, Robin hiding her health issues from everyone except Jason, Lulu's descent into the bottle. To top it all off, Lulu and Dante are going to the 9/11 Memorial. I think the best thing I can say about GH this year is that it didn't cause me to join the Prozac club (probably because I didn't watch it for most of the year).

  57. A message from Tealita:

    To clarify any confusion, all of the "cease and desist" posts are mine. I'm requesting that the poster stop making any false claims that today's anon posts are me.

    Also, I take no issue with the number of posts someone makes or the quality of a particular post unless it includes a personal attack.


  58. Jon, it's you're, not your...and My2cents, and since your mother is dying shouldn't you be spending time with her instead of posting obsessively on a blog?

  59. ok, truth out! I was 28 when I started watching....
    Babie is ususally the oldest one in the room!!!
    Samantha Vernon was played by Julie Montgomery
    Delilah Ralston was played by Shelly Burch...

  60. Tealita..You leave my mother out of this you sick bytch.
    My mother is NOT dying, she is in rehab and hopefully will be home soon. When I see her, or anything about her, if I want anyone to know I will post it.
    You are a sick bytch. To post the things you are posting is showing how bad your illness is. Don't you see others are agreeing with me?

    As far as stalking laws, the police were notified 2 weeks ago. They have this girl's IP address, as we have proof of harrassment on another site that she hacked my old computer. The other site has nothing to do with soaps.
    The police want to bring Karen into this, however, why would I want to do that? I asked Karen to block Tealita's IP address and she said she can't.
    So I either bring Karen into it, or we wait until Tealita 'words' something to me in a way that the police can pull her in. The police in her county have her IP address, they have emails and proof of hacking. I will show them the comment about my mother she made and about cutting up a baby like she worded here. Not sure it is enough, but I will try.
    Most of you can see the mental illness of this person, I apologize she followed me here.
    I will not stop posting. If I did, she wins. She isn't winning. I want her to word something at me where legal action will be taken.

    What I am wrong about, and I apologize is answering her posts. I should IGNORE the mental illness. To try to understand them, I would be no better than them. However, I want her to say something so she is brought in and taught a lesson. YES she will be arrested.

    Thank you all for your support. I learned along time ago what your friendship meant to me. Funny, I received 5 personal emails last night, people who I have never seen post here, but just must read my post. They complimented me, stating they love reading my posts.

    Karen must be enjoying all of this, because it is more hits on her page. Sorry Karen, out of respect for your followers, I am done with this game.

  61. OK Hope you were 28...your memory is better. I was more of a pup!
    I am going to GOOGLE those actress and will update you. Thanks!!

  62. Liz ya think Tealita is a little 'off balance'?? lol

    YES the police can and will do somehing about her. She hacked my old computer and proved it on another site. The police have all the proof they need. The only thing they won't reveal to me is where she lives.
    I could care less where she lives.
    Her entire family are probably retarded too.

  63. Hope/Soapbabie......I looked up BOTH women! I wish you could copy and paste on here, but I couldn't.

    I thought 'Sam' was still beautiful, however she has aged. (Like the rest of us.)

    Deliah IMO looks better now than back in the day. Her hair is short and she has stayed more in the business than Julie has.

  64. Deliah IMO looks better now than back in the day

    ah! what can I say....some improve with age...LOL

  65. Just so It is clear I have never posted here before.
    SO Debi AKA.JAQ Liberty Queen, ETC don't go blaming anyone on this site for this post.
    Don't you think this behavior is a little immature for a woman of your age? AND if you are going to continue this behavior don't you think you should get some new material? I mean, get a life, go outside, your stalking me, your obsessed with me? your not doing anyone a favor by posting here. Come on you have been using this rhetoric for so long I know what you're going to say before you say it. Oh and the best one.... HAHAHAHAAA I alerted the police and filed a report!! That one is hilarious! Do you REALLY think anyone takes you seriously? You have been on so many forums and made these threats and accusations, everyone sees you as a big wind bag full of hot air.
    Just sign me
    laughing at you because your so pathetic.

  66. I gotta be honest, this My 2 Cents person is totally pathetic.. she is nasty on every single board she posts on, she does nothing but abuse other innocent posters and ruins every board she goes on..

    her threats are ridiculous and she is ONE pathetic person .. I feel sorry for her : (

  67. Goodness gracious, feels like we're back in high school.

    I can get why people would be annoyed by the same person making comment after comment and essentially having a conversation with someone in comments but at the same time, this IS for discussion.

    But it would be nice if people wouldn't take their personal distaste for each other here or make threats.