Friday, March 25, 2011

Tyler Christopher's General Hospital Tweets...OUCH!

@Tyler2929  Seems to b some misconception that it was my choice to leave gh to go and do the lying game. Not so. I was let go unconditionally
Just want to set the record straight so people can stop congratulating me

"Lying Game" in reference to his new show on ABC Family. Guess that clears THAT up! Goodness. Who's next? Seems GH is just trimming it's ranks left and right. This signals the end of the "traditional" Cassadines. With the exception of Alexis, they are all ka-poot. Can we hope Helena comes to usher her Prince OFF to Russia or Greece? Not likely because looks like TC really isn't going to tape much of anything more. 

Adding Fun to the Tweet-fodder, Stephen Martinez (nee Coltin Scott, Nikolas #2) said: 

thank you. Yes, TPTB at #GH only care about you when they need you. Outside of that, treat you like dirt.
Oh the joys of twitter! Remember you can always follow the @wubsnet for all breaking soap news. Some primetime stuff too. Hey, you know I'm a TV Junkie!!

OLTL: BTW  Ford in the weenie costume just makes my day!! And the porno movie gig?? "Balsam....really great name" says the porno actress!! LOL This show is fun and exciting (Especially since I'm spoiler free)!!

I am trying to remain hopeful that my show will once again intrigue me. 
Steven is moving into Liz' house. Which is good because I'm not even sure he has a place he lives?? 
"Carly's whole existence is a series of accidents".. heh, you tell it Lucky! HE was mad at Carly. whoa. It would mean way more if Lucky and Carly ever had scenes together. LOL.. Notice Luke doesn't say a word while Lucky is there about his name being on the list. We all know it comes out, heck Jason goes with his gun to the Haunted Star.. 
 Luke goes to talk to Michael about Lucky-- TG hasn't had this much airtime with his TV Family in decades!
Jason and Carly just keep yappin' it up.  
Liason was on today!! TWITTER BLEW UP! Liz and Jason both apologized to each other. Looked sad. Dante interrupts them. Great, people already hate him, now this! ahaahaha.
Franco's "message" was lame, imo. 
WOW, how great was that JJ and TG scen when Luke realized he hit Jake??!! "His  DNA was all over your bumper"  

RANT: Josslyn is UP AND SITTING IN A FREEKIN' rocking chair? :yes I am yelling: WHAT IN God's name-- they do think we are morons. How stupid. And where is Jax?! Like he wouldn't be there 24/7. 

Ratings Report for the Week of March 14-18, 2011
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,734,000 (-91,000/-369,000)
2. B&B 2,948,000 (+137,000/-240,000)
3. GH 2,593,000 (-94,000/+61,000)
4. OLTL 2,427,000 (+72,000/+113,000)
5. AMC 2,376,000 (+58,000/-105,000)
6. DAYS 2,316,00 (-172,000/-522,000)


Andrea said...

How is it that when Josslyn was fine, we never saw her. Now, we see her all the time, when they actually have an excuse for us to never see her.

I know it would be very hard to show a kid her age hooked to machines, etc. But to have Carly AND Jax just come out of the (sterile) room, or have them watching vigile through the window would have worked just fine for some of us. Don't have the poor girl already being able to sit up.

Can't wait til I watch the Liason scenes, so I can complain about those later!

Elizabeth said...

how is this show up from last year? confused. what was the storyline last year at this time? was it the Sonny trial?

Anonymous said...

I think it is up because people GH is getting all this publicity. I have a feeling that Guza is trying to get all these new followers, since he is losing all his veteran followers...

mosbp2003 said...

I think it is up from last year because of residuals over the Sonny/Brenda wedding debacle and because everyone knew the Jake story was coming. Notice it was down from the week before though? I think we're going to see an increase for this week and then a HUGE drop off...just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

Liason scene was short, because the writers want an end to them and fans to forget. only proving this disaster was all for a jasam baby.

Mrs. B said...

Oh Anon don't say that! how sad if it's true. These two actors have always had so much chrmistry to me. Yes so does Jasam but Liason has that longing chemistry. Some of Liz's best lines I recall so vividly You chose not to be with me, you chose not to be a fatehr to Jake" and about 2 years ago in his living room about a month after he proposed to Liz yet tried to call it off due to mob violence Liz said something along the lines of "you're holding me heart in your hands" oh the angst! Anyone that says this isn't about a Jasam baby can frankly (yet with all due respect), shove it. Jake isn't even buried yet and the spoilers have Sam talking about wanting a baby to Joss, Carly telling Sam to give Jason a baby & gives her info on the miracle fertility treatment, etc.

Anonymous said...

Transplant recepients are up and moving much sooner than donors are.

The Powers That Be need to get rid of GUZA and keep their legacy characters. If it is all a matter of economics, then getting rid of Guza makes lots and lots of sense.

Andrea said...

It is really a shame that the Liason scene was a lot shorter than the Carly/Jason scene. It is so clear that the writers do not want them to have any sort of relationship at all. They are so afraid of what happens on screen when they are together, they cut them all short.
I just don't understand it.

Andrea said...

I'm sure the ratings for this week will be up too. I know lots of people who haven't watched GH in years tuned in this week. It is a shame they rushed it all. If they wrote it correctly they could have spread it out over a few weeks and told a complete story and had higher ratings for a longer period of time, and maybe even win a few fans back.
But by the end of next week, no one will ever mention Jake again.

david said...

If anyone is interested, the Michael Logan interview with Tony Geary is up on Daytime Confidential.

Some of if I found interesting. Some of it was cleary PR material made up by the PR department.


Anonymous said...

I 100% agree w/ Andrea and Mrs. B. This is crap. Why would Sam even visit with Joss anyway to confess her desire to have jason's baby?

Jen said...

As A Liason fan I am outraged. that scene was way too short and so much more needed to be said, expressed, etc. Becky just kills me with her emotions. She has rocked every single scene since this started. And can I say that not having a funeral is unheard of in soaps! Guza, UR an A hole.

AntJoan said...

I met Tyler when I was on the set of GH, over 10 years ago, I have a picture of myself standing between Tyler and SB! Tyler was wonderful, a real gentleman (as is SB), I am soooo sad to see him go. I remember how they first introduced him on the show, just showing the Cassadine ring as he and Stephan flew over to save Lulu. He is one of the main characters of the show, when he and Liz spoke of the 4 Muskateers I almost wept, they could have kept Emily, and kept the 4 of them together.

I'm hoping that Luke did not really run over Jake. In my mind, the car with the darkened windows (how could they tell this at night?) belonging to the Balkan somehow took Jake and got his DNA on Luke's car. Why else do they keep bringing up that car?

I know they all are great actors, but can't they show them being happy instead of all of this tragedy?

Anonymous said...

The only part I enjoyed was Lucky's rant about how selfish Carly is. I laughed at how dumb LULU just stood there still defending Carly. If she only knew how much Carly despises her. I only wish Lucky had said those things to Carly's face. Her selfishness knows no bounds.
If the writers are honest they would actually have written her as the driver or create a situation so hateful for jason that he wouldn't want to look at her again. The self destructive person she is would cause that to happen eventually.

Rena said...

I like Tyler, too and loved his portrayal of Nik until the past year and a half. Not his fault the writing was so bad.

I so agree with you ANON. If carly had been the driver it could have meant so much more if only just to stick it to her and have her not get away with it (meaning more with the guilt). However Tony will rock those scenes and I get chills just thinking about him, Becky & JJ. I disagree with you karen, uke seems like an alcoholic in every sense of the word. There are all different types on all different levels. If you need alcohol, you're an alcoholic.

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