Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's GH: LOVE me some LukeSon!!

My Ol' LukeSon Lounge sign!! Who remembers!! It was part of the Lazy Lobster Pub. 
Ah, the '90's!! LOL

I loved Sonny telling Luke it was an accident.  Tell me it's wrong, but it came out SO RIGHT!! Thank you for that scene you writers, you. You know that Sonny would be killing Luke if it were one of HIS kids!! 

LOVED Scrubs and the potsticker scene!! Cute little Emma, awwww. She's darling. Stupid Lisa, just kill her already!

Shawn comforting Carly--nice. Get it? Chem test galore!! OMG, now he's all googling over JOSS! Poor Jax. wahhh. 

I love Adrianne Barbeau-- it took forever to get her to this point!! She uses a straight edge!! Good stuff, it just didn't have to take this long. Too bad Bea Arthur couldn't have cameo'd as her mama!! This story just was so convoluted.  

Liz and nice. Although it reminded me of all the wasted years that Becky and Luke weren't on screen together more often. WASTED TIME!! 

Sorry this is late/short today. I had to go to the dentist. Tomorrow I'm out as well...I'll try to get up a post for you to put comments on! I WILL be here Friday!!


Anonymous said...

What type of scenes would you have liked to see between TG and RH?

Have you heard anything about Sam's illness?

Is it possible that Jax and Brenda leave together (I know she's leaving GH, so I thought, since it seeems like they want to get rid of Ingo as well, maybe that's how he'll exit the show....)

shirleedee said...

It is oh so great to have Sonny be the voice of reason in all this 'awfulness'. It redeems him 'whole bunches' in my eyes!

sceneskank09 said...

I love, love, loved AB today. That will teach egotistical/nutters Balkan to underestimate a woman. HA! Sorry I can't see Carly with Sean, maybe she's been with Jax for so long that it makes me feel that way. Luke and Sonny.. awesome..Luke and Liz..eeehhh. Seemed like a "may pain is greater than yours" type of conversation/contest. Oh, and I have had enough of Abby, somebody buy her and inhaler and get her "breathless" whiney self off of my tv.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 2 year contract Vanessa Marcil was supposed to have signed with GH? Will her leaving after less than a year free up some money for others?

AntJoan said...

I hope these are all rumors, and that VM is not leaving, I waited for my S & B for soooo long, please, someone tell me it's not so!!

Hope said...

Oh the LukeSon Lounge, I remember those days.......:O)

Anonymous said...

obviously, Becky is a fan favorite. what do the writers have against her? shouldn't she be a lead actress?

Rhonda said...

hey scene whatever ur name is ; )
Nothing could be worse than a mother losing a child especially when she is partly to blame. Lighten up. lemme guess, typical Liz hater?

As for Abby, they just need osmething more for her to do and she would be more interesting. Have her working with Franco and then redeem her. Something interesting, please!

Personally, I need some more L&L2 scenes mourning Jake.

Anonymous said...

just read the spoilers. jaspam decides to have a baby. proves that is why the writers killed jake. and were hoping to get rid of RH.

mosbp2003 said...

I never got invested in any storyline involving TG, because I knew he would be gone on "vacation" at any time so there was no point. It is the same reason I would not invest in this latest Sonny/Brenda reunion. VM only signed on for a brief stint, so any reunion would again mean some kind of breakup/parting, so why bother? TPTB just don't seem to get that these brief returns/appearances will never work. The same goes for anything Franco. They are stunts, nothing more.

Watchintele said...

No one should be surprised in the least about Jasam having a baby. No one!!
It was written on the wall for a long time. And, killing off Jake, cemented it.
TPTB do not want to lose KeMo, so this is why she's currently paired with and has been paired with since her introduction to the show with the big names (Sonny, Jax, Jason, Lucky) of GH.
Was it a big surprise that they decided to make her character look so bad when she was close to leaving? Not really. It happened when KMc decided to leave, Robin was painted in such a bad light to prop Jason & Carly.
However, with KeMo deciding to stay, her character was written to look good all of a sudden and her sins against a child were swept under the rug and she was again in Jason's orbit.
So once again we were subjected to Jasam cuz they didn't want to lose KeMo, and Jason is written like a hypocritical idiot, they put an abrupt end to Liason, and now they've killed of Jake so Jasam can have their baby and Jason doesn't look bad.

If that doesn't smell of agenda and bad writing, then I dunno what to tell anyone.

kdmask said...

I love your name, sceneskank!! LOL :)

I would have liked to have seen scenes where TG and RH were FAMILY-- GH never has anyone interact a lot. They should have been together a lot more when Lucky was addicted, imo.

Nothing about her illness other than "she's ill" LOL..seriously, nothing.

I'm not sure about the Jax/Brenda leaving together. I was really surprised Guza said he was doing another Jax who the hell knows!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.