Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brandon Barash in Buffalo Today!

Brandon has been a champion of the MD Telethon for a long time now. This is his second or third trip to Buffalo. Here's an excerpt from the local paper:

Performers include Ilene Graff, a Broadway performer formerly of the TV show “Mr. Belvedere,” and Brandon Barash, a former cast member of the hit show “General Hospital,” who are returning co-hosts of the event.

I am hoping that's a misprint.... but with all the rumors, one has to wonder. 

Barash was the 2010 Ambassador for the MDA association. Always the musician he plays piano and sings at  many events around the country. His twitter is @BrandonBarash. 

BB is also involved in The Port Chuck Band along with Steve Burton, Scott Reeves and Bradford Anderson. His upcoming story, one where he pits Lisa against Robin to find the syringe doesn't bode well for his character; neither does the "Johnny planted the bomb" idea.  Me? I still miss Jolivia!!! 

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Anonymous said...

The Buffalo News is a terrible paper. They constantly have to print apologies, corrections etc. for mistakes they've printed. Hopefully this is just one more. Although I like Barash and GH seems to get rid of everybody I like.

Anonymous said...

Abby planted the bomb

kdmask said...

Thanks... It's Tonawanda actually but the on-air news (channel 7 maybe?) said it too! FREAKED ME OUT!

No, Johnny did. Jason is going to find out.

Mrs. B said...

I'm with you Karen, Love & miss Jolivia. I'll settle for anyone with him though, He is just a hunk.

With all the hoopla over Jake, I assume they ahve already filmed it so we're out of luck.