Thursday, March 24, 2011

Exclusive: Wubs Net Interviews Jason Morgan!

It's true..!! The Wubqueen finally gets to dish with Stone Cold himself!! Here's the interview where only I dared to ask the most burning questions on everyone's mind. Sit back, grab a glass of wine and feast your eyes on this miracle of print media: 

 Jason Morgan arrives at Casa D'Wubs

Wubqueen: Squeeeeeeeee! Do you mind if I Squeeee? I mean,  you are  JASON MORGAN!! 

Jason:  Uh, no. I get it a lot. 

Wubqueen: Ok, let me just....there. I so wanted to touch your hair. It's magnificent.

Jason: Thanks. I get that a lot too.

Wubqueen: Well, Jason, you've had quite a few days! Phew!! Have you had time to sit down and breathe since little Jake went into the great beyond?  

Jason:  No. What's a beyond? Oh, you mean...died. No.

Wubqueen: Well... what do you think? Who do you think hit him?

Jason: No idea. But I tell you what, Dante's not going to tell me who it was. I won't believe it.

Wubqueen: Um...have you called your BFF Sonny yet?

Jason: No. He's in Italy.  Honeymoon.

Wubqueen: I know, but you is your son and...

Jason: Italy. NO.

Wubqueen: Enough of Jake. I'm here to ask you the REAL question. You know THAT question.

Jason: Shoot.

Wubqueen: Who is it? Liz or Sam???

Jason: Liz or Sam what?

Wubqueen: You know, who do you like better?

Jason: Blink. Well...Liz has the best hair and Sam has you the front area.

Wubqueen: Ok, but who's the BESTEST?  Like..if you were on a desert island, who would you save from a shark? 

Jason: Well, who has on my leather jacket? 

Wubqueen: leather jacket.

Jason: Is my jacket lost? Because that would not be good.

Wubqueen: Look:  Sam or one.  

Jason: Ummm, Karen. I'll pick Karen. We were the only ones on a desert island.

Wubqueen: Oh, this impossible! Let me ask in a different way. Who would you like to grow old with? 

Jason: Oh you mean like Lila and Edward.

Wubqueen: Yes, Lila and Edward.

Jason: And I'm Edward right? 

Wubqueen: Yes! And who's Lila???   :leans forward:

Jason: Who's Lila? blink...she was my grandmother..

Wubqueen: :smacks forehead: Wow.. this is really difficult. Don't you understand there's a fan war going on out there?! People are fighting! Families are divided!! They need to know who do YOU LOVE THE MOST!

Jason: That's easy. Me. I love Me. 

Wubqueen: Between SAM and LIZ--- which one.

Jason: Oh, sorry, I refuse to answer that as per clause #3 in my contract. One and Two are about my secret powers. 

Wubqueen: Nevermind. Hey, can I touch your hair again? :giggle:

Jason: Sure.  Knock yourself out.

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Watchintele said...

LMAO!!! Hahahaha

Thank you Karen, for the wonderful laughs!

Needed that after having to sit through such a horribly written story that will accomplish nothing except get fans all riled up and possibly be even more disheartened than they already are with the direction of this show.

AmandaNotaro (from twitter!!!!) said...

Heehee, Love it! How many blank stares did he give you? :D

Anonymous said...

OMFG that was so funny and I'v got to think it's spot on. The only thing missing was that single tear rolling down his face,

Thank you for giving us this

kdmask said...

OMG, TEAR would have been great. I so needed to write some parody today of all days!! It cheers me right up!

Lori said...

oh Lord, Karen you've gone round the bend sweet pea!!! I had a really bad day at work and this is just what I needed!!!

Love you and your awesomely big creative brain!

Gdub said...

LMAO Karen! This has been a rough week but I am glad we can joke and make fun of the seriousness. Sad story, but great interview!

Holly said...

Too funny! That's just how I'd imagine him sounding if asked some "real" questions!

Anonymous said...

Only you, Karen, only you! This was terrific.

Hope said...

Karen, this is be best and only good soap thing all week.....

Amy said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing your interview! lol!!!!

Laura aka Gedstern said...

So proud that my WubQueen hasn't lost her touch!

Magnificently funny!