Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking News: Sonya Eddy Going to Recurring on General Hospital

Wubsnet Exclusive: 

The Popular soap actress, who plays Epiphany Johnson, has been taken off contract and placed on recurring status says sources. Eddy was on the night time soap "Night Shift" which ran on Soap Net from (2007-2008). Sonya worked with Billy Dee Williams and has been anchoring the GH Nurses' Desk for years now.

The character of Epiphany brings a certain stability to our screens as well as a light touch when needed. Much like Nurse Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining, you can always depend on seeing her face now and then when we finally get some hospital scenes. She's brought humor and much needed scolding to all the nurses and doctors at GH!

Now it looks like her time on screen will grow even smaller in the months to come. If you're a fan of Sonya's please write her a snail mail at the studio and remember to call/email and write the show as often as possible!! We can't afford to lose another beloved character, even if they are part of the fabric instead of the front burner of GH. 

Sonya Eddy c/o General Hospital @ABCTV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027 

I am a HUGE believer in the power of a good snail mail. Fan mail counts so much. Write Sonya a nice card..or post card just saying thanks and "hope to see you soon"!! For those of you that want to do more check out these:

Phone numbers to call:

Robert Iger:  (818) 560-1000

Anne Sweeney:  (818) 569-7700
Brian Frons:  (818) 460-7020
GH Comment Line: (323) 671-4583
ABC Comment Line: (818) 460-7477    Press 2, then 464 for GH

ABC Comment Forms:

Emails to contact:

Robert Iger:
Anne Sweeney: Anne.X.Sweeney@abc.com
Brian Frons: brian.frons@abc.com
Robert Guza: robert.guza@abc.com
Jill Farren Phelps:  jill.f.phelps@abc.com


Anonymous said...

Noooooooo!!!! WHY??????

Anonymous said...

WHY? Because they have money problems and since the fans wanted RH back.... Sonya has to pay the price...

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that...

Btw, Did u hear sam may be the one who hits Jake w/ her car? Could this be the controversial s/l SB mentioned? Reminds me of when Sam was hit by Monica...

Watchintele said...

Anon 2, I think it will be Robin that hits Jake.

There has been much talk of Elizabeth's relationships with certain people coming to an end as it was intended to happen before her departure.
In the pit of my stomach, I believe that Elizabeth's and Robin's friendship will be one of those relationships to end.

And as a fringe benefit for the TPTB, Robin's and Jason's relationship will also be put to death. As Kimberly McCullough stated, unless Kemo leaves, Jason will never be paired with anyone else. So what better way to close the chapter on JnR?? Jake's death at the hand of Robin!
All to promote Jasam which is Frons' agenda.

I can also see Elizabeth turned into the next Tony Jones as a result. But a bit of a twist.

She'll be like Carly in wanting revenge on Robin and like Tony, vilified by all. A redux of the Tony/Carly/Robin/Michael/Jason/Bobbie/AJ story.

What would be far more soapier would be if Carly was the one to hit Jake(if he must) trying to get Josselyn to the hospital as she is sick.
How would Jason react to that??

Andrea said...

I would rather have RH than Sonya anyway. Becky was the reason that I started watching the show 15 years ago! As mucy as I love the character of Epiphany, I would rather see Elizabeth.

To clarify, though, I don't want to see Sonya go at all! There are many more actors that can leave and it would free up a TON of $$$.
Why is it the hospital that is always losing the people.

Anonymous said...

I work in an industry that went from salaried employees to all contract employees. this way they only pay you when they need you.

I think it is the way of the future for a lot of businesses, this being one too.


The Gourmez said...

Makes sense to me. She's basically recurring already.

kdmask said...

First of all, I don't think Robin or Sam hits Jake..I think we THINK it might be one, but it's not.

Second, I don't think anyone should blame Becky for anything budget wise EVERYTHING is being cut back. I know Sonya had a contract roll over from her Night Shift Days. I really think we need her around.

Anonymous said...

so, is it still rumor that Jake dies, or is it becoming more of a fact? This poor kid was almost hit by a car already (that his grandfather drove) and was almost blown up. I just don't see this being necessary, but I guess that is why I don't make the big bucks (eyeroll).

Adora said...

I wish I could think that they will use Sonya the same amount as they do now, just switching her status "behind the scenes" to recurring for payroll purposes, but I have a feeling it's going to be more noticeable than that. It's a shame because I love what she brings to the hospital.

I think they will do the Alzheimer's storyline, but I fear the mess they will make and the angry fans it will leave in it's wake. Maybe I should stop reading spoilers or rumors, I don't think I should be this nervous about things that haven't been written yet! ^^;

lisa said...

I think this is one of the biggest problems with this show. There is very little general hospital in General Hospital. The medical staff they primarily show are Robin, Patrick and Lisa. Steve, Elizabeth, epiphany,and matt are a rare sideshow.It's ridiculous. I was shocked to see Monica for a few minutes the other day. I also heard them call nurse bobby spencer over the intercom and laughed. Where is she? The show has become all about Sonny/Carly. Everything is an extension of them sadly.

Anonymous said...

Frons is a racist pig and Guza is no better. The first characters he usually write off are AA. Not that he writes or promotes them anyway , Guza aversion to black female characters is alarming its funny how so many on the GH boards were so quick to lash out at the beautiful and talented Annie Ilonzeh (Maya). She hasn't any experience and now she's on primetime "Game" their rating was 7.7 last week compared to GH's 1.8 yeah the Ethina fans really brought up the ratings, I could careless about Guza and his racist , agenda I hope Sonya moves on she should have got the message Annie got and that is Frons and Guza aren't interested in writing for black women !

Anonymous said...

Well, that's ugly...

Anonymous said...

I should think black women should feel lucky that Guza doesn't want to write for them, considering how poor a job he does writing for the white women.

LindaV said...

I agree that Sonya is basically recurring now. When someone doesn't get a storyline, as much as we would like them to, they should be recurring. I do hope we continue to see her as I really like the actress and character.

AntJoan said...

Well, I thought of something that I've not seen mentioned anywhere. I think that Suzanne either has turned on Theo, or never really supported his agenda, and has been/is protecting Brenda while pretending to support her stupid husband.

Watchintele said...

Karen, if that's the case, great!
I was just passing along the buzz that's been going on since RH's departure was announced. Specifically, Jake's death via hit and run, Robin being responsible and some of Elizabeth's relationships/friendships being casualties as a result.

And all the other speculation of why that I threw in there were my thoughts of what their reasoning could be.
Hope I didn't make anyone think it was true?? Except KMc statement about a Jason pairing.

But again, if they must have Jake be hit by a car, I would like for it to be Carly being responsible. As she's trying to get Josselyn to the hospital she inadvertantly hits Jake.

I would love to see all the soapy fallout. Accusations flying around. Anger!!
How would Jason handle it?? How would Elizabeth deal with it?? How would Carly try to make amends?

Maybe Jake in turn saves Josselyn's life if he is killed??
Ala BJ/Maxie story

Anonymous said...

I know GH tapes ahead of time,but did you notice yesterdays show Tuesday March 1 that, barely anyone was on Maurice Benards birthday, not even Brenda. What's up with that. Even tho i don't like sonny. Frons and Guza need to be bumped to recurring or fired, not the talented Sonya Eddy, Ingo, Leslie charleson or any one else for that matter.

bumchickabowbow said...

Hmm... Carly would be the better/soapier choice to be the hit/run driver. I would love to see her and Jason have some serious bumps in their BFF relationship. I also love to see some Liz and Carly drama.

kdmask said...

The hit and run driver has changed 2x as far as I know--NO LIE!!!!!!

Adora said...

lol, well it's nice to know that they have a solid plan for this whole storyline. *sarcasm*

Honestly I think a hit and run storyline is a little ridiculous after the whole thing with Alexis just last year. What is it with killing off younger characters (who aren't even driving) via car accidents? Do we really need this storyline to remind us how self absorbed everyone in Port Charles is? Or to remind us that Guza has no respect for the Quartermaine bloodline?

It just occurred to me that it could make sense if it was Alexis, since she would naturally freak out if she hit yet another child, but even that just seems ridiculous. What are the chances, seriously? I have the same complaint with the Edward rumor - he already nearly drove Jake over once, now he gets a second go at it? Give me a break! Jason has more than enough issues with the Quartermaine's as it is. Is that really how Edward deserves to be remembered?

Carly is the most interesting suspect to me, because of the impact it would have on her relationship with Jason. Mixing that with concern for Joss is one of the only theories that make fleeing the scene seem believable this time around. It's way too much like Alexis though; a woman desperate to get medical attention for her daughter sacrifices another child's life. Because that happens constantly in small towns, right?

The whole storyline should have been scrapped rather than rewriting stuff in a way that they, and the fans, will quickly realize was a terrible mistake. They are going to piss off more people than they can imagine with this. Not only are these upsetting storylines but they're repeating themselves in a desperate, pathetic, and poorly planned attempt to create drama. They should realize that the majority of the ratings they still get comes from people who have watched for a very long time and will remember BJ, and even newer fans are likely to remember Keifer. If they thought the backlash from Becky was intense, wait til they kill Jake. I'm glad I don't work for them!

Sorry for the long rant! I didn't realize I cared this much! *^^;*

Frisco said...

I do NOT want a dementia storyline with Edward. They would simply rush through the storyline and then use it as an excuse to write Edward out...ship him off to Shady Pines or somewhere never to be seen again.

I also do NOT want the hit and run storyline as it is another Quartermaine being written off. however, like most of these dreaded storylines where a character is killed off it does give the remaining cast some great material. I am sure RH and SB would turn in emmy worthy performances.

IF the hit and run storyline goes ahead I do not want it to be Robin, Edward, Alexis, Sam or even Carly. I defiently do not want it to be Brooklyn...I just want her to disappear.

What if the driver was Maxie? Would allow an emotional tie in with the Maxie/BJ storyline.

Or what about it being Lucky? Revisit the L&L relationship, alcoholism/drug addiction, etc.

Or what about Luke? Maybe Luke does it but everyone thinks it is his neice Carly? Everyone currently thinks Luke is Jake's grandfather. Imagine when Edward finds out Jake is his great grandson and Luke, his son-in-law, was responsible for the hit and run. I think they have been irresponsibly glorifying Luke's drinking for way to many years. I'd have no problem with a drunk driving storyline as long Luke really paid for his crime and got more then a slap on the wrist.

mosbp2003 said...

Adora, I agree. If they continue with this storyline and Jake dies, it is going to backfire on them...

Watchintele said...

Not surprised on the changes...what else is new?

Adora, I couldn't agree with you more about the redundant storylines. Specifically a hysterical mom getting their child to the hospital while running over another.

Frisco, I do like the suggestion that it would be Luke, maybe that could be a reason for Elizabeth to lie to Lucky about being Aiden's father when she finds out as a punishment??

But, realistically, they won't do that to Luke.

That's why I would like it to be Carly if it must be someone. I just was Jason to finally push Carly away.

I too, am upset with the constant killing off of the Quartermaines.
Quartermaines no longer play an important role on the canvas. It's just plain sad.

Anonymous said...

SICKENING to kill jake