Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday General Hospital Mania

I needed a title..LOL. Just couldn't think of anything so there you go!!

Hey, I got RT by Andy Dick today--that just made my month. I love twitter-- it's just so fun. Thank GOD it wasn't around when I was in college. I'd still be there.  If you want to follow the madness, I'm @wubsnet

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday!! This is a fun thing I found from Mad Men: A Toast to Great Drunk Scenes from the show!! I so miss this show...come back! Come back!! 

Here's Laura Wright's transcript from last week's GH Chat. 
Take a James Franco Quiz on SOD! 

TODAY'S SHOW: Michael seems to be drinking Charlie Sheen's tiger blood. Good GOD... I can't deal with this. Again. Wow..Jason just told Michael that Jake was his real kid!! For all of you that don't think Jake is going to bite the big one---there ya go, it's starting. Well, it already started. IF it doesn't happen, it was rewritten.

They trying on Shawn and Carly enough? LOL  He went back to her house? He was in GH and got treated--why is he back there?! I know he went to Manhattan

Sonny at PCPD was so funny. Mac Daddy walks in.  No one knows what's going on at that place! eyeroll. And..Mac even walks away. GH is totally mob now.

Luke and Lucky--maybe Luke will say: So, why did the ol' Balky need Siobhan??! Drives me nuts. Lucky married Tracy at first and he didn't love her. Ethan married Maya for money and now, Lucky is going to marry Siobhan for a greencard. Which by the way, in real life she wouldn't get just by getting married.

Poor Brenda..
"Thug-handled" again!! Back the BATCAVE for you!! Wonder what the reason was for her to was so lame. LOL.  

Lante was on to basically explain the last 3 days to us.  Great. Really exciting. 

ON the sleep scale? Today was UP THERE with my chemisty teacher's lectures. Oy vey. 

Lisa LoCicero is on the set of Chuck, btw..she said she loves it and loves her character. 

On another note, Charlie Sheen got as many or more viewers that GH for his Ustream. LOL


Laura aka Gedstern said...

Love that I get my WubTub on my RSS reader now!!!!

What Tweet of yours did Andy Dick RT? Enquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

spent time on youtube watching the GH 30th anniversary episode. So well done. Such adherence to the past. It is so much better than what is on right now! For kicks sake, check it out.

At least now I have a valid reason to detest Dante after today's episode.

This drivel is getting quite ridiculous, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

might as well make sonny the police commissioner, he runs and owns the whole town.

kdmask said...

We were talking about the kid that died playing basketball.

Elizabeth said...

I love Chuck (got addicted last month while watching the entire series online), and I can't wait to see who she is going to play.

Andrea said...

Abby to Sam: What stopped you from having kids? Ummm, maybe because Sam just got blown up in a car???
I do like Abby and Sam as friends though. Don't see much of that on GH anymore.

Finally Jason decides to start telling people about Jake and he will most likely die. And isn't his name Jake Spencer, not Jake Webber, since he is "Lucky's son"

Sonny in the interrogating room at the PCPD made me sick and having Mac let Sonny be there was even worse...Are you kidding me? IF you are going to let Sonny do whatever to a suspect, why even bring him to the PCPD. They should have brought him to one of Sonny's warehouses. This is getting ridiculous and having Dante help Sonny makes him look stupid...Good gosh...

To a post from the Jake dying blog: They said we are missing in on a Jake/Joss pairing...I was hoping for a Jake/Joss/Emma triangle...the writers are going to miss great storylines of the future with this boy dying...

Lori said...

Can anyone else see the wheels in Guza's brain churning to try to fix all of his ongoing story problems? I know February is over but can't the storylines continue to build towards May sweeps? Oh wait... Guza would have to actually know where he was going for May sweeps to build a major storyline arc.

Elizabeth said...

Andrea, the reason Sam didn't have kids was that she was shot, making her incapable of having kids. At one point, Dr. Ian Devlin told her she might be able to conceive with some special treatment, but he was lying to her because of her mob connections.

AntJoan said...

I was liking Shawn until he said "subsiduary" TWICE, instead of subsidiary. OK, he messed up ONCE, then he said it AGAIN, is there no editing in the show? Or is everyone illiterate? (Karen, I thought that you would comment on this.)

On another note, SAVE BABY JAKE!! What did he do to deserve to die? He was SOOOOO CUTE with Jason, the kid's a natural . . .

AntJoan said...

To clarify, when I posted "Is everyone illiterate?" I meant on the show, not in general.

Rhonda said...

Disguested beyong belief after reading the spoilers about jake being braindead.

And I agree with Andrea, now Jason spews off to Michael that jake is his? And Sam dares to talk to Liz about jake?