Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steve Burton Interview: Part Two!

Telebuddy has part two of Steve Burton's interview up. This time he answers questions about Jake's impending death. Check out TinselTown Tales for the details!!


Watchintele said...

I was just thinking that why wouldn't they use Spencer if they needed to sacrifice a child? How soapy would it be that if Spencer turned out to be Jax's all along?

We never see the kid anyways, and if TC is thinking of leaving, it would be such a great story for him. Not only does he find out that Spencer wasn't his son and he dies, but Aiden isn't his son either.

Rehash the Tony Jones downward spiral. Let his inner Cassadine unleashed.

Anonymous said...

No offense to Steve Burton, but I am really hoping that there are more scenes with Lucky and Liz. Lucky is the father of Jake in all the ways that matter.