Monday, March 21, 2011

Rumor Patrol: General Hospital..Truth or Dare??

There are SO many rumors out there. My pal David  helped me round them up from various boards!! 

The BIGGEST one this weekend was that Maurice and VM were both going to walk. The rumor people said "it will break on Monday"...well, so far nothing. I'm saying that Maurice at least, will hang on as long as possible. Unless he gets his own gig on HBO or something. 

Lisa LoCicero and Brandon Barash: well this is no shocker if and when it happens. Lisa's had a few guest gigs (Dexter is coming) and Brandon is in an independent movie that's in post production.  "Olivia" and "Steve" may make it as a couple,  that is if they ever show them.
Also in this bunch would be Brianna Brown (Lisa) and that newbie Terrell. We'll have to see. 

Others are saying Sonya Eddy isn't on recurring, she's gone. Not sure the difference other than if she's gone/gone we just won't see her. 

Guza's, he's in...JFP is, she's staying. I see a big shake up at ABC Daytime all together. Maybe Frons is getting tired of the gig. 

Claire Labine (former head writer)  is coming back...hmmmmmmmm, not sure on that one. That means  Guza will leave. I still say he, Fronz, Geary, Burton and Benard are the holy clover. It would take a Frons outing to get this to happen.

We know Adrienne Leon is gone (Brooklyn)...then the Tyler Christopher stuff broke. The next in the chute is Ingo Rademacher who has said his airtime is being cut. People are thinking he's going to recurring?? I'd say if it came to that, he's out. 
By the way, Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted that she was on another one of her "not voluntary vacations" from taping. 

So... those are most of the rumors.  Daytime is going to shape-shift whatever happens. Keep a hold of yourself because it will be a bumpy ride!! For storyline rumors go to and hit rumors page.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy/Luke, Scrubs operating, CarJax being told Joss has cancer, Liz/Lucky's embrace and Jason. wow, powerful 3 minute opening. 
Becky wore non-waterproof mascara. Uh..someone freekin' call "Gran" and Bobbie! And Edward!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Leslie, Laura. I know,  I've said it every dang time but today it was so apparent. Why the hell would Jason and  Sam watch the operation? Is that even allowed? Oh well, it's a soap, right?  I tell you what, people were mad that Sam was there! whoo-wee!! Then some were mad she left the hospital. Can't win if you're Sam today!!

Nikolas arrives. Bye Bye Tyler. He even looked bored in that scene.

Both Joss' kidneys are gone, wow..that was quick. Ingo had better be on more than just today- I don't want Jax flying off trying to find a kidney or something.

Tracy and Luke are foreshadowing! Did you see about the accident? You can find out there!! Tracy doesn't want Edward to know. Probably so that they don't have to pay JI to come in.

What is Lisa still doing there?????? I thought she was fired by Steve? Oh, people on twitter told me he didn't fire her in the end. I must have missed that part. Geesh, I'd like to have that job security! 

FINALLY?? Michael tells Carly about Jake.

The scene where Jake goes brain dead? Well, the brainstem became detached so they couldn't spend time with CPR and stuff. Liked how Robin just nodded "no" to Jason.

Get a load of this promo with Carly and Jason. Good Grief. Talk about choking me up!! The second one with Liason is a killer too. Sniff. 


A funny note on a sad day: Becky and JJ look like they belong on the set of "Trueblood"...especially next to spray-tanned GH cast! 


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!! i couldn't stop crying today. what powerful scenes by such great actors. ive never seen so much emotion out of steve, and rebecca played a grief stricken mother perfectly! it was such a "great" episode as great as a child's death can be.

Anonymous said...

WOW - I have to say that the LIASON scene promo was AMAZING!!

Jen said...

Whoever hired Terrell should be fired. he is so boring and isn't even attractive. Now Shawn on the otherhand, perfect casting. There are so many other women for Johnny (hello Jolivia worked idiots!) Even Maxie, Liz, Carly. But Lisa? Just doesn't work. So keep Ingo please butlose Lisa & Terrell and don't recast Maya. Keep Epiphany, we need her humor. There. See how easy it is?

Jen said...

I don't agree Anon, the Liason scene wasn't even all that in the preview. Give us more dialogue. Please tell me their whole scene doesn't just last 2 flipping minutes!

Laura Hinds said...

well, I watched today Karen...only two thoughts worth sharing.

1) I really really thought Lucky was gonna hug Jason. Their eyes met, Lucky moved in closer...and then, what? Patted him on the chest?

2) Lucky and Liz when he tells her....there's hugging and crying and then WHAM they must have hit the floor, just disappeared under the window! It would have been so much more powerful for the camera to be in the room and you see them fall apart and end up on the floor. It was like some puppet theater!

Carrie said...

Man well with all those rumors all that seems true is that GH is on it's last leg. Look at the cast?! If MB leaves they have no show. And them firing NLG and IR wouldn't surprise me a bit. My only concern about losing GH is that they'd probably take OLTL before that because GH is the golden child and that would be such a bummer.

On a GH note I'm actually going to watch today and this week. I saw the promo clips and Carly's such a bitch - not that Jason is much of a dad - but she asks in the most pathetic way. Please save me again Jason bs. I'm sick of it. Although that's all Carly is any more.

The Liaison scene looks powerful. I'm glad Liz didn't take that b.s..

And if you're spoiler is true wow that's a cold blow. What's worse is it can't be played up right. Imagine if Bobbie, Laura, Scottie, Alan, Monica, Edward, Ned, Leslie, Audrey, Felicia and Lucy. Heck if that happened in 2000 can you imagine the backlash? it would be powerful, shake the city and all the families - there would be more than one family (Sonny Corinthos)! So sad...

Andrea said...

The Liason scene was good and bad. First of all, the Jason I know would have been consoling Elizabeth (as in hugging her) instead of looking awkward and asking where Lucky was.
But, that slap was great! Just what Jason deserved. They were having a moment and he does that. Take that SLAP!
Carly should go to Liz and Lucky and ask them herself...PERIOD
And that is what I want to happen at the end.

Anonymous said...

Carly you damn shrieking witch...Can Jason grieve before you ask him about chopping up his son

I love my Liason but I am so glad Liz slapped him

Carrie said...

Oh can I add ATemily and skye to the mix?

david said...

Thanks Karen for bringing up the absence of parents and grandparents today. I felt the same way.

Can you imagine a scene today with Audrey, Leslie, Bobbie and Monica, all in the hospital crying and consoling each other? The four of them, together ARE the history of GH.

That would have had me bawling my eyes out.

Anonymous said...

carly is one character that I never have sympathy for. she always comes off as selfish. why do carly's kids always survive? maybe if it were joss who dies carly would change. and jason deserves the slap. always putting carly first. Rebecca Herbst was fantastic. I feel Liz's pain.

sonya said...


Jason, Lucky, and Liz All great acting!!! Made me cry! Jason and Lucky had the quiet cry and so did Lucky and Liz when they showed them in the room and he told her!!! The directer did a great job with them!!! :) I was hoping Jason would scream out while crying but this was good too. And Liz has old school eye liner! YAY! Poor Jax! He made me choke up! :( Poor Carly too but poor Jax! She is his only child! :(

Frisco said...

I missed today's episode. Was there an organ donation psa at the end of the show?

Dori said...

It was a great episode! I thoroughly enjoyed all the acting from everyone. Some people are still under the impression it's all some big "Franco" hoax...I'll just leave that one alone!
I have only one criticism (as I tweeted just a moment ago) and that was that Liz NEVER once thought to mention Jason, to even ask if someone had called him. The really stupid thing is that in the promo scene with her and Jason tomorrow, she's all "When did you get here?" To me THAT is just stupid writing. I'm not saying SHE had to be the one to tell him; but she could have at least asked if he knew.
Carly....oh my gravy don't even get me started....already tweeted about her!
Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants though if you come to find out that Edward knew all along about Jake! I know it's a long shot; but that old man is smarter than we all know; and besides: how can anyone NOT know that Jake is Jason's? Seriously? One look at all it takes!

Anonymous said...

Carly is an insensitive bitch. She breaches the privacy of a patient by listening in to Liz and Lucky being told by Steve about organ donation. She runs to find Jason , not to support him in his grief but to selfishly ask for an organ. Joss fdoes have time. They have just learned of brain death. They also have to assess jakes kidney function and appropriateness of organ donation. The parents need time to process death and to agree to donation. Liz and Lucky have not even seen Jake post surgery.
Liz's brother's performance was hugely lacking. He is Jake's uncle and he was so removed from the experience.Ridiculous.
NO LIASON SCENES RIDICULOUS. Now the the stone cold robot/carly-sonny puppet will ask for the kidney without so much as a shared greiving moment between lovers/lifetime friends ( he and Liz ). I had no sympathy for him in that moment because he lets himself be used by carly all the time. Luke ( nothing I can do ? )-what about stepping up and supporting your son. LULU looked so far removed ( bad acting - or pathetic character ). ANGRY all round at poorly done story. After being a fan for almost 20 years< I will say good-bye to the show.

Aubrey said...

As much as I hate this story... Becky and JJ were amazing. I couldn't help but think back to them as teenagers and how they have grown together. I guess I'm desperate for some history! I agree Bobbi/Monica/Audrey/Leslie should have been there. With BJ/Maxi flashbacks!

Andrea said...

What I liked about the episode:
1. Luke talking about Lucky's "death"
2. Sam bringing up not wanting to be in the hospital because of what she did to Jake back in the day...Good to know she still remembers that she did that!
3. The great acting of Steve, Becky, and Jonathan. Wow. Brought me to tears
4. Patrick and Robin during and after the surgery.
5.Lucky being the one to tell Elizabeth. They raised this kid together.
6. How hard it was for Lucky to go see his kid.

What I didn't like about the show:
1. Jason (and sam) getting to watch the surgery.
2. The acting of the uncles and aunt of Jake. Lulu hardly did anything. Nikolas seemed like he was put out to even be there, and Steve couldn't muster up tears? I know if any of my nieces die, I will be bawling like a baby!
3.No Liason at all. I know Liz has a lot on her mind, but in the past, she would always know to call Jason right away for anything Jake related.
4. And to add onto that. No grandparents. No call to Laura or Liz's sister.
5. Carly. All of her. I know if I were a mother, I would be trying my hardest to find a match. But, your best friend just lost his only kid. You couldn't be there for him for 5 minutes before you started talking about your kid? Geez. That guy has been there for you through everything!

mosbp2003 said...

I am watching through this week, and then as promised, I am done. Can't take anymore. Cars could fit through the holes in this story.

As far as Luke being the one that hit Jake and how powerful it will be, I don't buy it. Oh- it has potential, if done right. But we know it will not be one right. First off, with the blocking, there is no way it can be pulled off. And since we all know TG is off on vacation AGAIN, it will all be glossed over. There will be no scenes of Luke in prison or rehab, dealing with the mess he has made of his any everyone else's lives. Instead, he will simply go off to "wherever" and when he gets back from vacation it will barely be mentioned and when it is mentioned, he will be all cured...what crap.

I completely agree with everyone about what bad writing it was that Liz never even asks if anyone told Jason...

Lori said...

I am the first person on the "Bash Guza Bandwagon" but I want to say that today's show was 90% amazing. Yes I saw the major flaws (lack of grandparents, lack of time Joss was sick, Sam being allowed to work the case like a cop, Jason being allowed to watch the surgery). The acting was fantastic and many days I feel like the actors are bored with the crap that is written and kind of "phone it in" (not that i blame them). The subtle way Jason told Lucky that Jake was gone, the two stood there in grief that grief, then the brief touch as Lucky walked past. No more words were required. I appreciate that Nik asked Steve where Cam and Aiden were and then he went to take both boys back to his place. (Wow Audrey was at least mentioned at that point) I also appreciated that Tracy said no one should tell Edward that Jake was Jason's child, that it wouldn't fix anything.

The show was so rich in layers today. I think it would be foolish not to enter this as an Emmy reel for both the actors involved, the writing, and the show in general. (I better make a note of today's date, I don't know when I will say that one again lmao)

Anonymous said...

NOT WATCHING. I even took it off my DVR so I wouldn't be tempted to run it later. Death and Sex, the lowest common denominators for sensationalism. The writers at GH just can't seem to do any better.

Anonymous said...

That Liason promo is FIYAH!!

Tiffany said...

I cried my eyes out watching today's episode. I mean like Lucky's sort of crying bawling my eyes out sort of scenario. :/

BUT, I will say that it was so rich with emotion to poignant I truly loved Lucky, Liz and Jason's scenes. I feel sorry for the shite writing Carly got to rush like a heifer for poor Jake's body. GAH!

Leesy said...

Steve Burton was the King of the show today! without a doubt his best work ever in my memory!!! and I go back to show #1!

Watchintele said...

The acting by RH, JJ, SB, KMc, JT was riveting.
Stand out scenes that come to mind.
1) Jason begging Jake to fight thru the glass
2) Jason breaking down after Robin tells him
3) Lucky and Jason sharing their loss
4) Lucky telling Elizabeth
5) Patrick blaming himself
6) Luke describing what it felt like to lose a child

Like all of you, this story has too many faults that it didn't allow the audience to really invest in it. Had it not been for the strong acting, it would fall so flat!!

Writing = Epic Fail!!
Acting = Nothing less than brilliant from the above mentioned.

Having Sam show up at all was just wrong. She has no place there. This is why I find it so offensive that they have Jason turning to her in his time of grief.
I want him to blow up at her. Even if it's out of guilt for not being present in his son's life, just to unload on her.
However, I did like her mention that it was a loaded subject. Thank you for not completely sweeping it under the rug.

Carly. There are no words. NO WORDS!!
After, everything that this man has sacrificed for you and your children, you cannot even allow him time to grieve? Seriously?!?!?

I understand her desperation. But, after speaking with Michael of how hard it was for Jason to stand on the sideline while others made decisions for Jake, what makes you think that he has a place or right to give you Jake's kidneys?? STUPID WRITING!!!

Great seque into my next point. I just knew it, that they would have Jason ask Elizabeth in their first shared scene. Again, STUPID WRITING!!!
Just another way to continue to break the bond that Liason has. Wasn't killing their child enough? Wasn't them not having any scenes for a the longest time enough? But, it had to be done, they had to have their first scene be so insensitive, just to drive home the point that they could never work since they have such different lives.
Also, that Carly and her kids will always come first.

They couldn't just have time to grieve? To cry? To hug? And, most importantly see Jake before he was taken off life support??
This should have been about them and their loss. And, by that I mean Elizabeth, Lucky and Jason.
Yet we are left with another opportunity to make this about Carly/Sonny extended family and everything else has become peripheral to their latest crisis.

So pissed off right now!!
Heartbroken because the acting made it so real, but just pissed with the writing.

Anonymous said...

Actually Lulu felt terrible. They zoomed in on her crying when Lucky found out Jake was dead. Then she went to the Haunted Star and said she couldn't stop thinking about poor Jake. Her reaction was a lot better than Nikolas when it came down to the two of them but it wasn't about them, it was about Lucky, Liz, and Jason and their pain as Jake's parents. This episode was so sad.

Watchintele said...

Forgot to mention, did anyone else find it strange that Sam didn't know her own license plate after she and Dante had determined the 7 cars that drove past where Jake was hit?
They wrote down all the plate numbers, so why wouldn't she know that one of the cars belonged to her?

andrea said...

Wow. LL2 were incredible. My stomach was in knots the entire show. The thing that killed me was that silent scene through the glass where Lucky told Elizabeth. What a powerful and emotional moment. JJ & Becky broke me down in tears right then. My heart was aching for them.

Anonymous said...

Bah...This storyline and writing is CRAP although the acting by JJ, Becky, and Steve is all Emmy caliber. JJ in particular is good at bringing the pain in a realistic, brutal way...The man is money every time with those kinds of scenes.

Outside of Y&R and B&B, I can't see many soaps sticking around much longer than the next 2 years. I have followed all the ABC soaps over the years and think that generally OLTL is still the best caliber on the network at this time, but it doesn't have the ratings. My advice...cancel AMC and OLTL, fire Guza from GH, and DO bring back Claire Lebine to write a coherent GH endgame that'll wrap everything up in the next 2 years. Yes, some of the extraneous characters will have to be let go at first to get costs down, but turn her loose on bringing all the storylines home with the core group of Port Charles characters and let's go out with freaking dignity (NOT the crap that we saw today that passed as good writing)!

Liz said...

I watched today's episode because i was home with my mom, and I have to agree with everyone else that the acting was excellent. I loved that Lucky couldn't see Jake and I appreciated the fact that Siobahn was going to let him go in on his own if that was what he needed to do.

Becky and JJ were amazing--they still have so much chemistry, and even though I am a Liason fan, I would have loved to see a LL2 reunion with both original actors back on canvas. I really think that the writers missed the boat on this one.

I'll be traveling tomorrow, so i won't be watching the episode, and i doubt that i'll be watching another episode until Guza is replaced.

A little off topic, but did anyone see Castle tonight? They referenced the weather machine and even mentioned Meikos by name. Also, the plot involved the murder of the show's head writer, and the first suspect was the author of a blog that was openly campaigning for the writer's removal from the show. When I saw that, I immediately thought of Karen and this site.

Elizabeth said...

Also, there is no way that Jason or Sam would have been allowed to view the surgery IRL. My cousin is doing an internship with a neurosurgeon at NY Presbyterian, and she told me that the only reason she is allowed to observe surgeries is because she was given credentials by the doctor. Without that no one can view surgeries.

kdmask said...

I have Castle on my DVR!

Anonymous said...

I watched Castle and LOVED IT! It was so rich with characters from daytime and other shows that I used to LOVE! Loved seeing a character who used to be on my all time favorite show, "Veronica Mars" (her internet guru friend, Mac).

I hope there is more to the LIASON stuff too . . . but I thought the slap was perfection. I also have heard that there will be more scenes with them and am hoping to see them at least grieve their loss together for a few, powerful moments. (crossing fingers)

bumchickabowbow said...

The acting was stellar. I actually watched it twice (thank you DVR).

I'm looking forward to today...I'll take LIASON any way I can get them :P

STephanie said...

Don't you all know he is Jason Morgan, quick and quiet like a cat. He probably snuck up there and only his friends (Robin and Patty Pants) were the wiser.

Anonymous said...

you know what bothered me about watching the surgery was that sam told everyone when she walked into the lobby that they were watching - i know, i know it is silly but it bugged me for some reason. i am a liason fan but i have never HATED sam or any of jason's other pairings - i just hated the fact that she said it.

about castle - i loved the story about the "ships" (fans of a relationship) who might have killed a writer because she was ending a romance. i lmao when i thought about it!

Anonymous said...

I just watched yesterday's episode (I wasn't home yesterday) and yes it was flawed but my Gosh those actors are sooo good! They really made me cry!
I can't believe anyone would blame Sam, even if she made huge mistakes in the past. In the past. Nobody (not even Liz) is perfect and none of this is Sam's fault. I'm sorry to say this because this is clearly a pro- Liz blog, but I'm trying to be objective here, Sam and Siobhan behaviour was respectful and supportive. I love JaSam and absolutely love LuSh, but I did not want Jake to die nor Joss to be sick. What is sick is that GH would choose to use children in such a tragic storyline...

mosbp2003 said...

Nathan Fillion would kill it as Joey right now. The new Joey is pretty pathetic in the role...

Anonymous said...

i don't care they do bring a new writer in gh still will sucks/ steve burton is a low down actor allowing his character to go back to a woman who kidnapped his child evedenly he don't care about missing children you all folks better go back and look at the barns scenes and kidnaaped scener to remind yourself that missing childrner is not a joke. steve burton guza, wolf, i can you allowed this to go on a garbahe show i hope gh do get cancelled said...

Here, I don't really believe this will work.