Friday, March 11, 2011

Scary News This AM?! Soapy Friday

Here's hoping all Wubbers are ok where they are... Poor Japan!! Hawaii should be taking care. BTW,  Ingo Rademacher and his family (who have a house in Hawaii) are here in the States--so they are fine. CA peeps are checking in, Laura Wright tweeted she and Ingo were working together today.

I see NJ is pretty flooded as well..we have warnings out here in Western NY. Snow is coming! Our weather is nothing though, compared to that of the west coast/Japan/Hawaii.

Stuff that happened you might be interested in--lighter stuff for a dark day: 

NEW SPOILERS are up....nothing huge, just some more details about Jake/Joss

Charlie Sheen's house raided (nothing found)

Martha Stewart's daughter had a baby girl named Jude

Brian Kerwin (Charlie) was let go by OLTL  

First ever TWITTER SOAP launches!! on Daytime Confidential

Lexi Ainsworth (_lexianinsworth) is appearing in Kimberly McColloughs' (@whitewatercrew) short film in post production now. View more of her movie making magic on her Flicr account!

Michele Val Jean, writer for GH Tweeted this: @MicheleValJean: Earthquake in Japan puts things in perspective. We need to find the joy in every single day & appreciate each other
 SOD posted this:

Asked what fear she'd like to conquer, GH's @nancyleegrahn (Alexis) told Weekly, "Living without my twitter account."

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