Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st... Charlie Sheen or GH? Sheen is More Soapy!

Howard asks how much Charlie thinks he's worth. Charlie says he thinks he's worth at least $100 billion, at least on a cellular level

Charlie says his tell-all book will be called, "When The Laughter Stopped, The True Story Of Two And A Half Men... and Other Shit"

Ok, I kid, I kid..but it is a fascinating study in narcissistic behavior. His kids? ugh...That's just selfish behavior.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Having Edward have a memory lapse yesterday just might bring us to a story I've wanted for a couple of years: Dementia! How timely..and it would also involve Monica!! I can consult...I hope Guza calls me!! 

Suzanne and Alexis-- Love NLG and Adrienne together. 

Ethan is Krissy's babysitter.  Ha! Sure she loves that. I like how she's milking him for comfort from the dramaz of the limo blow up!

Sam can't hear. They'd order a ABR on her to see if it was nerve damage..if it was the bomb she'd have white noise/ringing in her ear. Damn it, MUST I DO EVERYTHING!! Please consult someone just once.  LOL

LukeSonRitas all around. Luke and Sonny--like old times!! Luke used to yell at him about the mob. Now, if he wants airtime, he's right there. LOL 

It has to be at least 4am in Port Chuck by now, wouldn't you say?!

By the way, that photo up there shows Jason/Franco in the same room.  The other photos of them seem to be DOING DIALOG in that room-- but they aren't on GH. Some people were saying they were "behind the scenes shots"-- uh..why would they just have them on the phone when they were clearly in the same room? Makes no sense.  More budget cut sheeze? I thought they were going to be on together!! 


Anonymous said...

If Denise Richards ever wanted sole custody of her kids, now is the time! She just needs to walk into court and when the judge asks "is there any evidence" she just needs to say "turn on the TV..."

observation: arent there supposed to be STARS on a show called Dancing with the Stars?

I remember when they were talking about an alzheimers story for audrey. hope they do it with Edward.

sonya said...

Edward might have Dementia!:) That would be a very interesting story!!! I mean he is 105 years old! Karen yes Charlie Sheen IS more soapy! ROFL!

Charlie: I am on a drug it's called Charlie Sheen.

skeebob said...

Yeah, Claire Labine was going to do an Alzheimer's story for Audrey. I think a few scenes even aired that indicated something was wrong with her. This was back when Matt Ashford was Tom Hardy. I know Labine left a couple of months later, but I think it was going to be dropped or changed anyway, because of the ratings drop after Stone's death. Either way, it was dropped.

I would like to see a well-written, well-researched story like this for Edward. But it's Guza, so Edward will probably stick a baby in a tree.

sonya said...

Skeebob where would Edward get a baby to stick in a tree? ROFL!

Mamaspat Ole said...

thats too funny skeebob

kdmask said...

SkeeBOB-- you are a hero!! LOL
Baby in a tree. Or maybe put Big Alice in one! LOL

Anonymous said...

Tennitis, or white noise, does not happen to everyone. Esp when it's sudden. (Lost ALL mine overnight from a case of meningitis.) So no, you don't have to do everything.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder if the writers read the message boards to get s/l ideas because the Johnny and the "treasure hunt" was a idea posted by a fan on a message board at Soaps.com a few months.I just hope GH writers make it as funny as the poster at Soaps.com did.

LindaV said...

Did anyone else notice Patrick looking down at Alexis' boobs when he was talking to her at the hospital? That blue dress has been mentioned more than the wedding gown.