Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's SHOW: General Confusion

Here We GO-GO!! Whoops, someone's in big-trouble!!! I see a bottle of Grand Mariner on the bar

Interview with Steve Burton about Jake's death on FanCast, Deep Soap. Interesting stuff.

Today's show: Jason with his motorcycle..sniff. I mean the toy one. Good JaSam stuff.  Liked Spin's book arriving, he should have been around more. 

For those of you that are continuity police (like me) watch the Robin/Lisa scenes...her hair changes. LOL Loved when Robin confronted her, thought for sure she was guilty and Uncle Mac blew that up. Loved it because it SHOULD have been Lisa that hit Jake. Get her OUT OF town.

Olivia gets to pop in with pasta at Liz' house, talk to Steve. She talked to Jax "off camera". Nice. Thanks. I liked  Steve talking to Liz but I'd like Lucky to be there too.

Where's JAX? That's so stupid, he should be glued to Carly. And Carly goes to Jason's. I just couldn't stand her today. I"m a huge LW fan and love my Carly but not today.  They needed to wait on that scene, imo

LAST INSULT? Cam saying Jake went to HEAVEN..meaning he knows he's dead?? ;/


Anonymous said...

No funeral or memorial service or anything? STUPID!!! it is really sad when so many people on this site come up with better ideas than the writing team. why not have a contest for a viewer to write a storyline...maybe they could get a fresh idea or two.

Andrea said...

Sounds like Steve is good about avoiding the subject and staying neutral! Probably best since there is so much uproar about this storyline.
I agree with him saying thank God Becky is back on, but I don't agree that Jason and Liz will always cross paths. I mean, when was the last time they crossed paths until this?

Anonymous said...

ST. Jasus is such a good father, all he knows how to do is pull a gun on people and kill them. Like his lover sonny does. Such good fathers they are.

Wanda Woman said...

I agree with Andrea, Steve Burton does a good job about staying neutral (an actor needs to in order to keep his job!), but I found these quotes interesting:

"I don’t want to say it’s been a good storyline, but it’s definitely been an emotional one". Heh.


"I don’t even know if we’re going to be on long enough for Jake to take over the business." Oy. It's tough to be working in soaps these days. An uncertain future for all connected to the genre.

Anonymous said...

guza the luza killing another man again Brandon. You just killed Jules off now Jake, and now Brandon. guza must be in a killing mood again , guza you serial killer you.

Anonymous said...

Jasam scenes were amazing!
I too thought it should have been Lisa (when is she going to leave town? I can't stand her anymore!), but Luke will do an amzing job, he's such a great actor! I feel for him and Lucky, though!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else Notice Lisa's hair was pulled back in the first scene with Robin yet after the commerical it was down? DUH

Rena said...

Sorry those scenes with Jasam made me vomit. Over any thing else, I can watch and even enjoy some of them. But not anything to do with Jake.

Soaplover said...

Good grief! All of a sudden I am able to post again! At least this once. It will likely go blank again next time I try. So Frustrating.
I have spent much of March in doctors offices or in the hospital undergoing surgery. All that time my DVR was recording both GH and OLTL, so when I got home I had both the watch.
My first urge was to catch up with OLTL because it just doesn't disappoint, at least 90% of the time. Love Clint as the sleek villain, love David back and furious, love Kelly trying to figure out John and John trying to shut down Nat and Nat looking whipped and, well, the whole subtle bunch of emotions going back and forth--and there's just so much to enjoy. The stories aren't quite at their very best now, but some more than others and worth checking out. The kids bore me, but I can tolerate that to get to gorgeous mysterious Thomas and Blaire.

But then, I have all those episodes of GH. I sigh. Do I really want to sit thru TPTB killing a 4 year old? Do I really want to see my once favorite Luke revealed as driver-killer? Do I really want to see any of the angst, the tears, the hurried stuff that passes for story that never quite touches you? I love most of the actors, but even the best have trouble these days getting me involved.

The stories are so jerky (as in stop and start) and so full of holes and so unrelated in ways which require continuity and all-cast participation, that it is like watching an old 16 mm film with bits and pieces snipped out. Jump over that detail, slip in one but forget to develop it, scramble those details, then cut to next week, forget two characters for a week, but pick them up in some unrelated situation we didn't see--it goes on and on that way so I have to face it. I may not watch all those episodes at all. Oh, well.

Is this the end of my watching GH at all???? After more than 30 years????

Anonymous said...

I noticed Carly never mentioned how Liz would feel about her maybe killing her kid only Jason.So I guess it must be time for Tonys Vac. again huh.He hits the kid and takes off 4 a few months.

shirleedee said...

Just for the record, I do not believe that, in the end, it will have been Luke who hit Jake. This is a 'whodonit' that will drag on for months. It will give TG tons of angst, give the writers the chance to recycle Alan Quartermaine's problem drinking storyline, send Luke to rehab for the summer, give the cops something to do looking for that mysterious limo, and in the end decide it was Theo's driver. Whole situation solved by Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I do not enjoy anything jason or sam.

Watchintele said...

Why oh why do they have Jason pulling a gun on Luke?

It would be more appealing is if Jason were to find out Luke was drinking and throw all the booze off the bar.
Completely go crazy and trash the place.
And, then ask him if he will drink himself into a stooper now, like AJ used too?
Before he walks out, he says AJ changed my life forever because he was an alcoholic, and now you've done the same, you both now have something in common.
Also, I would like the writers explore the subject of when Luke/Laura blamed Jason for Lucky's death.
Have Lucky present.
Those would be some surreal scenes.

I wonder if that was Guza's objective all along? To make a connection with AJ driving drunk and forever changing Jason's life and now Luke driving under the influence killing Jason's son?
I'm must be giving him far too much credit.

It would be far more powerful if Jason turns to the Q's for answers. Asking them how and when AJ became an alcoholic?
Try to make sense of all this.

But that's too much to ask as it doesn't involve guns and bullets.

The sad thing about all this is Guza can sit there with a straight face and say this was to cause character growth for Jason.
Without fail, you have him pull a gun on Luke. Good growth!!

What a load of BS.

Lori said...

Burton is what I like to call a "company man". He goes in, he does his time, and he doesn't say anything bad about the boss(es).

As for today's show... BEST part was Spinelli and Jason. The rest of the show had more holes in it than swiss cheese

Anonymous said...

Being how rushed and messed up this story has been, only proves this was all for a jasam baby.

Jen said...

I don't know about anyone esle but I can hardly listen to Steve. he's so boring. What is with Scott Reeves?

Hated the Jasam stuff only because this is Jake this happened to. And Jax should visit Liz. Not to mention Carly. And she had never better be snarky to Liz EVER.

Anonymous said...

wow steve burton looked like he really lost a kid today. jason looked dead inside today :(

yelly beans test said...

My DVR said that Brenda dreams of her baby boy on Monday and then Tuesday it said Sonny can't stop tracking Balkan. Neither happened. Was this cut?

Janet said...

I agree Anon, Carly had better be nice to Liz for the rest of her life. Period.

I also agree about the Jasam stuff although tastefully done, inappropriate with Sam's history.

Anonymous said...

This whole Jake story line was just completely rushed..finding the driver is taking longer then the actual operation/joss(who was lying on her stomach and not hooked up to anything after surgery!?)

plus continuity in today's show sucked. first Lisa's hair and then how exactly did Carly get to Jason's penthouse if Michael took her car?

kdmask said...

Brenda was supposed to dream of her baby and Sonny WAS supposed to track Theo-- not sure if it was cut or moved. A TON of things were cut-- chapel scenes, Liz/Lucky stuff... it's maddening.

Rita Pita said...

Liason's "moment" better flipping last longer than an actual moment.
We all know this is the only one they'll have for the next 6 months at least. This is such a disservice to Liason fans everywhere it just aches my heart.

They had better have a memorial for that kid. Wtf? They have memorials for people when they're not really dead, they had better have one for this kid. They owe us every emotional scene possible if their going to do it.

And spoilers now say kids cover up a fathers sin? Again? Someone can't just face the facts? If it's for Luke for crine out loud let him fact the music for driving under the influence. He will never get help without hitting bottom.

Scott Reeves needs to go IMO. He rarely shows any real emotion.

Looking forward to my scrubs having a love fest, finally. We need one happy couple instead of Brenda & Sonny. I love them but it's just so old even after only a few months. We need something fresh. How they are havign Lucky mary the irish lad is beyond me. Showing the scenes with him & Liz was enough to convinve this liason fan that L&L2 still has what it takes to be a super couple.

bumchickabowbow said...

Spinelli and Jason made me cry. That was a very tender scene.

It seems Olivia is the only one in PC that knows how to pay her respects to a grieving mother...with a casserole, no less. :)

I definitely think more people should be visiting Liz and there should be a memorial...ugh.

Andrea said...

I think Sam was right when she asked Jason if he and Liz had gotten together. I think she knows that they need to talk this out and it might help them some. I don't like Jason's response to it though...
I also liked how KM acted when Sam talked with Jason. She was sincere, but a little nervous, like she didn't know how to act around Jason or how to comfort him. I do agree that her talking about Jake still makes me sick, but whatever.
I liked Spinelli and Jason, but the character of Spinelli isn't my favorite, so I couldn't have enjoyed it.
I was pleasantly surprised that Carly went to Jason and told him the truth. No cover up. No secrecy. It shows how close they are. Still HATE that she doesn't even say Liz's name yesterday when talking about Jake.
Robin and Patrick look like chumps when they find out that Lisa didn't run Jake over.
I really am hating the character of Michael!

The only issue I have with all of this is, nobody is going to learn anything from this tragedy!

Anonymous said...

It has only been 24 hrs since Jake died.The memorial service is usually held about 3 days after the death. So i bet it will be held sometime next week.

mosbp2003 said...

Anonymous, this is GH- when did they last have a memorial service? Don't be surprised if we never see one but "hear" about it afterwards...

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