Saturday, March 12, 2011

General Hospital: Swiss Cheese?

I've been thinking. (yes--again!!)
@jjpounder and I discussed this on twitter ..

Can anyone tell me WHY they let Theo go--when he didn't give them an antidote for Brenda's neurotoxin? Patrick still didn't know what it was at GH. They could have demanded the syringe from him first. (to analyze it)or just shot him  and gotten out of  there. 

Theo couldn't see Sonny could he?? He was standing in the other entrance to the cave..why didn't Sonny just run with her in his arms? 

Why am I wasting my time thinking about all this!!?? I guess because I can't enjoy a story that was written SO badly. Since day one, The whole "Balkan" story has been full of holes and stupidity. I still want Guza to explain the whole "Siobhan" thing.  He never needed her for anything. That shows such a lack of planning, and a total disregard to my sensibility as a viewer. Like, "who cares! They don't pay attention anyway"!! "Throw whatever at them!! We don't care"!!

A long soap arc is like a want all the little things to click together at the end. It's apparent that Suzanne wasn't Theo's wife from day one....she became that later when Guza decided it. Which, it was a good plot point, but it wasn't written that way!! 

I'm not totally picky..I can take the empty coffee cups, the fake sets...the "Location shoots" (I might make fun of them but I can take it) ---I lived with the Cassadine Weather Machine. This is shoddy writing on so many levels. Why not write it like a mini-movie? You couldn't throw this stuff together for a mini-series why throw it together for us?

I can also deal with Johnny turning nasty, planting the bomb and helping Lisa. I get the sister thing. Problem is they've never really shown that side enough. For months, he was on maybe once a month.. All of a sudden he's a strip club owner and explosive expert. They should have had him visiting dear ol'  Dad in prison, being made into a bitter mob-son.

Here's the Balkan Baby:

That's my bitch for the day!!! :) Tomorrow is Sunday Surgery when I tackle "Tunnel Vision". You'll see what I think about GH's approach to "disposable characters"--all of them women.


Kim Gondeck said...

Love the Baby Balkin haha but I though,t at least I did,that Suzanne was Theos wife from the beginning. Anyway LOVE the blog

italianoj said...

I am with you on all the levels you discussed. The only way I know what's going on is by your blog. I might turn it on for a couple minutes but get so disgusted I turn it off. The writers 'tax your intelligence' in every way. I still maintain for 'TPTB' to fire all the writers and just hire you Karen. And for them to let you go to town and show them how to write a good soap. They have all forgotten.

ענבל said...
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inbal said...

This is the problem w/Gh the writing sucks!!! we can have amazing S/L for about two weeks but then all goes down the hill...

this week was suck!!! really if the start of Brenda kidnapping was good why couldn't they end it n a good note.....

That is the big scare of Jake S/L I don't like killing a child but that story IMO can be good,the promo is really good, showing who Jake started what happened before..
it can be good S/L w/great follow up for the characters of Jason Liz and Lucky But Im scared that n two weeks after they barry Jake we will have things the same.. Jason will be again Sonny dealing man,Lucky&Liz will still have their same convo..
like w.Michael we have now...

its the writing thats all..

PS Karen You scared eveyone on tweeter w/this pic please give us warning next time LOL

Frisco said...

A minor story point that annoyed me this week was Ethan / Maya looking for somewhere to live when there seem to be so many "vacant" options for them right within their own families.
1. What happened to the Q's gatehouse?
2. What about Aunt Bobbie's Brownstone? (Have Ethan and Bobbie met?)
3. What about the Spencer house?
4. What about the apartments upstairs in Kelly's...the place Daddy Luke and Aunt Bobbie own.
5. What about living on Daddy Luke Haunted Star as Lucky use to?
6. What about cousin Carly's old house?
7. What about the never seen ELQ Towers?
8. What about the apartment across from Dante's that cousin Carly was renting for cousin Brooklyn?

Speaking of housing, do we have any idea where Mac is living now?

The houses I'd most like to see brought back to use: Brownstone and Lucy/Kevin's lighthouse.

Anonymous said...

To Frisco: Nothing of value ever gets brought back on GH.

I firmly believe someone is being paid off to sabotage GH. That is the only logical explanation for the dreck the idiots in charge have been dishing out for the last couple of years. Even the Ice Princess and Robin's extra-terrestial was more entertaining and better written than this garbage.

AntJoan said...

I don't understand why Jason and Dante DROPPED THEIR GUNS to let Theo go. Why would they do that? Wouldn't Theo then just shoot everyone?

Mamaspat Ole said...

Dats such a cute fugly baby Karen lol.I love it when you get started on the writers.I loved Luke and Laura and dats it.....Where oh where is Mac and Bobby and Audrey and Monica ??????

DJ Rogue said...

Having just watched Friday's ep, i'm just wondering one thing...

Did Robin and Patrick know that Theo was "the Balkan"? When they rolled Brenda in and were informed that Theo Hoffman injected Brenda, there was no "Huh? Theo did this?" from either of them.

Anonymous said...

Just annoys me to all hell that jason still blamed Dante for Michael going to prison. hello idiot, it was your idea to cover it all up in the first place! And it was YOU who brought him into this type of life of violence along with Sonny & Carly.

Frisco said...

I'd like to see Mac crashing on Maxie's couch while his house is being rebuilt. Him lecturing Maxie on what she is wearing, walking in on Dante/Lulu or Maxie/Maxie, overhearing conversations where Dante is being more mob then cop, Molly coming by try and set him up with Alexis...the scene options surf couching Mac could allow would be great.

Or...Robin kicked Patrick out...why not have Mac move in with her for a short period?

kdmask said...

The Mac comments are right on Frisco. I get so bugged by the whole "Setting up Mac/Alexis" as a holiday plot point! Then..nothing.
Plus the fact that Mac wasn't even around for the BOMB stuff!!