Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday: The Ides of March !!

It's Adrianne Leon's Birthday, just as the spoiler comes out that Nikolas says "goodbye" to Brooke Lyn. AL herself tweeted "It's a soap--it could be a tour"..meaning her character could be going on a singing tour. Do YOU care if she's off canvas? I personally think it's a set up to let Tyler have comings/goings based on his new show. Just a thought.

Bradford Anderson at Broadway Cares

IF you read the spoilers, you will just shake your head. I did. Abby's "Ex" Brandon comes BACK.  Remember Michael beat the crap out of him?? Well, he's back for some stupid reason...attacks Abby again and this time Michael pulls a gun on him.  Jason has to "talk him down"...now this makes me so damn mad. Probably more angry than a lot of things have lately. THIS IS LAZY-ASS writing. Nothing more. WTF. Please. This might make me quit GH for good. I'm serious. You'd think it would be something bigger-- you know, like yet ANOTHER kid getting killed but no, this is the type of thing that I hate in my soaps. I stopped watching AMC. GH is getting there. Even IF I have a damn site. I just can't.

OLTL WAS FABULOUS!!!!! As usual. I need some sources over there so I can switch. heh. Alex and Bo....WOWza...lol. LOVE how they use Asa even though he's gone. Damn, that's honoring history!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I will sit here until this Jake stuff is done, then we'll see. I really can't think of why I'd stay. Really...GH is a boring shell.

Why would Luke try to 'set up Luke' with diamonds?? Like he'd steal diamonds. D'uh. I know he did when he first came to town or whatever, but come on. And like how Guza says the "Adoption" never got finalized??? (Jax/Morgan)  ahahahaaa. yeah. 

MORGAN IS AWAY at CAMP--- in March, for three weeks!!!!!!! ahahhaa. It's snow camp I guess. 

Thanks to Liz for interrupting the Nookie sex. ugh. 

Scrubs...sigh. It's interesting no one remembers the dead nurse that gave Lisa the switched meds in August. True, it was eons ago but Lisa did kill her--then they dropped it. Yawn. ALSO last August,  Brenda got injected by Heroin and Suzanne called a doctor to give her the counter-drug. Jason stayed at her side. Hell, she's been injected more than anyone. 

Spinelli let Michael tell him what to do when it came to the mob shipment?? COME ON!! There is NO WAY!! That was just not right. Spin would have done what Bernie said. Period.

Note the scene that was cut today: Alexis, Luke and Carly in the Haunted Star...Alexis walks in and then...nothing. They have no other scene. Alexis is suddenly at The Metro. Later, Jax mentions Alexis and Carly says nothing. It was bizarre. And also, Abby/Michael were at Kelly's.... then Michael went to Spin's...then They were BACK at Kelly's.

Johnny sends Robin and Lisa on the scavenger hunt...we used to do that as kids. I wonder if he'll have them TPaper GH!! ahahahaaa. Speaking of Johnny--if he set the bomb... does he have long to live? Lisa and Robin are supposed to meet at Johnny's apt at 5pm...


Jen said...

Carly tells Sam to give Jason a baby? Really? Barf me. He gave up his "baby". He gave up his fiance (Liz). Why make a baby with a woman who can teach your child to be a con and criminal?

And now Jason will have to deal with the aftermath of giving up Jake. That dialouge better state it was his choice after Liz begged him to be with her and the boys.

I hope Jax takes Morgan & Josslyn and runs like hell. But only after finding out he fathered Brenders baby.

Glad Brooklyn will be off our screens. Wish she would take the irish chick with her.

Carrie said...

I've tried to watch GH 6 times in the first two months and haven't made it 15 minutes in without turning the channel.

And I'm spoiler free so if I'm right I'm a genius but what if Tomas is connected to Patrick Thornhart and he's after Todd for revenge for hurting Marty and getting Cole in prison (indirectly ofcourse). Also if they revealed who's after Todd already I must have missed it because I usually only catch 3-4 times a week

Anonymous said...

Farmers market in march in upstate NY? really?

Anonymous said...

My hate for the character of brooklynn knows no bounds. She is disgusting trash. That's what the fans get for wanting another legacy character to come on the canvas. We get a selfish attempted rapist. There is only one bad girl I love and that is Maxie, she's done a lot of bad stuff butt unlike Brook she has a soul.

Brenda said...

*sigh* I don't watch the show and haven't for a long time but I love reading your show recaps and your snark, Karen.

Jen, so Carly told Sam to give Jason a baby? GMAFB! I remember her sitting with Jason on the sofa at the PH consoling him after he GAVE JAKE UP AGAIN! I literally despise the writers.

They insist on writing like they don't give a crap so as a viewer I guess I shouldn't give a crap either. It is so repetitive and violent. And knowing that Jake is going to die just cinched it for me. He is an adorable child. But, let's face facts; they are getting rid of Jake so they can sever the final tie between Jason and Liz.

Yeah....*sigh* is all I got. I miss the old days when the industry really acted like it wanted to succeed. Now I just wonder if they are trying to kill the soaps so they can move on to more a more budget-conscious programming.

david said...


People ask all the time why we still watch this show if we complain so much about it. I USE to think that it was because we invested time (for me, 1977) and we like the actors we have come to know and want to see them shine in their roles.

I realize this is not the answer. Not anymore.

Why do we follow Charlie Sheen? Why do we watch NASCAR? Why do we go to Spider-man on Broadway? To see the wreckage. We thrive on it. And I think we saw a big share of that today.

Bad writing: Anything with the Lisa/Robin fiasco. Same dialogue since day one. Nothing has changed. Actors just keep saying the same drivel because "hey, its a job and I get a paycheck..." I used to respect KM's acting, but this storyline has her dropping it to the level of the writing.

Bad acting: I have really tried to be restrained and never criticize someone's acting and chalk it up to bad writing and directing. But I just could not get through SB trying to be Mr. Tough Guy today. It was bad.

Bad Chemistry: Possibly the WORST couple in history of Soapdom is Nick and Brooke. If Lois was there and saw Brooke talk to Liz like that she would have slapped her. Did anyone NOT see Liz walking in from a mile away? Thats bad writing.

Normally for me it is one or two things that I put up with, but today it was 60 minutes of the worst episodic television I have ever seen from this show.

But I will keep watching, only for the trianwrecks. And because after 34 years, it really is a hard habit to break. Like Karen, I think I want to believe that someday we will get a new writing and things will get better. But more episodes like today, and that loyalty is gone.

Linda said...

I am with you on quitting GH...already did it...I read your
blog for your remarks about OLTL..
you convinced me to switch and I am
so glad I did. That show is what I
want my soap to be. Love,hate,back stabbing,cheating,multiple personalities,and FAMILY DRAMA with
no dang mob blowing things up every

dhietala said...

I fast forward too much, I guess, because I don't remember Lisa killing anyone. Maybe that means I fast forward just enough. Ha!

You know, this show's sloppiness just kills me, because the quality of the cast just can't be denied. Ugh. Another example of sloppy - Robin & Lisa's notes to meet Johnny at the penthouse were clearly written by two different people. WHY??? Just sloppy.

Anonymous said...

So tell me HOW just HOW is GH killing OLTL in the ratings I don t get it.GH SUCKS so bad,same story over and over and over.I only watch maybe 2 times a week and I ff through most of that.This baby killing is the end for me after 48 yrs of watching so sad.

Carrie said...

AW hell! Just watched oltl it doesn't get better than that! 4 family members and a friend surrounding Todd, vintage cast members, adventure and family history. Pure perfection! Wth is wrong with the Emmy academy?

Brenda said...

Wow, David. So well said!

Anonymous said...

I'm a youngster and I started watching last year. I think all of the actors are GREAT, they just have garbage to work with. I don't know how they do so well with what they're given. I WANT to like GH, I really do, and I will keep watching, but I also live with the hope that they will get a new writer(s) and better story lines, more attention to continuity, stop trashing characters, pair couples with actual chemistry, etc. Please, GH???

Andrea said...

Karen, if you ditch this site and start one for OLTL, I will be there. It will help me out actually. The only think I will miss when I quit watching GH (after the Jake death)is coming and blogging with everyone here. We are an opinionated bunch!
From the looks of it, I will get through GH in a few minutes tonight, with all the ff I will be doing.

Hope said...

Karen, if you go do One Life, I will follow you....
dont you love how the
'older generation' has so much action!

Anonymous said...

Karen, I don't think anyone would blame you if you quit watching GH. So many of us have already. Turn your Wubs into a One Life To Live site!

Lori said...

It is very clear that between the writing and the editing the show is screwed up almost beyond repair. Note I said almost. Back in the day they used to assign 1 writer to each story, so there was continuity. These days everyone writes for every character so we get no continuity on top of hatchet job the editing department is doing. Go back to 1 (or 2) writers per storyline and smack around the editors (HARD) and I think we would see a huge difference in the show.

If you didn't like today's show it was written by Guza. I am the first one to say Guza should go. I swear that Guza has something on Frons, which is why he doesn't get fired. However, if they go back to 1 writer per story then stick Guza on the mob stuff, since loves it so much. Put the other writers in charge of the other stories. I'd much rather have 1 storyline a ff through because I don't like it and love the rest of GH then ff through the entire show in 15-20 minutes.

Frank Strovel III said...

For me, GH is something to pick through and look for little gems here and there (Luke/Tracy, Davis women, good hospital stuff, etc.) rather than enjoy the episode as a whole. I don't watch live on TV. I prefer to watch online and skip scenes, characters and storylines that bore me. And that number has steadily grown over the past year to two.

Anonymous said...

I know of a great blog should Karen close the door on her little gem & turn into OLTL...

Mike said...

@Frank Strovel III

I understand your point, but honestly, you wouldn't have to go through all of that.. finding loop holes and alternatives, if the show was great or even good as a whole.

OLTL is so rich w/ great, unpredictable, true-to-form storytelling. It baffles me how it's at the bottom in ratings, considering the trash that is GH needs to take its place. I used to be a huge (in secret lol) GH fan. I'm a 20 year old college student who got addicted to it the summer of '04 when I had to take care of my couch-bound pregnant older sister. After that year, I did my research on past years of GH and I LOVED it even more. It sucks watching a show that once was, its blatant disregard for fans, agendas in motion, horrible editing, predictable stories, TPTB chosen favs, and characters used to prop those favs, etc.

Karen, I for one w/o a doubt will follow the OLTL Wubs site lol.

Anonymous said...

i actually liked today's episode. its reasonable that alexis was all over the place, its her job. plus there is definitely a farmer's market in upstate ny in march, only people who don't live here would say something like that.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I read these comments all I can think of is that you're all a bunch of fair weather fans. I agree the writing/editing needs work, but there is still a lot to enjoy about GH.

I've been watching soaps for years and no one can deny the utter implausibility of so many, many plot lines, over years and years, across all the soaps! It a soap opera...it's not supposed to be exactly like real life, it's fiction.

Karen, I will stop reading your blog if you switch to OLTL. Whether or not OLTL is good doesn't matter; this is supposedly a GH blog for fans!!!

I'm not trying to offend you or anyone else. I'm simply trying to remind some of you that you're looking for things to hate. Many times I watch GH and think things are silly, but I look at the whole.

Soaps are most likely on their last days. Budgets are tight, production schedules make for messy editing, Guza loves the mob stuff and clearly has woman issues, but I don't think all hope is lost.

I still laugh out loud at my character's and I'm impressed at the terrific work of the actors. I still get teary during emotional scenes and cheer on my favorites.

If done right, I'm interested in a Kristina/Ethan pairing. I see a lot of potential there. I also like love seeing Alexis with the girls, including Sam. I love when Diane is on and I always like Tony Geary.

Even though I haven't been crazy about the Balkan storyline, I am glad that at least some of the Sonny/Brenda love story made me give a shit about Sonny again. The shades of old times reminded me of watching in the 90's when I was a teenager.

I thought the wedding was a lot of fun up until the limo blew up and Brenda went to the cave. Nonetheless, I want to be positive; for a while it felt like GH of old. I also think they can pull it off again and more often...I hope.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on this blog or any other ever. I stopped watching GH a long time ago. Due to poor writing and dropped story lines. I log into your blog to read about what is happening. But half the time end up utubing one life. I am hopeful with them resigning Becky that maybe they changed there minds and will not kill off Jake. But if they do I am done for good. There is no history and with that killing there will be no hope for history. I appreciate your site, but would be just as happy to read about one life, who actually celebrates their history.

Ashley said...

The only people who love GH at this point are fans of the characters that are actually written for.. actually get airtime. SnB, Mabby, Jasam, and those individual characters' fans all find something in GH to enjoy. Which is understandable. But for the rest, you guys can't blame us for our rants when the show sucks... and we don't even at least have our couples or fav characters to root for because they've either been dismantled, are not written for or shown, etc. Liason fans have been disrespected, disregarded.. yet pinned against Jasam fans for years. Liz has been written out of character and into a corner. LnL2 fans are left confused as to why you bring JJ back, but no reunion w/ Becky. The original LnL are no more, TG is barely shown w/ his new partner JE. CarJax are yet again "divorcing", we haven't seen Bobbie or JZ in years, Monica gets no screentime, most of the Q's are dead. Nik has zero story.. looks bored as hell (as we are), NO Helena in months, Alexis barely gets to be on-air, Mac is never shown, etc. I can go on and on. So pair that w/ the horrible editing, and horrid and redundant stories, and honestly what do we as longtime viewers have to enjoy or look forward to? NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering.. Did you actually think GH would have Micheal turn against the mob and want to be a BORING Quartermai? Of course he is going to get a gun and try to shoot the guy because he has been doing this since he was a kid. What show have you been watching for the past 10 years. GH has ALWAYS done this with micheal so it should not be a big surprise. Personally i am not surprised because this is who micheal is and has always been.

AntJoan said...

Karen, you commented on the 3 things I noticed also: That Morgan can't go to "camp" in March when he should be in school; that no one mentions Lisa's murder of the nurse; and that Spinelli would never listen to Michael over Bernie.

I am SO SAD over the killing of little Jake, that kid is soooo cute, and was GREAT with Jason, such a potential for wonderful stories that never will be told.

Andrea said...

If me getting tired of the crappy GH writing is me being a fair weather fan, then so be it.
I have other soaps that I watch that keep me entertained and do NOT make me shake my head or ff through.
I don't have to look for things to hate on GH because they are right smack in my face.
I am all for Soaps being fantasy land (heck, I watch Days of our Lives!), but GH doesn't' keep up with it's history like Days and OLTL do. They even rewrite it AND disrespect it. That is what I can't stand. I've watched for 15 years. I remember what happened in the 15 years. I've loved many storylines. I've hated very few. Now the writing is choppy, no storyline is followed through, and it just seems like the writers are being LAZY. That is disrespecting the fans that have been around for so long.
So, yes, I am quitting the show. I don't care what you call me. I am just done with the headaches and the bellyaching about the show. I don't have to watch it, plain and simple. Soaps are supposed to take me away from real life. GH hasn't done that in years...

kdmask said...

I think Michael becoming a police guy would be WAY more angst. Have him go OPPOSITE of the expected! And he's still a kid for godsakes. He needs to get his GED before he does anything!!!

David, great comments

Luci said...

The direction they're taking Michael is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my issues with GH.

I've watched since I was 12/13, and Stone/Robin Jason Q/Keesha/AJ pulled me in for a good long time. I was captivated by the entire show and didn't JUST watch for those characters, I truly appreciated everyone because they were - shock and awe - well-rounded and written for. Lois, Ned, Sonny, Brenda, that was all GH for me.

Then I took a break after JJ left as Lucky and I came back when I heard he was returning and I was shocked by what I saw. The entire show revolved around the same characters - Sonny, Jason, Dante, Carly. There was no character development, no balance. Nothing.

Pushing Michael into the mob life is ridiculous. It would be far more intriguing to have him to the OPPOSITE of his father. Be a cop, or hell, A DOCTOR. I really hope this is a temporary s/l and he ends up in college for a year or two at least.

Meanwhile, I will try to find some bright points in the show - Mayan, Lunacy, M&M, Lucky when I have them.

Watchintele said...

The whole thing about Michael is so true.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed the parallel that has been developing since Dante was introduced as Sonny's long lost son.

It's the whole Alan/AJ/Jason Quartermaine dynamic all over again. Just substitute the Quartermaines with the Corinthos clan.

Sonny is Alan
Dante is Jason
Michael is AJ, fitting since he's AJ's son.

If you notice already, Sonny will always favour Dante over Michael.

Just sad really, that they have a chance to break this cycle of the mob, but Guza can't give up the chance to pit Dante and Michael against one another.

LindaV said...

Unfortunately the spike in the ratings will once again convince TBTB that they are doing a great job. These short term visits (Brenda, Skye, etc.) are always short term so why should we ever invest in them? We are supposed to care about Brenda when she will be leaving once again?

Ocean Park Girl said...

Oh start a OLTL site Karen! I would so follow, and as you can see, so would many others. That soap just intertwines every character into each storyline and makes you want to watch each and every day. They know how to use their vets/newcomers/teens and kids and make it WATCHABLE. And each and every day is like a Friday cliffhanger - best soap on ABC.